Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/19 - 2/25

Gaga showed up this morning and let Mom and Dad go eat lunch while she watched me and Will!
After mom and dad ate lunch Gaga brought me to the jump palace.  Baby William Thomas (i know mom named him William Heath, but I like William Thomas better) had to stay home because he can not jump yet. You know what, I don't even think he can roll over yet!

Today was a good day of sleep. Sister was out of the house with Gaga so me and Mom took a long afternoon nap! I think me and the cats sleep the most in the house. If we were to have a "sleep off" I think I would win!

Em broke out in song while walking around with her Elmo music player. I don't think the song "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing my God can not do" is on the CD but it was sweet to hear her singing it!

                                Em continuing her big sister duties: Getting in the burping line!

Well, I was told today was Friday and I have been around for 1 whole week!! Today I was loaded up and made my maiden voyage to Sonic! Emma told me Mom loves a Route 44 vanilla coke zero and that is exactly what Dad ordered for her! Emma got her own cup of water, Dad got a drink and all I got was the promise of milk when I get home.

I also hear Pops is coming tonight to have a slumber party with me and Emma.

                                                               Sonic trip!!!

Pops played with me all day! We first went and got my hair cut and Pops watched very patiently. He didn't fuss once while waiting on me. After my hair cut we went to the "wooded park". Then a lunch date to subway then home for a nap.
While I was out and about baby Will stayed home with Mom and Dad.

Dad is also studying because he has his "work test" next week! Initially I was confused with bible study and work study and I thought Dad was going to bible study every day. Which would be ok as well.. yet Dad explained this is studying for a test for work.. so I named it his work test so there would be no confusion!

Below is a picture of baby will! His eyes were open so I thought this was something we needed to document!

Today was picture day in the Norris house! We had a great photographer (Emily Brandt) who spent a ton of time getting the perfect pictures! I can't wait to see them!

Below is the sweet rose bud on the alter at church today for William! We love Parkway Hills UMC!

Before bedtime Brad and Em practiced sliding across the floor which led to Brad teaching Emma how to play defense!

Today was more tummy time and I did better. Sister Emma got to play with me on my play mat and I played for a while then completely wore myself out!!
I woke up and one of mom's work friends dropped off some diapers from all the people at the dialysis unit at the hospital!! We sure need them because I go through a ton of diapers and Emma loves to pull out wipes!

In other news my addition to sonic hit a new high (or low, however you look at it).
Emma has recently become found of those veggie/fruit pouches. As a toddler she never ate them but now she loves them and it's a good way to get a veggie in her. Well, she calls her pouches her "vanilla coke zero"!  ha ha ha. my favorite drink at sonic. I guess she has heard me order it a couple times in the past!

Brag Alert:  Brad took his test today and passed with flying colors!!! Way to go Brad! We are proud of you and love you!!

                                               Emma with her vanilla coke zero!

Today's entertainment was Emma dancing on her "stage". AKA the foot piece to her little tykes car that can pop in and out, while Will was in his swing. She cranks up the music on the swing to full force and dances her heart out hoping Will will watch her!

                             Will slept through his first dress up. Em put pink mittens on his hands.

Will and Em's first snow day... minus the snow. Em's preschool was canceled so we were all home today. We were a tad stir crazy but nothing a pillow box and nap nannie can't fix while Frozen is on the TV!

                                           Will, Emma and even Donkey #5 enjoyed the relaxing day.

                                                   Sweet Em holding Will's hand.
                                               Emma's new hobby is burping the baby! She is good at it!
This is a series of 1000 questions from Emma about baby will. Not limited too when he will talk, walk, run, swim, eat, paint, ride a scooter and last but not least get out of the pink nap nannie so Emma can sit in it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/12 - 2/18

Well, tomorrow Will is going to make his arrival. We are set for induction in the morning.
This afternoon me and Em went lip stick (chap stick) shopping for her. I know, what do I know about lip stick shopping but Em thought I was the cats pajamas when we were shopping. She now owns about 20 tubes of chap stick!
No picture today as we are in high gear for Will's soon arrival!

Happy Friday the 13th!
William Heath Norris arrived at 6:09 PM, 9lb 3oz, 20 inches long.
Emma was too cute as she peered around the corner and saw Will for the first time. She jumped up in the bed with me, patted his head, told him he was pretty and nice. Em then got word that Cousin Sydney had arrived and promptly jumped off the bed and ran to see Sydney!

Well, Will and I survived a night in the hospital. He is a pretty laid back guy and is happy unless he is hungry, which I think he inherited that trait from me.
Em came to visit today but was not too interested in what we were doing. She was more interested in going to the bounce palace with gaga, pops, W, Aunt Lauren and Sydney

Emma has changed Will's name from: William Heath Norris to William Thomas Norris! Ha ha. At least there is no "donkey" name added like all of her babies.
Thankfully me and Will are going home today! Whoo hoooo! We are ready!

                                                    Em showing Will her lipstick.
                                   This smile brought to you by milk. A full baby = a happy baby.
Emma is getting into the swing of being a big sister!
Today she asked again when she can start bossing baby will around... hopefully not too soon!
We tried the pacifier today with Will, but I think this little guy just likes to eat! He was not a huge fan.
She also looked down at her shirt and asked, "Why am I not wearing a big sister shirt today"? I guess we need to buy more big sister shirts!

Will had his weight and bili. check today. He is back up to 8 lb 15 oz and 22 inches. I'm thinking his birth measurement was not too accurate unless he grew 2 inches in 5 days!

Gaga came with me and Will to his appointment then played with Emma until she could play no more. They ate lunch at chick fil a and before leaving the restaurant Em proudly proclaimed she needed to go to new orleans to go to her bible study! Ha ha. I doubt on Fat Tuesday too many bible studies are being attended in NOLA.

