Friday, July 29, 2016

7/21 - 7/27

Today was chick fil a day for KK/Will/Em. I think Will has out grown the kids meal!
Tonight at gymnastics I brought Will with me thinking he would sit in the stands. Well, he was in the stands yet climbing all over them!! We only had one minor spill but I was pooped after trampling all over the stadium seats!!

Ok, Brad and I went out tonight!!!  hooray!!!!
We went to see a journey cover band at a local bar in Jackson! I was a tad skeptical at first but we had a great time!!!

I'm on call this weekend and Brad has the crew in great shape!!! Between cookie making and dodge ball everyone was a happy camper when I got home!! I attempted to get Will to nap in the ergo carrier, no such luck!!!

dodge ball!!

Apparently the ergo carrier for naps only works at the beach!!! Let's go back to the beach!!!

Thank goodness for friends with pools on call weekends!! After church Brad, Em and Will went to a pool party and stayed all afternoon! Which means everyone was exhausted and an early bed time for everyone tonight!!!

This makes me smile!!!

Every morning Wilbie is on KK watch!!!

Dodge ball is in full effect tonight!!!

soccer day! It was inside due to some rain.
Em enjoyed her day and Will was playing in the D-league waiting to be called up to the soccer tots level with Em!

A tradition of sorts... watching for KK!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

7/14 - 7/20

Thursday = gymnastics day. I survived one gymnastics hour and have not been back. Apparently they expected me to sit quietly in the bleachers and watch Emma... Sign, it's tough to be a baby!

The blanket snatch and run is in full force!!


and run run run before Em catches up!!

some light yoga to end the night!:)

Today was a good day!! We started at the pool, followed by a birthday party for sweet Allison followed by early supper and everyone hit the sack early!!

This Sunday AM we were up early so I took Em on a walk with me. She proceeded to make a kite out of her Abby Cadabbie costume (that she wore when she was 2!). After out walk we got ready for church and a sweet friend of mine took the picture before of Will, Em and Brad!
After church we made the obligatory visit to Jimmy Johns for lunch then home!
Tonight we started a new game. Emma likes dodge ball! I would sit on the floor and Em would run between the couches while I tried to pelt her with the ball! Fun for all!!

church is exhausting for a baby!!

dodge ball action!! Em hiding behind the couch!

dodge ball.

Ok, no picture so I will update.

Let's see: Emma: she is growing like a weed! She has a new found love for broccoli since she helped me cook some last week. She will eat it up. She won't eat many veggies but put broccoli on the menu and she is game. She will be starting pre K4 in the fall; which means 1 year from kindergarten!!  So hard to believe how fast she is growing up. I feel she could survive without me for a good 24 hours. She can perform the basics necessities of life: making PB&J, bathroom, getting dressed and brushing hair/teeth! She is set for life with that set of skills!!

Will: Well, he has a gaggle of nicknames. Wilbie, Wilbur, Little buddy, little boob! Wilbie is still my favorite and I hope it sticks! He is also growing like a weed and will eat anything that does not eat him.
He loves to greet KK at the door in the AM and is slowly starting to say a few words. His favorite is to say "poo poo" and point to his diaper when he poops! BOYS!!! He will say Momma when he needs me and tries his hardest to say banana as this is his favorite food. He would eat 5 a day if we would let him!

I would say today the kids had a big day! They were both asleep as we took the short, 5 minute drive to Emma's soccer!!

Every now and then Em and Will will play in our closet. Today Will found a picture that included Pops and his tennis team. Will carried that picture around all night and would proudly point out his Pops!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

7/7 - 7/13

Poor planning to take pictures means no pictures were snapped!! Thus, Hello Throw back Thursday!!

Friday is chick-fil-a day with KK!!
And apparently spill gold fish on the floor and stomp on it day!!

Well, we had plans to go swimming today but after the gym mom and dad were too tired so we laid low. After rest time I got to go see my friend Georgia and eat supper at her house. Georgia has a little brother just like Will; I bet they will be best buddies when they get older!!

My Frozen cap has made a come back!!!
On the way home I clapped the entire way home to keep Wilbie awake and it worked!! Wilbie even joined in on the clapping!!

I knew this day would come but who knew it would be today. Em has flat our refused bows. In the past I could force one on her; today she wanted the head band and I gave in. It does look cute but makes her look older!!

post church swim!!

OK, confession time. Emma noted that my feet and Brad's feet are a little umm rough on the heels. She has decided that they need lotion thus she will lotion our feet at night and put socks on them to "keep the lotion in". It is quite enjoyable and I feel we will have silky smooth feet in no time!

Well, Little Wilbie must be growing up! He let Mom read half of a book today before he tried to rip if out of her hands and take off running!!


Every now and then Em will squeeze herself in our bed in the middle of the night. It is always a surprise to see what other treasures she brings with her. Noting the scraps of paper, bear, blankets etc!

Tuesday always means soccer day!! It rained so they were in the gym.


Tonight Em cooked supper!! She got to pick out supper and boy did she do a good job. Mom was a little surprised by Emma's choices!
She picked sweet potato, broccoli and chicken and rice!!

Well, I have figured out the key to getting the kids to eat their veggies! They pick them out and cook them! Everyone ate broccoli tonight!