Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/19 - 11/25

Well, today we signed a contract for a new house!!! There has been this one house that we kept going back to look at over and over and we finally made an offer! Whoo hooo, bring on the inspectors and hopefully closing in December!

  New song for the week: Deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide.
  One happy camper; he has completely by passed baby food. He will push that spoon away faster than I can dish it out. But put chicken, pasta, sweet potato, or any kind of real food and he will eat it up!

All construction has been completed at our house (foundation and wall repairs) so we are in clean up mode and Em stepped right up to help!! That girl can sweep a floor with the best of them!!

In Will's word: He is totally rejecting baby food and will eat any real food I put in reach! Gaga, you better cook extra for Thanksgiving; Wills a coming!!!

                                                    Wild Will attacking his sister!
                            Emma loves to play "burrito". To play burrito you must get wrapped up in a blanket with Will then everyone squeals as they try to get out!

Will: Mom is on call this weekend so Dad is holding down the fort; he can hold it down with the best of them!! Dad introduced Emma to these white rocks that will write on the road!!! He calls them chalk rocks! Who knew rocks could write?? I can't even write!

                                                        Saturdays can be tough!

Dad got us dressed for church and he did an excellent job I must say!! Both me and Wilbie were dressed up in our turkeys and I even had on a little sweater! Way to go Dad!!
After a little nap we went back to church for Thanksgiving with our church family! My favorite table was the dessert table; Wilbies favorite table was the one with the Turkey on it!

Tonight Em wanted to bathe her baby and have a slumber party (play on the couch bed) before bedtime. The usual me would have come up with a thousand reasons why I did not want to pull out the couch bed but tonight we did... and it was fun! We found out a few things while having a slumber party: Wilbie is too rowdy for a slumber party, the cats do not like the couch bed pulled out and Emma must have every pillow and blanket on the couch bed while playing slumber party! Ha!
An Emma quote from the night: "Momma, just do it, you will be glad you did". This was said when trying to convince me to pull out the couch bed! And, she was right!

Today/s entertainment is brought to you by diapers. Yes, diapers! Will, in particular, would rather play with a diaper than anything else!!

                                                       Doing her own "diaper dance"!
                                                           A boy and his thoughts!

Today was long but a good 'un! I ended the day going to our soon to be new house! Em and Will ran and crawled around while we looked at a couple of things. Em is very concerned that when we move we might forget Will's crib; so she is constantly reminding me not to forget it!:)

             Below are a couple of my favorite pics from the oh so talented Emily Brandt!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

11/12 - 11/18

Well, momma has some big test today. She referred to it as her "boards"; surely she is not taking a test on a board! Oh well, I know we will all glad when that test is over!
Today was a milestone for Wilbie; he got a sippy cup of his own! You see, he is always trying to get mine and today Mom let him have his very own!! Wilbie, you are growing up!

I worked this AM then picked Em up from school and we spent the afternoon together. She picked subway for lunch then we watched the new Peanuts movie! It was too cute! After our movie it was time to pick Wilbie up for his 9 month appointment. Hard to believe that little tyke has been with us for 9 months!!

                                                                Movie time!
                                                         Dancing a jig at the movie
                    Waiting at the doctor; Will is trying to enter the house if his sister would let him

                                                             9 month stats!

Will: Well, we woke up this morning bright and early and I knew something was up! My bag was packed and I heard Emma say that we were on our way to Sydney's house. I like to refer to the house as James' house now that he has arrived; yet I don't think Em will agree with me!
We arrived in time for lunch and Gaga prepared a feast to celebrate Pops and Dad's birthday! I even got to eat chicken and potatoes; Gaga even snuck me a piece of steak that I ate up!
After lunch, Mom and Dad went to the Arkansas/LSU football game while we got to stay back with the rest of the crew.

                                                            Whooooo Pig Sooie!
                                       I had to document that Brad was not the only one participating in the Arkansas cheer, There was quite a turnout for Arkansas. Shame on LSU fans for leaving before the game was over!  Look at those empty seats!

Well, we had to leave Baton Rouge earlier than we wanted due to our pictures that were scheduled for this afternoon! We have also been house hunting and we found one house that we had wanted to look at already had an offer so we took a quick look after pictures. Those cublets had to be tired but did pretty good with all the shuffling around.

Emma: Momma, when Wilbie gets big can I still call him Wilbie?
Me: I hope so!

Well, parent fail! Em keeps spitting; literally spitting everywhere. About a month ago I was over the spitting! At that point in time Em asked if there was ever a time she could spit. My mind quickly went back to softball days or other spots and I replied quite hastily, "You can only spit when you play sports". Why oh why did I say that?!! She now remembers it and whenever she thinks about spitting and stops herself she will look at me and say, "Mom, I only spit when I am playing sports"! This makes for some odd looks from others if we are in public!
Why oh why did I not reply, "You can only spit when you are brushing teeth"!!

               Now that we are post foundation repair it is time to fix the cracks in the walls; hence big white blobs all over the house! Does not seem to bother Em or Will one bit! They continue on their merry way with Em trying to read (Oh, she wants to read so bad!) and Will trying to find a cord to chew on!

