Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/13 - 11/19

Today I came home and Em stated she "listened all day"! This is quite a feat as we struggle with listening nightly! Yet, KK confirmed she listened all day! Way to go Em!

The pictures are trying to show off Emma's braid, she wouldn't quite stay still for the photo op!

KK came early today because Dad had a meeting at work. KK fixed my hair for school!!! It sure is cold today. I had to wear a fleece and a coat!!

When Mom got home she declared it no bath Friday and I got to go straight to my PJ's with no bath!!!

Dad here doing a little guest blogging.  Lindsey is on call.  Emma has started being a little more independent and dressing herself.  I just need to teach her to look at the weather report!  Today it was COLD and she was determined to wear her swimsuit.  She even told me that the doctor told her to wear her swimsuit today! haha! her little imagination!  Tonight, we went to a late birthday party at the Bounce Palace in Pearl.  It was a party for one of her little soccer buddies.  She loved the bounce houses and even went down some of the big slides.  She is getting so brave!
winter swimsuit!
Emma likes to Jump!

Emma decided to be a big help with the laundry today.  She wanted to pitch in a do a load of clothes.  Her version of folding clothes includes moving clean clothes back and forth between the dryer and the laundry basket; over and over again!  She was such a big helper!

Emma also wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the position seen below.  She needed her baby doll, Khaki Donkey (aptly named by Emma), her pink gloves, pillows, and a blanket on the floor.  Even the cat had to check it out to see what she was doing!  Funny Emma!

I was on call all weekend and Gaga came to keep Em so I could sleep when I got home! I really, really, really needed this break today!! Em and Gaga played, Gaga brought me supper and I got to go to bed early = a win win situation!!
Thanks Gaga!!

I don't think any pictures were obtained today as I was in the bed!

Gaga came yesterday and taught me a very important word: cooperative! I really tried to be cooperative today but I think at times I forgot what that word meant!
For example: when Dad got home tonight and was trying to get me to calm down and read books I started running around the house yelling, " I'm cooperative". I guess I need Gaga to re teach me what that word exactly means!

Well, Wednesday is here!! Mom was working late so KK dropped me off at Crescendo class so I could practice one more time before we sing on Sunday morning. This will be a special Sunday because Gaga, Pops, Aunt Lauren, W and Sydney will all be there to watch me sing!!!
After church I had a little dance party before bath time!

11/20 - 11/26

Well, I can't remember what we did today!
So I'll dedicate this to Will.
I went to the doctor and he is growing nicely: already 3lb 5oz!!!!
He is already a thumb sucker based on his hand that is crammed into his mouth which is exactly what Em did before she was born. He kicks constantly, but does seem to simmer down at night so I'm hopeful for a baby that likes to sleep at night!!

My family is coming in town to this weekend! Gaga, Pops, Lauren, W and Sydney will all be here. Prior to their arrival I figured Em needed to be introduced to one of the holiday's finest treats: white chocolate covered oreos! She found them just as divine as I think they are!

I got my hair cut today!! I was such a big girl and didn't move an inch. When we got home Me and Syd played all day. Pops was raking the yard and Me and Syd showed Pops just how far we could make those leaves travel once he put them in a nice, neat pile.
After raking Gaga, Aunt Lauren and Mom really got busy with my play room!! They organized all my toys and even bought a new rug for my play room!!!

Mom and Dad went out to eat and I got to stay at home with the rest of the crew and roast hot dogs! When it was bed time W tried to put me to sleep but after a while I wanted my Daddy. W took me on a car ride and I was out like a light!!

                      We helped Gaga blow out the candles on her birthday cake! I hear Gaga is now 3!!
                       Making candy cane cookies with Pops. Most of them turned out as blobs!

Today I got to sing in church again with the Tiny Tones! I was glad that Syd got to watch me today!! After singing me and Syd went up stairs to play while the rest of church continued. When we got home I think we were worn out because me and Syd could not seem to stop melting down!!

 Helping Gaga open her birthday presents! Me and Syd were not impressed because gaga did not get any toys!!

Today was day one of KK's potty training camp. Em went to the potty!
When I got home I told Em how proud I was of her and she proceeded to give me a play by play of the days events:
Emma: "I closed the bathroom door because I needed privacy then I went to the potty!!"
She was so proud! Let's hope this trend continues!!

After the potty excitement we hunkered down to watch the saints! Hopefully they can be as successful as em's potty day! Khaki Donkey joined us as well!

Well, today was a first sorts. I was tired and decided it would be no bath Tuesday. Em agreed until I got in the shower and she was desperate to join in! Thus Emma's first shower! Her favorite thing was chasing the soap around the tub!

Thanksgiving holidays have begun!!! We leave tonight to drive to Arkansas to spend the holidays with Brads family! Em is excited to see her cousins and play with them! Em didn't nap today so I feel Emma will sleep well in the truck, lets hope that continues into the hotel!

Baby William is along for the ride of course. I find that riding in the car to be a little more uncomfortable these days but nothing a pillow behind the back can't fix! He is kicking a lot! It seems his favorite spot to kick is my liver. Maybe this is a future punter in our midst!

