Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/18 - 12/24

Not much food in the house = obligatory trip to chick-fil-a for supper. I always try to bargain to avoid going inside chick-fil-a just to avoid the playground! I don't know why but I really don't like eating in chick-fil-a. We decided to pick up the food and have a picnic in the living room.
After supper we took a shower. It has become more and more difficult to bathe Emma without practically falling into the tub with her. Thankfully Em is a fan of showers and hops right in with me.

I forgot an Em quote last week that I don't want to forget:
Em was fussing ... a lot.. when I got home. I marched her to her room and she continued the tantrum. I walked by to check on her and she replied,"go away Mom, I don't want you to see me like this". Quite funny but I'm not sure where she has ever heard that. Alas, she got in trouble again for telling me to go away!

Well, Another day passes and no picture. I feel when Will arrives I'll cut back on the blogging, sorry Will!!!

It's Saturday and Mom and Dad are both off work!!! We started the day with doughnuts. Mom usually doesn't go with us due to work but she joined out field trip today. I had to show her the ropes!
After doughnuts we played and played then attended a basketball game between northwestern state and Jackson state. Mom's friend from college coaches at Northwestern coach so we decided to show our support! I showed my support by dancing the entire game!!
After the game we came home and made a gingerbread house then hit the sack

On a different note I am pottying (is that a word??)in the big girl potty!!!
I even went at the basketball game in the public restroom. Mom looked very skeptical but I had to go!!!

Today I got to sing in church again with my Crescendo class AKA tiny tones.
We sang "go tell it on the mountain" and boy did we tell it!!

Brad and I are both on call which means Gaga is on call! If you ask her this might be the best kind of call!

Boy, Christmas sure does wear a girl out!
Mom got home a little early today and we were both tired!

After a short stent of playing outside we were both in our sleep clothes by 6PM, at sonic by 6:15 and we had a slumber party on the couch bed until bed time!!

** Note the pink sparkly shoes.. Brad let Em pick them out! Emma loves her daddy!!!

Guess who is back today?? Gaga and pops!!!
They came to spend Christmas with us!! Dad is working over the holidays but I still think Santa will be able to find my house.
We went to Christmas eve service then home for supper then hit the sack to wait for Santa. I hear Santa won't hit my house until tomorrow afternoon due to Santa's heavy work load!

Friday, December 19, 2014

12/11 - 12/17

Mom is on call so me and KK got a little extra bonding time today.
In other news I asked Em what she thought I did while I was at work. She replied, "pull peoples hair back when they are sick and if they are real sick you might put a bow in in".

I might try this trick the next time someone is not getting better. Pull hair back twice daily with a bow placed once daily. Stat!!

Tonight we hit the road that leads to Gaga and Pops house for a Christmas party!!
I hear there will be cake so I am excited!

                                                         The flash was a tad bright!
Today was a fun day!
Syd and Em were up with the chickens and played all morning. We took a quick visit to Santa then everyone took a nap. I took 3 naps today; it was amazing!
After nap time we got ready for Gaga's Christmas party. I think the girls had more fun than anyone! They lasted the whole party and were ready for more when it was over.

                                                 We love our candy canes from Santa!
                                                    Not many smiles while visiting Santa.
                                                       All smiles after seeing Santa.
                      Did I fail to mention the girls LOVED playing with the martini glasses at the party??

                                    The potty was were a lot of time was spent this weekend!!

After church we ate lunch and headed home. I fell asleep before even getting out of Winnfield! I was tired!
I got to wear my sleep clothes in the car because as soon as we get back to Madison we are attending a birthday party for Jesus full of pancakes and cake plus we all get to wear our PJ's!
Sadly I was still too tired when we got there and I might have melted down a time or two so we went home. Sigh, the life of a two year old.

                                 Lounging on a Sunday morning with cousin Syd is the best!

Today Em peed in the potty again! This has been a struggle but I feel we are making strides! Tonight we had some errands to run and I really did not want to put on a pull up so with M&M's for a bribe Em did it!!!

Well, there is a new addition to our home. Em has been playing with Khaki Donkey (the doll at the top) a lot lately but today she found another doll in her room that she has added to her crew(see doll below Khaki Donkey). She affectionately calls this doll---->Donkey!
Welcome to our family Donkey!

I'm on call tonight but I came home later to find this going on. Em and Brad discussing the finer points of Elmo while Khaki Donkey looks on.
Emma loves her daddy!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

12/4 - 12/10

KK brought me to the mall today to watch KK's niece sing and dance!! I loved it!!

After my nap mom was home and we went to the park. We stayed at the park until the sun went down!! I kicked my soccer ball up and down the soccer fields until I thought I was going to fall out!
After that this man started hitting golf balls!! I have heard that Pop's likes to play golf and I decided I wanted Pops to teach me how to play golf! How hard can it be???!:)
We promptly called Pops and let him know about my golfing desires.

