Thursday, March 26, 2015

3/19 - 3/25

3/19/2015:Happy Birthday KK!!!!

Today I had a play date with a friend of mine! We went to Neely's house and she invited me to stay for lunch. We ate yummy pizza then it was time to go home for a nap. But not before I declared I was tired with a melt down prior to leaving!

Well, today was the day Emma warned me about!! Mom took me on a run! She loaded me up in the running (not jogging, I stand corrected) stroller and we set out. Thankfully Em warned me. Mom was huffing and puffing and her face turned bright red. Emma also told me that if Mom starts to walk I should start crying and Mom will get back in gear and run again. I did it and it worked!! I feel Em and I are great coaches!!

Once we arrived home from the play date both kiddos were asleep and I brought them bought inside while they stayed asleep! Winning!!! I think I was more proud of this fete than anything!!

After nap we played outside hours up on hours. Will was a good sport and even liked getting fed on the front porch! We will all sleep well tonight!
                                         Em finding treasures on our walk... AKA picking flowers.
       Will's stroller is now the princess tiara, sunglasses, sonic cup and flower holder. Sorry buddy!!

Sleep well we did! Will put together a 5 hour stretch then a 4 hour stretch!! Way to go Wilbie!!!
Yes, Emma still calls him Wilbie.
We are packing up today to head to Baton Rouge to watch Sesame Street Live tomorrow. Pops will be keeping Will while we all attend "Elmo's house" as Em calls it.

No pictures today. I think Mom was busy packing us up!! Who knew a little peanut my size needed so much stuff!!!

We went to Sesame street live this AM. Last night when we arrived to Baton Rouge Em had a fever.. yikes!! She felt pretty good this AM yet was under the weather this afternoon before her nap. Hopefully this will pass soon!

Em and Syd have such a good time playing together yet they wear each other out!

                                               Aunt Lauren always has a craft for the girls.
                                                     Little girls singing in the rain.

What a weekend! We got home around 2 this afternoon. Em is still acting puny with a fever so I feel a doctors appointment coming on in the AM. We snuggled on the couch and Brad made several runs to the grocery store to stock up on anything Em would drink. Way to go Dad!!

I think Will is glad to be home as he has slept most of the afternoon! Hope this trend continues tonight.

Regarding Will: He has pretty good head control, he knows his routine down to the minute. During the day this little guy eats every 2 hours and he will wake up at 2 hours down to the minute to get his milk!! Thankfully at night he spaces it out more - Way to go Will!!
He adores his sister and tracks her where ever she goes. He loves to stare at the blue wall in our living room. ( I like to think he is comparing it to the blue wall in his room and deciding which blue color he likes best:)
I weighed him this weekend and he is 12 sweet pounds!
He will now take a bottle from anyone. Thank goodness. I was getting worried that when I went back to work (next Wed:( ...) He and KK would be in for a long day.

Today will be documented in pictures!

                                                             Will found his thumb!!!
                                              Will lounging in his sleep sack and slippers.
                     Em wanted to hunt eggs so she could eat candy. She settled for cheerios and raisins!

This weather could not be better!!!
During nap time I mowed the grass then we were all ready to play outside! Em decided she needed to mow it again with her bubble mower. After mowing time she decided she needed to take Will's toy train for a ride. She is now loving these toddler toys that she never played with before!
After Thomas the Train went for a ride Em jumped on the trampoline with Will watching. I think Will was a little perplexed by the whole trampoline thing!!

     Emma: "Momma, you stay on the sidewalk until I get done mowing so you and Will will stay safe".
                                        Will watching Em jump on the trampoline. He looks very concerned!

Mom picked me up from school sans Wilbie! She had my bike loaded up and we went to ride bikes in the church parking lot to try and avoid cars!
After a melt down I was loaded up and sent to my nap:(
After nap I felt better and Wilbie and I went to the park. I picked out my pink princess shoes to wear to the park.
When Dad got home we played more then he read me books and tucked me in! I have started a new night time ritual with dad: after he tucks me in I tell Dad "I'll give you 20 (counting from 1-20 while doing this) suckers in the morning if you stay in your bed all night"! I think Dad stays in his bed all night yet I am having trouble finding 20 suckers!!

Wilbie is starting to stay awake more. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. In the good ole days with Wilbie we could take him anywhere and he would just sleep and sleep. No he starts to wake up an little more but I think he will be a fine playmate once he gets on the move!

                                        Here I am demonstrating to Wilbie how to blow bubbles.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/12 - 3/18

Today Em decided to give Will a check up! It appears his blood pressure is "excellent" and his heart sounded "pretty". Dr. Emma was in rare form today!
After a nap Gaga came and brought Em to the bounce house then for yogurt and Will (and me) took a nap!

I am 1 month old today!! I feel I have made great strides in my 1 month here!
I don't cry during my bath.. secretly I actually like it! I LOVE to eat and would eat all day if I could! I am gaining weight and I have noticed I'm starting to get little rolls on my legs and some cheeks that are good for kissing on my face!
I love to track my sister around the room, she is just plain funny!!
Besides that, I think I will stay in this family, they seem to know what they are doing.. most of the time.