Friday, November 14, 2014

11/6 - 11/12

Khaki Donkey is Em's favorite thing to play with. KD watches her eat, watches her play but when it's time for bed KD can not come in the room. She must sleep on a pallet in the living room.

In other news: We have been working on this potty training thing for a while and Em just will not go. She will hold it until I either put a diaper or pull up on her then she will go. Today we got a progress report from school stating how much "Emma loves to go to the potty"!! ha ha ha ha. Is Emma potty trained and we don't even know it??
                                               Me, Emma and Khaki Donkey taking a break!

It's Friday and no one has to work this weekend in the Norris household!!!
Tonight Em ate a quick supper then proceeded outside to play in her little house. She decided I needed to eat supper so she cooked me a wide assortment of meals. Leaves and sticks were the main ingredients but I tell you she makes a mean leaf and stick soup!

KK further investigated the potty training story from school and yes indeed Em does go to the potty at school. We asked her why she does not go at home and she replied, "my teachers told me not too".  Likely story Em!!

Em's last soccer was today. She was tired and hungry due to waking up at 4AM this morning. Emma woke up and ran to our room stating the penguins in her room woke her up. She told the penguins, "No, penguin, go back to your house" and apparently the said penguin got into his car and drove home yet rightfully so this frightened her, thus we had a slumber party after 4!

Tonight we decided to have the first ever Norris fam cookout. Nothing much, a small fire pit, hot dogs and s'mores. Em loved it!! Even khaki donkey got to enjoy the fun.

Em told me yesterday that her daddy was her best friend...puddle of melted Brad can be found on our floor!

Thanks to Mrs Cynthia for this great picture of Em at children's Moment at church!!!

Monday! Tonight Em showed off her bowling skills sans a shirt!
In other news Em's sleeping habits are falling off the bandwagon! She is still scared of these penguins she keeps "seeing" in her room and I'm not sure how to convince her they are not real.

Not a great night sleep last night in the Norris household! Dad decided a new bed time routine might help. We will try reading books in Emma's room then going to bed to see if this change of scenery helps!
The picture below is what we woke up to this morning! Wonder how long she slept on the floor!

I was on call last night and had to go into the hospital around 4AM, I found Em asleep in the hallway! I tried to pick her up to go back to bed and she woke up .... and stayed up. Sorry Brad, he had to wake up and keep Em while I went to work!
Good ole Khaki Donkey apparently likes to sleep on the floor too!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

10/30 - 11/5

Tonight we went to a restaurant for supper! Dad got off work early so we all got to go eat!
When it was time for bed time I started coughing again. I think we might all be in for a long night!

Update on Baby Norris:
We have a name: William Heath Norris!!
Em still wants to call him Khaki but I'm pretty sure William Heath will be his "given" name! I feel if Em calls him Khaki we will all call him Khaki!

Emma was correct on her assumption; it was a long night at the Norris household! Alas....
Halloween was exciting this year! Em was ready to go trick or treating as soon as I got home from work. We waited for Brad to get off then hit the neighborhood! We stopped at about 5 houses then Emma declared she had enough candy and it was time to go home!


Ole Dad here; doing a little guest blogging!  Lindsey had to work this weekend, so Emma and I loaded up and headed over to Ruston for Louisiana Tech's homecoming game.  Emma and Sydney were so excited to see each other!  I'm so glad that these cousins are little buddies.  Every time they see each other, it seems that they play a little more, and grow a little closer!
They got to run off some energy at the Alumni Pavilion before the game.

We love the Bulldogs... even if we did yell "Go Puppy Dogs!"

We learned about tickets... Thanks Pops!
We loved the "see-saw" swing at Gaga's and Pops' house.

Today, Emma and Sydney got up to go to Gaga's and Pops' church in Winnfield.  Emma and Sydney loved playing on the playground after 1st Sunday lunch.  These little girls played so hard, Emma was sound asleep in her car seat before we could make it out of Winnfield.

                                  Em refused to sleep in her bed, guess the floor is just as good!

Today is definitly a subway night for supper. I was surprised Em picked the turkey sandwich over her usual pizza selection but I guess she needed a change of pace!

Em has this doll that she affectionately calls: Khaki Donkey. Yes, that is the dolls name. I can't quite call the doll by its full name without cracking a smile!

Tonight I decided to show Khaki Donkey how to play with my magical melting pumpkin! Khaki did so good watching me!
I decided I did not need to wear a shirt tonight because my play dough always seems to fall down my shirt and really aggravate me, thus no shirt when I play with play dough!

                                                       Entertaining Khaki Donkey
Well, we played hookey from church tonight! Mom and I went to subway for supper then to GiGi's cupcakes for dessert!!

Em left a gaggle of blankets (6 in all) at gaga and pops over the weekend and today they arrived in the mail!! She squealed with delight as she pulled each blanket out of the box!
                                     Em wouldn't let go of the blankets once she opened them!