Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7/5 - 7/11


Will took a bite out of his hot dog and called it a coffee maker. Oddly it kind of looked like one but everyone got a good laugh!

What better to do than make a zoo in Will's room.

Em and Will spent most of the day playing "treasure map". Em made up this map and made all the stopping points along the way. At the end was a treasure that Em and Will would place to be found.


one stopping point on the map.. park.

a pile of tickles; Ellen was concerned that I was being attacked and came to my rescue!

Brad and will went for haircuts and then
We spent the majority of the day at the pool!
Em and Will spend the rest of the day in PJ mask costumes.

pre hair cut...

post hair cut.... looking dapper Will!!!

some sister bonding while the boys are away.

Em describing how she made this paper wand with its own holster she can wear around the house.

Sunday Funday!
Church followed by swimming and then more playing with their home made swords.

This is the look you get when you tell Ellen to stop brushing her hair.

Well, Little E took her first steps today!!

You would think we lost a diamond ring in the fire place; no... a plastic ball; but apparently it was the crowd favorite because everyone was sad when we couldn't find it!

Fun day for all!
Em has been in swim camp this week; followed by a play date after camp and making pudding for dessert.

some how the girls thought if they were loud and rowdy the cat would come out from under the bed:)

evening stroll with dad!

and evening flight with Mom!

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