Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/24 - 12/30

Mom worked and Gaga and Pops showed up with a trailer full of goodies for the new house! Can you believe Mom and Dad still had wedding presents in their attic?? There were boxes and boxes and more boxes of dishes, these silver platters that where everywhere and even a crock pot!
After some moving we all got dressed up for Christmas eve service at church!

Mom then explained to me that when mommies or daddies have to work on Christmas that Santa will make a special trip to bring toys on the day after Christmas. So I guess that is what will happen for our family!!

                                   Em entertaining us with her new song she made up "Rocking Star".

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Well, this can be a little confusing for a baby but I hear we are celebrating Christmas tomorrow! So today I decided to help with the packing and get in a box. A baby does not want to get left behind in the move!!!

Gaga and Pops surprised Em and Will with a ball pit and bounce house! I can see hours of fun being had by all!!!


This Morning Em woke up early and got in our bed. She was quite scared that Santa was still in the living room. After some coaxing she decided Santa had indeed gone back to the North Pole and it was safe to come out!

We opened presents, ate a good breakfast then got back to packing.
Em gave me the best present that she picked out all by herself: a Frozen piggy bank, some candy canes and a box of Little Debbie gingerbread cookies!:)

Lets see: Emma, your favorite was your Frozen castle:), your jewelry box was a close second and you kept saying, " I knew Santa would bring the jewelry box because I wooshed(wished) for it"
Will, you liked your fisher price turtle; but prefer to role around in the paper and boxes!

Well, lets make it official, today Wilbie took  a bunch of steps!! I can't say for sure these were his first steps but they were the first steps I got to watch!!! He then proceeded to learn how to climb up a flight of stairs. I see a baby gate in our near future!!

We are winding down our stay at 262 Pecan hill drive. I'll miss those but am thankful for more space!!

Brad is perfecting his skills in stacking! 1.7 seconds was the record tonight!!

                                                 Watching Frozen and eating popcorn!


We are in full force moving today. The movers come tomorrow but we are bringing clothes and things that we can move to go ahead and start getting settled!
Em and Will are fascinated by the door stop thingies. Will has found that he can take the caps off of them and proceed to eat them. We must find some super glue soon to glue those darn caps on !

Door stop fun!

The ball pit is still a hit!

Moving day!! KK and Gaga are taking the kids for the morning while the movers do their thing. Em had to get one last run in before she left and Wilbe had to savor one last bottle in the new house!

Well, we survived the first night in the house despite the cats!!! They are a mess! As in they meowed all night and Jack decided he likes to get stuck behind the drawers in our closet! Come on Jack! All in all we are glad to have most everything moved!

                                                                Peek a boo!!!
                                         Will uses this loud toy as a cane! He is wise beyond his months!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/17 - 12/23

Well, today I realized Em is growing up. I helped her get out of the bath and she dried herself off, put on her sleep clothes and brushed her hair.. without me! Sigh, Em is a big girl!

Will didn't sleep well last night, He has been a little under the weather with a horrible diaper rash. Thankfully it is better now! This AM he was chewing on something that I assumed was paper. No, it was Em's PF&J sandwich from last night (I hope)!  So much for waiting until 1 years old to eat peanut butter! He loved it!!!

One phrase for ya: I am on the move!!! Watch out world I am trying to walk!!!

                                              Who me?? Make a mess?!?

Well, we are closing on our house tomorrow! Moving day is set for next Tuesday and we are pumped!!! I was rocking Wilbie to sleep tonight and couldn't help but try to memorize his sweet little hand; it will be a massive paw in no time!

Today KK gave me a present!!! She loaded me and Wilbie up and we went to the nail shop and I got my nails polished!! I picked pink and purple! My toes and fingernails are pink and purple!! Can you believe it!!! Wilbie just lounged around while I was getting my nails done waving at all the ladies! Can you believe that Wilbie??!

                                    I was so proud to show Dad my fingers and toes!!!

Tonight was rowdy! Em started a new game with her and Wilbie. Em would throw a bell across the room and then Will and Em would crawl to see who could get to it first! It was quite entertaining and Will pretty fast for a crawler!!

                                              Wilbie likes to push a shopping buggy!!!

Well, today marks the beginning of my call and the Christmas season!! My parents are coming tomorrow and are going to help us get started on the moving process! Hooray!! We will have Christmas on Saturday once I'm off work.

Tonight Em serenaded us with her piano skills while sitting in her big comfy chair!

Friday, December 18, 2015

12/10 - 12/16

One things if for sure; Wilbie loves his groceries!! He will eat anything I put in front of him as long as it is NOT baby food! I guess he thinks he is all grown up now!
Tonight Em's imagination was running wild. She found a pet rabbit (imaginary thankfully) and built a rabbit house in a cubby in her bed.

