Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8/20 - 8/26

Last night Em was in a homework mood. Mind you, they don't have homework but Em was ready to write. She wrote all the names of the characters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a little prompting! I would love to keep a picture of these but Will scooted over and tore them all up while we were not looking!
Today Em brought a bag to school that had 3 things she loves and she is supposed to share them with her class. She brought: A picture of Will, her Doc McStuffins lipstick and Doc McStuffins stethoscope.

                                          Em reciting a new song she learned at school today.

Today is hair cut day!! That can only mean one thing: we have pictures tomorrow!!! Will's 6 month photos to be exact! I hear we are taking them at 7AM!! I hope there is a doughnut involved!
Tonight Gaga and Pops are coming by for a visit as well; which means food and fun!

On another note, Will is starting to move. He can move backwards quite fast but does not have the forward motion yet. I feel I need to come up with some plan to secure all my toys or they will be gone or covered in slobber once Will gets a hold of them!! Feel free to send your tips on how to keep a crawling brother away from my dolls and books!

Whew, today stared early! We were up and dressed with the chickens this AM. Mom made me wear this itchy sailor outfit for pictures. I wore it and smiled but was not happy about that outfit! After pictures we went to a pancake breakfast to support maggies cheer team! Em ate her pancakes up, I got to eat a rice cake. Come on Mom, sailor outfit and then a rice cake?!?  After breakfast we visited the new Sams and bought the worlds largest pack of grapes and apples! I think we will be eating on these for years.
If you are wondering where we hit Gaga and Pops, we didn't hide them anywhere! They had to go to a wedding in Memphis but will be back tonight to continue the play!
                                         While Em naps Will takes over her blankets!
                                                        1st time in the johnny jump up!
Will: Well, the pesky stomach bug is back:( I felt fine all day but once I got in my crib I just threw up everywhere. My squash and milk from supper just went everywhere. Mom cleaned me up and Dad went to the local CVS to pick up something called Zofran. Mom assured me it would make me feel better!

I woke up this AM and Pops was ready to take me to the doughnut shop!!!! I always rope Pops into buying me chocolate milk and 2 doughnuts! I start with a regular glazed then move to the pink icing doughnut for dessert, washed down with chocolate milk! Mom would get a little excited if she knew all the sugar I eat while with Pops!
Thankfully Wilbie feels better this AM! Mom and I went to church while Dad stayed home with Wilbie. Mom said it isn't nice to share germs so she kept Will home so he would not share his germs with all the other babies in the nursery.
After church, Ms Sydney and Ms. Hannah played with me and Wilbie while Mom and Dad went house hunting! I don't think I understand this whole house hunting but I hope they catch a good one!
The house hunt most have worn them out because when Mom got home she declared ice cream for supper!!!! Hoooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                   Wilbie all smiles!
                                            Pops playing dog pile with Em and Will.

     Poor Wilbie can only watch us eat ice cream. Soon Will, very soon you will be partaking of some of this good ice cream and candy on top!

Monday! Em ended up sleeping on the floor most of the night but eventually made her way back to the bed at some point last night! Will is back to feeling well! I got home and Em wanted to play "burrito baby" again. This involves wrapping Em and Will up in a big blanket like a burrito. Will always gets excited and starts to attack Emma which leads to a huge blanket of fun!

                                               Em is getting good with her photography skills!

Another day another chore I am responsible for! Today Mom let me make sandwiches for Mom and Dad's lunch tomorrow!! I got to make a turkey sandwich for Dad and a PB and J for Mom!!
After that chore was done I had to bring my plate to the sink from supper THEN put my clothes in the dirty clothes hamper!! A girls work is never done!!
After my chores were done I showed Mom my front roll ability then Mom let me and Wilbie do another burrito roll! I love when we get rolled up like a burrito, then Wilbie gets that look in his eye, then he ATTACKS me! I bet those squeals and laughter can be heard next door!

                    Em took this picture. Some momma/son bonding at its best!
                                                              Burrito babies.
                                                     My little helper!
                Front roll! And what is that white string you might ask?? Dental Floss!! Em is obsessed with dental floss! Tonight she used it to decorate the living room for a party like streamers and used the empty floss box as a phone to call her buddies. Wild imagination!!

 Wednesday night supper started back tonight at church!! Hooray!!
Tonight while Em was going through her bed time routine I walked to her room to tell her good night, sleep tight, stay in your bed, etc.
Before I could take a breathe to speak Em blurted out, "Mom, I know what you are going to say... Good night, sleep tight, I love you, stay in your bed, see you in the AM and I'll check on you later tonight" and Emma walks away! I guess I am predictable!

No pictures today. Tomorrow Will has his 6 month shots and he is so close to be mobile!
Yesterday he made his way to the nap nannie, pulled it down from the couch and was laughing as it was on top of him! Wilbie is a mess!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/13 - 8/19

A day of first!
Em's first day of PreK-3. She gets to go M-F and she is pumped! Will is also 6 months old today!!
Plus, Tonight was Will's first Saints football game to watch; yet I think he was more interested in watching his sister play her guitar!

                                                    KK took Em to get a snocone after school!

                                                      Who dat!!!!!!
                                  We celebrated the day of first with a chocolate cake!
                                                                    Emma at school!

 Waiting for DAd to get home! He is off call tonight and will be home while we are all still awake! Hooray!!!!
                              6 months never looked so good, or tasted so good! Will loves his sweet potatoes!

Mom is on call tonight which means KK stays late while Mom answers phone calls! Tonight I ran and jumped on KK over and over again. She is a trooper!

