Thursday, October 29, 2015

10/22 - 10/28

Dear Will, I love seeing you.. I love hearing you babble.. I love playing with you. That being said, I would prefer we did not have these interactions at 3AM... when I am on call.  Love, Mom

This is all I can muster up to blog about today, good night!:)

Brad worked last night which means he is off Friday and Friday night! Hooray!!
We took advantage of the weather and had a little hot dog roast outside!

   What is Em holding? That is 2 marshmallows mushed together and she used it as a rock to kick down the road on our after dinner walk! Yuck!!!
                                          The first of many races!! Emma won!

This morning I needed to go find a shirt for family pictures that are taking place tomorrow. I brought Em with me. She did great as I picked out my shirt so I decided to take her to Charming Charlie so she could pick out a necklace. Emma is into jewelry right now! I thought this would be an "in and out" type of trip. No ma'am! We looked at every.. single.. piece of jewelry in the store before settling on this dangly, silver and pink necklace. It is a gem!:)
After our shopping we all got in our costumes and went to the Township for trick or treating at the businesses. A good time was had by all and ended with Mexican for supper!

                                                                   Little shopper!

Well, pictures are canceled due to rain! Thank goodness, I saw the outfit Mom was going to stick me in. It had a collar and shoes aaannnddd these tall socks! YUCK!
Instead of pictures we painted pumpkins.. in a one-sie.. and I got pain everywhere! Hooray!!

                I still prefer to wake up around 3AM to practice my standing skills, my babbling skills and to perfect my technique of pulling down my mobile!
              Sister Emma showing off her new necklace! Mom let her wear it to church and Em thought she was the cat's pajamas!
                          My face says it all; Come on Mom!  A collar and bloomer things for church? All the other babies will laugh at me!
                                 Em and Mom "napping" while watching the Saints.

The day of the cat! Please see prior blog for a detailed account of this day.
Long story short: Foundation repair last week; cat missing since that time, meow heard from under our foundation; Brad had to dig Jack out from under the house!

Louis here:
Well, tough week to be a cat; but at least we found my little buddy, Jack. I'll tell ya, Jack was never the smart one in the bunch but he did figure out how to survive 5 days buried in the dirt!

I think this picture below sums up the pecking order in the family: I am on the bottom of the pile, with Will and Em on top of me followed by Brad about to pick everyone up. Sigh, a cat knows his place in the family!

Today was flu shot day. Blaaaaa
I had em pumped up about it and she was a champ for most of it.
As the nurse called out name Em announced to the entire waiting room that Wilbie was going to get his short first. We then walked to the exam room and Em sprinkled pretend bravery dust on Will to ensure he was brave. The nurse came in with the shots and all was well. Will received his shot and cried for a second then perked up. It was then Emma's turn and she was having none of it! After long discussions it was finally decided I had to hold her down. I put Will on the floor and held Em in a tight ball. Flu vaccine in = tears erupt = Will erupts on the floor! Thankfully the nurse scooped up Will as I tried to calm Em who was soo mad at me for holding her down! Whew, glad that is over!!

                                                       Bravery dust!
                                         Will is glad to see Jack back in the house.. not under!
this my friends is a map. This map will lead Emma to where her missing teeth are located. You see, they are under the water, guarded by a monster who is holding the teeth underwater until Emma can rescue them.  Yes, our imagination is alive!

Today is dentist day, which I tolerated much better than flu shot day!!
It appears Mom likes to cram every appointment in 1 week! Way to go Mom!
At the dentist I held my mouth wide open and even took x rays! Dr. Beavers even counted my teeth and told me I had no cavities! After the visit I got to pick a toy out of Dr. Beavers toy box and I opted for the fake fingernails and nail polish!!

                                                      Fake nails and nail polish oh my!
                                            Will is enjoying the toys-r-us toy catalog!

Monday, October 26, 2015

That time the cat was stuck under the house...

Well, not many blogs are dedicated just to the cats but tonight is an exception. Lets get right to the story.

Let me introduce the characters:
Jack: the lost cat
Louis:  the other cat
Brad:  the cat rescuer
KK: the cat whisper
Me: the secretary of events

We had our foundation repaired last week; see last weeks blog for the details of that fiasco!
Around the same time we lost our cat, Jack. We looked around the neighborhood, I looked at the local animal shelter and we even posted a facebook post on Madison Pet Detective to see if our cat could be found.
Well, the detective trail was empty until tonight.

Louis, our other cat, was the first one to sound the alarm. He was in and out of the house a thousand times tonight. Looking back, he was playing Lassie! He was going outside to the spot where Jack was stuck and running back inside trying to alert us to the problem at hand.

We were about to nestle into bed when I heard a faint meow.. Jack????

