Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/21 - 1/27

Tonight was rowdy, but I guess Em approved because she gave me the coveted Elsa sticker to place on my hand! Em and Will literally ran around in circles for 30 minutes then proceeded to wrestle. Will is going to be one tough cookie!!

Teaching Will the "wheels on the bus go round and round".

Even Wilbie got a sticker; Em has learned quick that you have to put the sticker on his back or he will take it off! Wilbie got the olaf sticker.

It's Friday and this cutie was waiting on me!

And this other cutie was waiting for her daddy to come home!

It also snowed today. KK took Will and Em outside to document the occasion!


Today is Sydneys birthday party. We got up early and hit the road to Baton Rouge. This weekend is a big weekend for the Wiley family. Syd's b day party is today and James' christening is tomorrow!!

Well, I'm not going to win best Aunt anytime soon, I have zero pictures of James from his big day at church today!!

When we got home we played hide and seek. Em's go to hiding spot is in the bag! Will found her and was quite perplexed as to what Em was doing in the bag.

Below, the evolution of hide and seek!

Sister?? Are you in there??

Monday and its beautiful outside. Not to cold, the sun is trying to come out so we went for a walk.
Snack cups? Check!! Hit the road!!

Em and Dad relaxing and eating popcorn to calm down for the night!

This picture made my day! KK sent it to me and it's Will sitting on the washer helping KK wash clothes!! The only way to keep him out of the cat liter!!

He looks 2 years old instead of 11 months!!


Let's see; an update of sorts for a Tuesday night.
WIll: You are wearing size 24 mo clothing, in size 5 shoe, I think you are going to be a giant! You are eating more than I eat and  you LOVE to run around and follow his sister!  You will never win the best sleeper award; but you would win the cutest, fastest 11 month year old award!!
Ah, I must not forget, you also ate cat liter for the first time, and I have to say you loved it!

Emma: you are talking and talking and talking! At times you use words that I even need to look up; where do you hear these words and how do you know how to use them correctly?? You love going to school and LOVE going to lunch bunch! Your favorite imaginary friends are named: Geiko, Delette and Cowboy! We have also been missing your favorite doll infamously named Khaki Donkey, yet we found her yesterday!! Hooray for Khaki Donkeys return!!

You love remotes!! Forget toys, give this boy a remote!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/14 - 1/20

Tonight was a few first in the Norris family.
Will tried spaghetti.. he loved it.
Em got to take a bath in our tub.. she loves it!
I taught Em how to make a fan out of a sheet of paper and she fanned us all night. Now if it would warm up and we could actually use her fanning!

Ugghh, blogger; why must you change your photo upload options! Well, this picture is upside down yet I can't figure out how to rotate it; yet it is too good of a memory to forget! The penny game is back in action. Em puts a penny on one side of the rug then Dad and  Em race to see who can get the penny first. Yes, Wilbie is used to set screens and slow the other person down at times!

I tell Em all the time that I was just like her as a little girl. Em put all of her clothes out at night for Saturday!!! Yes, 2 days in advance!! socks and underwear included! At'ta girl!!:)

I had a late AM at work so I got to drop Em off at school!! Today was PJ and  pancakes day at school to celebrate the letter P!

 A little walk with the cublets, Will has been known to steal snacks when Em is not paying attention!
This is also the first day he used these snack cups!

I love a good lazy Saturday!!
We started off with pancakes courtesy of Brad, followed by a trip to the gym. I then realized that all Em's shoes were a tad too small thus we loaded up to go shoe shopping.
Will got some grey New balances; as soon as they were on his feet he took off across the store!
Em got some regular play shoes then found some books that light up! Em stated that the boots were KK's favorite color...leopard!

The new favorite game; run around in circles!

Will snatched the box of vanilla wafers and took off!

shoe shopping wears a boy out!

Pink light up boots!

Oh Emma; you have let me dress you long enough and now you are done! Today Em wore her Christmas dress, her pink leopard light up boots and her frog cap!

A pink doughnuts while wearing pink boots!

A little play time with Dad while Will decides what he will destroy next!

Walks are tough on a little fella!

Well, I'm on call tonight thus Brad is holding down the fort! Will is holding down the play house!

Well, Wilbie is quite content eating and walking around. He would prefer to eat most of the day and push around chairs the other part of the day.

I went to check in on Em after she fell asleep and saw this sweet sight. Em had her bunny tucked in tight! Sleep tight little ones!

Brad's new job now allows him to get off in time to attend Wed night church!! Hooray!
Em's favorite part about the new job is that Dad is home for supper each night; I have to admit, that is my favorite part too!

Everyone chowing down at church!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

1/7 - 1/13

The evolution of a standing baby.. and one that does not want to go to sleep!

 Have fun rocking Mom; I'm outta here!

Today is Friday! I hear that Lulu and G-dad are coming today AND I have a birthday party to attend!!
Lulu and G dad showed up and I gave them the tour of my new house!! After that it was time to go to the birthday party; it was at Pump it Up. This place has all these bounce houses and big slides. Today I was brave and went down the BIG slide!!!!

Bubbles are always a hit!

This AM my G-dad got up and ran in a race; not any race but 26.2 miles! Some of it was even in the rain!!! While he was gone we all played inside and even made G-dad a sign that said, "Run G-dad". Sister Emma decorated it while I supervised!!!
We tried to go out to eat but me and Em both fell asleep so we turned around and came home to eat some left overs. It's tough for a baby to stay up!!

Well, I don't know much but I am a walking machine!! I showed off my new skills in the church nursery today. I am starting to voice my dislike when Mom drops me off but I soon settle in with all the other babies. Sweet Ms. Kizzy always rocks me to sleep... like a baby!
After church we ate lunch then I took a nap. I heard Em playing with this new toy she loves. She uses magnets to build different shapes! Mom thought it would be a good quiet game for Em to play in church but she gets so excited about it and she squeals. Not a very quite game if you ask me!
After nap was followed by a walk outside and then the day was almost over. I got squished in my 12 month fleece PJ's and off to bed I went.

                                                Oh, I scored my first basket today!!!!

Will is NOT impressed that we locked his favorite cabinet!!

Wilbie planning a sneak attack!

                                                                Wild Wilbie!

Brad's new job is in full swing which means I have morning duty! Em introduced her new doll to us(not sure where the doll came from??). Her name is Carner Friend. Her other doll, Khaki Donkey, has also made a come back!! I need name tags to remember these names!

                                                   He wants to get in that cabinet so bad!
        Em doing her homework. Finding pictures that start with "P" is exhausting!

                                                     Introducing "Carner Friend".

It's Wednesday folks!!
I had a meeting at work and Brad worked a little late so we are sooo thankful KK could stay late! Whew!!
Alas, when I got home Em and I decided to play a new game. Em had her "lucky coin" and she would throw it on the opposite side of the rug. She would count to 3 and we would race to see who could get to the coin first!! All fun and games until Wilbie started blocking Emma from the coin!

                                                           1.....2.......3 GO!!!!!!!!