Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/23 - 4/29

Well today is another first. Mom is back on call and that pager is loud!! Thankfully KK stayed late and helped take care of me and Em while Mom returned pages!

In other news Emma picked out her clothes this AM and I think they matched!! Way to go Em! Her T shirt was a tad big but who doesn't like a big baggy T shirt! Sister Emma is growing up!

Well, last night I woke up and my stomach hurt. I crawled into bed with Mom and Dad and promptly threw up all over Dad! Sorry Daddy!!
I felt better after but stayed home from school while my stomach started acting right.
Wilbie is still here and growing. He still can't feed himself or play games with me but I have fun teaching him. He is a captive audience if I must say!

I am tired this AM so we skipped soccer. Later in the Day Mom brought me to "touch a truck". This was so loud yet so fun! There were all these big trucks (garbage trucks, 18 wheelers, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, tractors etc) in a parking lot and I got to climb in and on all of them!
After playing on the trucks we came home and all took a nap followed by supper at Burgers and Blues. Me and Will liked listening to the music and I even danced a jig!
When we got home it appears I shared my illness with Mom as she started to get sick. Not a few hours later Dad joined in the fun and he got sick.
                                                                        My cublets!
 Will's reaction when I told him we were going to touch a truck. 

 there were more than trucks at the show. Em had a good time crawling in and out of the cars and turning every... single.. knob in sight!
                                                And we are off to look at the trucks.
                                                 I can't tell you how much Will adores Emma!

Figuring out the tractor at "touch a truck". 

Gaga to the rescue. I text my Mom at midnight last night telling her the Norris ship was sinking fast! Brad and I were both sick as dogs!! She arrived Sunday morning with sprite and crackers in hand and full of energy to take Em for the day. Em came home with ice cream on her shirt and sweaty curls on her head = a fun day by all! Brad and I were feeling better after a long nap.
Brad got called into work tonight for a few hours; Poor Brad!
Gaga left to go home after cooking us supper! I feel the Norris ship might be sailing again soon!

                                           Piled in the bed waiting for Brad to get home.

Will: Well, I think my family survived the stomach bug. I'm the last man standing(well, not standing, but this the correct spelling.... the correct spelling and tense of the verbs lie/lay can be tough for a baby)
Everyone was back to work and school today so this morning me and KK hung out!

Looks like I could not get away from Emma and her headbands!! Do I even have enough hair for a head band?? Emma, I'm keeping a list and payback won't be nice when I can fend for myself!!!

                 Look at the awesome picture KK got for me!! KK is always on my side!!
                                         Em and her headbands! At least she gave me the gold one!

Tuesday = swim day for Emma.
Today was the last day in the Spring session which means they call all the parents in to watch the progress the kids have made. KK always records this for me which I dearly appreciate!!!
It is quite remarkable to think 9 months ago Em was screaming at the top of her lungs not wanting to get in the pool and now she is swimming! Way to go Emma!!!!

In other news we have started a new listening calendar for Em and I think (I hope) it is working! We will see in a few days!!

Now I feel bad for starting the listening thing today! Em tripped in the living room and head butted the wall which resulted in this HUGE goose egg!! Ouch!!! All was well once she got some pink ice cream and a facetime chat from Gaga and Pops!

I got to drop Em off at school today and I LOVE to do this! Our conversations as we sit in car pool line are priceless! Today we talked about the finer points of play time. In my eyes anytime is play time for Emma. In Emma eyes there is "just not enough time to play".
This evening we went to church, ate supper and came home. Brad is working late tonight again, lets hope its not 2AM! That's right, Brad finally got home at 2AM this morning from his day shift work!! I am so proud of how hard Brad works!!