                                        Em sacked out after her day with Gaga!
     Brad went PJ shopping and came home with footed PJ's for Em to match Will's! She loved them!

We all had a good nights sleep last night! Will slept 3 hour chunks at a time which I think is fabulous! Em slept well in her footed pajamas and went to school today. Today she resumes her regular schedule with KK and I think Em is more than ready to get back to her routine.

Well,  I think I got put into a pretty good family. They keep me warm, feed me and even provided me with an older sister who loves me. There are these 2 cats that keep smelling my head and walking away. I don't think they are too impressed with me but I guess we have time to work on our relationship!
Mom attempted tummy time today. I knew where this was going because Emma told me. I proudly lifted my head up then put it down and started crying. It worked! Mom picked me up real quick and let me eat lunch.

Yesterday I taught Will the letter C. I think he caught on pretty quick!! Today I taught him how to color! I colored all of the Sesame Street gang and Will watched closely.

                                                           Sweet smiling Will!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/5 - 2/11

The crud has officially hit the Norris household! Brad had sinusitis, I have a sore throat and this afternoon Em started throwing up. blaaaa
hopefully this will pass!
On a good note I went to my doctor's appt for Will. He is measuring 8lb13oz but seems quite content to stay put for now! Good boy Will! Wait until we get well to make your arrival.

On an even better note my Mom came today. We were supposed to spend the afternoon together yet since we were all under the weather we came home and lounged. Well, me and Em lounged, Gaga cooked supper!

Well, I'm feeling better but I learned my lesson about sleeping in my contacts as I now have an infection in my eye. Nothing a few drops can't fix.. i hope!
Em woke up still puny (AKA throwing up all over the couch) and Brad is now feeling worse. We are all staying home today to get well. Stay put Will, give me some time to disinfect this house!

Well, Em perked up a little this morning but is still not herself. No fever, still with an upset stomach, so I guess this is just a virus.
Sitting in her box chair while trying to feel better.
It appears Mickey mouse clubhouse.. the salty the seal episode is her favorite. It's about a seal at the circus. I can feel a circus visit in our future whenever it comes to town.

Not much changing today for poor Em. She is eating a little better but still has no energy. We attempted to go to the park to get out of the house yet didn't stay long at all. Emma was not up to playing one bit!
Em did perk up when Brad started to read her new favorite book, "Pete the cat and the bad banana".

Well, good thing I am not a pediatrician. I would be an awful one!! Em has strep throat:(
This morning she still was not acting herself so we made an appointment. After a few minutes her strep swab came back positive. Thankfully flu was negative!
1 shot and hopefully a little girl will feel better this afternoon
                                           Em perking up a little tonight.

Em is back to her ole self!! Tonight we ran off some energy with an obstacle course through the house. Around the chair, over the lady but chair, over the foot stool around the basketball goal and run down the hall and back! Whew, we are both tired!

I am figuring out the perks of being a big sister: Presents!!! Tonight I came home with more presents from church!! Baby Will received a quilt that Ms. Sherry made, but I got legos!! Who hooo!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

1/29 - 2/4

When I got home Em was outside playing and we stayed outside playing until the sun went down! We ate supper.. had a few meltdowns over who knows what... then finally calmed down!
On our treasure hunt this evening Em found more rocks, sticks and leaves. Thankfully she left them in her scooter basket and did not bring them in the house again! I feel we have a small forest with all the sticks and leaves we have accumulated.

I went back to the doctor today and baby will is doing great! Just waiting for him to make his arrival!

When I got home I wanted yogurt.. so we went out to get yogurt.. and yogurt ended up being our supper. Yogurt can be supper sometimes right??
Alas, Emma opted for cake batter with Capt'n Crunch Cereal on top. After yogurt..aka supper.. we came home and played with her baby dolls.

One funny conversation we had today:
Emma: Momma, will your belly shrink back down after Will leaves your belly?
Me: Yes, Emma, I hope so.
Emma: Momma, will your behind get smaller too?
Me: laughing... well Geez Em, I didn't know my behind got bigger?  But if it did I sure hope it gets smaller too!!

Maybe its nesting or maybe I'm tired of yogurt and sandwiches for supper but today Brad and I made about 12 meals and froze them. (thanks to Jackie K for the recipes)

Emma likes to carry around notebooks and write in them. I was looking through one of them and found the picture below. I don't think Em knew what she was getting into when she signed that contract!!

                                            Brad showing Em the finer points of digging!

February 1st!
Em was fired up after church and promptly ran around the yard.. or around the world as Emma viewed it.. about a thousand times! Run Em Run!

In other news Em is really starting to play and take care of her babies.
Tonight she gave Donkey #5 a bath in Wills bath tub.

More play time tonight after work.
Em decided to drag out all of her baby toys and push Donkey #5 in them.

Mom got home early.. after a few melt downs.. we went to the park. Mom even played soccer with me running up and down the field! After soccer time Dad was home and he turned my box chair into a house. Dad pretended to be a door to door salesman while I bought everything he brought to my door!!
Dad: Knock, Knock; I'm selling these 2 pom poms for 2 dollars; would you like them?
Me: Yes, I want them both
Dad: I just need the name of your dad to send the bill too.
Me: Mr. Brad Norris, Thank you.
              Em in the box chair with her dolls:  Khaki donkey, Donkey #5 and Donkey(under all the blankets)

Mom is tired tonight. I can always tell because she bribes me with a picnic for supper on the couch bed!! I always agree to a picnic/slumber party!
After supper I decided to bathe Donkey #5 then Dad was home to finish the night time routine.