Friday, February 24, 2017

2/16 - 2/22

Will had his 2 year old check up and is doing great!!!

Will loves one of the subway workers!!  Today KK and Wilbie brought her a little gift to work!

Emma: This weekend Aunt Kat is getting married and me and Wilbie get to be in the wedding!!
After school Mom and Dad are picking us up and we are hitting the road to the wedding!!!

But first, I was tad late on Will's cupcakes for his school birthday party but better late than never! Looks like Will enjoyed his week long birthday celebration!

Emma: Today is Kathryn and Jack's wedding!!! I get to get my hair done, wear a pretty dress and throw flowers as I walk down the aisle!

Wilbie: Today is Kathryn and Jack's wedding!! I will be forced into my tuxedo but I hear there will be good food and dancing after the wedding so I call this a win/win situation. I also hear that if I get into my tux without much fuss I might get a sucker!!!

We had a great weekend and the wedding was just beautiful!! Congrats Kat and Jack!!
Once we got home we ran to the park to squeeze in a little play time before the night time routine began!

One quick trip over the levee to see the Mississippi river before we left!

Em and Brad looking at a map of the USA and finding where everyone lives in the family.

President's Day means no school!
KK took Em and Will to subway to see Will's new found friend!

Whats better than a throw back Tuesday!!

Wed. night post church always means the kids run around in circles until they are silly! tonight we scooped up some girl scout cookies and Will promptly put them all in his diaper bag!

Friday, February 17, 2017

2/9 - 2/15

Someone is becoming quite independent and wants to brush his own hair!!

We are gearing up this weekend for Wilbies birthday party. Wilbie will be 2!!
Me and Mom went on a date Friday night. You see I love the catfish at Trace Grill so I picked to go there and eat my favorite meal! After we ate Mom took me to the store so I could pick out Will's birthday present!! I got him a big ole yellow dump truck that I just know he will love!

Look out neighborhood, Em is on the loose!

Wilbie is mastering the balance bike

Me and Mom on our date!

Well, today is my birthday party!! Can you believe my entire family came in to help me celebrate!! We had a grand time!!

Well, we played hooky from church but I got to spend some time with Syd!
After everyone left I got busy getting my Valentines ready for school!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Wilbie!! We love you so much!!!

Will had a big day. He had his Valentine's party at school today and we had a mini birthday celebration at supper!

Wilbie at his class ice cream party!

Happy Valentine's day folks!!
Where is Brad you ask: cooking supper, or cleaning the kitchen, or giving baths or getting kids in bed. See tomorrow's post but I have been feeling quiet awful and Brad has been running the house like a champ!!!!

My snuggle buddy!

Will did partake of snuggling for one quick second. He got a quick hug and back to playing!

We are excited to welcome a baby girl to our family in August!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

2/2 - 2/8

A sure sign Gaga is visiting: King cake and Em gets to wear make up!
Thanks Gaga!!

Today's theme is super hero!

This blue dress deserves a spot in the blog. Em wears this dress at least two times weekly! To say it is her favorite is a gross understatement!!


Definition of bed head!


Super Bowl! We had a picnic and watched part of the game. Will was in full football mode sitting in his rocking chair, eating his chicken tender, while watching football. It was all fun and games until Will yelled "football" and tackled Em to the ground!
Em preferred the halftime show and snuggles over the game and the tackle for sure!

This weather is amazing! Outside play time for sure and time to crank up the bubble machine.

Em is still sleeping in these gripper socks she got from the trampoline park. I guess you never know when you might need gripper socks in the middle of the night!

Even super hero's need to rest!

If you are the observant type you might have noticed Em either sleeps in the blue Elsa night gown or this green Christmas dress she wore when she was 2 or 3 years old. I'm not quite sure why there is such love for the green Christmas dress but we certainly got our money worth out of it!

Sweet church friends!!