Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/21 - 8/27

Well, right now I am attached to Dad. I cried so hard when he left to go to work!! After I got over that episode me and KK had a pretty good day. I went to swimming again today and really got the hang of lying on my back and kicking!! coach Jack gave me M&M's and a lot of high fives!!
When Mom and Dad got home tonight there was a rainbow outside!!

                                        Another highlight of Brad's day was Em riding on his shoulders! He has been begging her to ride on his shoulders for months now and she would always refuse.. not today!!! Those are 2 happy campers! Abby even decided she wanted to hitch a ride!

8/22/2014: Emma: Pops is here!! He took me to the park and then we came home to play some more. I told him all about my big girl bed! I hear tomorrow Dad is going to put it together!!

Em showing Pops her climbing skills at the park. 

8/23/2014: What a big day we had! We started the day at a pancake breakfast hosted by Maggie's cheer squad. Em knew everyone there! It was quite funny for everyone to know Emma yet I had no clue who these folks were! KK and Em were celebrities!
After pancakes Brad put the day bed together and me, Pops and Em went sheet shopping for her new bed. After sheets were purchased  (and a pink sucker) we came home to finish the bed. Pops and Em hit the park while Brad and I did some serious cleaning in the house. It's amazing how much one can get done when there is not a 2 year old in the house! Thanks Dad!!!
After lunch and no nap, we went to some friends house for supper. Em and her friend Allison played in the pool and sat together at a little table for supper! Em ate her first hot dog (she usually refuses them) and we headed home. Not before Em fell asleep in the car and was carefully transferred to her new bed!

The girls started out in swim diapers, diaper covers and swimsuits. They ended up in swim diapers!

8/24/2014:  Em slept all night in the  big girl bed! We are still a little hesitant to get too excited about this as she did not actually fall asleep in the bed. We will see what tonight brings!! No nap today but hopefully a good night sleep tonight!

8/25/2014: Let's see, Today was no school day but Swimming lessons. I am still impressed with Maley's swim school and how much they have taught Emma. Going from a girl who did not like to get in the water to swimming underwater in 4 weeks, I'm sold! This should be handy for our upcoming beach trip!!!

Em napped in her bed today which made all of us very excited. Tonight when she was fussing about going to be in her big girl bed I asked her why she would nap in the bed, yet not go to sleep at night in the bed. She responded quite frankly and rather quickly, "momma, it was an accident, I didn't mean to fall asleep":)

Baby Norris:
 Sister Emma is really throwing Mom and Dad for a loop with this new bed thing!! All they talk about now a days is how to get Em to fall asleep in the big girl bed! I feel I have a lot to learn once I get out of my current environment.

8/26/2014:    Em ... and Brad and I... are struggling with this new bed. She likes to play in it but sleep is hard to find. Tonight I decided to build a pillow fort in her bed and see if that would encourage her to stay in the bed. Not so much, But a dada in the bed helped a little girl fall asleep!

Tonight I had a long conversation with Em to discuss why she did not like to sleep in her new bed. She replied, "Momma, it is just different than my old bed". Quite true Emma, I did not have a good reply to that one! 

                                                  Em and Brad trying to fall asleep!
In the pillow fort "spraying" bad dreams away with her mist bottle. 

8/27/2014: Emma:
Today I had school and swimming. I learned my initials in school and learned to float in swimming! I am not too keen on floating but I guess it's just one of those things you have to do!
When Mom got home we ate supper and then I went to time out...a lot! You see I'm a tad tired from my poor habits these past few nights and I think it's catching up with me! 
Tonight Mom told me I could have a doughnut in the AM if I went to bed and  was quite as a mouse.. sounds like a good deal to me!

 Today Em wanted to get ready for swimming tomorrow by taking all her swim diapers out of the package and putting them back in. 
                                                         Nap time is a success!!  Go KK!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/14 - 8/20

Emma had her regular swimming lessons then I went to meet her teacher for this school year. (Emma swam underwater today!!!!)We are now in the 2's at preschool! Em will go MWF in the mornings then spend the rest of her day with KK and company.

I am thrilled that her teacher is a friend from church! She is also in the class with another little buddy from our church, Reece. They will have a great year.

Prior to my Mom leaving today she put Em to work while Mom picked up the house a little!


