Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/17 - 7/23

Emma loves her KK. KK wears sunglasses so I guess Emma thought she needed to wear sunglasses!
KK was driving and when they got to their destination KK turned around and there was Em sporting her shades with her serious look on her face!

Today was outside day. I seemed to play outside most of the day then when mom got home it continued. I pushed my mower up and down our neighborhood!!! I prefer to mow on the concrete vs grass.

Gaga is here this weekend!!! She made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast that I ate and ate!
Mom worked in the AM then came home and took a long nap. Dad mowed the grass and is preparing to floor the attic. I'm not sure what that is but it does NOT sound fun!! Me and Gaga decided to get out of the house! We went to the park for a loong time then went to get ice cream!! I got to pick out my flavor of the day and I picked pink ice cream with strawberries! We came home in enough time to play outside then go eat at PF Changs for supper. I think I am a fan!! I even got to watch them cook our food in the kitchen!
                                Gaga teaching Emma how to make whipped cream for her pie!

My Mom went to church with us then headed home.
After a good afternoon nap Emma and Brad had some hallway racing consisting of shopping buggy vs stroller. I do think em beat  him every time!

                                                     And they are off!
                                               Ready... set.. Go!!!!!!
This morning I told KK my blankets need washing. But I took out one that was not TOO dirty and kept it for myself. AFter she washed them I was sure to show Mom how good they smelled!
I also showed Mom my new dance skills!
                                 The daily organization of the blankets is serious business!

Guess what we did today?? It's Tuesday so it was movie day! At first I did not want to go to the movies but when we arrived I really got out of my shell and danced all movie long!
This afternoon I was in for a surprise! Pops came to visit. He said he was in the neighborhood so he wanted to come say hi.... likely story Pops!! But I'm glad you came!!

Me and Em split a chick fil a salad. Em ate the chicken, I ate the salad then Emma proceeded to call everyone in the family on her toy cellphone. The phone calls went something like this:
Hi Pops, this is Emma, Today I colored and played all day with Abby and Elmo and baby doll and bunny and Maggie and KK and Addie and blankets and and and...
Quite comical!
Today was also a first: KK told me she went to get Em up from her nap and Em was sans pants and diaper. She told me she took them off before falling asleep!
                                      Oh, just walking around talking on my phone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/10 -7/16

Today me and Pop's got to pal around all day!! We started our day with a visit to the doughnut shop. He then took me to the mall where I got to run around and even ride a merry go round! After the mall Pop's tried to take me to chick fil a for lunch but I would not wake up in the car so he brought me home for a nap. After a 3 hour nap we finally made it to chick fil a! After a late lunch we made cookies and Pops let me sit on the kitchen table and put sprinkles all over them. We then went outside to play and Mom was home!

It's another Pops day!!! We started our day at the doughnut shop again then went to the Ag museum where I saw some animals and even got to ride the train! After the Ag Museum we tried to go to the park but a big thunder storm came so we went to subway for lunch where he let me get a cheese pizza!! After lunch Pops gave me the choice of ice cream or yogurt and I picked ice cream. We went to cold stone where I got to pick out my own ice cream!! After that we went home and played outside some more. When mom got home I got to play with Mom while Pops mowed the yard.

Pops is still here!! Emma must have had a great time because she slept until 9AM today!!! What?!?! We all went to Corner Bakery for a late breakfast then Pops hit the road back to Louisiana. We had a low key afternoon and had a picnic supper in the living room. Em seems to eat better on a towel than sitting at the table!

We had another lazy day here today! Em laughed huge belly laughs when Brad showed her videos from when she was a baby! This afternoon Emma got my wallet out and went straight for the debit card. She reminded Brad that "we use this card for errands"! Em is observant!!

                                             We use this card for shopping Dada!

Laughing at "Baby Emma!"

Monday got the best of me!
I'll have to say tonight was not my finest supper display.
Emma's meal consisted of apple and peanut butter and a "cracker box" AKA lunchable!
I think we got most of the food groups in there!!
I did stop my fast bath ways and let Em take a bubble bath.

Movie day!
Karen said that Emma laughed through the entire movie!! Madagascar II was the movie of choice today.
After movie time they ate pizza and it appears based on the below video they had a dance party!
Tonight we had a low key night. Brad made Emma's favorite for supper: Chicken pot pie and she scarfed it down.
Em can now open the fridge by herself so this is another game changes. Who knows how many pieces of cheese she eats when we are not looking!

A cold front in July?? Yes!!!!
This AM KK took the gang to the park this morning. All Em talked about tonight night was "spinning around in circles". When she was a little bitty baby we would bring her to the park and she loved to sit on this little stool that would spin. I guess she still loves it today!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

6/26 - 7/2

Today was a day for the books!! KK brought us all to eat ice cream and I picked out my favorite... vanilla!
After ice cream we had a talent show of sorts and we all sang "let it go"! I think that is my favorite song.
Mom and Dad both got home late tonight. When Mom got home I was snuggled up with KK. I thought KK was going to spend the night!

