Thursday, June 23, 2016

6/16 - 6/22

Ok, I spoke too soon about this stellar sleep. I think all the swimming backfired! Will now wakes up starving and won't go back to sleep! After a 3AM car ride last night I think we will skip swimming tonight!!

Back to today: Em had gymnastics but first look at these binoculars Brad made for Emma?!?! I was impressed. They went to Michael's to get all the supplies and them made these bad boys!!!

Every gymnastics class should end with a race!!

And every day should end with a dog pile!!!

Tonight no one would go to sleep. Below is the motley crew that could not calm down and sleep so we loaded everyone up in the car for a ride. Em was asleep before we could drive down main street and Wilbie was not far behind! Amazingly, we got everyone back in the house still snoozing!! Norris parents for the win!!!

I had to order Wilbie some new clothes.....2T!!! Will and Em can wear the same shorts!! Below Em is wearing Will's shorts while Will is protesting sharing his clothes!

Saturday in the summer = pool day!!! We went to the pool and the kids discovered the joy of the game corn hole!!! Late that night Allison and her parents came over the eat and play!

Fathers Day!!!
Em picked out the gift all by herself: a purple polo and these sport socks!
After church and lunch we went to the pool to complete the day. I have never seen Wilbie so tired than at the pool!! He could not even pick his head up to look around!!!

Wilbie does sleep!!!!!

Monday, Monday!
Well, this might seem a little gross and it is but Em noticed my feet were not as ummm smooth as her feet. She now she likes to rub lotion on my feet!! She then proceeds to rub lotion on her feet so "they will never get all scratched up like mom's".

Parenting fail! Tonight I was so tired of both Em and Will begging for snacks after we just ate supper. After a few minutes of saying "no snack!" I decided I would let them eat an apple thinking no way would they jump for an apple. Wrong!!! Plan backfired and they happily ate apples.

Tuesday.. or Soccer day in the Norris house hold! We have this plan down for now. Brad takes Em to soccer.. I take Wilbie to the gym then we all meet at soccer to watch!
As I came in today they were actually playing a soccer game! Yes, it was a herd of kids following the ball but they were all trying to kick it! I feel we have made progress as a soccer class/team!!

If I have not said this before I should be ashamed, I love our church!! Tonight they put on a stellar shrimp boil with all the fixins and a ton of fun to be had! Water balloons, bad mitten, giant jenga and the list can go on.

Em had a small.. ok large... melt down at this wonderful shrimp boil due to a piece of cheese getting stuck on the roof of her mouth. I agree, not the most comfortable thing, but not worthy of that melt down! After the melting was done we continued the fun with popsicles and water balloons!

Still playing soccer!

My 16 month old looks 3!!

Em and Reese enjoying a lovely conversation over popsicles!

Friday, June 17, 2016

6/9 - 6/15

Thursday is now gymnastics day!! We brought Will along thinking he might want to watch... wrong! Will, you are wild!

Far in the back, Em on the bar!

balance beam!!

Emma: Well, camp is a wrap! I learned a lot!!
I learned what triple threat position is!! I learned how to dribble a basketball!!
I learned how to throw a baseball.. .Point your elbow to where you want to throw and throw hard with all your might!

to celebrate the end of camp.. and Friday.. we went swimming and ate pizza by the pool!

Truthfully I can not even remember what went on today!! All I can remember is we played up stairs in the play room allllll day!

Wills face says it all!!! :)

sweet Sundays!!
Em snuck (yes, snuck.. i'm claiming it as a word:) in our bed last night. We went to church then back to the pool!!
After pool Brad went to youth at church and I had the not so bright idea of a wagon ride.. .while it is 100 degrees. Thankfully they had a shade!!!

Sweet Wilbie caught taking a nap!!! But don't dare put him down or he will be madder than a wet hen!

dragging sticks on the sidewalk during our walk.

this little foam "thing" turned into a dance floor in a matter of seconds!!
Wilbie's dance move goes as follows: hold one hand in the air, bend the knees and bobble your head! And that my friends is called "The Wilbie"!

tonight was rowdy! Em was fired up about soccer and we had a little indoor game of soccer!
I tried to play but I just can't seem to kick and stay on my feet!!
After soccer we of course loaded up and went swimming again!!! Hooray for Emma wanting to swim every night!!!
Secretly I think Mom likes it because it wears us out and we sleep.. well.. like babies!

I got home a little early today and everyone was napping.. even Wilbie who never naps!!
Em had soccer this afternoon and after soccer we headed back to the pool!! No way are those long naps going to cause a rowdy bed time!! Pool here we come!!

Ok, the evening swim at the pool is now a tradition I guess! we have done this for 4 nights in a row and everyone has slept through the night for 4 nights!! Thus, we will keep it up!!

I know, lets make a mess!

6/2 - 6/8

Today  is Em's first day of gymnastics! We decided to give swimming lessons a break for the summer and give gymnastics a trial run. She LOVED it!!! An hour of jumping, running and playing nonstop!!

Well today was another first... my first experience at the nail place!! Em got her toes and nails painted pink and purple! She showed me; I was not impressed. All I did was grab her hand and "mess up her nails"!!!


This weekend I am on a girls trip to Canton, TX; Brad will have the house to himself as Em and Will are in for a big weekend.....I dropped them off at Gaga and Pops!!! They have never stayed without us in Winnfield and Em is over the moon excited!!! Emma made her request for food to Gaga: oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch and box mac/cheese for supper. Come on Em, you will learn when you go to Gaga's you request home made food!!:)

We made it back to Madison around 6PM and Brad had the house clean, clothes washed, yard mowed and supper on the table!! I think I'll go out of town more often!!

Today Em starts skyhawks camp!! It is a fantastic camp that I would recommend to everyone!! They play T-ball, soccer and basketball while learning all the fundamentals as well as learning about sportsmanship!

Em and her buddy, Ellie!

Triple threat!!!

Em loves her "sports shoes"! She decided to wear them with her PJ's

more camp!! Em is loving this camp and is exhausted when she gets home!! Thankfully I have time to swing by and pick her up and I love seeing her in action. She is a tad competitive.. humm, I wonder where she gets that from!?!

Today at camp was "dress crazy" day. Em decided to wear her La Tech cheerleader outfit! After camp and a short nap we hit the park beside out house to end the day.

Walking, and Em running, to the park.

Throwing tennis balls and coach Van"tastic".