Emma met her teacher today, Mrs. Burgess!!
She was a little shy at first but she was pointing out all of buddies that were in her class last year to Brad.
Tonight we decided to loaded up and drive to Little Rock to see my friend Amy and to make a quick visit to Lulu and G daddy.  Em fell asleep in the truck and was a good passenger. When we got to the hotel she decided she did not want to sleep in the "baby crib" and opted to sleep in our bed. This is new to us because she usually refuses to even lie down in the bed with us. Well, after watching the Weather Channel until 3AM she fell asleep. Thankfully she was quite watching the Weather Channel and we got more sleep than Emma did! Maybe we have a future meteorologist in our future.

This morning I woke up and we ate breakfast in the hotel. We then went to see Lulu and G dad! Mom went to meet her friends and I got to play with Lulu all afternoon! We picked figs from their fig tree but these big mosquitoes attacked so we had to retreat to safety.
We headed home later in the afternoon and I fell asleep before we backed out of the driveway!

                                                        Worn out from the LR trip!

We got back to Madison about 8PM last night and we all slept well!
Em had her first Sunday school class today and she was so proud that she went to Sunday School and big church all in one morning.
After Em slept in the big bed at the hotel she decided she needs a big bed and no more "baby crib". We went out and bought a new bed/mattress not wanting this moment to pass and her change her mind regarding wanting to sleep in a big bed. Hopefully we will have the crib in the attic by the end of the week!

After bath time Emma pushed her stroller around the house followed by, "Bye Mom, I'm going to run Errands, be right back". The picture below is her turning around and telling me just that as she walks off!

Today started out GRAND!! I was excited to go to school and didn't even cry when Dad dropped me off. I played with my buddies and had a good snack at school. Things started to fall apart at pick up time. I thought Dad was coming to pick me up, yet he had to work, so KK picked me up. Talk about melt down city for this girl!! I just couldn't hold it together. KK tried her hardest to console me but it wouldn't work. After talking to Dad on the phone I decided I needed a nap. I woke up and felt good again!
Then we went to swimming lessons. Coach Suzanne, who has been coaching me x2 weeks, had to go back to college so I got a new Coach today, Coach Jack. He seems nice, yet he just wasn't coach S. After a few tears Coach J calmed me down with M&M's then we got back to swimming.
All in all a pretty taxing day for a 2 year old!
When Mom got home I decided to cook her supper because she looked quite tired. I made her eggs and pink oatmeal in my kitchen! I hope her and the new baby enjoyed it!

                                                            First day!
                                                                cooking for Mom.

Baby Norris:
Gaga is here today and I got another good meal!! Gaga took sister Emma to play at the park and then to get ice cream. I can't wait until I get to join in on these adventures. I think ice cream sounds like something I would like!
For now I'll nestle down and continue to grow. Mom has an appointment on Thursday to check up on me. I'll try and wave back on the ultrasound if I can stay awake!

Gaga came and we went to the park and I got to eat ice cream: chocolate flavor!!!
After ice cream I was told Mom set a strict curfew of 7PM and Gaga had to return me home or Gaga would be sent to time out.
We went back home and I was wild as can be before bed time!!

Well, no pictures today folks. Em was gone with Gaga most of the afternoon and me and Baby Norris were in the bed in record time this afternoon.. yes, afternoon.. not evening!

Gaga was up and ready to go this morning. She had plans to cook and go to the store. I decided to help in and fold clothes with Gaga before I went to school.
Today at school was much better! I sang songs, played outside and even got to paint.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/7 - 8/13

I got to pick Em up from swimming today!!!  She is making a lot of progress!!! I'm so proud of her!
She will kick her feet in the water, monkey crawl along the side of the pool and put her face in the water. A week ago she wouldn't even get in the water.
After swimming we went to get yogurt. After yogurt Emma proclaimed it was time for ice cream.
Sorry Em, its either ice cream or yogurt... not both.
                                           Em love the swing outside of the swimming complex.

I came home to KK and Em swinging in the front yard.
After more play I decided to introduce Em to smoothies! We went to smoothie king and Em picked up the chocolate smoothie. She is a fan!!!

