Friday, October 21, 2016

10/13 - 10/19


The horse farm was a success! Em rode a horse and had a good time with her class.  A true sign Gaga is here is that a good supper was prepared and homemade chocolate pie was scarfed down!

Early AM reading with Gaga!

Friday at our hours means a visit to Campbells bakery. After the bakery we visited a friend of mine who has a new baby! Em and Will were not too interested in the baby but enjoyed having their own dance party and running around the pond!

Saturday means Mom and Dad are usually home all day! The day started with a princess pancake party! I dressed up in my Elsa best and ate pancakes with princesses! After breakfast we went to the gym then home to rest before family pictures! Poor Wilbie had to wear a collared shirt and boy does he run every time Mom pulls that shirt out of his closet!
After pictures we met Pops at burgers and blues for supper!! You see, Pops is in town because tomorrow me, Mom and Dad are going to the Saints football game and Wilbie will be staying with Pops!!

smiling for pancakes!

happy as a clam!

Still wearing my Elsa dress while playing connect 4 with Pops!

Brad, Em and I went to the Saints game and Pops and Wiblie had their own fun day!
Em was a champ at the game. She cheered her little heart out and the Saints won!!!
Wilbie had a good day with Pops that started off at the Zoo,followed by lunch at the zoo, a small nap, ice cream and then a visit to the park!!

Petting a goat at the zoo!

Happy boy spending the day with Pops!!

Monday is hop on pop day!

Let this be known as the day Will got a free juice at subway and it made his day!!!:)

Too cool for...sleep!
Em is waaay into dressing herself.. day or night!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

10/6- 10/12

Throw back Thursday!! 1 year ago today.

Em's teacher, Ms. Jenny. is leaving school today as she is expecting a baby!! We are so happy for her but I know Em will miss her!

This evening Will and I enjoyed one of lifes finest: eating fruit loops while lounging on the bed!

I ordered some pictures for the dining room wall and they came in! Plus they were accompanied with this handy large sheet of paper that helped us hang them straight without much drama! This paper turned into a large coloring board for the kids. After coloring Em and I went shopping for fall flowers and Em picked out a daisy. She planted it so carefully and talked to it to help it grow!

the day always ends with a cublet hug:)

Em checked on her flowers before church and was conviended they grew overnight.
This afternoon we participated in Stop Hunger Now at our church. I was so proud of Em; she packed food for 2 hours! She was a trooper! After all the packing was complete Will was freed from the nursery and danced a jig in church.

Throw back... Monday!!

Em still loves her ice cream!!

Supper is getting more and more interesting as Will now feeds of Emm's silliness!!!  They both laugh and laugh about anything!!! Em had gymnastics today and is progressing on the balance beam! I was shocked to see her jump up and down on one leg on the beam!

I have 2 excited  cublets! Gaga is coming today! Em has a field trip tomorrow that I can't attend so Gaga is going to the horse farm with Em and her class!

9/29 - 10/5

It's fall yall!!! Today was a big day! Brad and I both got home early so we took advantage of the weather and went to the park! After the park we went to the Terry HS homecoming parade and watched Chandler, KK's niece, in the parade!!

Em and Brad played tic-tac-toe the entire time we were at the park. Em got a kick out of leaning that when there is a tie in tick-tac-toe its called "CAT"!!

19 months going on 3!! He looks grown up!

Ready for the parade!!

Waiting for KK and Chandler!

KK and Chandler!! Em screamed "KK" so loud!!!

A good Friday always ends at the park!!

Em loves this map of the United States! She likes to find Winnfield, Maumelle, Memphis and Baton Rouge!


Happy Birthday Brad!! We
Em work up complaining of ear pain so off to the doctor. Poor thing had bilateral ear infections! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon! We will have to postpone our birthday celebration until we can get everyone well.

Saturday football watching and napping with Dad!

Em decorated the birthday cake!

Someone is feeling better!!!

Em is feeling much better!! Time to break out the pumpkin clothing!!!

Dad is strong!!

Ending the day with a game of cootie!

Em and Will woke up fired up! After we got dressed they wanted to go outside and they ran a couple laps around our driveway. Em then wanted to take pictures before school!

pre dance picture with KK

we can't leave Wilbie out of the pictures!

Playing upstairs is on the top 5 of Will's favorite things to do. Throwing balls and jumping in the bounce house make a little boy happy!

I love to watch Em in gymnastics! She gets into it and is quite competitive... wonder where she got that from!??
It also reminds me how little she is!! I forget shes 4!!

Hard to tell.. but this is Em's first cartwheel!:)

Wednesday night = supper and church!!!

Wilbie enjoyed the cake and Em enjoyed her "crescendo" class. I don't recall how she started calling her tiny tones group.. crescendo.. but it makes me chuckle every time!!