Friday, October 31, 2014

10/23 -10/29

Today in the mail I got a surprise from Aunt Lauren!! A new pink coat!! I tried it on and kept it on as long as I could then I became real hot!! I guess I need to wait for winter to wear this coat!

Today Em supported the Saints!! Hopefully this will bring them good luck in their game Sunday against the Packers!!
In other news Em is still hoarding her underwear! She loves to put them on but still can't get the hang of only needing to wear one pair at a time!

Pops came to visit today and I hear Gaga is coming tomorrow. She had to stay home to help cook for some folks. When Pops arrived I tried on my Abby Halloween costume and Pops let me fly around the house like Abby!!
After flying around Pops took me to the park then we went on a date to Chick fil a! Mom and Dad stayed home and took a nap!

Em had her singing debut today at church and they sounded great!!!

                                           Em sharing her binoculars with jack the cat.
I had a rough night last night. I started coughing and this woke me up... then I would get mad... and cough more... finally Dad let me sleep on the couch with him. He even let me watch mickey mouse clubhouse while I fell asleep!

Em had a rough day today.
She hit KK today which caused a massive reaction from us. Tonight no playing, only bath and bed. I hear she doesnt hit at school but we can't hit KK!

I feel I must tell my side of the story.  I was washing my hands and I got frustrated. Out of frustration I hit KK then I felt really bad.
Me and KK talked about it and I told KK I was "mad and frustrated". KK understood but told me not to hit. I knew when Mom and Dad got home that they would not be happy.

Tonight I get to wear my Halloween costume to church!!
I had a much better day today and I think I really like this Halloween thing!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

10/16 - 10/22

Em now loves her little brother! It's refreshing to see her talk to the baby and ask if the baby is coming NOW?!?!
Tonight she had a long conversation with her new brother. I feel she will be the boss in their relationship!

Today Em got to wear her sleep clothes to school.
A baby has been staying with KK and Em this week and Em loved her! She even wanted to help with feeding this morning.

Mom is working today so it's daddy/daughter day! We started the day at Soccer then Dad brought me to Miskelly's furniture store so I could ride their merry-go-round! Some other Dad's had this same idea yet the merry-go-round worker was off and no one else in the store knew how to make the merry actually "go around". Finally some man figured it out and held this button down while we all got a ride!

I feel I need to explain myself with my prechurch and church antics!!
Prior to church Dad had me all dressed up in my candy corn dress. Dad went to take a shower and I got a little excited with my washable markers! No worries though: dad washed and dried my dress before church!!
During church Dad laid down 3 church rules: 1. sit in my chair  2. Be quite as a mouse  3. Listen to Dad.  By the end of the first song I had broken all 3 rules! Dad brought me outside and we had a time out then he brought me to look at the nursery to remind me where I could be. The punishment worked but then I saw some older kids playing and coloring! Guess what??  I got to join them for the rest of church while Dad went back to big church!! I think I'll be loud in church more often!
                                                      Props to Brad on the pigtails!!!

Today I am thankful for everyone that helps us!!! Apparently we were out of toilet paper and KK had to go get some to get through the day!! What would we do without KK?!?!?
Gaga arrived this afternoon to play with Em and had supper sitting on the table when I walked in the door. I know it takes a village to raise a child, but I also think it takes a village to keep a momma going!
If I were to compare my life to a play: All the people in my play are superb in supporting, caring and loving me! I hope I can be that helpful in return!
Now I'm going to sleep:)

Today Em decided to wear her work clothes! She proudly wore her pink scrubs ready to go to work!

Tonight Mom is working so KK dropped me off at my singing class. Dad picked me up and we did a little coloring before starting the bed time routine.

                                         Em and her buddies winding down after singing!

Friday, October 17, 2014

10/9 - 10/15

Em was silly tonight! We took advantage of this by taking selfies! Lots of them.

I do like Friday's but I love Fridays when I am off the weekend!!
We decided to celebrate with a meal at Kristos. We knew they had live music and that would keep Em occupied. Poor Em was so tired tonight but she toughed it out to have a late night supper after Brad got off work.
After supper Brad gave Em a tip to place in the musicians jar. Em was very hesitant to place the money in the jar. After a few minutes she placed it in the jar and the entire restaurant gave Em a round of ovation! She loved it!

In other news Emma was telling me what color my hair was then telling Brad what color his hair was.
Emma: Mommas hair is brown, Daddy's hair is brown
Me: What color is your hair?
Emma: I have Cinderella hair Mom!

Mom woke me up this morning so I could get ready for soccer!! Dad brought me while Mom stayed home and started cleaning out the guest room for my new brother!!
We went to the store to get some clothes for me later in the afternoon and I noticed Dad picked out some sleep clothes for the new baby. When we got in the truck I asked the only logically questions I could think of, "Are we now going to pick up the baby"? I was told I would have to wait until after Christmas to see the baby. Sigh, he sure is taking his time!
After shopping we picked up a quick bite to eat. I got to feed the ducks on the Rez while we ate!!

Today we went to the early church service and I think we all remembered why we always go to the late service. I am not in the best mood first thing in the morning! Alas, we all survived Sunday school and church and came home for lunch. After a short rest we went to the pumpkin patch!! I picked out the biggest pumpkin I could find! I assisted Dad carrying out pumpkin back to the hay ride so Dad would not hurt himself.

I think everyone has a case of the Monday's! Today I woke up in a silly mood and decided I just had to go outside in my sunglasses and no pants!

