Monday, February 13, 2017

1/19 - 1/25

We were under a tornado warning for a few minutes; hopefully the toy room is deemed a self shelter!

When your foot sticks out of the crib should we buy a toddler bed???

Friday means candy shop day. Will picked out this long snake that is about as long as Will is tall!
Em opted for the smaller worms!

Brad brought the kids to the park so I could get a nap!! Thanks Brad!!

Brad out did himself with bath tonight. Em got the pink side and Wilbie got the blue side!!

In other news Wilbie is still not like pants too much and he loves to turn lights on and off.. and on and off.. and on and off. I bet our neighbors think we own strobe lights!

Will is getting the hang of his train set.

No worries; the cat in the background is alive; it just likes to sleep like that!:)

Some how when I say "it's time to wind down for bed" the energy spikes to a whole new level!


Gaga is here and Wilbie took full advantage with a good rocking to sleep. Em has found computer games and LOVES them. Her favorite right now is a game where she takes care of a baby by feeding it, playing with it etc. Quite fascinating to watch!

Wednesday night at church is exciting for everyone yet for different reasons.
I am excited supper is provided for!
Em is excited to run around outside with her friends
Will is excited to drink water from the water fountain that he can finally reach

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