Baby Norris:
I decided to make my first blog debut today! Things are going well for me, not so much for Mom. I think me doing all this growing is making her stomach a tad upset! I'll try to simmer down.. maybe.
I hear I'm the size of a pea pod. I know it does not sound like much but I have fingers, eyes, mouth, nose and even fingernails. Mom decided to go for a quick ultrasound the other day and I even waved to her and Dad. They seem like nice people but I hear sister Emma can give me the low down!

                                                        We LOVE KK!!!

Mom is working but I hear Pops is coming in town today.
I wanted to ride the merry go round today so Dad brought me to the indoor merry go round at the furniture store!! Who knew!!!!
AFter my ride we looked at big girl beds! My eyes lit up as I told dad these were "great beds for jumping"!
I stayed up extra late waiting on Pops to arrive then had to go on a truck ride to calm down before going to bed.

Pops is still here. Em wanted to go to the park early this AM but she had to wait until after church. My dad brought her to the park while I was working and Brad did some work around the house.

Em went down the slide at the park and when she got at the bottom she gave Pops a thumbs up and said, " I was really good in church"! Ha ha, I think Pops had a good laugh about that one.

My dad brought steak for supper and after a filling supper he left for Winnfield, not before giving Em her bath!

                                               Leaving the park to go get ice cream.
                                               Oops, too tired even for ice cream!!!
                                                    Pops had that tub full of bubbles!!!

Today was my best day yet of swimming lessons! I didn't cry once!! I kicked my feet, did the monkey walk on the wall and even went under the water! I saw mom and KK watching me and they clapped as soon as I went under the water! When swimming lessons was over I ran to mom and gave her a thumbs up and said, " Momma, I didn't cry.. babies cry".
After lessons I stayed in time out A LOT for kicking. Mom finally asked me why I started kicking all of a sudden and my response surprised her! You see my swimming coach, Ms. Suzanne, is always telling me to kick and she even told me to practice kicking at home... sooo I was practicing kicking. After a long talk we decided I should only kick in the pool and bath tub. Alas, my timeouts were less frequent after that miscommunication was ironed out!

                                         Putting Elmo/Abby/Zoe to bed. I guess they were cold?
Emma: I hear school is right around the corner. Mom is going to meet my teacher Thursday and I go to meet my teacher Friday then school kicks off Monday AM. I like my school and all but I also like to play with KK all day!

In other news swam like nemo today at swim lessons!! When I got home KK bathed me and mom was SOOOOO happy when she got home and I already had my bath!
I decided I wanted to play with marbles tonight so Mom let me! I had to repeat the rules to Mom before she would get the marbles off the shelf for me: no eating and no throwing marbles.

Before bed I read Dad.. that's right, I read.. well, I memorized one of my new books: Polar bear, Polar bear what do you see? It is a dandy of a book and I can read the entire book to Dad now!

Emma: Gaga came today!! KK and Gaga brought me to swimming lessons and I really showed out for Gaga! I held this floating dumbbell thing and kicked my feet like I was really swimming! I jumped off the side of the pool and even put my head under water!!
After swimming Gaga let me eat some chocolate cake she made then we went outside and played. After she got Mom's supper ready we went to the park!!
I hope mom and and baby norris get some rest. I do wonder if this baby will be a boy or girl?? No one has told me this important piece of information.

Baby Norris:
I think only I know if I am a boy or a girl! he he he
I hear Gaga is coming so I better make room for some good food tonight! I can count on a good meal and mom resting most of the afternoon if Gaga is here!
Sadly this is the only picture I captured today. When gaga arrived I hit the sack!! If you look closely you will see Emma pushing Gaga on the front porch swing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

7/31 - 8/6

Me and Em spent some time outside this evening. Emma started the outing by pushing her bubble mower all over the front yard making a sort of bubble tornado. Louis the cat then found himself in quite a predicament when Emma decided she needed to push the cat in the swing. Louis calmly agreed. Following that adventure I taught Emma how to roll down a hill. Sounds a tad lame, but I feel this is a milestone of sorts! Every little kid should know how to do a log roll down a hill!
She then decided it was time to jump on the "jumpoline". She took her shoes off and bounced them around stating her shoes were "jumping like popcorn". I was a tad surprised she used that analogy as we never actually pop popcorn the ole fashion way.

                                                      Rolling down the hill

When Brad got home it was bath time. As he was getting her ready for bath Em runes out in her new blanket skirt then this outfit transforms into a blanket skirt and blanket coat.

