Monday, February 13, 2017

1/26 - 2/1

Today Will got a haircut. He has come a long way. In the past he would cry the whole time. Now, he walks in, makes a direct line for the candy jar, gets a sucker and sits in the chair while eating his sucker. Big Boy

Em had a birthday party at the new trampoline park and had a grand time!


Why that grin on my face???? It is 6PM and I am in the bed!!! Brad took care of supper, bath and bed time and told me to go rest!! Brad, you are the best! Thank you!

Today is Sydney's birthday party so we all loaded up and drove to Baton Rouge! We got to play and jump and play some more and Syd's house. We even got to paint our nails!!!

Will and James just snacked all day and played outside with a little inside time with Pops!

team work to overtake the cheerio box!

A little more fun before we have to head back home to Madison.

Waiting on Pops to come back inside.

Decorating Aunt Staci's birthday cake!


We can't blame this mess on the cat! I think the culprits names rhyme with Lema(Emma) and Billbie (Wilbie)!:)

Will getting the hang of sorting his colors! Em is a good teacher!


Will waving good bye to his subway friend!

this little boy would live on yogurt if we would let him!
I should also note today he told us he did not want to sit in his high chair anymore and continued to wave good bye to it until it was gone. The difficult part is he runs around the entire time we eat dinner if he is not strapped into a highchair. Humm, we will have to continue to negotiate Wilbie!

My favorite part of the day: snuggle time with Em!

Throw back Thursday!!

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