Today is Em's Thanksgiving program at her school! Gaga and Pops are coming in town to watch.

Em roped Gaga/Pops into having yogurt for lunch! I thought the plan was chick-fil-a but I think the plan changed once they got in the car.

           Emma's class! She is the 3rd from the left! I was too busy watching the program to take pictures!  Oops
              Walking back with Gaga and Pops. Sorry Pops, I only caught your arm in the picture!
               Tonight Em was telling Will all about her Thanksgiving program and how she sang in front of "all of these people and adults" and how they "clapped so loud for her and her buddies"!

Church today! Brad got off early and was able to join us! Hooray!!
After church Em and one of her buddies were walking around looking for monsters! They were convinced they were going to find a monster and they were following their secret path AKA sidewalk, to find those monsters!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10/29 - 11/11

Tonight Em was begging for candy and I would not cave. She finally gave in and started coloring in her note book. I thought she had moved on from the candy conversation.
After a few minutes she proudly showed me what she had been working on. She stated she made four candy cots. I replied, "candy cots, what is that"?
Emma: Candy cots are beds for candy
Me: Oh, that's nice
Emma: So, can we please put the candy in their cots so they can go to sleep. I don't want the candy to be tired
Me: ????? outsmarted by a 3 year old!

                                                    4 candy cots just waiting on the candy!

Friday!! Hip Hip Hooray!
Today we had to go Halloween candy shopping (for the 5th time) to hand out to the trick or treaters.
Will enjoyed riding in the buggy with Em at the store. After we got home Em organized all the candy into rows based on size and color of candy. Will just liked to chew on the candy paper!

I'll have to admit I did terrible today with Halloween pictures; as in I took zero pictures of the kids in their costumes!! Em was Elsa and Will was superman. I think last week I posted pics in their costumes!

It rained most of the day so we joined one of Em's friends, Georgia, and trick or treat(ed??) at a local church's trunk or treat that was inside! Hooray for inside fun!

Prior to trick or treating we all had cabin fever. We decided to make a "fun pit" and pull out all the blankets and pillows and let em/Will wallow around to burn off some energy. I feel a ball pit in our near future!

                                              The lone Halloween picture I took!

11/1/2015 - 11/5/2015:
And today will start a small hiatus on the blog. I had some awful, no good.. something.. that had me in the bed all week long:(. I was in the bed from Monday - Friday with minimal interaction with anyone! I guess I had a virus but which virus is still unknown!

Alas, KK stayed late and had the kids fed and bathed when Brad got home... all week long. He put them to sleep and slept with the monitor on his side of the bed so he could get up with Will.... all week long! Not one complaint from Brad; You're a good man Brad Norris!!!

The week went on without a hitch and I can't tell ya how thankful I am for the village that helps our family. KK, what would we do without you?!?! We say this phrase multiple times, "Thank God for KK"!

Well, Mom reappeared today. I think she was hibernating like a bear. I do recall a book Dad read me about bears hibernating in the winter. I think Mom got confused!

Gaga and Pops came today! I showed off my crawling and pull up skills and sister Em led everyone in the Thanksgiving songs she is learning at school!

Gaga and Pops brought me and Wilbie to the bounce palace this AM ! We jumped and I even got to eat Cheetos and red chips (Doritos).
After jumping they tried to enforce nap time! No such luck and we stayed up to play some more!

      Here is Mom holding Wilbie, Mom said she sure missed her cublets while she was hibernating!
                                        Gaga is known for her stellar bubble baths!
                           Me and Pops discussing barns and the finer points about hay!

Church today followed by a Luau at the church to cap off the stewardship drive! The pig was a hit and delicious. Surprisingly, Em even ate some!
After lunch Em went off to play with Lizzie. She thinks Lizzie hung the moon! You see Lizzie is in kindergarten and Em adores her. When Em started to run off to play she turned around real concerned and asked, "Dad, will you let me know when it's time to go home".  :)

                                                               Pure joy!
                                                 The joys of a stick!
                                                  Emma and her fashion sense!
                                        Will still loves to harass the cat; the cat still refuses to care!

                                                     Everyone loves to play with Dad!

Today I was determined to make Wilbie's hair lay down flat!!! I brushed and brushed and even snaked a spray with the water bottle while Mom was not looking yet Wilbies hair popped right back up!!!
After my failed attempt at beauty shop Mom brought in 2 cards that Baboo and Granddad sent us!! My card played music and I danced the night away!!

Today's conversations:
Emma: Will, you are exasperating me!
Will: Looks at Emma.. smiles.. grabs her Elsa doll and crawls off!

Will was cruising around Emma's table. He stumbled and on his way down pulled off all her paper, hit her water bottle and knocked over her red chair. Em saw all of this and in utter disgust said, "Will, get it together; you have got to do better". Ha!

                     Will has a new found love for the laundry basket. He might remember when I used to put him in it to contain him before he figured out how to knock it over and crawl out!

Tonight at church Em was so proud of her brother. I put Will on the floor while I gathered some things together and I looked over and Will was surrounded by little girls.  Em was telling the other girls the "tricks"Will could do.
One little girl asked Emma if Will liked to go to the park and she replied, "Oh, yeah, Will loves to go to the park":)