                                                The beginning of the rabbit house!

Emma: Today was my Christmas party at school and Mom got to come! After my party Mom went back to work while KK played with us. Late that evening when Mom came back home I invited her and Wilbie to a tea party. I served banana flavored puffs and water. Will love the puffs so I think he will come back to another tea party. The party did end on a sour note though; Wilbie bit my finger as I fed him a puff and the fun can to a screeching halt!

                                                     Tea party with will!

Well, today we went back to this new house that we are moving into at some point. This is very confusing for a baby as we go back to this new house quite often yet our stuff has not been moved yet! Every time we arrive Miss Jessica lets Em open the key box and Em feels like she is big stuff!
After we got back to our real house Mom and Dad put up a tree.. right inside of our living room! Seems a little odd to me but I'll go with it!
Later that day Mom and Dad went to a party and Miss Hannah kept me and Em. Em had fun playing with her tool set and I had fun trying to get plastic food! Oh what fun to be a baby!

Well, today we went to see Santa! Will had no fear and Em was a little more into it this year. She talked with Santa and told him she wanted a "jewelry box and a pretend tree" for Christmas I think Santa hit the nail on the head when he said all Will wanted for Christmas was diapers and food!

Em has now figured out she can give her food to Will if she does not like it. Example: She had lima beans on her plate. Em ate one, decided she did not want to eat anymore and Will finished the beans off for her!

Tonight Em was talking to Will about Christmas. She was explaining Jesus' Birthday, Santa, Stockings and even the tree skirt I finally found to place beneath out tree. As soon as I put the tree skirt down Will made a mad dash for it and started pulling it away! This got Em all out of sorts because the "tree was not ruined"! A little too much Christmas drama for this mamma!!

                                       A little chat about stockings!
                                        Ut oh, Wilbie moved the tree skirt!! Em was moving fast!

                Thanks Lulu and G-dad for the chair!! Em loves playing on it!!!

I forgot to take pictures today. Today was Em's last day of school until 2016 and she wore her PJ's to school! It was a battle but she did not wear her "super, duper Elsa PJ's", she wore the "boring reindeer PJ's" I love! I feel like I won!! Alas, the pictures below are some of my favorite that I forgot to put in last weeks blog!

         Em was running around with this shirt on her head saying, " I'm wearing my Santa hat"!
Em tagged Wilbie with all her stickers. Let's hope she is not trying to sell him!

Tonight's activity was trying to fly. Em was convinced she could fly. I remember doing this as a kid; flapping my arms as fast as I could thinking I might just take off!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/3 - 12/9

Today I put lip gloss on Wilbie!!!! I snuck up behind him and smeared purple lip gloss all over him.. .then he tried to take it and eat it!

Bath time has become rowdy rowdy and more rowdy! Between Will splashing and standing up then promptly plopping back down causing a tidal wave of sorts and Em squealing during all the chaos we all come out of the bathroom soaking wet!

Gaga came to town today to see our new house and help me pick out furniture! For two non shoppers we had a fun day shopping!!
When we got done Em and I wrapped presents to bring to Memphis tomorrow!! We are all excited to see Lulu, G-dad, Aunt Nicole/Uncle Jason and the cousins: Jacob, Josie Kate, Henry and Charlotte!!

The new game at our house is: build something then tear it down!

Last night I decided to add to Em's chore list. Right now her chores include putting her dishes up after supper, putting all her clothes in hamper, shoes in closet and the never ending toy pick up. Tonight I decided she needed to start making her bed! I laugh because my parents tried so hard to get me to make my bed consistently with much hesitation on my part! Well, I convinced her making a bed was a "big girl" chore and she loved it! Let's hope this last!

This morning we woke up early and hit the road to Memphis! We made a small pit stop at the doughnut shop before heading out!
Once we arrived I got to play with my Cousins all day!! We then celebrated Christmas with everyone!! We ate Thanksgiving lunch and celebrated Christmas at night while opening presents!

Wilbie: Well, I did not win the award for best sleeper last night! Me and Mom snuggled most of the night. When we woke up Uncle Jason made us pancakes!!! I got to play a little bit then I was loaded up to head home. Me and sister Em slept the whole way home, even skipping lunch!!!

Well, bath time is now out of control. Wilbie splashes with all of his might and this gets Em stirred up!! This is always followed by soap or water in someones eye; resulting in a minor meltdown and the cessation of bath time!

Tonight Em enjoyed her new chair from Lulu and G dad! She jumped on the chair one hundred and fifty two times! Yes, we counted and she wore herself out!!!
After Wilbie went to sleep we played game after game of Candy Land. With Em in her fireman hat of  course!

                           Poor Wilbie; Waiting on his sister to come out of her room.


A daddy hug before he goes to work!

Will and KK shopping = hats for everyone!!!!