                                        Watching the man play golf waaaay in the distance!
Today me and Em visited Brad at work. Em loved "working" herself. Brad gave her a clipboard and some pens and Em got to work!

This evening we met Georgia and her parents for a little fun at the children's museum followed by supper. The children's museum had a Christmas type gathering complete with snow, cookies, hot chocolate and plenty of playing! We ate supper followed by a little couch snuggling with Mom.

                                                     Decorating a gingerbread man

Well today was a Daddy/Emma day.  We got to go to the Christmas parade here in Madison.  There were a bunch of kids playing in the grass in front of one of the churches on the route.  Emma wasted no time joining in.  She took off running and yelling,"Come on, Daddy!"

The parade began with a crew of motorcycle riding policemen from all the local departments.  They rode in circles and weaved in and out from each other with their sirens blazing.  Emma was not a fan of the sirens so we backed off the route a couple of hundred feet until the motorcycles were past us.
Emma was on my shoulders to get a better view, and told me that I needed to cover my ears so the sirens wouldn't be so loud!  Little girl was looking out for her daddy!


Today we had an uneventful trip Walmart.  As it turns out, uneventful is my favorite kind of trip to Walmart.  Happy to go in, and a calm, sweet girl in the store!  I'll take it every single time!
 Emma got a little bored doing the grocery shopping, so she told me that she was lying down to take a break!

Today was Em's Christmas party at school. She always gets so excited for these parties. I was thankful I was able to sneak away from work to attend the party as well!

Tonight we celebrated a lot of different holidays. Christmas and Easter wrapped up into one!
Em hunted Easter eggs while wearing her Christmas PJ's.

Tonight Me and Mom went to eat supper with some of the girls from the youth group! I was excited for an evening with the girls!
Mom told me if I behaved we could go to the candy store next door after we ate. I behaved.. most of the time.. so I got to pick out some candy. I picked a marshmallow covered in M&M's!!

                                                   Just a little excited about her treat!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

11/27 -12/3

We woke up after a pretty good nights sleep yet Em didn't quite seem herself. We figured she was tired and arrived at Lulu's house before lunch. The whole gang arrived and it was great to see everyone. I figured something was the matter when Em wanted to take a morning nap and she even slept through lunch. When she woke up she didn't eat much and wanted to sit in my lap all afternoon.
We decided to go back to the hotel for a short bit and then Em started getting a fever and slept all afternoon and most of the night! Poor little cub!!

We did get to enjoy a delicious lunch!!!! I think I ate enough for 3! Thankfully we also got a picture of Mimi with all the grand kids that were at Lulu's house!

Well, Em is still not feeling well so we are driving back home today:(
It seems the 5 hour nap did Em some good. She perked up before bedtime enough to open her Elf on the shelf and name him "baby". We also managed to get the tree up, hopefully we can decorate it tomorrow.

We had a low key day, Em still isn't feeling 100%.
Emma loves a back scratch.. arm scratch... leg scratch.. foot scratch.. you get my point. Tonight she decided to give her Daddy a head scratch. Em even invented the arm pit scratch for herself!

Em is back to her ole self for sure today!
We went to church followed by lunch then a nap (and a Saints win!!)
After nap time we went to visit Santa! This Santa was the best one around. He was patient and calm and took time to make Em feel comfortable! No tears were shed in this Santa trip!

On the way home we stopped by Sonic and we all got a drink. Em got a water and promptly started to spray it everywhere via the straw. I took it away and told her she would have to go to her room and sit on her bed when we got home. She then started to tell me, "no, I'm going to sit on my floor and fuss, followed by a lovely version of "Jesus loves me". Ahh, the trials of a 2 year old!

Well, on a last minute whim we decided to visit the lights in Canton and see what was going on north of Madison. Em had a blast riding the merry go round, riding the train and dancing the night away by the singing Christmas tree!

Me and Em got to hang out all day today! We played and played and played some more than both took a long nap. Em woke up in time for Pops to arrival! The first thing Emma asked me when she woke up from her nap was, "Is Pop's truck still going to be dirty?"
When Pops arrived Emma confirmed it was indeed still dirty.

I am on call tonight so Pops and Em had some quality time playing.
One comment tonight really stands out. It was time for bed and Brad told Emma to get in the bed.
Emma blurts out, "Honey, I'm not going to tell you again, I'm not going to bed". Followed by promptly getting in the bed. Sigh, I don't know the appropriate response to that comment but we all laughed.

More play time with Pops and some painting on the front porch before Pops headed back home. Em

We had a day of Christmas shopping followed by a little park visit. I told Em we were going to the park after stopping at 2 stores only if she listened. I feel I bribe her more and more as the days pass!
Tonight I had a little creative whim(these come about once a year) and we made our own ornaments for the tree. I initially was going to let Em use paint but opted for markers!

In other news, I had a reminder of how much this little girls watches and repeats what we do! Em has started to wear a pony tail holder on her hand like Mom. Kind of made my heart smile a little bigger!