In other news Mom finally let KK take care of me! Whew, I was waiting to meet KK and today I finally got to spend a few minutes with KK when Mom went to the store. As soon as she picked me up I got the biggest grin on my face! Em was right, KK is the cats pajamas!!

Saturday and the sun finally came out! We got to go outside and I think this was the first time Will got to see the sun.
We planned to go to the park yet it rained again so we settled for a walk around the neighborhood. Em started a new game called, "Momma says". I push Will in the stroller and I tell Em commands. It is the same as Simon says except with a twist.  Momma says run, jump, stop, turn around in circles, touch your toes, dance etc. Her favorite command is DANCE!
In the evening some sweet friends brought supper. Em played with her friend, Allison, for a few hours. I think she was glad to have a playmate.
                                                     I'm ready to go golfing Pops!!

Me and Mom stayed home from church while Dad and Em attended. Mom is serious about this not going out for 6 weeks! Come on Mom I need to see more than Sonic and the loop around our house.

It seems my new favorite song for Mom to sing is the theme song to Rawhide. I think I can thank Pops for my love of that song and for Mom knowing every word to the song!
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, though the streams are swollen, keep them puppies movin, rawhide!

Will had a small party last night so I brought him to the couch with me. I woke up around 6:30 with Em on the couch with us. I laid there and thought now this is the life. My two little cubs nestled with me on the couch. Emma likes when I call her my cublet so I guess that name will stick.

                                               Well, Hello Will!! Such a big boy!

This afternoon the sun was back out so we loaded up and went to the park. Em played and played and played and Will napped. We opted for a Sonic supper with a picnic when we got home.

Spring break is over so back to school for Em.
After school I picked Emma up and we went shoe shopping for summer sandals.
This little girl loves to shop!! She loved getting her foot measured, trying on shoes and even modeled her shoes walking around the store stopping to look at every mirror she passed! She surely did not get the shopping gene from me!

In other news, I know where the saying, "Don't cry over spilled milk" came from! Any mother who has breast fed knows this term dearly. I say this because our deep freeze decided to not freeze so much and a lot of my stored milk thawed! Que the crying over milk!!
Alas, after much conversation with people that know more than I do it was decided most of it could be saved. Glory!!!

                                         Tonight Em picked up the bottle I fixed for Will(using bottles to use up the milk mentioned above) while I pumped more milk. She fed Will the entire bottle! Sweet big sister!
                                              No smiles here Mom, I'm focusing on throwing pennies in the fountain.

                     Did I mention Em mastered the tricycle today!!!! Way to go Em!!!!
Today is Mom's birthday! She opted to not have  Pete the Cat birthday party. Gaga came and brought supper and I showed off my bike riding skills. Gaga also brought some chalk paint that I used on the front porch!!

Well, today was a good day. We played a game with Will that I am sure he was not too found of. As Will was on his play mat me and Emma would try to stack as many toy shapes on him as we could before he would knock them off.  Emma thought it was great, Will tolerated it pretty well.

After Will was down me and Em spent a little quality time with just us girls hanging out on our bed and eating animal crackers. These few minutes of alone time with Em are few and far between!

                                                        Girl time.
                                          Stacking blocks on Will.. our max was 6!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/5 - 3/11

A real snow.. ok ice... day!
It was too cold to play outside and Will is too young to go anywhere (except Sonic) so today we all loaded up and made 2 trips to sonic! My kind of day.
Despite this I feel I exhausted my games to play with Em by noon! I pulled out all the stops: made cupcakes, played with corn meal on a cookie sheet (quite fun!), dug out an old box and made a "club house" then gave up and put on Frozen! I thought this was a grand idea until Em got most upset when Elsa would not come out and play with Anna. She started to cry, Will started to cry and I thought, "Frozen, how can you fail me now!"

Alas, no picture today. Come on Spring!!!!

Today I had a birthday party at school! I got to wear my Pete the cat shirt and Mom brought cupcakes for snack time. She let me go home early and when I got home Gaga and Pops were at my house!
When I got home I took a nap and woke up and Sydney was at my house!!

Today Emma is 3!
This little girl has taught me to love deep, laugh loud, smile big and most importantly to play hard!
Emma, you are inspiring. If I look back I think I have gained more patience (I'll ask Brad to confirm:), I have learned to work hard at work, play hard at home and to treasure every minute I get with you.
I still reflect back on what this patient in the ICU told me one day as she was about to make a decision to go to hospice. She had 5 daughters who all agreed on every  medical decision, which I thought was a miracle in itself. I asked the patient what was the key to success on raising children; her response still sticks with me today. She replied, "All you have to do is give everything you have in everything you do. Your children will see that and will follow your example".
Emma, I pray you give your best in all you do and never lose your sweet spirit!
We love you Em!!!!

What a party yesterday!!
Party??  Yesterday??  Did I sleep through it??

Em had her Pete the cat party yesterday and I do believe she had herself a LARGE time!
We had her party at noon and then had a fish fry for supper.

