Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/21 - 5/27

Will is using his hands more and more each day! He loves to try to pick up a toy and move it around and his favorite activity right now is pulling his shirt above his head:)
Em tries to help him and at times his shirt ends up around his neck!

Tonight Em had a flip book that was my mom's.  It is a flip book for critical thinking to be used by teachers, alas, Em now refers to it as Siri. As in the iPhone Siri. Tonight she was asking Siri (the flip book) questions and then turning the page to get her answer.

Emma: Siri, why do kids have to take naps?
no response from Siri
Emma: I guess no one knows (Emma throws her hands up in the air disgusted)

                                                          Will's shirt pulling trick in action.

Today marks Will's first day at work! Let me explain.
Em loves the exersaucer as a baby and we called it her "desk". Every time she sat in it we would say she was at work. Well, today Will got hired and started work and LOVED it!

Tonight after Brad gets off work we will load up and head to Baton Rouge to visit Lauren/JW and Syd. Gaga and Pops will arrive tomorrow for a weekend of family time!

                                               Em overseeing her new employee!

5/23/2015 - 5/24/2015
This weekend will have to be documented in pictures!
Too much activity for me to keep up with!

Happy memorial day!!!
The girls played in the sprinkler again today with their umbrellas. Quite a sight to see!
After water time we had a meal of hot dogs and all the fixins' you could imagine. Sydney even gave Will his own hot dog while he reclined in the nap nannie!

We hit the road after lunch where Em slept the entire way home. She was tuckered out.

 These girls played with these umbrellas all weekend. They finally got to use them... in the sprinkle... in their panties...
        This picture is great! Will looks like, "What is going on", Em is happy as a clam and Sydney is concerned that Will is being smushed!!
Will with his hot dog!

    Pops and Will sitting outside after a walk. 
           Sweet Em drew a picture for Will. Here she is showing him the picture. I think he likes it!

Tonight after Wilbie went to sleep Em and I made paper air planes on my bed! Em has been interested in paper airplanes ever since Brad introduced her to them a few weeks ago. I don't think Emma was impressed with my airplane making skills!

                                    Em took this picture... we need to work on steady hands!

Today I went out for lunch! KK took us to majestic burger. Sadly I didn't get a burger.. just milk.
KK told Mom I talked and cooed a lot at the restaurant, I think I will be a chatter box when I finally get this talking thing down!

On another note, Will slept through the night last night. This is the second time he has done this and I think I like it!! come on Will, lets make this a tradition!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

5/14 - 5/20

I feel we have neglected reading to Will!! When Em was a small tyke I read book after book to her. Poor Will might have had 5 books total read to him as of today. I decided to change that today and piled Will and Em in my lap and started to read books. We lasted 2 books then there was a mutiny against me. No more books!

Today KK introduced me to shopping. I think I was underwhelmed and fell asleep rather quick yet I feel I have many days ahead of me that will be full of shopping with KK and Emma!

Tonight Miss Emily played in the state championship softball game! Sadly it was raining and Mom would not let me and Willbie attend the game!! I was so sad! I was so upset about not going to the game that I made a video to send to Miss Emily and her momma and daddy explaining why I was not at the game--Mom would not let me.

                                  Did I mention we scrubbed some stains out of the carpet?? Em loved this!
                                                         cublet love!

Mom drove to Ruston to eat lunch with some friends so Dad held down the fort with me and Willbie!
We started the day at the gym. Will and I stayed in the nursery and played. I even got to eat a cinnamon roll! After gym time we stopped by subway for lunch the home to pack up to go to the softball game!!!We arrived and Miss Emily's team won the first game! It was getting late at this point so we picked up a pizza for supper and headed home! Mom was home when we arrived. I think she missed me!:)
Willbie was a trooper. He napped in the stroller when he got tired and Dad fed him a bottle at the softball game when he got hungry!

Sunday funday!
We went to chuch where it was confirmation Sunday. I always love this Sunday in particular!
During the service Em was making LOUD noises with her mouth.. imagine a fake yawn. I whispered, Emma, WHAT are you doing?? Her response, " practicing yawning". This got a laugh out of the friendly folks behind us and this made Em even more animated! I was certainly glad when it was time for the kids to go upstairs!
Will did not take one nap today thus he is in bed at 6:30!!

         Her final diagnosis for Brad was starry blurry-itis. His initial complaint to Dr. Emma was his eye was hurting.
                                   day 2 of reading to Will consistently! Let's see how long this keeps up.

Today is Em's last day of school!!! We ended the year with a party!
Tomorrow we are having a surprise gender reveal party for Lauren and JW and I can barely contain myself!!! She is going to be so surprised! On Wednesday my mom is having hip replacement surgery and I feel she will be the first ever hip replacement patient to go home the same day as the surgery! She is so ready for this surgery so she can move without hurting and she can get back to tennis! Watch out tennis courts, my Mom is about to be fast as lighting with her new hip!

                                                         End of year party at school.

                                     Em's sweet teachers: Mrs. Christin and Mrs. Mandi.
   Em was a huge help getting ready for the surprise party! She wrapped all the water bottles with these cute wrappers that KK's sister made for us!!!
On another note I had both kiddos in the bed by 6:30, asleep!! Thus I did the Mom dance. Dance = dark chocolate and a bottle of strawberry beer!

