Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/18 - 9/24

This afternoon Em decided to wear her big girl panties again. Multiple pair!! Her diaper was bothering her so she wanted to put on panties.. then more.. and more.. and more.  10 in all! That's right, she had 10 pair of panties on at one time!!!

This AM right before school Em decided she was not wearing a diaper to school; either panties or pull ups. So pulls ups it was! I frantically sent Em's teacher a text describing how Emma now wants to wear pull ups and sit on the potty at school. We will see how this goes!!

In other new me and Emma had a pretty funny conversation today. We were in the car leaving the Kroger parking lot and the following conversation occurred;
Emma: Momma, I don't understand your driving
Me:You don't understand my driving? What do you mean when you say that?
Emma: you drive fast, fast, fast! You drive like a motorcycle!

I laughed for a while on that one!!

Baby Norris:
Well, I'm just growing,starting to kick Mom pretty hard and living the life!! Everyone will find out next week if I'm a boy or girl!!! I can't wait to make my big reveal!

Brad and Em are having a bonding weekend as I am working this weekend.
They started their day at soccer then went to the park. When I got home in the evening Emma decided she wanted to clean her pink swing. Brad filled up a big bucket of soapy water and retrieved some sponges and Em scrubbed her swing clean. She then wanted to swing in it! She hasn't wanted to swing in that swing in a while!!

Me and Dad again holding down the fort! We went to church where Dad had me in my Sunday best! After Sunday school and big church we came home for lunch then a trip to the park. After park time I took a loong nap and woke up to find that Mom was home!! We went outside and played for a little bit before starting the bedtime routine.

Tonight Em demonstrated some of her swimming skills in the bathtub. I was soaked as was the entire bathroom. She them showed me how she can put her head underwater and float. Quite an adventurous bath time!

Mom said it feels like fall today. I am not quite sure what fall is but I think I like it!!  KK showed up early today and brought me to get doughnuts!!!
I went to swimming this AM then KK brought me back home for a nap.
When Mom got home we walked all over the neighborhood with my bubble mower and then played a little baseball!! After bath time I decided to put on all 10 pair of panties again at one time!!

Tonight we have church!! At church I eat supper first then go to my singing class. There is always cake at church!!! Tonight was no exception. Mom is in charge of my meal but I get to pick out my cake and carry it to the table.
After church Dad was home and we played a little before starting the bedtime struggle... I mean routine:)

    Baboo gave Em these work books and Em loves them! She says that she is "doing her homework".

Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/11 - 9/17

Today was the day me and Syd played on the beach all day!! Our favorite thing to do is snack and then run away from the waves. Occasionally we like to put our feet in the water too!
I have also noticed our naps are getting longer and longer as the week goes by!

After supper Aunt Lauren brought us all to the beach for pictures! We even got to play in the sand and water in our pretty white dresses!!

                                                        Caught them sitting still!

Below is a gaggle of pictures from the beach!!!

Last full day at the beach! We were in the pool early then hit the beach. This afternoon was souvenir shopping! Em picked out a pink ball and a pink camouflage monkey.
Alvin's island had a splash pad as well so the girls got to play in the water for a little bit before heading to supper at Acme.
I will miss this vacation when it's over but I think most of all I will miss 3 cooked meals a day!!! Thanks Mom!!!! It will be tough to go back to oatmeal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch!
                                                       A little shopping Emma?
                                                                 Splash pad fun!

We got home this afternoon and unloaded. Always the worst part about vacation!
Em was very tired tonight and she decided it was time to read books and go to bed. She stayed in her bed without one of us (brad and I) staying with her in the bed until she fell asleep.
I like to think this will be a new trend but it very well might be due to the fact that Brad promised her a doughnut if she stays in the bed all night!

I almost forgot: On the ride home Em decided she wanted to wear big girl panties!! We have been trying for this for a while now and Em finally agrees. We did have a small accident tonight but Em was so proud to wear those purple panties!!

In other news tonight might have been one of Brad's top 3 events of his life... He taught Emma how to call the Hogs! Whoooo pig soooie!


Em woke up and ran to our bed requesting her doughnut. She fell asleep in her bed by herself so we happily agreed! The doughnut runs have turned into a daddy/daughter thing so I happily curled up on the couch!
We went to church where Em was not on her "best" behavior, but we all survived!
After an afternoon nap and a Saints loss:( Em decided she wanted an apple which she promptly ate, core and all!