Emma decided to sleep under the covers for the first time last night. This seems small but I have been trying for a while to get her to sleep under the covers.. she finally decided this was a good idea! I always think she is cold.. but in reality if she were cold I'm sure she would have covered up!

Note in the picture she has already kicked all the covers off!

Well, I hear I am almost 1 month old!! I am starting to sleep a little more at night and can even hold my head up when Mom is holding me!
Thankfully Emma has stopped brushing my hair (thanks mom!) and now gives me kisses every time she leaves the house! I think she loves me!

                                                              Good bye kisses!

Well, lets see.
Will is growing like a weed.. a cute weed.. but he is growing! He is out of newborn clothes and on to 3 months.
Last night he stretched out his sleeping to 4 hours! Way to go Will!!
Today he stayed awake from 11AM to 6PM! What?? Will thinks he is 2 years old!

Yesterday KK brought Em to the cheer gym to watch Maggie. When she got back Em showed me her new back hand spring..... or as I call it " the flop"!

                                                            Hello William!

Today was busy! This morning Ms. Emily helped Mom order Will's birth announcements and some prints from our photo shoot! Ms. Emily sure knows her stuff!!!
I played with her girls and washed my hands about a million times at her house!
When we left I came home for a nap then Mom got brave and brought me and Will to the park. Will stayed in the stroller but I finally got to run outside and burn off some energy.

Em had a funny comment today. When it was time to leave the park due to a hungry William I told Em how proud I was of her for leaving immediately and not throwing a fit.
Em responded, "If I listen there are good consequences, If I don't listen there are bad consequences"! Ha ha ha, I guess she does hear what we tell her!

FYI: If you live in the Jackson area and need pictures you need to use Emily Brandt! She is fabulous!!!

                                                  It's hard to smile with those sweet cheeks!!!
                                               First park outing with Will in tow!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2/26 - 3/4

Today Gaga came to take Em for a play date! They were going to the jump palace yet Em fell asleep before arriving. She woke up and they decided to go get yogurt yet Em fell asleep before arriving at the yogurt store. Soo, Em and Gaga spent quite some time in the car but Em did get her yogurt before it was all over.
After Gaga left to go home Brad returned home with some new shelves to organize toys!
Em was a big help. She learned the names of bolts, washers and locking washers! Who knew there was such thing as a locking washer??

                                                              Look Mom, a bolt!
                        Brad requesting a locking washer and his trusty assistant retrieving it for him

I am 2 weeks old today!
Today Dad went back to work because he was on call. I missed our male bonding but I know he will be back tonight to help tuck me in!

Hard to believe Will has been here 2 weeks, yet it also seems he has always been here!
Em is still adjusting so well. To date, she has not asked to send him back, which I think is pretty good on her part!
Tonight while I fed Will she decided to breast feed her babies!

Well, Will survived his first stroller ride with Em pushing the stroller. She did take off down the hill quite fast but thankfully Brad caught up. (no babies were harmed during the walk:)

Tonight a friend from the church dropped off dinner and gave Em and Will a gift. Em loved her lipstick and glow in the dark nail polish! I don't think she has stopped putting it on yet!

   After the rather fast descent down the hill Will decides he will hunker under his blanket for safety!
 At this point in the walk Em leaves Will in the middle of the road and decides to bark at the neighbors dog. Poor Will! Dad back to the rescue!

March?? already??
Tonight Will was hungry and Em yelled across the house, " Mom, Wilbur is hungry". Wilbur?? ha h a ha. So I fed Wilbur. Sorry Will, hope that nickname does not stick!
                                                       Will doesn't seem to mind his nickname.

Gaga came today!! We had a wonderful meal again delivered by some friends at the church and we ate it all!
Em and Gaga played all afternoon.
Will is growing and he is eating about every hour! Today I had to de-thaw some milk from the freezer supply to get 2 more ounces for our big boy to eat out of a bottle. This was his first bottle so I figure this needs to make the blog.

Emma wrote notes for everyone including will. Her note to will said, "Emma loves Will at home". She put it on top of him while he napped. On prior days she has tried to pry his eyes open to make him look at her. Thankfully I think we have stopped that habit. Poor Will!

                                                   playing school with gaga!
                                    Will is not quite ready to wake up and read his note!

Well, Will, it was bound to happen!
Em went to the dentist today and she picked out this fake make up /hair kit as her prize before leaving the dentist. Poor Will had his hair brushed, fake lipstick and make up applied and then his hair was blow dried (fake blow dryer) promptly after his bath! Em is grooming him well!

 Did I mention Will was also the center of the race track while Em raced around him on her "racer seat"??

Today was beautiful!!
I picked Em up from school which is always a treat! When I pulled up she squealed, "Momma" and ran to my car!
After a short walk with Will and a short nap we went back outside to enjoy the day! Em is really getting into the stroller walks with Will and she only left him in the middle of the road once to pick up a stray rock.

She is really a big help! She has learned to set the table for us at dinner and she will retrieve a diaper or burp cloth before I can get the words out of my mouth!