Friday!! We love Friday's at the Norris household!! This evening me and Em played outside until the bugs carried us away! Em would rather play outside than eat! Secretly I think she is hoping the ice cream truck will come by!

I worked this AM and Em and Brad were busy!! They had soccer then their usual Saturday doughnut date followed by moving furniture for a friend. They got home a little after lunch and both took a long nap!

Lining those cones up at soccer!

All Done!

Soccer makes Emma hungry! She is loving her doughnut after soccer practice!

I learned about cooking today.. sort of! Today Dad taught me how to make mud pies!!!  I don't recommend the taste of them but they are fun to make! I think I prefer Gaga's chocolate pie over mud pies!
This evening Em and Brad learned how to perform bear crawls! I guess we are working on upper body strength early!!

Emma's summer of fun continues! Today they ate lunch at Majestic Burger! I have not eaten there before but Em gave it two thumbs up.. literally. Today she showed me she learned up to give thumbs up to everyone!

Em is working on her counting and showing her little fingers as they correspond to the number she is counting.  We are up to 4, but 5 really throws her for a loop! All fingers out can be a tad overwhelming!

Mom said it was July 1st today. I guess that is exciting?? She then told me that on July 4th we would be going to Winnfield to see Gaga, Pops and Sydney.. and of course Syd's mom and dad. I then got excited!! I hear there will be swimming, ice cream, cookies and no naps! Ok, there will be naps, but there will be ice cream!
I have found a new game I like to play! Spray the cats with the water bottle. Or spray anything with the water bottle!! It is fun but I think I get in a lot of trouble the more stuff I spray!
Dad had me spray the window then wipe it with a paper towel. I think Dad is trying to get me to do chores?!?!?

                                                        Cleaning windows can be fun!

Today I went to the zoo with KK and I rode the giraffe on the merry go round! I usually like to sit on the bench but I decided to be brave today. I did tell KK to "hold me" when I was sitting on the giraffe.

Mom "cooked" tonight!! Mazzios pizza was the location. Did you know that Mazzio's has a clown that will make balloon animals?? They do!!  I picked out a pink bunny and that clown made it johnny on the spot!!
I ate some pizza and raisins and me and mom called it a night and went home to start the bed time routine.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

7/3 - 7/9

I "cooked" again. Subway was the location of supper tonight! After subway Em came home and decided she would put her hair in a ponytail.
This ponytail consists of stacking multiple ponytails on top of her head!

This morning I worked just a little then we all loaded up in Brad's truck and hit the road to Winnfield for the 4th! We arrive around 2PM and had time for a little swim followed by a HUGE meal... Gaga style!

                                                 Daddies and their girls!

Today was another full day with Cousin Syd and Gaga and Pops as well as Aunt staci and Kat, Aunt Lauren and Uncle W as well as Baboo and Graddad!!
This AM we went to visit Doll Baby at Granddad's farm! Do you know he has a lot of horses and this little pony named Doll Baby. We played on the farm most of the morning then went back to Aunt Staci's house for lunch. We even got to eat ice cream and cupcakes!! After a short nap and a visit with some of Mom's friends (Ms. Mary and Ms. Kendal) we went swimming again! That Syd is so brave!! She would jump off the side of the swimming pool. She kept us all on our toes. I warmed up to the water and was happy sitting in Dad's arms in the pool.

                                             Watching doll baby!
                              This pile of poop was the highlight of interest in the horse barn!
                                           Walking to Aunt Staci's house.
                                                         Snack time!

I think the sign of a good weekend is a freezer empty of ice cream, a cookie jar empty of oreos and 2 girls that are tired beyond belief!
Em attended big church today and did well. She had her first taste of grape juice today at communion and she was not impressed! After church we had a covered dish at the church and the girls played until they were silly! After a brief stop to pack up we headed to Ruston to see my good friend Nicole and her sweet family. Landon, Nicole's son, calls Emma.."Emmer" and he still did it on this visit. Hope we can come back soon!!

                                           One more book Pops!!!

I think we are all tired today! A great weekend but we are worn out!
This evening Em showed me how well she can fish! Thanks Aunt Staci and Aunt Kat for the new puzzle!

Tonight, I taught Emma how to put on a her toy baseball glove.  We actually played catch for the first time (with the help of a plush, fuzzy ball and some velcro in that toy glove).  Emma would hold her glove out.  I would toss the ball at her glove.  She smiled and laughed when the ball would stick to her glove.  Then, she would fire the ball back as fast as she could.
Here it comes, little girl.

Nice catch Emma!

She's sizing me up, getting ready to fire it back!

Emma has a good fastball!

This AM KK took us all to the splash pad!!! I have warmed up to water and I had a blast today!! It started to rain but we got some sort of rain check to come back. I don't really understand this rain check idea but if I get to go back I'll go with it!!