Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/16 - 7/22

Today is my half day at work! Whoo hooo. I had one more orientation to do in the afternoon but I was home by 3:00! I got home and we needed milk (we go through way too much milk for 3 people and 1 still on breast milk). Alas, Em needed more rubber bands for her hair so I let her pick them out. I failed to remember that Emma loves to shop and that she would discuss and compare each different type of rubber band that Kroger had to offer! Wilbie and I just sat back and enjoyed the show!

After supper Em decided to make a cake (brown cake with brown icing) and cover it in saran wrap to keep it soft.

                                                       Waiting on Dad to get home!
                                          Will and I waiting on Emma to pick our her rubber bands.
                                                           little shopper!
                                      Em's chocolate cake covered quite securely in saran wrap.

Well, I hear Mom completed her first week of her new job. I hate to say this but Em was on a tear today! She lost all 3 pennies before Dad left for work. That always means that Emma has to go to bed early and I am starting to catch on that when Em goes to bed early I get put to bed early!!! Come on Em, hang on to those pennies!!!!

Due to such early bed times I fear Mom did not take any pictures. I guess today will be remembered as the day of sleep.
In other news our usually water conversation friday (no bath friday) was not held today as we both got baths!

Saturday which means soccer followed by gym then a Mom/Dad day! We finished the day at my friend Georgia's house playing in her pool and eating supper. Will even had a little buddy to hang out with because Georgia has a little brother just like me! I think Will and Luke will be fast friends as soon as they can both sit up!

 Emma decided today it was too hot for shirts! I think we can all agree it is hot!
                                                        No shirt for naps mom!
                                                Teaching Wilbie how to play with play dough.
I think she said, "Now Wilbie, you can not never ever eat play dough" about a thousand times. The double negative for emphasis!

Today was a regular Sunday. Em wore her sunglasses to church followed by lunch at jimmy johns! I got to sit on the table and watch everyone eat... sign.. one day I'll get real food!
After lunch and a good nap Mom and Dad surprised Emma! She got to go to the ice cream place and eat ice cream for supper!!  I got to play with a spoon...

                                                 The no napper... is napping!!!!!!!
                                                       Riding to church in style!

Cheer camp starts for Emma today. She is most excited about packing her sandwich in a little baggie and bringing it with her for lunch. I guess she watches us pack our lunch each night and she finally gets to do it too!!

By the looks of her skills she showed us tonight she had a good time at cheer camp!!

Today was another first for William. He attended his first tea party hosted by Emma.

Will had a first today! He attended a soccer game with KK! Em went back to cheer camp and is still liking it!
Tonight I watched the movie Trainwreck with some friends so Brad had bed time duty with Emma. He walked in her room to check on her and she was feeding her baby with her little boppie pillow!

Today Mom hit a home run! She let me eat peas!! I gobbled them up!
While I was eating peas Em made a break to Mom's make up drawer and put on a little make up. I think she looks beautiful!

 It's still too hot for shirts around here:) Emma states, "Momma, can I put your lipstick on my eyes"?
                                                             One proud little boy!
                                                       Come on Mom, I'm hungry!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

7/9 - 7/15

Today I found how I am ticklish!! Mom and Emma tickled my little ribs until I could laugh no longer!!!

We are starting to prepare for the weekend. Why you might ask? This weekend Brad and I are going to NOLA while Gaga/Pops keep Will and Emma! Looking back we have never left Em or Will....ever! Em is 3 years old!!! I think this reflects our lack of time; hopefully this will change in the near future. Alas, My mom and dad gave me Garth Brooks tickets and a hotel stay in NOLA for a graduation gift!!! They asked for detailed instructions so I am starting on instructions on how to work the TV remote, bottle warmer, baby monitor etc! Next I think I'll tackle what milk to thaw in the deep freeze for Will when he runs out of the bottles I have made.

Well, today was a small improvement from most Fridays. We did indeed eat turkey sandwiches for supper but everyone got a bath. Compared to our normal "no bath Friday" I think this is a step up! We will see if this trend continues when I start back to work next week:)

Will laughed all afternoon at Emma. His sweet little laugh is so funny to me and Em.
After laughing Emma decided to draw a picture of Will. She set up her chairs so she could sit right in front of Will and make her drawing as realistic as possible. I attempted to get a picture but she decided she needed to cut it up into teeny.. tiny.. little pieces and make a puzzle! Ahhh, I smell melt down coming soon!

                                                                Laughing at Emma.
              Giving Will a check up. Em always  makes her patients wear this pink arm band. I think it's like a patient ID bracelet! Ha!!
                                               Artist Emma set up in her studio.

Well, Gaga and Pops are watching Em and Will this weekend. I'm sure much fun will be had by all!
Brad and I are off to NOLA for the Garth Brooks concert!!

Em and Will had a big day! They started off with lunch at chick-fil-a, followed by the bounce palace, followed by supper at burgers and blues!

                          Em perfected her cutting. She was sure to count her fingers before and after cutting!
                                                          Will + Pops = best pals
                        Will was not impressed with the bounce palace. Em jumped her little heart out!

                                                  Waiting for Garth!

Brad and I got home around 2PM and it seems everyone had a good time! Em got to eat doughnuts this AM with Pops and Will enjoyed his bonding time with Gaga and Pops!

                                                        Everyone was glad to see Dad!