And most importantly Will found his thumb again!! He was so happy and proud of himself:)
I can't complete the day without stating that Louis the cat had to take a visit to the vet today. I tell ya, everyone in the Norris house has been sick this week except for Will and Jack the cat! Hang in there Will and Jack!! Louis had a large.. rather deep cut in his side prompting the vet visit. After a few staples, a washout and antibiotics it seems he is back to normal! I feel this cut had been present for quite a few days but in the midst of all our other illness going around the Norris house I feel the cat got overlooked! Sorry Lou!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/16 - 4/22

Well, if the other night was peaceful and calm tonight is the opposite! I think the rain has Em's curls wound tight and that is reflected in her mood!
Alas, we survived supper, made it through bath and everyone is asleep! Bring on Friday!!

I typed this blog too soon.
Em just asked me to marry her. Then asked how do you get married. Followed by, I love you so I want to marry you. Ok, I take back the comment about her mood!

                               Em cooking supper.. Apparently this is Pop's spaghetti. I didn't know Pops had a famous spaghetti recipe??
                                           Will is not as amused with the spaghetti recipe.

It's Friday!!!!This weekend is Will's Christening so both families are coming in for the celebration!
Tonight Em was playing with her doll house and started calling it "princess' and plumbers". I asked, "plumbers"? Emma showed me a prince. I told her that was a prince to which she corrected me and said, "No, it's a plumber". Ok, princess' and plumbers!

All the fam is coming in today for Will's Christening tomorrow!! Gaga and Pops were the first to arrive followed by Sydney, W, Aunt Lauren and Lulu/G daddy in the afternoon!! We started the festivities with a crawfish boil!! I was hesitant to eat the crawfish but in the end I ate some and liked them! Thankfully Dad peeled them for me!
Pops brought the bounce house and me and Syd jumped ourselves silly!!

                                                             a little soccer before everyone arrives
                                                          Will taking in the soccer game

Well, today was the big day! I got dressed up in my Sunday best (minus the shoes, I kicked those off quick) and was carried to the front of the church for my baptism! Sister Emma carried her baby doll she affectionately calls Donkey #5. Pastor Bruce held me and placed water on my head! He then paraded me around the church so I could see everyone!!
After church Gaga cooked a wonderful lunch that we (not me) all enjoyed. I got milk then took a nap. I hear it was a great party though!!

                                                       Tired little boy after his big day!

Brad got off early today which is always a welcomed event!! We were playing outside having a great time until we all decided to go for a walk! Em got upset about something??? and sat on the road. After telling her to stand up and get off the road all heck broke lose! We carried a screaming/kicking 3 year old back to the house! No fear neighbors, there was no kidnapping.. just a cranky Emma!

In other news Will only woke up 1 time last night! I think the weekend wore him out!!

Emma is now calling me "Kate" sometimes??? No clue where that is coming from.

Em has another toddler crush on a little boy named Charlie. Charlie goes to her school but is older and today she saw him at school! She has talked nonstop about him! Tonight before bed she even wanted to read a book about Charlie! I don't think there are any books out about Charlie yet but she settled for an elmo book. Yet, she insisted I change Elmo's name to Charlie!

Hello folks! I had my regular swimming lessons this AM. KK and Will watched me swim so fast!
After swimming we had a pretty regular day ended by a walk with KK! She is walking fast!
Mom got home and we got ready to go to a softball game!! I told Mom that I wished we could go to a softball game every day!
When we arrived I scouted out my seat and Will stayed asleep in the car seat for a while. I got a little bored so I went to run around with some other kids then treated myself to a ring pop! The concession stand lady was impressed about how I ate the ring pop down to a little nub.
Wilbie woke up and smiled and cooed at some people then it was time to go home.

I have to give mom credit about the lack of pictures today. She tried to take some at the game but after she took 1 picture of Will her phone somehow got set on a timer and she just couldn't figure out how to get it off! Poor Mom!

