Friday, June 16, 2017

6/8 - 6/14

Today was dentist day for me, Will and Em!
Em loves the dentist and was quite happy with her toy she picked out at the end: a fishing net. Will on the other hand was not too impressed with the dentist. He let them look at and clean his teeth but he was not the happiest of campers!
His face below sums up his visit!

Will was quite happy with the shoes he picked out when he and KK went shopping!!

Friday! We started the day with breakfast in bed. I left this AM to head out for a girls weekend in Texas while the kiddos enjoyed a pinic at the park!!

Well, mom is in Texas and Dad is running the show!!
Have fun Mom!

One of the many wineries in TX! Who knew!!!

When I got home Sunday evening Em had decorations waiting on me!:)

Wilbie does not feel too sporty today. Hopefully this will pass soon!

Wilbie is back to his ole self!!!

Today's entertainment is brought to you by the Children's museum!!

I had clinic today at our home dialysis unit and they are so sweet! They had a surprise baby shower for Ellen!! I should have snapped more photos but I was too busy eating the delicious food!!

When all else fails have a pillow party!!

This afternoon Em/Wilbie had a grand time at the splash pad!

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