Today the weather felt great so me and Em went for a walk after work. Em likes to walk around our neighborhood and look at the bridge on the other side of our loop. We didn't make it that far due to Em tripping and scrapping her knees up. We got home to find band aids yet we were out!!! Em told me the only thing that would make her feel better was her bag of lipstick that Josie Kate gave her. So I obliged and brought out the lip stick purse.

I have revolted against the big girl panties for now. I'm still thinking about them though.
Today me and Dad reenacted our beach trip by racing around the house pushing our buggies! I guess Dad was filling in for Syd since Syd was at her house.


Tonight we had church and I got to go back to my choir!! We sang and even got to color a picture!
When we got home I showed Mom how I could act as a turtle with the laundry basket before taking a bath.
Mom and I have a new bedtime routine. I think Mom and Dad likes it because I will stay in my big girl bed and go to sleep without someone with me in my bed. Anyway... I lay down in my bed and Mom gets in her bed and we talk across the hallway. The conversation goes something like this:

Emma: Momma
Mom: Yes, Emma
Emma: Are you laying down?
Mom: Yes, Emma; Are you?
Emma: (quickly falling down on the bed) Yes!!
Mom: night night Emma
Emma: night night Mom

                                                            Turtle time!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

9/4 -9/10

Dad told me last night that if I went to sleep quiet as a mouse I would get a doughnut in the morning. I woke up a little before 7 and woke Dad up stating it was doughnut time!!
After that Dad went to work and KK took over.
We had a very tiring day of play and I needed to rest this afternoon. I told KK I was going to rest on the couch for a little bit.

                                        Lunch is always exciting with KK around!!!

Vacation week is finally here!!! I got home and me and Em got busy packing. Emma likes to put stuff in suitcases yet she also likes to take it out! She insisted I pack my wool maternity sweater... I hope I won't need it at the beach!!
Tonight Em got to eat a popsicle. Her new word must be delicious. Every other second she would walk up to me and say, "Mom, this is delicious". Ha!

Today I started back soccer!! I was a tad nervous at first but I warmed up pretty quick!! We got to kick the ball and even kick cones! After soccer was over we all got stamps and stickers!
After it was over I told Mom that "it was not scary at all". :)

After soccer we loaded up and hit the road that leads to the beach!!

The Beach!!! Brad and I were a tad concerned about how Em would sleep in the big bed at the beach but she did great last night! Whoo hooo!!
We all went to church this AM at the Flora-Bama! It was amazing. Good music and a great message.
We sang a lot of good songs but my favorite line was, "You can't be rich if your neighbor is poor". What a message!

After church we had lunch and the girls claimed their new race track: the kitchen island.
Em has claimed the pool as her favorite spot to play; hopefully the beach will be more appealing as the week goes on!

                              The hymnal and program at Flora-Bama. This picture will not turn around!
                                                        Walking to church.

                                  Some Singing and clapping was going on at the Flora Bama!

The girls were up early this AM and we hit the pool. An hour or so in the pool and we decided it was time to go to the beach! Em was a little hesitant of the water; She kept asking me if the water was going to "get her". I assured her No and she slowly adjusted to beach life!

Tonight we went to Lulu's to eat and Em picked out this pink turtle necklace to take home. These two girls LOVE to shop!!
After supper Em took her Daddy's hand and they went to dance! After Dad's turn it was Gaga's turn to dance.

                                                   Em and Brad cutting a rug at Lulu's!

After a morning at the beach and pool then a long nap we decided to go to the MGR  (merry go round) and splash pad in Foley. I think Brad won the prize for most spins on the MGR, those girls rode and rode and rode until they were silly. Thanks Gaga and Pops for the all you can ride bracelets!
After MGR they girls played in the splash pad followed by yogurt.
Me and Mom did sneak off to but me some maternity clothes. Sigh, my regular clothes are getting a tad snug!

                                                    Walking hand in hand to get yogurt!

Today we drove to Shalimar, FL to see some cousins! Lucy was there!! Lucy is a cousin that is 2 years old just like me and Syd! Lucy took us out on her boat which was a lot of fun!! Well, there was the sunscreen in the eye incident, but beside that I had a blast!! We even got to see about 5 dolphins! After lunch and the boat ride it was time to drive back to our beach house.
On the way home Gaga taught me the difference between a beach house and a condominium! I now can pick out each one!