Em is really into her baby dolls right now. Today she just had to have the boppy to feed her babies. She switches back and forth between the juice bottle and feeding her baby from her tummy AKA breast feeding!
She still thinks that when Will drinks his milk he will get milk from one breast and juice from the other!  ha ha ha

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/9 - 4/15

What a day!! I was on a roll today for sure. I had so much energy that I just talked and talked and talked until you would think that I would have been talked out but I just continued to talk some more!
After Mom got home a friend of her's brought over supper! The good news is that the friend of Mom's is the Momma to Georgia, a good buddy of mine! We played on the front porch for a while then Georgia had to go home. We will play again soon!

Wilbie is still here and I'm pretty sure I want him to stay! I like to pretend I am talking for Wilbie and will make up answers to questions! It is funny but I think Mom is on to my tricks!

Both cublets in the bed and Mom is beat!! I think the only people up are the Elmo's clinging to Em's bed rail!
I guess I can't complain: I am attending a women's retreat at our church tonight and tomorrow AM so Brad had both Em and Will bathed and headed to bed when I got home! Way to go Brad!!!

Mom is away and Dad is with us! Em is right, Dad is the fun one!!
We got dressed and went to Emma's soccer. Sadly I slept through the entire soccer game but I hear it was a blast!
After soccer mom came home and we went to a birthday party at the Children's Museum. I stayed up for this as there was A LOT to see and hear!! Sadly I did not get cake:(

After the party we went home for a nap then all loaded up to go eat supper at Burger's and Blues. I have caught on quickly that Mom and Dad only eat at Loud, outside restaurants when they bring me and Em along. Good think we like music and the outdoors!

                                            Em was partial to the hand dryer at the children's museum

                                                       Will is a fan of burger's and blues!

Will went to the nursery today. I usually refuse to go but today I wanted to go to the nursery yet I was told I had to go to church! Sigh, getting old is for the birds.
After church we came home and slept.
Oh wait, I forgot the most important part of the day!!
Dad let Mom sleep in and he took me and Wilbie to the doughnut shop!!! I shook my chocolate milk up and it exploded in the doughnut shop! We were all covered in milk!! After that Dad picked up Mom's favorite breakfast from Corner Bakery before heading home!

Will is not too sure about his stickers. 
                                             It's tough to pick out stickers!

                                                  Inaugural daddy/daughter bike ride!
Tonight was a good night. We have our bad nights where everyone (including me) does not want to listen but tonight was a good night indeed. One of those "once every couple months nights" where everyone cooperates.. no melt downs at supper.. no melt downs over bath and how much water or soap I used... no melt downs over what PJ's I picked out.. just happy campers for tonight.

Will loves his big sister. He watches her where ever she goes! Tonight we were reading books and Em decided to read a book to Will. He laughed and kicked the entire time she was reading. The video of Em quizzing Will on the book is comical!

Well, it seems I am 2 months old!! This actually occurred yesterday but with all the commotion of a no fuss day at the Norris household I think no one wanted to rock the boat and try to get a staged picture!
Let's see.. in 2 months what have I learned:  The cats, Jack and Louis, like to lick my head.  I guess I don't mind but I do find it strange.
My sister likes to play with me even though I really can't play back. I'm trying Emma!
My mom and dad Love me and sometimes they watch me sleep. I know this because I play possum sometimes and take a sneak peak to see them standing there. Then they go to Emma's room and watch her. Kind of creepy now that I am saying this out loud!
I like going to the church nursery because all those nice ladies take turns holding me:)
I love my warm baths.
I LOVE my milk.. I live for milk! I'm up to drinking 5 oz every 2-3 hours during the day! Watch out world, Will is coming!!!
I don't sleep through the night but who needs to sleep through the night?? Mom doesn't seem to mind coming in for a few unannounced meetings through the night. Well, I guess they are announced when I start crying. Sometimes I just need a little re swaddle, rocking and back pat before I go back to sleep.
And last but not least KK is my new best friend!
Well, I guess that is all I can think of for now.

Props to KK today! She has been walking every day for a while now and today when I got home KK had Will and Em loaded up in the double stroller walking! go KK go!!

