Friday, August 26, 2016

8/18 - 8/24

School is in full swing and both kids love it! It wears Will out and he can never stay awake on the car ride home. All 2 miles! Today we all needed to be outside so we braved the heat and sweated down until it was time for supper!

Emma: Mom is off today so she got to drop us off at school!! After school we met my friend Ellie and her mom and little brother for lunch then we all went to the trampoline park!!!

Well, no picture Saturday but Em and I spotted this saying on a pillow and it spurred on a great conversation with her. Though I'm not sure how the pillow quote and our conversation were related?!?

Emma: Mom, why do people get sick? ( a friend of hers had a cold)
Me: Well, sometimes we get different bugs in our system that cause us to become sick
Emma: What types of bugs?
Me: Well... bacteria and viruses
Emma: Oh, bacteria and viruses cause us to be sick?
Me: yes, Em; but that's why we wash our hands to try and wash all the bacteria and viruses down the sink. (we had a conversation earlier this week about how water is cleaned and reused and sometimes ends up in rivers that end up in oceans)
Emma: Oh, are there bacteria and viruses in the ocean?
Me: yes, I'm sure there are
Emma: Oh, but I guess fish don't put their fins in their mouth so they never get sick
Me, Humm, exactly!:)

Again, I'm not sure how this quote stirred the above conversation but I think the conversation and pillows are both keepers!

Sunday is church day and then lunch at Jimmy johns!! I invited my friend Allison and her parents and her brother joined us for lunch!!
After lunch Will took a nap in his swing; I feel he is much too big for that swing!
After lunch we went for a walk with the big red wagon and Will and I did what we always do: drag sticks along the sidewalk until they break and do this over and over and over again!

Em and Allison at Jimmy Johns!

Back to school and everyone was out the door with their bags ready to go!!

Will's first stamp at school!! Thanks KK for the pic!

There has got to be a better way to keep up with all the art work other than piling it up and eventually throwing it all out! Help!!

Em's class is learning about the 5 senses. Today was sight and I loved Em's pictures! Heart, Rainbow, cheetah!

Well, I heard on the radio today is national waffle day, thus waffles for supper!!
while preparing supper Em and Will were both .. lets face it.. whiny! I found 2 egg cartons and had then separate our wine corks into the individual egg holders! Wine for the win!!

Can you tell we are tired today?!?

8/11 - 8/17

Boy, I am slacking on the daily pictures; but there is always a throw back!!
Tonight was parent orientation for Em and Will's preschool. Hard to believe this is Em's last year and Will is starting already!!!

Today was a big day!
The day started with Brad bringing both kids to meet their new teachers!! After Em met her sweet teacher Brad took her to lunch at none the other than chick-fil-a!

When I got home Em and I ran to pick up a birthday present for a party tomorrow and Em did a great job writing in the card!!

The night ended with candy land; yet we did not get to finish the game due to bed time. Here begins the board game photo so we can remember where minnie mouse, daisy and figero were placed before the game was put away for the night. Game to resume tomorrow!!

Em and her teacher, Ms, Jenny!

Will was all about play at school but he did hug his teachers good bye:)

best buds!

lunch date!

was it me or after the rain shower was it almost chilly this evening?!?

Emma Norris
I hope you have a good birthday party.
Happy Birthday Ellie Clark
Love Emma
disclaimer: I helped with spelling, so of course if anything is misspelled it's all me! My spelling is no better than it was when I was Emma's age!

to resume tomorrow!


Well, Dad is still running the house and doing a fine job I might add!
The day started with reading notes Mom left for us. I can't read so I hope Dad read my note correctly!
He took Em to  a swim party at our gym's pool and I got to play in the play room.

Brad conquers Wal mart!!

This was the longest game of chutes and ladders ever!! That long slide got us every time!

Lets face it; a call weekend for me is a long weekend for everyone. We survived another one and celebrated by playing in the rain and eating ice cream for supper! I think this may be a new tradition!!

1st day of Pre K4 for Em and first day of the toddler room for Wilbie!! Em was pumped, Will was unsure but he did not cry when KK dropped him off!! Big boy!!

Well, normal day the the Norris house. Will still likes stacking chemicals, Em is doing gymnastics and jumping in mud puddles after gymnastics!

Well, Will has his new found love: chemicals and the garbage disposal! That Wilbie will unlock the child-proof lock, turn the disposal on and slam the door while running away!!

Somebody did not listen today so Mom made her write, " I will listen" 10 times!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

8/4 - 8/10

Ok, confession time. We do make a lot of muffins; but rarely do I make them in the morning when we can eat them hot:)
I thought everyone did this little trick but my family tells me differently. Here it goes: I like muffins in the AM but find it hard to get them baked in the AM.. soo I bake them at PM. Muffins are ready in the morning; they might be cold, but they are muffins.
Em does not seem to mind the night time baking!!

Friday and we are wild at the Norris house this afternoon! I think they can sense the upcoming start of school!!

Hugs for all.

this is his new favorite game: empty every draw in site!

this is great! Emma started eating her cheerios like a puppy dog and Will followed her lead!!!

a lively game of soccer with Dad!

Well, Em is signed up for dance and today we ventured out to buy her dance attire!
She LOVED it!! who knew tap shoes needed these sparkly buttons??!?! I will learn!

After dance shopping we hit the pool, then Em wore her dance stuff all afternoon and decided she would sleep in it! I think she will love dance!!!

Today is promotion Sunday at church thus a party at Pump it Up!!!
bounce houses, pizza, and cupcakes; what more can a kid want??


Well, sister Emma is still wearing her dance stuff. That tutu does NOT look comfortable!

While I have the stage let me introduce you to everything I like to have in my crib at night!!
I need my shark, alligator, blue lovey, brown monkey lovey and my favorite dinosaur lovey. Some babies might be scared with all these different animals in their crib but we are all best buds and must be together at night!


Today is soccer day! After soccer I had a little surprise as I got to eat ice cream!!!
After ice cream and bath I introduced Dad to barbies. He does not quite know how to play with barbies yet but I will teach him!!


Well, I guess throwing up a peace sign for every picture means you are a big girl?? That is all Emma seems to do! :)
tonight I pointed out Dad's eyes, nose and ears and you would have thought I recited Macbeth they way they reacted. Silly parents.
Oh, and I am still carrying around my picture of Pops!!

eyes, nose, ears!!

Will is not ever still; but he loves to carry around this picture of Pops and his tennis team!:)