Friday, August 11, 2017

8/3 - 8/9

We are coming home today!
This afternoon everyone, me included, was a tad bit fussy! Em made a treasure map and we all went outside for Ellen's first treasure hunt. Probably not my finest idea to go for a walk but it was good to get outside!

big yawn..

little hands.

ready to go!

Welcome home Mom and Ellen!:)


On a treasure hunt!

First full day home! Em and Wilbie are doing great with this transition! They are a big help fetching burp clothes, diapers etc and even like to show little E all their tricks!

Hey Wilbie, are you excited Ellen is home?

Breastfeeding is a family event apparently!:)

showing Ellen their tricks!

I look up and here Em and Will come with dry mops running around the house screaming "clean people". I'm not sure what game this is ...but I like it!

Gaga, Pops, Lauren, James and Syd all came to visit and we celebrated Lauren's Birthday!
Saturday we went swimming and E had her first pool experience. I think she's a fan!

Brad took everyone for haircuts before school starts.
Prior to this hair cut if you asked Wilbie what he had on top of his head he would proudly exclaim: A Mop!! He needed a hair cut in a bad way!

Em brought me this from her shopping trip to wal mart:) Thanks Em!!

Cousin fun!

Wilbie opening his Kion shirt from Aunt Lauren and her crew!!

Big week in the Norris house! Em gets her new bible at church today and starts Kindergarten on Thursday!!!

Little peanut in a big bed sacked out!

Em taking communion with all her buddies who are starting school this week!

waiting to receive their new bibles!

As soon as they received their bibles they sat down and started reading. Sweet girls who can teach me a thing or two!

sweet rose bud at church in honor of Little E!

The day ended with water slides and pizza at church!

Well, lets see. Baby had her check up today. I refer to the baby as.. baby. Mom and Dad try to get me to call her Ellen; but I call her baby. I figure there is no confusion because when I say baby everyone knows who I am talking about! I'm certainly not the baby!
KK took us big kids to the Natural Science Museum and Gaga went shopping this AM!
When baby and Mom/Dad got home they were excited that baby had gained back some weight! Apparently baby lost a little weight in the hospital but I hear she is almost back to fighting weight!

This afternoon Em had meet the teacher at school. Em told me she was a little nervous but after she met Mrs. Carman she is much more excited about Kindergarten! Em even asked her teacher if they could go to the science museum to watch the solar eclipse. I'm not sure the teacher took the bait on that one?!:)

I hear tomorrow is picture day for Baby and the rest of us. This sounds like an event where I will be forced into a collared shirt, high probability of those little sandals coming out and definitely my hair will be combed down.

Em is focused here! She is trying to complete the treasure hunt Mrs. Carman let all the kids do to get to know their classroom!

Baby waiting at the doctor.

Weight is back up to 8 lbs 5 oz. We did drop to 7 lbs 13 oz at hospital discharge but well on our way back to fighting weight! Go E Go!

big kids at the science museum!

Picture day was rescheduled because Brad woke up with pinkeye!!  eeekkk
We had a good ole lazy day! We did a practice run through car pool line for kindergarten, played inside most of the day but when the rain stopped the kids had a blast playing in mud puddles with their lion guard figures. Who knew a pot hole full of water was so fun!

ice cream at 11AM, why not!??

someone found their thumb!

Ellen loves Emma!!!!

Trying big boy underwear; Hes not a fan!!

1st bath without tears!! Ellen could listen to Emma talk all day... good thing Emma could talk all day long:)

Emma to Ellen: "one day we will be best friend, just not now; you don't do too much"


Picture day. Wilbie was right: he was in a blue, linen collared shirt and his brown sandals and his hair was combed down as tight as it could go! Poor little buddy, he just wanted to wear his Kion shirt from the Lion Guard. Apparently Lion Guard is not appropriate picture material!

After pictures Wilbie and little E napped and Brad/Em went swimming! Will woke up and we got in some good snuggles until Ellen woke up then we all went to the pool!

2nd visit to the pool, not quite impressed!

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