Thursday, April 13, 2017

4/6 - 4/12

Little Wilbie got a hair cut today. He has grown quite fond of hair cuts compared to his first trim!
This evening we walked over to Em's new kindergarten for their "arts on the green" and go to walk around her new school for the fall, play on the playground and look at all the art the kids have made over the year. I think the biggest hit was playing on the playground!


Mom is working so Dad is running this ship this weekend!
Mom leaves us a note every weekend that she works and we always like to wake up to our note! We ate breakfast, played then headed to the park for a quick lunch.
When Mom got home we went to the Mississippi Braves baseball game and ate our weight in junk food!! I"m talking cotton candy, nachos and ice cream!!

sweet cubs holding hands walking to the game!

Wilbie here. Dad got us dressed for church and no amount of fussing would work for me to wear my under armour to church. Into the Jon-John I went!
After church we went to the church Easter egg hunt!! I even got to meet the Easter bunny!! She seems like a pretty nice bunny if you ask me!

I found enough eggs and set down to enjoy my candy!

Monday is always dance and t-ball!
Em's dance recital is coming up and we got to watch the last part of dance class to see what they have been working on ! They are going to be chickens in the recital:)

While Em was at practice Wilbie and Brad hit the park!

Today we practiced our egg hunting skills!

Waiting for Dad to hide the eggs!

Will had his class party today! Looks like everyone had a good time!

Em is back on her game kick and tonight we broke out the pizza party game.

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