Mom is on call so Dad is in control today!! We started off at the gym where Dad exercised and me and Em played in the play room. After gym DAd brought us home for a snack. He then loaded us all up to go to the store! Dad is brave! He even let Emma push her on little bitty shopping cart!! Mom, never lets Emma do that!
After the store we settled into the afternoon. Mom got home a little early and KK showed up to my surprise!! KK got to keep us tonight while Mom/Dad went out to eat. I was so excited that KK was here I could not go to sleep! Sister Em went to sleep but I was wide awake when Mom/Dad got home!

Well, no picture today folks.
Brad had the kids again today while I worked. They went to church and even Jimmy John's for lunch. I tell ya, Brad is the fun parent! Our yard was a disaster so we had Corban, a youth from church, watch Em and Will while Brad worked in the yard and I was at the hospital.
Come Sunday night we were all ready for a good nights sleep!! ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Wilbie is starting to move! He can scoot backwards with the best of them. Em is trying to teach him how to crawl! He also loves to sit up and play. He will sit there until he tumps over then pick right back up where he was playing while lying down. Our little scooter loves to play just like his sister.

                                   Love this picture. He plays too fast for the camera!

Let's see, what did we do today!
Will got introduced to rice cake "things" and puffs! He LOVED them. I swear he would eat a steak if I gave it to him! Em had to partake of the snacks as well; she approved. I have to admit the puffs do taste pretty good. After our snacks Em said a prayer for us then drew me a picture. AFter drawing the picture we had the following conversation:
Emma: Mom, here's a picture I drew for you
Me: Oh, I love it Emma
Emma: Will you hang it on your wall in your bedroom and every time you look at it you can say, "Awwww, I love Emma so much"
:)  :)  :)

                                            Em's art work she wants us to hang in our room.
                                                        Livin' on a prayer

                                                   Puffs and rice cakes!


Emma: Today is Wednesday so KK took our obligatory "Happy Wednesday" picture!!
After Mom got home she let me and Wilbie snack on rice puffs and rice cakes. I feel the state of our snack cabinet is in serious need of a shopping trip!
After snack and supper we played on the play mat. I ran circles (literally) around Wilbie and Mom until I was silly! While I was running Will was being very studious and was reading his book.

                                                Happy Wednesday to all!!!!!

                                                      Some light reading before bed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8/6 - 8/12

Much better day today. KK brougt Em/Will to the new Sams today and based on what Emma told me they sampled everything Sam's had to offer! She is a fan!
This afternoon we played in the sprinkler.
I think Will might be getting sick. He spit up (ok, threw up) twice today. Tonight he ate fine and went to bed without throwing up so we will see how he feels in the AM.

 Emma drew a picture of Will today. There is his head, his legs and of course every baby needs fire beside him. I asked Emma why fire beside Will? Her response, "to make him cool"!! ha ha ha ha

Will threw up all night:( so to the doctor we went today. Ears and throat looked great so I guess this is just a little virus.  Em did her best to entertain her baby brother!
Despite not feeling good he still looked pretty darn cute!

                                                     At the doctor!

  Did I forget to mention that tonight I decided we needed to clean grout! Ha ha ha
Em loved it and she can't wait to do it again tomorrow!! Way to go Em!

Wilbie is better today. Still no appetite yet feeling better. Em woke up ready to scrub more grout so after the gym I took her to Lowe's to buy more cleaning stuff. She LOVED it!

                                                        Wilbie is sitting up on his own!

Well, based on my actions today I will not win mom of the year!
Today was promotion Sunday at church and to celebrate all the kids went to Pump it Up, one of those bounce house places. We went and Em didn't play.. didn't eat pizza and was fussy. So I told her were we going home early and she could get in the bed if she was going to fuss. She agreed... yikes! That should have been my first sign she was sick. Alas, as I am talking to her about why she didn't play at the bounce house she throws up all over the truck!! Poor Em!!! Virus 2 Norris 0.

                                               She did play a little at the bounce place!

So, I usually don't like posting pics of my children crying but this is just too much! Will is usually soo laid back. He really only cries if he is hungry or tired. So today after I got him ready for church he cried non-stop! I could not figure out why. Well, finally after trying every other trick in the book I took off his outfit and he stopped crying!!Will was not a fan of his sailor outfit! Will 1 Mom 0.
Yet, he will wear this for 6 month photos.. tears or smiles.. it will be on!

I think we are all feeling better at the Norris house.

Yep, thats right folks. I can now sit up unassisted. Don't mind the green bean stains on my sleep sack! There is a lot of pressure on a babies stomach when he sits up all the time!

School is almost back in session for Em. Tonight I went to meet her teacher and get fill out all the forms and tomorrow Em will go in the AM to meet her teacher. I think she is most excited about this!
Emma is really getting into Fancy Nancy books! These books are great. They use bigger words and Fancy Nancy explains what each word means. Hooray for Fancy Nancy. Now if we can get Fancy Nancy into the rotation permanently and get Peppa the Pig out!:)

After I met Emma's teacher Em showed me what she wanted to wear to school to meet her teacher: a hat and a jacket! I guess she is hoping for cooler weather!

Brad took Em to meet her teacher today. The teacher gave them colors and fruit chews so Em is already a fan!

A Conversation tonight while Em and I are sitting on our bed eating animal crackers:

Emma: Momma, I wish everyday could be like right now
Me: Aww, Em, Mom has to go to work but I am home in the evenings.
(feeling all good inside but suddenly realizing this conversation is not going where I thought it was going)
Emma: No, momma, not like that; I want to eat animal crackers and watch Mickey all day...
Me: Oh; yea, that would be fun too....sigh

KK had a grand photo shoot with the cublets today. Have I mentioned how much we love her?

                                                        Will says, "give me that bottle"!!!

                                  Hard to believe this little guy will be 6 months old tomorrow!