Friday, March 25, 2016

3/17 - 3/23

Well, I'm another year older. Em asked a very important question today, "Why don't grown ups have parties at pump it up"? Valid question Em and I don't know!! Maybe next year I'll have a birthday party at the trampoline park!

Poor Wilbie, after every meal he gets washed off in the sink before actually taking a bath! Plus, I don't think the boy has ever eaten a full meal in his clothes! He is too messy!!

Tomorrow is a big day, Em has her 4 year old check up and she knows she has to get shots! She picked out her clothes including her super hero stuff to help keep her brave during her appointment.

Today is Em's appointment and my super hero is ready to go!!

super Emma walking into the doctors office.


Ice cream from sonic makes everything better!!!
Saturday is brought to you by the park and Em's new found love for People magazine, or maybe Justin Timberlake.
We were grocery shopping and at the check out I told Em to pick out some candy for us to share. I really, really wanted chocolate. She looks at all the candy then sees this magazine and just has to have it, "But Momma, it's just so cute". So we end up with People magazine and no candy.
Of note, that is a Christmas dress; she picks her clothes out and I just can't fight that battle. Merry Christmas in March!

Palm Sunday and Easter egg hunting at church! Will preferred to sit in a mud puddle and eat dirt while Em got into the egg hunting this year.

Today is my Easter party at school! We got to hunt eggs and Mom even came to help celebrate!!
After I got home I showed me eggs to Will but told him he couldn't eat the candy. I don't think he cared, he prefers fig newtons instead.

selfie with mom!

I feel my two cents need to be stated today. Let me tell you what happens most days at 5PM.
Mom turns on Alexa, some sort of machine that you can talk to and it will respond and play any music you want! (Echo from Amazon:) Mom says, "Alexa, play pop music" and Alexa plays pop music and we have a dance party until supper time. I feel this happens because me and Em are quite ummm fussy at this point in the day and a dance party is fun for everyone!

Louis the cat:
Well guys, it happened again. I got locked up stairs for an undefined period of time until someone finally rescued me. I wonder if I should follow in Jack's footsteps and make a run for it! Times at this house are hard right now!!
I guess Will has stopped hitting me and Em does pet me so I'll stick around for a few more weeks, but if I get locked up stairs again I'm outta here!

Em writing a letter to me, interpretation pending.

3/10 - 3/16

The daily AM pantry dash!!
Em sticks with the slow and steady decision making approach; while Wilbie goes with the grab and run approach!

This Friday is brought to you by 2 happy kiddos who love to run around in circles!
Em loves to start this game by slowly walking around Will; then speeding up to a run. This gets Wilbie excited and he joins in squealing as he runs behind Emma.
Note the Christmas dress Em has on; Yes, she is picking out her own clothes!:)

Today is my birthday party!! I picked the theme: Super Dooper Super Hero!
We had it at Pump It Up and all my buddies got to wear mask as we jumped in all the bounce houses. We then got to eat pizza, ice cream and cake followed by presents!! I told Mom this was the best 4th birthday party I ever had:).

  Em's fabulous birthday card. Of note, I had no hand in the making of this card; I just happen to
know some talented people who thankfully help
me out when it comes to getting crafty!

                                                                                                                            We love KK!!!

                                                     Superheros unite... well, most of them!
                                             Even sweet James was on board with being a super hero!

Play time with Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci!

Between Springing forward the the party yesterday we are pooped!! All the party guest left this AM to head home and I hope we can enjoy a nap this afternoon.

How many princess dresses can a little girl wear in one day?!?

addendum: Everyone napped!! I got to go for a run and Brad did some yard work. Mom for the win!!

Will is all boy!! You are always covered in dirt and climbing, pulling, tugging just getting into everything. I recall when Em was 1 she would sit and let me read books, play quietly etc. I think I have read Will one book and at the end he took it and ripped the pages out! ha ha ha

Wilbie standing up in his rocking chair. Not one baby was hurt in this feat!

For the past few nights Em has decided to sleep in the top bunk of her bed! I'm not sure what made this change occur but she loves it! I think she likes the coziness of the top bunk!

Let's see; I'm a tad late on the blog and I can't really remember what these pictures represent other than Will tearing something up and Em wearing a princess dress; a usual day in the Norris camp!

Hello picture, why won't you rotate for me, please??

Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/3 - 3/9

It is no secret that Wilbie loves to eat. He eats more than Emma and usually me! Em loves to watch him eat and gets a kick out of the noises he makes. He is also in the stage where food and sippie cups will go flying at any moment; which always gets a good belly laugh from Em.

** Of note, I found Will's baby book today. I don't even have his birth date in it yet. The blog = baby book! That's my excuse!
**Of note, I then found Em's. Her birthday and little foot prints are in there... the rest is blank. Em, sorry, the blog is your baby book as well; it just started when you were 6 months old!

This AM I was in shock; I walk in Em's room to get her up and she is getting dressed!! Way to go Em. She has started picking her clothes out but will usually wait for me to get dressed; this AM she was fired up and ready to go!

Waiting in car pool line taking the obligatory selfie!

Wilbie looking quite mischievous with his mess!

A little night time pallet to top off no bath friday!

It's the weekend!!! Pops is coming today to watch wilbie/Em while Brad and I attend the Kidney Foundation Event!!! I even bought a new dress, shoes and earrings for the event. A dear friend spend most of her Friday with the daunting task of shopping with me!
We stared the day at the gym and Em made sure she was well prepared and brought her back pack.

After we got all dressed up Em told Brad he looked "cute" then told me I looked "cuter"!:)

Thanks to Pops for getting up with Wilbie and letting us sleep in! Whoo hoooooo

After church we discovered the school across the street from us has a couple of playgrounds that are open to the public during non-school hours!! Well, we think they are open to the public. No one asked us to leave! Hooray for finding new parks. Em was super excited because that school will be her new kindergarten in a few years so she felt as if she were an extra big girl today playing on a kindergarten playground!!

Em still loves a superhero...this time with butterfly wings!!!!!

Will did his usual outside fun: find dirt... eat dirt.. roll around in dirt!

Happy Birthday Emma! Where should I start: you are one passionate person; you are stubborn just like your momma! Right now you LOVE anything super hero, princess related and you are soo into the weather and solar system! You love your brother and he follows you around everywhere. Your favorite phrases regarding Will: 1. No sir, that is my toy   2. Wilbie, you tear up everything!  3. Wilbie is a tired little cub.
Ah, and it is spring break this week! Em thinks everyone is out of school for her birthday week!!

Em showing dad her new planetarium for her room. It will project stars, planets and galaxies onto her wall and she loves it!!

happy birthday sister!! We love you!

This is a big occasion. Since last year when Em turned 3 she has been asking to eat 2 flintstone vitamins. I just knew that today since she is 4 and she can now eat 2 daily (according to the back of the bottle) that she would be thrilled, over the moon, excited.. something! No, she ate her two and promptly placed the vitamin jar back in the cabinet

Elmo and Abby made a come back tonight. I"m not sure where they have been hiding but they were back in full force. I think poor Brad might hide them again!!

Rain.. Rain.. Rain. No Wednesday night church due to spring break so we took advantage and Em played in the rain while Wilbie played in the dirt.. again.
I asked Em if she enjoyed playing in the rain and she replied, "No, I'm protecting the rain". She thought the rain might get hurt when it falls to the ground so she was trying to stop all the little drops from so violently slamming into the ground. Poor Em!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has kids that eat more stuff off the floor during snack time than a plate??!?:)