Thursday, September 24, 2015

9/17 - 9/23

Today we went to a parade!!! You see, KK's niece, Chandler, was a princess today! Apparently it was homecoming at her school and she was one of the Freshman maid's on the homecoming court! We all loaded up and headed to Terry to watch KK drive Chandler in the parade!! Did you know they throw candy at the parade?!?! I was squealing the entire time!!

                                             Oh, how I wish I zoomed in more!!!!

Will: Well, Mom and Dad went out to eat tonight with some buddies. I know this because I was whisked to bed earlier than usual! This is always a sign something is up! Well, as soon as they left I woke up!! Thankfully Miss Hannah plucked me from my bed and I got to stay up way past my bed time!! Hoorah for Hannah!
I hear tomorrow we are going to see cousin Syd. Mom and Dad are going to watch the Saints play while we get to hang out with the Wiley family!

We arrived at cousin Syd's house after lunch. Guess what?? She was napping!! I didn't think Syd ever took a nap!! We played all afternoon then Uncle W had a special surprise for us: ICE CREAM with chocolate chips and chocolate chunks!! He sure knows the way to a girls heart!!
After ice cream and supper silly Mom and Aunt Lauren thought me and Syd would sleep in the same bed... that lasted about 10 seconds and we were separated.

Brad and I went to the Saints game and Lauren/JW/Aunt Kat watched the cublets! I have to say Lauren did more than I would do if I were 37ish weeks pregnant! I think I would have turned on frozen and called it a day! Aunt Lauren let them have a picnic and played all day. Way to go Aunt Lauren!!

Who Dat?!?! Well, apparently the Bucs. But alas, the good thing about New Orleans is win or lose you always have a good time!!!
        This is one of my favorite pictures!! Will was in his crib while I was getting Em out of the bath tub. She waltzed in his room and said, "Hiiii Wilbie". His little head popped up and gave her the biggest grin ever!

A case of the Monday's always gets me! I find my pictures skills are always lacking!
Yet I always love a throw back monday! This is Em exactly two years ago!!

I'm on call tonight. I got the wonderful news that KK had both cublets bathed when Brad arrived home!! Thanks KK!! When I got home there was a dog pile on Dad!

I can't think of a better ending to a busy day then 2 cublets nestled in their bed!

                     By the looks of things Will is going to outgrow his crib sooner than later!
 Emma is in the habit of sleeping with "stuff". Note the Christmas card, pony tail holder and bracelet in the corner of the picture. Last night Em was busy; She tore a business card from the doughnut barn into about 20 little pieces and somehow managed to stick all the little pieces to her wall! I asked her how she stuck them to the wall as they are still there tonight she told me her spit... I guess that is better than glue!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

9/10 - 9/16

Ok, today I received Will's 6 month photos and they are amazing!! Thanks Emily Brandt on a group of fantastic photos! Below are a few of my favorites but I LOVE them all!!

                                                           That hair!!!
                                              Oh, but that smile!!!!!

Hello folks, big news, I am on the move!!!! Army crawling of sorts but I can get to any of Emma's toys that I want!!! I can now also dog pile her which really gets Em going!!

                                                Go Wilbie Go!!!
 We are going to memphis tomorrow to see Brad's family; Here Em is telling Will all about his cousins!

                             Em teaching Will how to play musical instruments. I think Em is going to be a teacher when she grows up!

Emma: This morning we all woke up super early! I was excited that we were going to Memphis to see my cousins! Dad loaded me and Wilbie up and we went to Mcdonalds for a pancake breakfast. We brought it all home and ate breakfast in bed with Mom!
After breakfast we loaded up and headed to Memphis! We spent all day playing and playing and playing some more! Can you believe Charlotte is walking??
Jacob had a football game this afternoon and as we were walking up he scored a touchdown!!! Way to go Jacob!!

                                                 sweet cousins walking to the football game.
                                          Jacob and Charlotte resting at the football game.

                                             Will watching football with Uncle Jason!
                                             Henry and Will are in deep discussion!
                           Aunt Nicole spoke Emma's love language with her art closet!!!

I wish this was a little closer, but this is Jacob returning to the team huddle after his touchdown!!!!!

