Thursday, January 29, 2015

1/15 - 1/21

When Brad got home Em wanted him to play with her as soon as he stepped into the house. He wanted to eat so Em decided she would sit right next to him while he ate supper!

A first tonight:  I think Em had her first emotion of regret/feelings being hurt.

Em was carrying khaki donkey and threw her on the floor for being "bad". Brad and I both told her not to throw the baby doll... trying to secure home the point of don't throw baby Will when he arrives.

Em stopped dead in her tracks, ducked her head and then started to wail! She said we hurt her feelings because we told her she didn't take care of her babies!! We felt awful:(
Alas, after some hugs and a long discussion about caring for babies she felt better.

The day started with school, then me and KK's usual Friday lunch date at Chick-fil-a. Then Mom got home and we went to Lizzy's birthday party at Little giants then loaded up and hit the road to Memphis for Charlotte's first birthday party!!!

Sorry for the picture. I was trying to get a pic of Emma showing her purse that we just had to go back and get before we left, yet the flash seems to be a bit overwhelming!!

Happy Birthday Party Day Charlotte!!!
Today was a great day! We started the day watching Jacob play basketball where he scored some points, stole the ball and even lead the fast break! Go Jacob.
After the game we went back to "Jacob's House" and had Charlotte's first birthday party.
I was a little hesitant on how Em would react to Charlotte but she loved every bit of baby Charlotte.
Em had a blast playing with her cousins and we went for a short nap then returned for a pizza party later in the evening. We all went back to the hotel and crashed after a long, yet very fun, day!

                                                  Em and Henry watching Jacob play some hoops!
               Jacob showing off his stellar defense. He actually stole the ball right after this picture and took off down the court!!! One proud Aunt!!!
                                                          Em and G dad playing!
 Aunt Nicole won person of the weekend aware when she gave Emma this pager! Em sees my pager when I am on call and loved having her own pager. She would make it beep then tell me she had to go to work to take care of sick people! Thankfully when it was time for bed she decided she was no longer on call and the pager took a break!
                                                   The birthday girl and her daddy!
                                                                Happy Birthday Charlotte!

I was worn out from yesterday! I slept until 8AM!
After breakfast at the hotel we went back to Jacob's house and I got to play with Henry, Charlotte, Jacob and Josie Kate!  After a visit to the park and a lunch date at mcallisters we hit the road back home. I feel a long nap in my future!!

Below is me, Mom and Baby Will(under my hand) relaxing in the bed before actually going to bed!

Today is MLK holiday! Mom got to stay home with me yet Dad had to work.
We enjoyed the day playing with Georgia and her Momma at the bounce palace followed by lunch at Newks. Me and Georgia jumped until we could jump no more! I think both of our Mom's are hoping for a long nap this afternoon!!

What gorgeous weather! I think we made up for all the cold weather by playing on every outside toy that Emma owns. This was noted limited too: jumping on the trampoline, playing soccer, pushing her lawn mower and little tykes car around the neighborhood, playing with chalk and bubbles and finally a little Tee ball off her little tykes tee.

Usually book reading right before bed is reserved for Em and Brad time. Tonight I was invited to sit down and join. I think I don't get invited much because I either fall asleep or try to sneak in a picture!

1/22 - 1/28

Tonight's entertainment was brought to you by Emma running!
I would time her to see how long it would take her to run to her room, get a blanket and come back!
11 seconds was her best time! ha ha ha

In other news today Emma stated she was going to teach baby Will how to eat candy, eat Popsicles and take a bubble bath.


We are ready to go to Baton Rouge for Syd's birthday party on Sunday!!
Em had her bags packed and blankets ready to go as soon as Brad got home.
                                                   Em trying out Will's sit and play seat!

I slept until 8:30 this AM!! I like W and Aunt Lauren's guest bed!
After I woke up me and Syd exchanged a hug then started to play. The big toys of the day were the mop and broom and this big box we got to play in!!
We did go to the park and even a walk around the neighborhood before it was supper time. We had 3 birthday cakes at supper!! Jan. is full of birthdays: Happy birthday Aunt Staci, granddad and Sydney!
                        Everyone needs a blanket coat.. even the baby dolls (khaki donkey and donkey #5)

Today is Syd's birthday party!! We started the day by painting some pictures for baby Will's room! I didn't know Syd and I were such artist!
After lunch we headed to the party at the Little Gym. We got to run and play games then ate cake and ice cream!! Syd opened her gifts and before I knew it we were on the road heading home.
I slept the entire way, took a bath and went to bed again!

I think the favorite toy this weekend was the broom and swiffer mop!

Tired is the only word to describe today! We went to Kroger to get the basics then ran a few more errands then came home to eat a lovely supper of PB&J!
Thankfully Em was quite happy to play with this balloon she found!

Today we went on another treasure hunt! Mom let me walk underneath this bridge near our house and I found rocks, sticks and some leaves. When we got home I promptly placed them on Dad's side of the bed so he could see him when he got off work.
After our treasure hunt I decided Mom needed a little lip stick so I helped her apply it!

                                                           Looking up at the bridge.

