Friday, September 30, 2016

9/22 - 9/28

Everyone is feeling better so we took advantage of the "cooler"weather and hit the park this afternoon!
Em and Will are both climbing machines!!

we don't throw like a girl!!! Makes a momma smile!!

Tonight we attended the MCHS football game. Em loves going to watch the halftime show and Will likes dancing to the band and of course eating the assortment of snacks!
Em saw her teacher, Mrs. Jenny, at the game and just HAD to go say HI!! She loves her teacher!!!!

Go Jags!

Well, I knew something was up this AM when I was awakened early! We got dressed and hit the road to Winnfield for my buddies first birthday party!! Big James is one year old!!!
We got to Winnfield around 11:00, had a grand birthday party where J-Dawg go to eat cake and ice cream!! We then all took a short nap followed by swimming!!

Did I mention we fished in gaga's pool??  We did!! I am a fisherman!!

James opening his presents!! Note the bag Em is holding; she picked out that bag for James' present. She thought James would think the bag was "cute and pretty ". .......Come on Em, James does not think the bag is cute!

Mom and Em fishing!! Mom has pretty good form if you ask me!

reeling in the big one!

What a weekend! We woke up and went to church then hit the road that leads to home!
Wilbie stayed awake the entire trip and then fell asleep as we got off the Madison exit!! Yet this red balloon kept him entertained most of the trip!!

After Wilbie goes to bed I have 1 hour with mom and dad to myself! We usually play a board game but some nights I like to play "slumber party"!! I lay out our blankets, find a tasty snack and we all watch a show that I like!! Tonight we played slumber party. I think this is Mom and Dads favorite game!!

em's happy place! Getting to stay on the front porch by herself and play with chalk!

Today was a busy day! Em had gymnastics and then Em and Will raced around the circle driveway for quite a while! This was followed by a later supper than usual, Wilbe hitting the sack and Em's new favorite game-->slumber party. Tonight's snack during slumber party was crackers and peanut butter. This snack surely beat the last snack of fruit chews and peanut butter!

chick fil a while Em is at lunch bunch!

ready, set, go!!!

slumber party!

Wednesday night church! This is a crowd favorite at the Norris fam. Em likes the desserts, Brad likes the meal, Wilbie likes the nursery and I like not cooking and that everyone is worn out after church!! Thank you parkway hills! We love our church!!!

Running until they can't run anymore!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/15 - 9/21

9/15/2015:Well, Brad and I are about to start on a trek across the midwest!! We are going to see some friends (bryant, shay) that I grew up with:) and all go see the Dixie Chicks tomorrow night. On the way home we are going to stop by and see a friend of mine from med school as well!! We are taking off this afternoon and Gaga/Pops will be holding down the fort until Sunday!!!

No picture despite all this going on, sooo throw back Thursday!

We arrived in Columbus around 1PM and Bryant gave us a fantastic tour of the city, followed by dinner and a FABULOUS concert with Elle King and the Dixie Chicks!! Quite amazing.
Gaga and Pops conquered car pool/school drop off and pick up for the day!!!Followed by a park trip shortened by rain and even tackled chick-fil-a. They are braver than I!!

relaxing at the B&B!

Elle King is rocking it!!!

The Dixie Chicks do not disappoint!!!!

Well, Em and Will stayed busy with the trampoline park, regular park and ice cream!
Brad and I had a great day at the Independence Festival in Columbus! Saw some cool art and bought a few things! Later in the evening we hit the road to see Natalie/JT and their boys!! Nat and I went to med school (on Dominica) together so it was fantastic getting to see her and meet her family!

One of my finds in Columbus: Your vibe attracts your tribe. :)

Will was up early playing "Gaga". He had Gaga's glasses and phone walking around the house. Funny boy!
We woke up early and arrived back to Madison around 11AM. I think its fair to say everyone in the Norris family is tired tonight!

play-dough on a stick anyone??

Boy, Em woke up exhausted and not feeling well so she stayed home with KK. Will went to school and was most proud of his stamp!!

Poor Em! she has a bladder infection:(
While Em was at the doctor Maggie started teaching Will about cheer/gymnastics!!!

Em is feeling much better! Back to her ole self so we did the regular Wednesday routine. School, church, home.

Will is such a big boy walking out of school.

sweet friends at church!

Em is back to her ole self!! Putting out plates for a cake party to celebrate.. well.. anything!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/8 - 9/14

Tonight's post Will bedtime entertainment is brought to you by Hi-Ho Cherry-o!!

Emma is pumped!! Tonight she gets to go watch a sweet girl from our church, Allie Kate, dance at halftime at a local high school!!!


will, must you stand on everything?!


well, today was a Saturday of champions! Gym followed by park, nap and then pool!!!!  Did I mention football?!?Whoo hooooo!!!

Me: Emma, make a face?
Emma: this is my concentrating face

Brad and I went to the Saints game today and KK kept the kids.
Wilbie has started to hit thus time out is already starting for him. Surprisingly he will stay in time out and KK had to put him in time out while we were gone! Will, hands should be gentle!

Will's first time in timeout with KK.  Those brown eyes are almost too much!!:)

Monday! This day was brought to you by play! They played all evening up stairs. They can get quite rough in the bounce house but Will does not seem to mind!!

2 little kiddos in time out. One is not happy, the other just glad to be by his sister!

Brad and I went with some friends to see the Indigo Girls! I did not know any songs but we had a good time!! I think I am a fan!!

Whooo hooo!! Wednesday night church and supper is back!!!!!
Will is taking full advantage of the food!