We went to church this evening. Will was in the nursery and Em went to her crescendo class. I got back in the routine with our Sr. High girls!! It was good to be back in the routine of Wed. night church. When we got home Brad was home from work and helped out with the bath time routine!

Today I am reminded again of how it takes a village to raise a child. I feel the village we have right here including our church , work, KK and family is a huge support group and I never take this for granted. One day when Em and Will read this I hope they can look back and know how much they are loved!

                                                KK was moving so fast I almost missed her!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

4/2 - 4/9

Funny quote from Emma today:

Brad: Emma, no "buts", just say yes sir and do it.
Emma: But daddy, I have one more "buts" in my mouth that needs to come out!
Brad: Emma...
Emma: Yes sir daddy

                                                               A happy camper this morning!
                                    I snuck up on them and Em was singing twinkle twinkle to Will:)

I hear today I take my first .. oh wait second.. out of state visit to Gaga and Pops house! I forgot I already went to Syd's house!
Emma tells me their house is so much more fun than our house! I Hope she is right! I'm getting kind of bored of my rotation between the jogging stroller, nap nannie, bouncy seat and swing!

We made a short stop at a friends house then on to Winnfield. Em and Will traveled soooo well this trip. Once we arrived Syd was already there and Em /Syd started their non stop play for the weekend. Will decided it was nap time and slept quite well on Pop's chest.

The day started with mickey mouse waffles, followed by the church Easter Egg hunt where I believe they had thousands of eggs. Then by play time on the bounce house followed by a nap for everyone! Emma then learned the importance of "licking the beetles.. or beaters" and she is now a fan of gaga's whipped cream.
Mom cooked a delicious meal for supper: think crawfish etouffe, pork tenderloin, all the desserts you can imagine then we all hit the sack.
                                                  Will at the church egg hunt!

Happy Easter!! Up from the grave he arose!!
Em and Syd hunted Easter Eggs, Will even found one!
After church we ate a HUGE lunch then hit the road while both kiddos napped most of the way home!

Funny story of the day:
I have been giving Em little chores to do: set the table, put clothes in hamper, pick up toys/shoes etc, putting silverware in the dishwasher etc... Now to our story...
Em was eating yogurt after supper and licked her spoon clean as can be. I commented no how clean her spoon looked and Em responded, " I know Momma, I lick all my spoons this clean them put them back in the draw to help out"! ut oh!!!! If you visit the Norris house bring your own cutlery!

                             Note the watch on Emma's arm. She wears this now so she can "always know what time it is"!

Today is another first. I find I am having a lot of "first moments". Today I went to swimming lessons with sister Emma. No, I didn't get to swim but I did get to sit in my car seat and watch!
This afternoon Mom loaded me and Em up and we went to a softball game!!

At the softball game Em was in rare form. She has been stating that she is 5 years old.. well today she was back down to 4 years old. At the game she was wearing her Pete the cat 3 year old shirt with a big ole 3 on the front. She told everyone, stranger or not, that she was 4. They would all reply, " that's not what your shirt says", to which Em would reply, "Oh, this is one of those curvy 4's, it's not a 3"! She had the stands rolling!

                                               Will's first softball game:)

I got to go back to my crescendo class today at church!!! We have been skipping so we can stay home with Wilbie but today we all went!! I sang and sang then Ms. Tatia brought us outside to play on the playground for a bit!! Whoo hooooo!!!

Well, today I think I got the most unique gift for Will.. well, it was for me actually. A friend from church asked if Will needed anything to which I replied (after a very long day), naaa, but I could use some wine!  And she delivered today! Some red wine that I drank tonight while eating Emma's Easter Candy. What a fine night indeed!

I guess no pictures today folks! I think Mom skipped the pictures to get to her "red coffee". Emma told me about red coffee. In the AM Mom and Gaga drink brown coffee, then in the evenings it is usually red. That Emma knows some stuff!!