What a day!
Em has been a bit of a ... umm.. pill lately! Today I decided we would sit down and talk about her change in behavior.
I asked Em if she was worried about something. Emma responded, " I'm scared about when Baby Will comes home. " I asked her why she was scared. Emma replied, " Because it will be different". Yes, Emma, it will be different. We then went over everything that will stay the same and how much of a help she is going to be etc. She seemed to perk up and the melt downs have improved tremendously!!
After our talk we went to church and I was surprised with a baby shower during our bible study time. The girls made bibs for Will and I have to say Will should be happy he won't have to sport the pink bibs Emma wore! Thanks girls!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

1/8 - 1/14

Today was my check up with Mom! I'm 34 weeks and 5 days!!
Mom has been telling people she feels I am a big baby.. well she is correct!! I measured in at 6lb 6oz today!! On my 4D ultrasound I could hear mom comment on my squishy cheeks and little rolls that are already on my arms!!
I guess only a few more weeks and I'll finally get to meet these people that I have been hearing for the past 9 months. I am very interested to meet Emma, she seems like quite the character!!!

                              It's not my best profile shot but you can see my lips, notes and eyes!

Well, we hit another milestone!! I'm assuming only family and close friends read this blog so none will be offended.. but.. Em pooped in the potty finally. We have mastered wearing panties but she would always poop at night in her diaper; not today! Way to go Em!!!!

When Brad got home from work Em decided he probably got sick being around all the sick people at the hospital so she gave him a quick check up.

Today we went back to the bounce palace and Em's friend Allison joined us! They bounced for about 2 hours then we went to Majestic Burger for lunch then home for a nap!! Well, I napped and Em napped. Brad studied as he is about to take his MRI boards. Go Brad Go!!!!

                                                       snack time!
                                     What else are you supposed to do with a menu??

Sunday!! We went to church then all took a nap.. well, Brad studied again.
After nap time it was time to go to Reese's birthday party where they all jumped and ate plenty of cake! Happy 3rd birthday Reese!
Tonight Brad bathed Emma and they both decided it was time to pull out the Christmas PJ's and Christmas socks. Em was so proud of her socks she kept kicking her feet in the air showing me her beautiful socks!

                                 The 2 year old Sunday School class playing in the crib at church!

Monday.. Monday.
I never seem to get a picture on Mondays especially when I am on call!
Alas, Em named another doll she got for Christmas. Fado is her name. Not sure where that name came from as the doll is actually Aurora from sleeping beauty. She also elected to affectionately named her other doll piggy. Love these names.

So far the list of baby names includes:
khaki donkey
donkey #2
donkey #5

Gaga came tonight!! She came with supper and gifts for me and Will!! I was so excited Gaga was here that I had a small accident in my pants but I was reassured this was OK!
After that we played and played then I got to take a bubble bath before going to bed.
I was a little concerned that Will's crib now takes the place of Gaga and Pops bed. Gaga slept on the couch. This worried me a little but I guess that is just how it's going to be from here on out unless Will decides to share his crib!
                                                       Helping Gaga tie her shoes.

Em went to school this AM but had a fever after her nap:( I came home a little early and we spent most of the evening on the couch. Hope this little girl feels better soon!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

1/1 - 1/7

2015 will be full of changes and new additions to the family!
Today Brad was in worker bee mode! He put up all of Christmas, moved all the furniture out of the new nursery and put everything in the attic! Way to go Brad!!!
Em was very excited that Baby Will is going to be using her crib! She was so interested in his room; yet she was a tad concerned that Gaga/Pops and Lulu/G dad won't have a place to sleep when they come visit!

We ended the evening playing and Brad showed off his helicopter flying skills with his new helicopter (remove controlled) that Gaga/pops gave him! Em loves watching it fly!

Friday means chick-fil-a for lunch with KK!!!
After lunch we came home and there was a coconut in the mail for me!!! Aunt kat and Aunt Staci are in Hawaii and they mailed me a coconut!!!

Pops is here to help paint Will's nursery!!
While Dad and Pops painted me and Mom had a date for just us girls! Mom had to work last night and this AM but as soon as she got off she picked me up and we headed to the bounce palace. I jumped until I could not jump any more! We ate lunch at subway then came home to check on the guys. They were working away and me and Mom took a nap!
After a long nap Pops treated us to supper and Burgers and Blues!

Pops is still here and boy have we (I) put him and Brad to work! Thanks guys for all the work!! William will appreciate it and so do I!

                                  Em busy writing notes to put in Will's crib! His crib will be full!

Back to the daily grind today. Em had a little difficulty adjusting to back to school with one small episode at school where she wanted her momma:(
thankfully Mrs. Mandi made sure she felt better and KK was there to pick her up at the end of the day.
I asked Em why she got upset, she told me, " Momma, I thought I would see you at school and you weren't there". Fair enough Em!

Tonight we made some muffins (em wanted to make them for Brad) then went on a "treasure hunt" around the neighborhood. Our treasures consisted of leaves and a dime!

                                             Did I mention I got an excellent hair style by Em?

I started back swimming lessons today. I was a little hesitant because there was a new teacher but I warmed up to Ms. Tracy pretty quick. After swimming KK picked me up and I was NOT happy Mom was leaving me. I fussed... a lot... but calmed down and even called mom to let her know I was feeling ok.
Tonight when Mom got home we went to the park then I got to kick my soccer ball all over the soccer field. We then went to eat pizza!!

Whew, Me and em had a night tonight. we just couldn't see eye to eye on anything!!!
Alas, Em stopped melting down after multiple... multiple time outs and bed sitting episodes and decided she would finish the night with a cheer!

On another note I love asking Emma what she is going to teach baby Will. Her response changes daily.
Today Em responded, " I'll teach baby Will to kick his feet in the water and to trick-or-treat". All very important things!
Em is doing great with potty training and KK is even brave enough to let her nap without a diaper!! I'll get that brave one day!:)