Thursday, December 15, 2016

12/8 - 12/14

Throw back Thursday!!
Some things never change: Em is still shutting Will out of her room and Emma still loves to wear hats!!!

Will had his Christmas party today! I got to attend and I think Will was happy with that!!
When we left he hugged every single person in the room. Will is too sweet!!

He loves to carry his own bag!!!

Saturday AKA Santa Day!! We went to the gym followed by lunch at Trace Grille. Will loves to drink out of a big boy cup and Em loves going anywhere other than home!
After lunch I had Em help me wrap presents. I have never been known for my stellar wrapping skills but lets just say this year we stepped it up.. or down.... a notch!
After a short nap we visited Santa. Will was not impressed but did tell Santa"when we left! Em was happy as a clam and was even happier when we stopped for a cookie!

The day ended with Em and Will playing with ice cubes and coffee cups. Who knew?!?

Whats new on a Sunday:

Will is still not wearing pants:

Em's new favorite past time is writing letters to me or Brad, sticking them in the mail box and trying to wait until the next day to tell us to check the mail. She usually last about 2 minutes then bursts with excitement to tell us to check the mail:)

Checking the mail with Dad!

Sweet friends at church.


Today will be remembered as the day Will got into the syrup!! It was everywhere before we knew what hit us!

Em lamenting to Will about the reasons he should not play with syrup!

Welcome to the family little swagger wagon!! :) That's right we are now owners of a mini van! Never say never!:)

Will had a good day with KK throwing money into the fountain!

Em riding on Santa's sleigh!

It's not Christmas in Madison until you have seen the Richardson light show! We loaded up in the swagger wagon and looked at the lights.

Apparently my camera flash is a bit much!!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

12/1 - 12/7

Today was tree day! We still have not ventured out to a real tree farm but we did venture out from Lowe's! Will's day was made when the tree man gave him a small branch and Em's day was made when she got to play with the kittens and the cashier gave her this fake leaf that for some reason she loved!!

We are car shopping! After the tree adventure we stopped by Honda to take a gander at a few cars.

Emma: Mom's still home this week and boy are we running wild! Will runs around with no clothes on!! Tonight Mom and Dad are going to a Christmas party so KK will be back to watch me and Wilbie!! Welcome back KK!!

this game is: what hat is emma wearing tonight!!

Saturday was a day of Emma quotes. We ended up decorating the tree Saturday and Em was full of questions about Christmas/God and everything else!

Conversation regarding this stocking:
Emma: Mom, that is your stocking right? Am I the baby on the stocking?
ME: about to speak..
Emma: Oh, Mom, silly me. I was born in a hospital; not a barn. That must not be me.

Next conversation:
Me: Em, when do you want to go see Santa?
Emma: (without hesitation) probably when I'm a teenager
Me: A teenager??
Emma: Mom, I've been bad for like 100 years; I need to give time for Santa to forget!

Who doesn't wear hats and gloves inside??

Will was not much on decorating but loved grabbing the ornaments and throwing them across the room!

and he his still not much into pants!

Hot chocolate was a hit with all!!

Sunday is church day! WE went to the early service as both kids were up with the chickens. I think the Christmas tree has them a tad excited!! After church we made a pit stop at Jimmy John's for lunch then back to church in our PJ's to celebrate Advent!

A throw back Monday!!! 1 year ago today!


Will is a grown boy!!:)
he likes to walk around with his coffee cup, in his diaper, drinking his milk!!!

Whew, Christmas parties are in full swing!
Tonight Brad and I had a date night and attended American Cancer Society's Best Dressed Jackson party! It was a lot of fun!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016


Today we are thankful!  We have the whole crew here today! Lulu and G Dad, Gaga and Pops, Baboo and Granddad, Aunt Kat, Aunt Staci, Uncle Jack and JW/Lauren/James/Sydney!!

there was a lot of eating but I think even more playing!!!

Friday! Today was a busy day. We had plans to go to a soup kitchen but when we arrived it wasn't open so we got to see what Canton had to offer!

our failed attempt at the soup kitchen! We will have to go back; no one was there!

Gaga had the great idea to buy LED lights and let the kids play with them outside. We wanted to stick the lights to their clothes but the girls just wanted to run around and dance with them!

Had to document the boys first bath together. Wilbie didn't even pee in the bath this time! Will was trying to show James how it's done!

sitting around while the girls craw under the tunnel made by our legs and pillows!

Apparently Saturday was lacking in pictures as the this pic of Will is all I have for today!!
But this pic sums up Will quite well: only in a diaper, running around pushing anything he can find!!

Whew, Call weekend almost over and we are cheering on the Saints! Looks like we need to stop going to games and they will win!! Who dat?!

Crazy it is still warm enough to play outside in shorts!!

I am off this week!! Whoo hooo!!

Today Em/Will went to school then we played all afternoon. Yes, Em is still wearing her Saints uniform! She is excited the won yesterday!

will likes boots!!!

Em working on my cell phone number while Wilbie colors... everything except for paper!

I LOVE being able to drop Em and Will (on M,W,F) off at school! Does a heart good!

Em had her dentist appointment today and is cavity free!!!

After the dentist Em unwrapped an entire roll of red ribbon and Will found the paint but thankfully did not paint anything! Once Brad got home the kids got a kick out of securing Brad to the couch with the red ribbon!!

Will loves to poke every one's belly button!!!