Thursday, April 21, 2016

4/14 - 4/20

I love to take pictures!! Mom usually agrees to take a picture, Wilbie never agrees and the cat usually will get with the program. Dad on the other hand loves for me to take his picture!
In other news I finally got to wear my hair down to school. Usually Mom makes me "pull it out of my face" and she pulls some back in a "long straight pony tail". But today Dad was in charge of hair and he let me wear it down!! I even kept a pony tail holder on my wrist like my momma does just in case I needed to pull my hair back at school!

This video doesn't need words! Watching it makes me smile and laugh every.. single.. time!!!!

Well, Mom and Dad are at a wedding. Who knows what that even is?? But the good news is that KK came to stay with us!!!! KK fed us pizza and even got us clean as can be in the bath. I'm not sure what time Mom and Dad got home because I was sound asleep!!

Mom and Dad clean up well!!

Em and I had a great conversation at supper. She was talking about how she tries not to "mess up" but she knows God loves her anyway. She then went on to say how everyone messes up, Momma, Wilbie, Daddy (who she has been calling Brad all day:), Gaga, Pops, and even God. I stopped her and said, " Well, Em, Jesus does not mess up but he forgives us every time we mess up". There was a long pause and I was a tad scared of where this conversation was going to go. Em ended it with "Oh, I guess we need to be more like God"! Resumes eating supper! Well said Em!!

This might not be 100% accurate but I think today is the first time Em/Will played together for an extended period of time. As in I got to cook supper, maybe have a glass of wine while cooking said supper. and they played the entire time without one tear being shed!! Hooray!!!

Will wanted to help so bad with yard work!!!

Long story short: Do you see that orange stick in Em's bed??? That is a dog treat! We stopped by to see a friend of mine and Em wanted to go in her house. She was looking at all the stuff in her house, even was offered candy, but No, Em wanted a dog treat.. and there it is!

Why hello Monday; fancy seeing you again!
Nothing spectacular occurred today at the Norris house; but isn't every day with kids spectacular in its own way. Some spectacularly grand and some spectacularly rough; but spectacular none the less!

Well, no secret here folks... I love to dance!! My favorite dance move is to stick my hand in the air and dance dance dance!!!! I think I got my dancing skills from my daddy!!

In other news, Em had a second b day party today!! Sweet Maggie gave Em a telescope and they even had cake!!!

I got home this afternoon and everyone was sacked out!!!!
After church Em and Will continued there game of chase. AKA Will takes Emma's toy, blanket etc and runs as fast as he can until Emma catches him and retrieves said item!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

3/31 - 4/6

This Thursday night is brought to you be the selfie that no one wanted to take, except for me! Will does not look impressed and Em is picking her face:) They love me!

Today is princess and pirate day at Em's school so she pulled out her favorite princess dress from the closet. What you don't see is the fluffy skirt she just had to wear underneath the fluffy dress!!!

Well, I am hosting a baby shower tomorrow so that only means one thing: Gaga to the rescue!! She came today to help set up and brought all the food!! Thanks Gaga!!

Em got a little excited with my phone and took some of her favorite snap shots!

These are cheese grits; Em and Will devour them. I guess that is why Em snapped a picture!!

Today we had the baby shower and Will was the little lover. He hugged everyone and ate his weight in food! Em stayed away and watched the Lion Guard.

Cutie pie in her new Frozen PJ's!

More pictures by Em!

I promise I was stopped at a red light!

Making an imaginary cake for Dad while we wait for Gaga and Pops arrival!
As soon as they arrived Em took them outside to look for the little dipper ( I accidentally called it the small dipper and was corrected)!
Nothing beats an early morning wagon ride before school with Pops!!

Wilbie got in one last nap on Pops before they headed out to the Masters and then Hilton Head. I think Will secretly hoped he could come along!

Em is all into being independent! Which is great and funny at the same time! Tonight she drug out these onesie PJ's, put them on by herself and brushed her hair and teeth by herself!! She is growing up!!

4/7 - 4/13

I am on call and Brad has 2 softball games tonight with the church league. He was Dad of the day today! He played with the kids outside then loaded them up and brought them to the game in the little red wagon. I arrived later and Em and Willl were playing and covered in dirt yet happy!!

Friday!!!! Thank goodness! I told Em all week if she had a good week listening I would take her to the park or bounce palace. She picked bounce palace thus here we are!!

Today started with the usual routine: breakfast, gym, home. But then Em had a birthday party to go to and then the fun began!! We ate an early supper then attended a jazz fest!!! I danced and ran  until my little legs could go no more. AND THEN, I got to eat a marshmallow covered in chocolate!! Oh what fun!!

Will and Brad cutting a rug!

Well, today Wilbie finally got to experience running with Mom. You see when I was a young tyke Mom would push me while running and frankly it can be quite scary!! She huffs and puffs and sometimes stops to walk (sorry Mom!) but then picks her pace back up. Will was the smart one and fell asleep on the run!

Stylin on the way to church!!

Ready to run with Mom!

Following sister everywhere!!!

No pictures due to a manic Monday but there was this one conversation I hope I never forget.

This morning while sitting on the couch:
Me: Emma, I wish I could stay home with you and Wilbie and play all day
Emma: Mom, today is Monday, it's a work day; you have to go to work. MOM, you have to go to work!
Me: I know Em, but I was just saying I would like to stay with you
Emma: Mom, sometimes we do things we don't want to do.
End scene

Let this be the day that Wilbie got his first bloody nose. It won't be the last I'm sure!
He was climbing on this blue chair in his room and it flipped over and he landed on the floor. Thus bloody nose, he comes running out of his room with a few tears and then was on his merry way!

Nose bleed better!

I'm off my game with the pictures but feel I should document this upcoming race!!
Due to Wilbie being forced to go for these runs on Sunday, in hopes that he naps, this is an integral part of their blog!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

3/24 - 3/30

Tonight Will learned to kick a ball! He had so much fun walking around kicking this little soccer ball!
go will go!!

Sweet cublets on Good Friday.
Em didn't pick out pants to wear today thus she deemed it no pants day. Good thing there is no school today!

A weekend in Winnfield is always a good time!! Eggs, food, sweets and plenty of playing!!!

The girls played all day while Will did what Will always does... move!

Is there anything sweeter than squishy baby feet in sandals??

Up from the grave he arose!!

Will had a large time at Easter lunch!!!

Emma picture!


Well, Mondays are always a tad hectic but I just love this picture facebook used today!!

Today was a first in Em's book!
The first time to go to the neighbors to play without me or Brad there! Em thought she was big stuff as Brad walked her across the yard to go play with her buddy!

Annnnd tonight is a first in Wilbie's book; he sat in a real chair without trying to jump off head first!!

Wilbie is a little lover!