I told Brad he must be in the attic. Let me digress, last week Karen asked if Jack could be under the house and now trapped after all the foundation repair. I replied, surely not, we would have heard him by now!

Well, low and behold, KK is usually right!!

Jack was indeed under the house, trapped, since last Wednesday!

                                                 Louis checking on his buddy before he is rescued.

Thankfully he was not in one of the holes in our bedroom or hallway and we could hear him outside. Brad started digging and we saw this white muddy paw emerge!

After a few holes Jack emerged, a few pounds lighter, yet alive!

He ate a rescue meal of cat chow, then had a bath courtesy of Brad then scampered off like nothing ever happened!

                              Louis looking on as his buddy eat his first meal back on land!

I am glad we found the cat but come on Jack, next time you are in a hole and someone is throwing dirt on you.. get out!

The morale of this story; cats do indeed have nine lives and this orange and white cat is down to one!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/15 - 10/21

Let's see: An update of sorts!
Will is crawling, pulling up and has had more falls thus far in his life than Emma has ever had! This little boy has no fear; but I fear his head will stay permanently bruised!

Em is full of life. She has a ton of imaginary friends but only 2 of them are around all of the time. Megamort and Count Mickulove; these guys are here all... the ... time; and quite frankly at times they can be high maintenance. :) I don't know now many times I have moved things around in the car so Megamort and Count Mickulove have a place to sit or how many times I have pretended to take them to the bathroom only to be reminded that Megamort has a tail and can't wear diapers because they would smush his tail!

                                    Em still prefers no clothes, but at least she is warming up to the idea of pants!
                               Will still likes chasing the cats; I really think he is trying to bite them!

                                This smile erupts every time his Daddy walks through the door!

Hip Hip Hooray for Friday!
Emma: I hear Pops is coming to day! Mom, Dad and me are going to watch Louisiana Tech play football tomorrow. Wilbie is too little to go so Pops will play with him while we are gone!

We started off the afternoon with a hair cut; I even got my hair cut in layers! I hear it will make my curls really bounce! After my hair cut we went on a walk with my dump truck followed by a swing on the front porch.
As you can see below Mom documented my conversation with Will. I was explaining to Will that the swing he is swinging in was mine first and that when I was a little baby I would swing then have to go inside to get milk from Mommy's tummy!

We (minus Will) went to the game and had a blast despite a tech defeat! Em stayed for all of the game! Well, we left with 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter but the game had been decided and we were ready to get back home.

This week has been foundation repair week and we hoped.. and prayed.. and hoped some more that they would not have to do work inside of the house. Well, I knew things were awry when I got a text from my Dad stating we might need to get a hotel room for a couple of nights! Yikes!! Carpet was up in the hallway and our bedroom was in shambles. Worst part of the whole situation was Pops was left with Will in a construction zone! He didn't even have access to our bathrooms! Sorry Pops!!

                                                          Ready to cheer on the dawgs!!!
                                                              My favorite!

                                       Will was a happy camper under the care of Pops!

What we came home to.....

Sunday means church. We all went to Sunday school then church. I was in the nursery of course and took my Sunday AM nap while sweet Miss Kizzy rocked me. After church we went to Jimmy Johns were I got to watch everyone eat. Yea...
When we got home Pops packed up his things and headed back to his house.

You see tomorrow is Pop's birthday and Em picked out his gift. She picked out a red shirt (Emma says it is pink) and 4 flashlights. When I can finally pick out gifts I'll never give Pop a pink shirt and when I give Pop's 4 flashlights I'll let him keep them all! Em took 2 flashlights back for herself!

                                            Trying to teach Will to be sweet to the cats!

A usual Monday: A little air plane, will scooting around all over the place and Em cracking me up with her conversations!

Emma: Momma, do you want to know something interesting?
Me: Sure Emma, tell me something interesting
Emma: Momma! I made these balls, well some people call then spheres.. But I made these balls out of sand.. pink sand.. isn't that just interesting?
Me: Yes, Em sure is!

Tonight Em and Will and I went to a Halloween carnival at Jackson Academy! A good time was had by all and I'm glad the kids got to wear their Halloween costumes! We met up with a friend of Em's. Em and Georgia always have a good time together; I can see many of giggles in their future!

                                                   Little boys and their snacks!
                                     Luke and Will discussing their sisters and just what to do with them!

                                    Wilbie, go to sleep! Standing in your crib does not count as rest.

Well guys, today was a first! Mom let me eat bananas! I mean real bananas, not that mashed up baby food bananas, but the real deal!! As I ate them I squealed with delight and even looked at KK to make sure she saw just how much I was enjoying them!
Now if I can just get my hands on that chocolate cake!