Monday, January 23, 2017

1/12 - 1/18

Gaga must be back for a visit!! No one else would allow a supper picnic outside followed by king cake! Em is now the proud owner of her very own crawfish boil set! Thanks Gaga!

Em found the baby in the king cake!

Story time for Wilbie!!

Birthday party at build-a bear! Happy birthday Ellie!

Pinata time


Do all little boys have to take things apart to see how they work??

of note, that is her index finger; but she is showing off her new ring!

In January it is warm enough to play outside in shorts!! Didn't we have ice just a few shorts weeks ago?

Em has decided she will try to put Wilbie to sleep! Story times is more lively when it is lead by Emma!

I've decided instead of saving for Will's college we are going to save for his grocery bill in the upcoming years! this kid can eat!!

more please!


The "running of the kids" after church never ceases to amaze me. They love to run around in circles until they can not more another step! here's to Wednesday night church for wearing your kids out!!)

1/5 - 1/11

One of my favorite days; a regular night at home!

love this wild little boy!

I get to bring the cublets to school today! Everyone is ready to go!

It's Friday so that means candy shop day!! We didn't let the ice get in our way!

one happy candy camper!

brrr, its cold!

So it snowed.. kind of.. today. Em and Will were ready to attack the snow. Brad also showed off his sewing skills by sewing up a dolphin tale and sewing a stuffed animal back together!

Birthday parties for friends means everyone benefits from Pump-it-up!!

Em (pink dress clinging onto the ball) finally completed this course!! She has been trying for the past few birthday parties and did it today! Way to go Em!!

A throw back to 1 year ago! Lulu came to visit and shew as having a in dept conversation with Emma!

there is a new waitress in the house!

throw back again!! 1 year ago today!

12/29 - 1/4

Em had a play date all day at a friends house so Will got to have KK all to himself!!

Em and Ellie!

This weekend is going to be a whirlwind for everyone involved! I'm on call this weekend, Em is in a wedding in Winnfield and Brad is taking the kids to W'field today so they can attend the rehearsal dinner then I'll come tomorrow! Whew, I'm tired thinking about it!

Rehearsal success!!!!

Will does not leave Pop's sight!!

NYE means wedding time! Em rocked her flower girl role and everyone had a good time at the reception. We did have to leave a tad early to hit the road back to Madison. Someone.. me.. has to work tomorrow!

a little make up!

Emma is getting the hang of riding her new bike!!!

Brad has invented a new way to round up everyone for bath!

We did not get to eat peas/cabbage etc on New Year's Day so we cooked our feast today! Em helped me with the chocolate cake! She can crack an egg without any shell falling into the batter. At times this is better than my egg cracking skills!!

So much for doing better with pictures! throw back Tuesday!!

look at the difference a year makes!!

2 signs Gaga came for a visit: A good supper on the table including home made dessert and Em gets to play in Gaga's make up!!

Who doesn't love home made strawberry shortcake!