Friday, February 26, 2016

2/18 - 2/24

Sick! Everyone is sick. Em went to the doctor and has strep.  Will's swab was negative but he just started acting puny today so he will be treated as well. Poor cublets!
Em got a shot and I thought a sonic slush would perk her up; I thought wrong! Poor thing didn't even want a sonic slush.

In the midst of all the party planning and sick kids we forgot about Lewis the cat!
I went up stairs to make sure the up stairs was half way clean for Gaga's arrival today and there was Lewis locked in the play room! He had clawed at the door for at least 2-3 days. I think the last time I saw Lewis was Tuesday!

I'm working all weekend so we called in reinforcements with the sick kiddos. Gaga to the rescue! She came bearing gumbo and a helping hand.

Everyone has perked up today!!! Brad took the kids to the park; I think everyone had a little cabin fever!
Tonight while Brad was at church I bathed the kids only to find our pajamas supply was empty! Em had to wear a one piece zip up and Will was stuck wearing a onesie and 3 month pants that look like shorts!

They don't seem to mind the PJ situation!

I went to eat with a few friends and I get this picture! Em loves to accessorize!!!

In other news, Jack the cat is missing again! Jack, where are you!!

Tonight is breakfast for supper night and I think we should make this a tradition. We can keep no bath Friday and start breakfast for supper Tuesday. It's easy and a crowd favorite and Em loves to flip a pancake!

Em was learning about space last week and they made telescopes! She has her carefully placed in her Minnie Mouse purse and tonight took Brad outside to look for meteors and stars!

Who knew I was driving a super hero to church!!! Em takes her super hero business serious!!!!

2/11 - 2/17

Let's see today started with funny faces and ended with picture drawing! We are gearing up for Will's 1st birthday on Saturday! My how time flies with wild Will in the house!!

Wilbie here: My sister loves to feed me! Hooray!! There was that one time I almost bit her finger off when she was giving me a puff but I've calmed down and let her feed me. Her snacks are much better than mine!

Happy Birthday William Heath AKA Wilbie! We love our wild will so much!!!!

Well, there were a lot of pictures snapped but I can't seem to get them to upload from snapfish!!!

Brad delivered big time on the girls valentine's gifts! Elsa balloons and a rose!
We all went to church then our brave photographer took pics of all the Norris/Wiley cousins! A wild time was had and I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Baboo gave Em some work clothes..scrubs.. for valentines day and she loves them!! Here she is in her scrubs and princess crown!

My favorite show; cublets sleeping!
Ut oh, Em came home early from school saying her stomach hurt:(. Hopefully this is not a prequel to her getting sick!!

Well, Em still isn't feeling better, no fever, just no appetite so I'm keeping her home again today. I feel a doctors visit in the near future!

Em is a photographer. I think we can get a more flattering angle!!

Wild Will!!

Poor Em! She is missing school but working hard on letters on the computer!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

2/4 - 2/10

Em is really getting into picking her own clothes out! today it was PJ's with mittens. She figured if she had mittens on she would be ok to go outside in the cold because she was "wearing cold weather gear"!

Window markers = one of my favorite!

Emma calls me in a rush, "Momma, you are NOT going to believe this"!!!
me: What Em??
Emma: Wilbie is playing!!!!
Em was so impressed that Will was handing Em blocks and playing with her that she was beside herself!

I love Fridays!! We played upstairs in the playroom most of the evening then let Em watch Frozen which made her year! She still loves that movie!!

Let it go, let it gooooo!!!!

Hey guess what!! we have an offer on our house!! whooo hoooooo!!!!!!

We celebrated by playing chutes and ladders and going to the park!

Super Bowl!!
Em spotted our neighbors, the Skippers, out the front window and just had to go play. Mamma Skippper brought cookies one day and Em latched onto her! I mean she was giving her a tour of the house and invited her to Em's birthday.. that is in March. So when she saw them outside she just HAD to go play for a second!
Later that afternoon Georgia and Luke came to play with Em and Will while we attempted to watch the super bowl! Go Broncos!!

The girls had little interest in the game!

Sweet Sweet Friends!!!!

Em decided after playing dress up with Georgia she wanted to sleep in her Halloween costume from 2 years ago; whatever floats your boat EM!

Well, no pictures today, but... I hate to spoil our luck but Will has pulled off 7 days of sleeping through the night!!! Whoo hooooo! Way to go Wilbie! In other news his first birthday is only 5 days away!

Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday! Call it what you want but I love a pancake dinner at church!!

Yumm, chocolate chip pancakes!!

Wilbie enjoying his pancakes sans chocolate chips!

The DAd airplane ride after church is still in full swing!!

Em's sleeping habits involving her clothes and extra paraphernalia in her bed is just down right hilarious. A few mornings ago I walked in and she had her bed full of pictures frames with pics of her and Will! This AM she had a lego train assembled in her bed watching her sleep:)

Ash Wednesday! Last year Em was scared of the ashes; today she participated! After we set down Em said, "Momma, you look so cute with that cross on your head". :)

My brown eyed girl with her ashes!