Friday, May 27, 2016

5/12 - 5/18

It seems we have a new favorite place to go. It's called Livingston. I think it's a town?! BUT, they have farmers markets, water slides and even a candy store! We all loaded up and went to Livingston this afternoon and let me tell you it did not disappoint!!
I got to build a bird house! Dad held the nail patiently while I slung the hammer away hitting the nail most of the time! Sorry Dad!!
After the bird house it started to rain and I was a tad disappointed as I wanted to go down the big water slide; but it was deflated and that sucker never popped back up. We made a quick stop at the candy store then to my surprise I ran into my friend Allison!!! We ate a little supper together then ran around until it was time to go!!

sweet friends!!

Will enjoyed chasing the chickens!

Will is 15 months old!!
Tonight Gaga came over! She originally planned to come so Brad and I could run in a race tomorrow. I have some awful knee pain so I'm not running but Brad will run the 10K and represent us both!
Gaga still came over and watched the kiddos while we out to eat! Thanks Gaga!

It has become a sort of Friday tradition to stop by Campbells' Bakery followed by the park on Friday afternoons!! Not a bad tradition at all! Yum!!

He prefers the Mississippi shaped iced cookies!

Helping Gaga prune the flowers!

A little.. or a lot... of make up!

Wilbie is going to the doctor today:(. I usually avoid the after hours clinic but he is not eating, has this awful rash and poor buddy just does not feel good!
And of course as things would happen as soon as I get home from the doctor with Will Em had a fever of 104.8!! Yikes!!!! Odd thing is she felt fine!! After a little tylenol she felt better and her fever came down.

Our day consisted of popsicles and naps... lots of naps!

Well, we are all a little under the weather. Will is perking up after starting antibiotics for his ear infection. Emma is not feeling stellar, but her fever is better and she wanted to play outside so we enjoyed a picnic while all playing hookie from church. I didn't think the church would appreciate all our sick germs!

a little nap on the slide...

followed by a little nap on the blanket

I feel a warm bath can solve any problem;lets hope it makes Em feel better tomorrow!

Well, Em went to the doctor today and she has the flu! I don't know what the flu is but I surely don't want it! Emma is not playing, she is not even getting out of the bed! Gaga came back over to help Emma while KK and I played all day!

In other news Gaga and KK were busy as bees today!! When Mom got home from work the house was clean and supper was cooked!!!

Lindsey: Thanks Gaga and KK, yall keep us up and running!!!!!

The flu 1, Emma 0

Poor little girl just does not feel good! In other news Will is back to his ole self!! I feel he might have a touch of the terrible 2's eekkk!!! He has started throwing tantrums!! Not sweet Wilbie!!

She still wanted to take a selfie!

Em is better!!!!
In other news we THINK there has been a Jack sighting. Jack the cat has been missing for a couple months and I saw a post on facebook with a picture that looked similar to Jack at the local Kroger on Hwy 51! Brad set up cans of tuns strategically across the parking lot in order to entice Jack and we even loaded up in the car and had our on search party. Brad will go back tonight to see if the Great Pumpkin AKA Jack the cat shows up!

Will fell asleep rather quick on the Jack hunt!

Jaaaack, where are you?!?

big boys eat with a fork!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5/5 - 5/11

Well, I'm behind and have no recollection of what went on in the Norris house today sooooo it's Throw back Thursday!!

We did our usual pizza for Friday night and Allison and Charlie came over to play.. with their parents!
Those girls played and played and ate a little. Will showed off his appetite and was jealous of Charlie's bottles! Tomorrow we leave to go to Baton Rouge for mother's day weekend!

We hit the road this AM to go to Baton Rouge!

Em and Will enjoying a little breakfast in the car!

Lauren and JW have a Kumquat tree in their yard and Will ate them up! Peel and all!


Still eating Kumquats!!

Happy Mother's Day!! The ride back from Baton Rouge is usually full of sleeping kids; as was this trip!!
When we got home we went to the park then home for a quick supper and we all crashed!! Here's to a good nights sleep!

Park time:

Mom went for a short run after work then met Dad, Wilbie and me at the park!! We both wore out fast clothes so we could run  around the park fast as a cheetah!!!

After the park Dad made hamburgers and we even had s'mores for dessert!!! Wilbie tried to eat a marshmallow but he was trying to eat it with a fork!! Silly Wilbie!!

I rarely think Will looks like a baby! Lets face it; he looked at least 3 months old when he was born!
But today when he did not feel too sporty he looked like a baby!! Sweet Wilbie, feel better soon!!


I helped cook tonight! Well, ok.. I ate all the cheese I was supposed to put on the roll ups!!
After supper Dad showed us how strong he was by bench pressing ME!!!! Go Dad Go!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4/21 - 4/27

Today is a beautiful day! As soon as I got off work I loaded Em and Will up and we went to the school across the street. They have multiple play grounds and wide open spaces for little feet to scamper about!
A friend and neighbor, Shelley, met us over there and boy did Em LOVE Shelley!!!
They played in clubhouses made of trees, made 2 different types of crowns and even tried honey suckle! A good day was had by all! When Brad got home he picked us all up and brought us home.

Well, its Friday and I believe Mom has fallen off her rocker!! First, Mom came home in gym clothes yet stated instead of going to the gym she went to Sonic to get a VCZ (vanilla coke zero). then everything started getting real odd when she took me and Em to this bakery that is new in town: Campbells Bakery. It was tasty and I even got my own airplane cookie. THEN, mom loaded us up and took us way out in the middle of no where to this candy shop!!! Yes, cookies and candy!! I think Mom needed some sugar!! Em picked out different candies and even shared a little with me! We all headed home to eat supper, but I think we had enough sweets to last us at least until breakfast tomorrow!!

Well, Mom is working today so Dad is running this ship!! We went to the gym like always but Dad stayed a looong time. I think he was working out hard!
After the gym Mom got to come home for a little bit and we all decided that tonight we would go to hear music and play outside at this place called Livingtston. I don't really understand Livingston, yet I hear its a kick in the pants!!

Wilbie here!
We all slept in after staying out late last night!! Mom was at work and Dad brought us to get dough nuts followed by church. We all took a short nap (even me!!) and then Dad took us outside to play while he grilled hamburgers. We are going back to church tonight because apparently someone very important will be there! The Bishop will be preaching!

yes, Em picked out her own clothes and yes she did wear this to church Sunday PM!

Throw back Monday!! 1 year ago for Wilbie and Em!! They have both grown so much!!!

Will doesn't feel to good today! Hopefully he will perk up tomorrow.
Em loves her telescope and she is still into weather and stars. She loves to call anyone that will listen and talk about the weather. I try to keep this to a minimum because she will talk all... day... long on the phone!!

Will, are you eating with a fork?!?!?

Yikes, we have a sick wilbie on our hands!! to the doctor we go today!