The Dad's decided to add a stop light to the racing around the kitchen. Note their red and green shirts. Best Dad's ever!
             The strollers are the new dimension the girls added to their racing today!

                    After the boat ride the girls played on a swing that was their great great grandmothers!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

8/28 - 9/3

Today is dentist day. I knew this might be a tad interesting as Em slept minimal last night.
I picked her up and as soon as I got her out of the car she tried to run away! She cried right until we walked in the dentist office then calmed down. I feared the worse but she did GREAT! She let Dr. Beavers clean, floss and even do a little gently scraping of her teeth. She then got to pick out her "prize" which consisted of a princess kit. Fingernails, lipstick, fingernail polish and a little tissue pouch. All fake, but she loved it!
She actually fell asleep in her bed with all her new loot!
Today is the last day of regular swimming lessons and she will start her weekly lessons next week. I hate for her to forget all the progress she has made this summer!

Me and Em are busy this evening packing for a weekend in Little Rock with Lulu and G daddy! We decided to hit the road tonight so Em could sleep in the truck and hopefully (fingers crossed) sleep in the hotel!
Boy, I am really slacking on the picture of the day!! For now Baby Norris commentary will have to fill in. I"ll do better!!

Baby Norris;
Mom and Dad got a wild hair tonight! We hit the road late at night and drove until almost midnight!! I hear we are going to visit Dad's parents, Lulu and G dad, as well as my great grandmother, Mimi!! They all seem like nice folks and I can't wait until I can officially meet them in March!

             Em trying to get some energy out by dancing in the living room before we left.

I watched the weather channel for about 30 minutes then went to bed with mom and dad. We woke up and went to eat at ihop where they let me get a chocolate chip pancake and drink juice for breakfast!! What a treat!
After that we went to Mimi' house!!! Mimi had some presents for me and I latched onto the bunny and the books quick!
We then loaded up in the truck and brought Mimi to Lulu's house! When I got there I gave everyone a high five and we started playing! I was Lulu's shadow the entire day!

                                                   Why Hello Mimi!

                                       Breakfast at ihop before we went to Lulu's house.

Emma: This was a day for the books!!
We went swimming at Lulu's friends' house this AM. I showed off all my swimming skills and even went down the big slide!!
After swimming we ate lunch and I kept playing! No nap today!!
Mom and Dad went shopping and I got to stay at Lulu's house and play. We watched Mickey Mouse club house and I even got to eat a sucker!!!
After the shopping trip was over we ate fish tacos for supper then G dad made homemade ice cream!!! He even let me lick the spoon for a sneak taste!
We all loaded up in the truck to go back home after supper and I was asleep before we backed out of their driveway!

                                          A sneak peak at the ice cream with G dad!

                                              G dad let Em licked the spoon!

We got home about 10:30 last night and Em did pretty good on the transition to her bed. She woke us up around 7:30 declaring it was breakfast time! She ate oatmeal and an egg sandwich. I guess she was hungry!
After breakfast we made the weekly trip to the grocery then came home for lunch and we all took a looong nap this afternoon.
I don't think I've cooked a non-casserole meal x16 weeks(since baby norris made his arrival known) We ate pork tenderloin and veggies tonight and Em declared the pork was "tasty".

                                        Some much needed Mom and Emma time!
Tonight we had a dance party of sorts. Well Brad and Em did; I was feeling a little under the weather. Em starts tiny tones tomorrow. (the church choir for wee tykes). We played some of the songs they will be singing and it turned into a dance party!!

Today I went to school then KK picked me up. We went to church tonight where we ate supper then I got to go to my choir class!!!! I LOVE it!! I played instruments, but I wouldn't tell mom which instrument I played. We sang songs and even got to read books at the end. When it was all over Mom picked me up and we headed home. Not before I emptied the wipes from my wipe container!

Baby Norris;
I hear sister Emma had a big day. She got to go to school and church followed by choir! What a day!! Me on the other hand got to follow (well, I guess lead) Mom around at work. We had a good day but not an Emma fun day!

After church Em walked by the nursery and looked in: she looked longingly at the crib and said, "bye bye crib, I have a big girl bed now". Poor Em, its tough to make these adjustments!

                             The nightly post bath parade is still going strong!