This morning we spent more time with the Hindman's and Lulu/G dad then hit the road home. We were all tuckered out and everyone slept on the way home including me; sorry Brad... He was the driver!
We got home and went on a walk to enjoy the beautiful day!! After a walk we ate a picnic supper consisting of pancakes on the floor followed by bath and bed!

                            Will has officially outgrown the whale baby tub.

Today was a good day. I got off early and I picked up Em from swimming! She saw me sitting there watching her swim and gave me a big ole wave and thumbs up!

                                         Will sneaking over to Em's toys while she isn't looking!!

Well, Wilbie is on the move and Em has realized this is a game changer!
Her quote today in complete disgust, "Momma, nothing is safe with Wilbie on the loose"!!

Tonight Emma made crowns for everyone, including Will. She has become quite the little cutter and glue machine.

Wed night church! Em has a love for jump ropes, though she does not own one. She will use anything as a jump rope and run around with it. Well, after church there was a jump rope on the lawn and Em's night was made when Mr. Bruce and Caroline Kiser jumped rope with her!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9/3 - 9/9

Lauren and JW had to go back to Baton Rouge today for a check up for Baby Wiley! The countdown as started!!! He will be here soon!
Syd got to stay with us! We had a full day! Pool time followed by nap. After nap Gaga/Pops took us souvenir shopping. The girls picked out candy and these blue poodle purses. The purses are about as awful as they sound! Ha!!! After shopping the girls played in the splash pad then off to get yogurt!

    AFter yogurt the girls decided to do some light cleaning by scrubbing the table and chairs. Leave things better than you found them girls!

                                                      A Boy and his cap!

                   Deciding what candy to eat with Gaga before hitting the splash pad!

Today was another full day! Pool in the AM, followed by.. you guessed it.. ice cream then a walk along a board walk to look for alligators. We didn't see any but not for lack of trying! After the walk we went to Lamberts to eat and catch a few rolls!

This AM we got up, packed and hit the road. Will made it without one cry until 9 miles from Jackson! Way to go Will, such a trooper! We did have one pit stop for a diaper change but he was a happy camper.
When we got home Em opened up her girls from Aunt Staci/Aunt Kat. It was full of frozen gear so she was one happy girl! I don't think I'll be able to get this frozen night gown off of her!

Well, my Dad wins Dad of the year again! I have a pretty stellar Dad if you ask me!
Tonight he helped me make crowns out of construction paper and boy did he go to town! He even helped me tape them together so I could wear a crown with my new frozen night gown! Thanks Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci for the new PJ's!

Labor day!
I worked today and Brad was home with the cublets. I got home early, around 2PM to find everyone in the front yard while Em was in her little swimming pool! All were happy campers so we skipped nap and had an early bed time!

We all wish we were still at the beach!!

I am on call today and KK thankfully took charge of the Norris house when I got called back in. Well, lets face it; she is always in charge! As I was leaving Brad was about to get off work and KK stayed with Em and Will.... and Louis and Jack. When I got home Will was snuggled in the crib and Em was wired!!
Em started lunch bunch at her school this week. Lunch bunch is apparently magical. She loves it!! She gets to stay until 2PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. She brings her lunch, they plays outside then they "rest" on those little red/blue mats while watching a movie. She gets so excited about going. In other news her teacher sent home the work from last week that she missed so Em had some homework to do with the letter L. She was so excited to do homework!! Let's hope that trend continues!

In all the commotion no pictures... I'll do a flash back to 2 years ago!

Em two years ago!! Look at little Emma!!!!!

Wednesday usually means to pictures! Wednesday night meals are in full swing and tonight at church Dickie Scruggs spoke to our church about "second chances". If you get a second look him up, we all need second chances! Alas, Em and I ate supper at church, Will was in the nursery then we came home and started the rat race to bed!

Quote of the night:
Em loves Fancy Nancy books. They use big words and it's funny hearing her use the words.
Below is Emma's conversation with Brad tonight:
Emma: Dad, I know what immature means
Brad: Oh really, what does it mean?
Emma: immature means babyish!
Brad: ok, you are right; Go to bed!