Friday! Pops is coming to visit today.
Brad went into work early so KK got Em up and dressed. Looks like the girls had a good start to their day!

Today Em has a birthday party to attend! Pops stayed until it was time to go to the party then he went back to Winnfield.
Em had a good time at the b day party. She has really learned to love parties because she knows she will get cake!!
           Not a great picture but these two play outside all the time! Em loves her Pops!

Mom must have caught a case of the cooties because she is sick today!! We didn't even go to church.
Dad took me shopping today and we went to the park while Mom stayed inside. I even showed Dad how I can pull my dump truck with a pink string!!
 I had a late bedtime and I really thought I heard Gaga's voice around 10PM tonight. I guess I'll have to see if she is still here when I wake up!

Gaga is here!! She played with me and KK all day and even cooked Dad a pot roast for supper! Today was my first day of swimming lessons. I am not too sure what I think about these swimming lessons but I did get M&M's for following the coaches instructions. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings!

Mom brought Em shoe shopping today. Em picked out some princess shoes that light up. She loves them! KK and Mag Mag met them at the mall for more shopping and ice cream!

In other news, swimming lessons did not go so smoothly today. Em apparently had a pretty big fit in the pool, but calmed down enough to kick her feet in the water and throw a basketball in the goal. Gaga had to be the one to watch this unfold! Poor Gaga, she might need some red coffee tonight!

Em has been in swimming lessons for 2 days now. Day one was a sort of intro and she did fine. Day 2 was business and Em was not a fan!! My mom had the task of taking her and I think it was a tough 30 min to watch! Today thought Em made a lot of progress! She got in the water with no tears! She learned how to get herself out of the pool and kicked her feet all over that pool! Way to go Em!! We are proud of you!!

Well, today has no picture because we have some news to announce!

Emma is going to be a big sister in February!
Looking back over this blog the past couples of weeks this might have been obvious as my parents have been here weekly helping out as I have been feeling under the weather to say the least. Nothing else says I'm pregnant like having to get some IV fluids in the VA emergency room.

Alas we are thrilled!
Em has several quotes regarding the baby and she seems quite happy about this new news.

Emma: " I will teach the new baby how to nap". Good Emma, Good!!
Emma: " I will teach the new baby how to eat". Excellent!!
Emma: " I will teach the new baby how to play". Who hooo!!
Emma: " Hi baby (looking at my stomach) , How was your day?"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7/24 - 7/30

Disclaimer:  the dog at my blog!!! Not really but I had this week all typed up with pictures then it disappeared. So I'm trying my darndest to put this week in a blog form 2 weeks late. Not easy but here is my best shot.

Splash pad day!! I didn't get as adventurous as last time. I didn't want to get my hair wet. Curls are hard to manage in uncontrolled drying environments!


Sydney's AC went out and word on the street is that it is HOT in her house so Syd, Uncle W and Aunt Lauren are all coming here!!
They will arrive late tonight so I bet I"ll be asleep then tomorrow we can see what mischief we get into!!
Prior to bed time Emma taught Brad how to play tea party! I do think this was Brad's first tea party ever but he caught on pretty quick.

Emma:Happy Birthday Aunt Lauren!!!

Syd is here!!!! We all went and ate breakfast at corner bakery. I might have had a large melt down over some milk but after a stern talking too and being lead outside of the restaurant I decided I better pep up. We then went to the park then back to my house for lunch then birthday cake to celebrate Aunt Lauren's birthday....followed by a nap! After nap time we went swimming in the hotel pool where Syd is staying!!! Did you know that Syd will jump off the side of the pool?? I prefer to take walks around the pool. After pool time we ate supper then hit the sack!

Today I decided I have the best family in the world. My mom and sister cleaned and cooked while my dad, JW and Brad floored out attic. While I... well, took a nap!

Today me and Em played outside when I got home. This was not limited to: mowing the front yard with the bubble mower, pushing the swing back and forth, going down the slide, running up and down the hills and jumping on the trampoline!

Mom is on call tonight so Dad was already home when Mom arrived. I got to play in moms car as soon as she got home!! I bet that car will be rocking when Mom starts it up later!!
Don't fret about all the band aids, I prefer to use them as more of tattoos then actual band aids. It's my way of expressing myself!

Well, I can't recall for the life of me what Emma was doing in this picture but isn't it cute!!! :)