Tonight Em made a masterpiece! I think this is the first time she tried to draw something instead of just making marks. The purple square with 1 leg is a cat and the colors around the cat are cat food. I guess that cat is hungry!!

Well, my struggle to take a picture on Wednesdays has continued! We went to church and Em attended her "crescendo class" as she calls it. She still will not tell us what she does in her choir class but this morning she woke up singing a song and throwing her blankets up in the air. Quite a way to wake up!!

In other news Brad and I were not so sure Em was excited about this new baby. Apparently in school she talks about the baby all the time!! Who knew!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

10/2 - 10/8

Brad is finished with working nights and I'm pretty sure we are all glad!!!!!
Em was glad to have her daddy home at night to read her books before bed!

Pops came this afternoon!!! Me and pops played all afternoon. When Mom and DAd got home they went to eat and me and Pops went to the park then had a outside dinner at Sonic!!! We got home later than Mom and Dad!! They sure got home early!
After my day I was pooped and went to bed!!

I'm on call and Brad and Pops are hanging out with Em. Pops and Em washed her little tykes car for about an hour today. That car has never been so clean! While Em napped (and me too) Brad and my dad cleaned out this fire wood pile we had been postponing for a while! Way to go guys!
Em was my Dad's shadow today! She sat right beside him at meals and would only let Pops bathe her. Brad and I were in the background for sure today!

I feel I need to tell my side of the story regarding what happened in church today.
It appears I had a small (ok, large)melt down when Dad tried to get me to go back to my seat after children's moment at church.
You see during children's moment we all go down and sit with Pastor Bruce then we are supposed to go back to our seats. Well today I thought I was going to help Pastor Bruce preach and I decided I wanted to stay in the front of the church. Dad was not aware of my plan to help preach thus he decided to pick me up ... which cause me to melt down in a fit of screams.
Sigh, I guess I'll have to help preach next Sunday!
After church we ate lunch at papitos then headed home to take a nap while Pops hit the road back to his house.

                                        I found my pink gloves and just had to wear them!!!

Today me and Em went for a walk when I got home. She put on her squeaky shoes and we squeaked all through the neighborhood! Em saw a plane in the sky and stopped dead in her tracks to look at it for a few minutes.
After out walk she decided to put on all 10 pair of panties again!

Tonight Dad microwaved one of my books!! Let me explain!
My mickey book got something sticky all over it and the pages were stuck together. We tried to pull it apart yet the first page started to tear up. Dad decided he would microwave the book to see if the sticky stuff would melt away. It worked!!! My book opened like new once Dad performed his magic!
                                                          Em anxiously waiting on her book!
Well, the rush of Wednesday has proved difficult to take a daily picture.
Tonight at church we had red beans and rice and I forgot home much I LOVE that meal. Bring on the fall food!! Em ate a hotdog in a coat AKA corn dog. I guess this was her first time to eat a corn dog but she was certainly perplexed by it until she decided to call it a "hotdog in a coat".
Em went to her singing class. In just a few weekends her crew will makes its singing debut at church! I do believe I'll have the video camera ready.

Baby N is moving a lot! According to the internet he is the size of a banana. We are at 21 weeks right now. Em is getting more excited to be a big sister the more we talk about the new baby! Now if we could just get a name! Soon, very soon!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

9/25 - 10/1

Baby Norris:
Today I had my big ultrasound that revealed Emma will be a big sister to a little brother in February!!!! I hear Em wants to name me Elmo, I sure hope that thought passes!! No offense to Elmo, but I don't think red will be my best color!

My mom came over for the ultrasound reveal! After my appointment me, Brad and Mom went to eat a late lunch to celebrate our new son and grandson!

What a day! I'm on call tonight and Brad got called into work which means Em had her first sleep over: KK spent the night!! What would we do without KK???

Things have calmed down from yesterday and me and Em spent a lazy day watching football, coloring and playing inside. Brad slept as he will be working nights until Wednesday..uggghh.
Alas, you do what you have to do!
This evening we brought supper to some friends house who just had a new baby boy! In good news Em wanted to take the baby home!  Soon enough Emma!

Today at church I got to wear my sleep clothes to church!!! We all wore out sleep clothes and brought extra sleep clothes to give to other kids that don't have sleep clothes.
After church we all took a long nap then Mom and I hit the park. I think she was trying to wear me out so I would be asleep before the saints game started tonight!  he he he

I know it's Monday when KK shows up!! Today I went to school and had a pretty regular day.
When Mom got home I told her I wanted to sit on the big potty. Mom got really excited and thought this was the big break to get my potty trained! We went to the store, bought an Elmo potty seat for the big potty and promptly came home. After all that commotion I decided I would just continue to wear pull ups! Maybe next time!!!

Gaga came this afternoon to spend some QT with me!! Today is flu shot day and Gaga was up for the task. I went with Gaga to get her flu shot then it was my turn to go to my doctor. When we arrived Gaga gave me some "bravery dust" and I held it tight in my hand during my shot. That bravery dust sure made the shot a lot better!! After the shot we went to get ice cream them played outside until Mom got home.
Tonight we went out to eat for Dad's birthday which is tomorrow!!! I might have gone to time out in the restaurant but I was so excited to see Dad. You see he has been working nights and I have missed him!!

Em had another big day! School in the AM followed by church tonight. Em loves going to choir at church. She calls it her "crescendo class". Tonight they sang and I hear Em really danced up a storm!