Emma: Mom starts her new job today. I told her "good luck" when she left this morning:)
Today Maggie braided my hair and I LOVE it! I begged Mom not to wash my hair so I could leave my braids in place overnight!

Today Mom tried to feed me rice cereal. I was not interested!! I want real food! When Mom/Dad/Emma eat supper it looks so good and I want some. Mom took that cue that I was ready to try more solid foods, yet she failed to realize I did not want rice cereal. Maybe next time!

Sigh, lets see what is going on. I survived my first day at work. I forgot to mention that yesterday Em revealed to Brad the name of one (she has 9) of her imaginary friends: Collie is her name!

Em spent most of the night playing with this wipe board that works with pens that are full of water. She would color it then let it sit under the fan to dry, then do it all again.
Will watched this site and was quite content to watch his sister color.. and color.. and color!

Tonight I introduced Em to manwich! You know, those sandwiches that taste like spaghetti on a bun! Well, I'm proud to say she loved it! I should have brought this meal out a long time ago!
Will is doing exactly what Em used to do as a baby; he looooves to play with the faucet in the sink while bathing him. He can almost turn it on. I see a future plumber in our midst.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7/2 - 7/8

Today I am starting orientation at the new hospitals in town. This afternoon I brought Will and Em to see some folks at UMC. Em hammed it up and Will was all smiles! Em even took some pictures of us to document the occasion.
During this visit Em scored M and M's, a Mars bar and a "I love NY" coffee mug! ha!

Well, today we are going to Winnfield for the 4th. Gaga always puts on a huge party with food.. food and more food. Yet I'm told my meal will still be milk from Mom.. sigh. Soon I'll get to stink my gums into something good!
Pops came to pick us up because Dad is working until 7 at night and Mom/Dad seem to think me and Em will do better if we travel in the day instead of at night. Dad will come to Winnfield after work.
When we arrived we went right to the pool! I even got to wear my whale swim trunks and sister Emma jumped in and started swimming like Nemo.. or even better if you ask me!
Cousin Syd arrived with her momma and daddy and the rest of the Wiley crew too!
Gaga cooked hamburger steak for lunch (moms choice, kind of heavy if you ask me) and Baboo cooked spaghetti for supper. I slept through supper as this baby was worn out from the day.

                                                    Will napping it up after swimming

                                       Napping it up during supper. July 3rd wears a baby out!

Emma: this day can be summed up in one word: FUN!
The day started with swimming, followed by a HUGE lunch and I got to eat my cake that Gaga made. I picked chocolate cake with brown icing and sprinkles! After lunch we all napped followed by outside play time. It was raining so Gaga and Pops were the bubble machine while me and Syd played in the bubbles. It stopped raining and we were right back in the pool!
Tonight Dad was scared of the fire works so me and Dad had slumber party... ok ok, actually I was scared but Dad slept on the pull out bed in my room!Thanks Dad!!

                                           The girls were a little scared of the sparklers...

                                                 Gaga and Pops = bubble machine
                                          They were scared of the fireworks but liked to chase the smoke...
                                                        Cousin Syd and Will.
                                              Lauren and Pops putting on a sparkler spectacular!

Church! I always love going back to my home church!
Em and Will were in the nursery snacking it up. After church we had Sunday lunch at church where Em and Syd played the entire time while eating cookies that Gaga snuck (humm, snuck.. not a real word, but I don't know any other word to use at the moment!:) to them!
We loaded up people and food (thanks Mom) and headed home. Past Monroe in a small town with its only stop being an off-track betting site Will decided to chime it up! WE stopped in said off-track betting site to let Will take a break and Em run around in the parking lot. (no cars present).
Brad decided to sit in the back seat with the kiddos while I drove the rest of the way home. Way to take one for the team brad!!

                                          Will and I sitting in the off track betting parking lot. Will needed a break from riding and Mom/Dad needed a break from the screeching!
                                                            "No Dad, I am driving!"

I think Will is getting into the swing of summer. This AM KK took Will, Em and Maggie to the bounce palace, followed by a pizza lunch then nap. I got home a little early and we loaded up to go to strawberry park. They have new playground equipment that is wonderful! There is also a pond with ducks and today me and Em had a loong conversation about why ducks don't go to the bathroom in a potty??? We also discussed the difference between ducks and cranes. I need to brush up on my ecology!

                                                    Whatcha looking at Will?

Today Mom was home all day and we went to the splash pad. My buddy Georgia and her Mommy and Brother joined us! At first all Georgia and I wanted to do was eat snacks but we started playing hard soon! Will napped the whole time and Luke, Georgia's brother, played with his Mom. Those boys need to grow up more so they can plan with us girls!

                                              Georgia and Em waiting on the bucket of water to fall!

                                     To not be a bigger napper, Will took 3 naps today!!

Sigh, Em had a no penny day, which means she did not have her best days regarding behavior, thus she is in the bed early.... so I have time to finish the blog tonight!
Her pal Maggie gave her some "Fancy Nancy" books today and she loves them. I did not know much about Fancy Nancy but she uses bigger words and Em eats it up!

Yesterday I participated in this class at the gym: body pump. Today I am sore and Em offered to rub lotion on my legs! Thanks Em!!

                                                               Thanks Em!!!

                              Will was attacking this orange rod! He was trying to eat it soo bad!