Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/17 - 11/23

Throw back Thursday to Em's last year Thanksgiving program!

Will is in a stage where he does not like pants. He does not like to sleep in pants and he does not like to wear pants in the day! Thankfully it is not cold outside yet!

Emma: This AM we loaded up rather early and hit the road to Arkansas to see Lulu/G-dad/Aunt Nicole/Uncle Jason and all my cousins. You see, Mimi is turning 90 and we are going to her birthday party!!
When we got there we all went outside and played baseball! Me and Josie Kate just ran around and chased people!!

Taking a break from playing baseball for a pic!

Some batting instruction from G-dad and Uncle Brad

our outfield was stellar! Josie Kate and Em scooped up every ball.

we want cake!!

Em and Will LOVE Uncle Jason!!!

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

Well, it is safe to say Will does not like his Pack-in-play. Brad and Will ended up sleeping in the car after a looong night! He was up early and demonstrated his new trick: drinking from a big cup. I guess he was figuring this out last night when he was not sleeping!

After breakfast we went to the park then to Lulu's to play.

Will's first encounter with a Daddy-long leg spider! He tried to pick it up!

The car ride was not eventful!! Will slept 3 hours and Em took a short nap and played most of the way home. We celebrated arriving home by cheering for the Saints; even though they did not play today!

Em is still recovering from the weekend with a rest on the couch! Everyone was excited to see KK today though!!

We are gearing up for thanksgiving around here!! We even replaced all the burnt out light bulbs!!:)
Em was  a big help with the light bulbs while Will was a tornado! He dumped out all his animal crackers and while I was cleaning them up and walk in the dining room and he is standing on the dining room table! Wilbie!!

We are a tad behind on holidays! For mothers day/fathers day we give the grandparents a photo of the grand kids spelling their names. So for Pops. he gets P-O-P-S; We are the P's and James/Syd are the O and S. Well, fathers day was a couple months ago and we are just getting around to do this just in time for Thanksgiving!! Sorry Pops!!

Thanksgiving eve and we are celebrating by going to see the Molly Ringwalds at Dulling hall! Brad and I, Staci and Kat and Lauren/JW joined us! It was a blast! I think we need to make this a tradition!!!
Gaga/Pops and Baboo/Granddad stayed home with the kiddos!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

11/10 - 11/16

This AM Em was begging to get in the crib with Will so I gave in! I was able to get dressed in peace! Crib for the win!!!

Will discovered chalk today and made these lines all over our driveway.

then the fun really began when Em/Will rode riding toys down the hill on our driveway!

Oh yes he did! Brad loaded up Will and they road down the driveway in the wagon! eeekkkkk

Ending the day with some barbies.

The day started with doughnuts for Em and Will and ended with the Molly Ringwalds for Brad and I!!

Brad and I enjoying the Molly Ringwalds

This weekend Brad and I are going to New Orleans; Gaga and Pops are coming to keep the kiddos!!
Em/Will will likely spend the majority of their weekend split between the park and yogurt place!!

new orleans views!

You can't spend a evening in NOLA without Pat O's!
Today was the saints game! They lost in horrible fashion but we had a good time!!!

that lovie goes everywhere!!

Thanks Gaga and Pops for a good weekend!!!

One of my favorite times of the day! Night time snuggles with Em!

Today was Em's Thanksgiving program at school! Gaga and Pops came to watch and I got off work as well! After the program and I went back to work and G/P took Em to chick-fil-a to meet Wilbie and KK!

This boy loves to wave!!

Tonight we had a combined church service with Anderson UMC in Jackson! It was fabulous! Em stayed with us and wilbie went to the nursery. He must have enjoyed it because he gave the sweet lady in the nursery a hug and tried to kiss her on the mouth!!!

No pic tonight due to forgetfulness... Throw back Wednesday to last  year! We were sitting at Will's 9 month appointment on this day!