Party day!!!
We went to Baton Rouge and the party was a success! Lauren was totally surprised and we found out that baby Wiley is a BOY!!! Will is going to have a playmate to help keep the girls in line!
                              Em doing a dance to help will take his medicine.
                                        Waiting on Lauren and JW to come home to surprise them!
                                                      It's a boy!!!!!!!

Today Gaga gets a new hip!! I was wondering exactly how they do this hip replacement. Mom told me they take Gaga's hip out and give her a new one. I wonder if they will give her a cheetah hip where she will be fast? Or a lion hip where she will roar?
Mom left this morning to go to Shreveport to see Gaga so KK arrived early this AM to watch me and Wilbie. Dad got off a little early and he was in charge of all night time duties. Do you know that Dad had me and Wilbie in bed before 8, had all bottles washed and supper put away before Mom got home?? My Daddy is an all star!!

Mom told me that Gaga was walking 4 hours after surgery with no pain!! Hooray for Gaga!!! I guess they gave her a cheetah hip as fast as she was walking!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5/7 - 5/13

Today Gaga came to visit!!
She brought Johnnie's pizza for supper which I hear is delicious.. I guess I have to wait to eat that pizza until I am bigger as well!
Mom bathed me and Gaga bathed Em. Emma's bath time seemed more.. what word should I pick.. rowdy tonight!! I think I saw a wet washcloth hit jack the cat!

Well, i must document something Em told KK today.
The past few days have been trying with Em. The behavior chart has been forgotten so we are regrouping and will try something else. In the mean time....

Kk: Emma, why don't you listen to your mom and dad?
Emma: Because I want to frustrate mom and dad!

Sigh, I'm not sure what to do with this!

Bedtime stories with Gaga!

We all slept in this morning. We dropped Em off at school then me, Will, Gaga and Brad went for a leisurely breakfast at Corner Bakery. We dropped Brad off at home so he could go to work then me, Mom and Will went shopping before I had to go into work. A pretty good start to a Friday if you ask me!

We are all excited about tomorrow because tomorrow Brad's sister and her family are coming to visit!! Come on Hindman family, we are anxiously waiting for your arrival!

                 Another story before Em goes off to school; Will looks enthusiastic about the book!
Before Gaga left she let Em have some of her make up containers and a make up brush. Em was in heaven! Tonight Em said she was just too tired to sit up and put on her make up!

My cousins arrived today!!!!!
The day started with soccer. As soon as I got home Dad told me to take a nap which = me in my bed with my xylophone! Not much of a nap!
Jacob, Josie Kate, Henry and Charlotte showed up and we all ate lunch followed by hours and hours and hours of play!! Henry and I hit it off!
We jumped in the bounce house, rode bikes, played in the sand, played soccer and jumped in the trampoline. Tonight I think we will all sleep well!!

                                                Josie Kate introducing ruff ruff to Will.
                                               Aunt Nicole getting some Willbie lovin!

                                                                Sweet Charlotte!
                                                     Josie Kate giving Will's head a little kiss;)
                                    Jacob, Henry and Em playing.. and playing.. and playing.

Poor cousin Jacob did not feel well today so I did not get to play with my cousins today. This made me sad:( I guess we will have to go visit them next time!!
We went to church where I made Mom a special gift for mother's day!

I must document this so I don't forget! When I leave the house and Em stays behind  Emma always says, "Good bye pencilly momma" and when I get home she says, "There is my little bitty momma"!  ha ha.  Not sure where the pencilly came from but its quite cute!

Mom is on call so KK stayed with us until Dad got home! KK bathed me and let me take a bubble bath!! Today I toted my pink bucket around that holds my hair brushes, combs and pony tail holders as well as my make up that Gaga gave me. When Mom got home I made sure she looked beautiful by fixing her hair and putting make up on her.

                                                              Photo courtesy of KK!2
Em woke up rather early this AM which I attribute to my pager going off. Brad went into work early so me and Em had some bonding time this AM before Will woke up. This time was spent in the pillow fort on our bed and Em styling my hair. Before starting on my hair she just HAD to take her PJ top off so she could brush my hair "really good".

I am 3 months old today!!  We celebrated by taking pictures and then going to church to eat. At church Mrs. Cynthia was holding me ans started to eat cheetos!Emma told me all about cheetos and told me how good they are!! I smacked my lips as hard as I could but nobody would share their chips with a baby!

Today is also a big day because I got a gym membership today. I know what your thinking, geez, Lindsey and Brad drive a tough ship! No no, no baby work outs for me. But in order for me to attend the daycare in the gym area I have to be on the membership card and Dad signed me up today! Dad then went to work out while some nice lady held me the entire time. Dad came back to get me and we were back home for KK to take over the Wilbie loving!

Lets see,what have I been up to:
I can hold my head up when I am forced to do tummy time. I can also push myself up on my forearms but that makes a baby tired quick!
I love to watch people eat and I hope one day I'll get off the all milk diet plan!
I usually wake up around midnight and 4AM for a little snack and then go right back to sleep.
I, I know... my sister is the cats pajamas! Shes the best!
I also like to grab stuff with my hands and I won't let go!! I even pulled some of Emma's hair out yesterday! Sorry Em!!