Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/19 - 6/25

Today when I got home we had to run to the store. Em promptly grabbed her purse, which has $2.25 in it, and told me she was ready to go to the store. I asked Em if she was going to pay for the groceries and she quickly replied, "no, Momma buys the groceries!".

Happy 5th Birthday Josie Kate!!! I hope I get to see you soon and I'll sing the birthday song in person!!

Today I heard the ice cream man again come in the neighborhood!! As soon as I heard it I grabbed Mom's hand and made sure she knew what to do! When I got to the front porch I noticed my shoes were on the wrong feet!!! I panicked but sat down quickly and changed my shoes before the ice cream truck passed by! I was worried for a second that I would miss the ice cream man.
Thankfully Mom had some money on her and I got to get a vanilla ice cream cup!! Don't tell anyone but Mom let me eat the ice cream before supper!!

                                                    Trying hard to switch those shoes!

Ole Dada here; doing a little guest blogging while Lindsey is on call this weekend.  We had a pretty busy day.  We started the day off with a trip to soccer in Dada's new truck.  Every time we walk past the Jeep on the way to the truck; Emma feels the need to say, "Dada's truck, the Jeep is OLD!"  Emma did well at the "soccer" gym.  She did all the drills the big kids did.  We even rapped up "soccer" practice with a "ring around the rosie" done parachute style.  Emma loved the big parachute!  We celebrated the successful soccer outing with a trip to the Donut Barn.  Emma picked out a pink donut and chowed down while I talked to David, the doughnut guy.  He is awesome! He talks to Emma every time we're there.  He even brought us a fresh, hot doughnut out of the cooker, on the house!  We played various toddler games all day, and finished the day up with somersaults and ring around the rosies in the living room.  


Ole Dada here again.  Before church, we made an encore appearance at the Donut Barn.  Emma and Dada love this place (and the doughnut guy!)  Since we don't go to the nursery anymore, Mama and Dada don't get to go to Sunday School; at least until Emma starts Sunday School in the Fall.  Emma was excited to get all her stuff packed up and ready for big church.  She had her snacks, pink dinosaur purse, and juice all ready to go.  What else could a girl need? (maybe a pink doughnut!)
Emma knows that she has to be as quiet as a mouse during big church, or else she is threatened with going to the dreaded nursery (that she loved for the first 2 years of her life.)  We strategically sit near the back, on an end of the row; just in case we need to make a quick exit.  So far, Emma has been on her best behavior in Big Church.
A big, blogger shout out to Emma's big girl friend Lizzie from church.  She gave Emma her old slide and Emma loves it.  She is learning to take turns, and let her pink, dinosaur purse have a turn going down the slide!

Got my stuff, ready to go!

I'll be good. I promise!

Today Em showed me a glimpse of patience that I know she inherited from her daddy! She sat on the front porch and slowly emptied a small bottle of bubbles by dipping the bubble stick in the bubbles, taking it out and letting the bubbles drip off and repeating. She did this until supper time!

Today's blog is dedicated to Jack the cat. You see Jack is a good cat most of the time. He usually plays with me and I still make sure he gets a drink of water during bath time. Tonight was no exception.
Jack always walks into the bathroom once I'm an done bathing and he sits on the potty until I fix him a cup of water in the green cup. I always say, "Jack, are you thirsty?". He never answers me but I know he wants a big ole cup of water.

Tonight I was tired, Em was tired and we did not want to eat what was in the house so we had a little date at Chili's! I was a tad nervous about this venture but Em was quite good! We talked about her day and she informed me that she wants to go to work tomorrow, not play.  Oh your time will come Em, keep playing for now!
After supper we came home and then conquered bath time. Em has not been sleeping too soundly so here is to a good night sleep tonight!

           Emma found "band aids" AKA sugar packets at the table and she was set for the evening!

All smiles after putting her straw in her big girl cup!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

6/12 - 6/18

Today I started running a fever. I usually like to run and I don't mind getting hot but this fever was too much to handle! KK let my mom know and I lounged around all day lying on KK.
When Mom got home I snuggled up on the couch and we both took a pre bedtime nap.

Friday!! Em is feeling better today thankfully! Maggie's Dad brought over a pool for them to play in this summer and it is a huge hit with Emma... Let's just hope she will get in the pool with water in it! I have a feeling swimming lessons later this summer will be challenging!!

I woke up feeling pretty rotten today. I think my molars are coming in and they are giving me fits! After some medicine I perked up. I am surely glad I perked up, I got to go help Dad buy his new truck!!!
After the truck buying experience we came home and I napped. Dad went to the store to get some food to cook because my friend Georgia Ann is coming over tonight!

 Sitting in the back of Dad's new truck!

Fathers Day!!
I feel I hit the jackpot when it comes to my own daddy and Emma's daddy. Patient, confident, kind, loving, giving, supportive, supportive, supportive, supportive.. you get my drift.
There are lots of good daddies out there but I think I have #1!

Emma woke up in a mood today! She finally let me take a good look around her mouth and there are those pesky two year molars looking back at me. It looks like they are almost in so hopefully we are almost through with this! In other notes Em is now refusing to take medicine to make her teeth feel better. We tried the force feed technique.. yes, this was not pretty and not successful at all. Any recommendations for getting a 2 year old to take medicine when they don't want to??

                            After deciding to take her medicine she looks like this!

I am feeling better today! Today I played with my stuffed animals and made sure they had a warm and cozy nap. I wrapped them up tightly in  my blankets. I vaguely remember mom and dad wrapping me up in my blankets when I was a young tyke. If I remember correctly Dad was a pro at swaddling! I remember Mom telling me that Dad would practice swaddling Jack the cat before I arrived!!! ha ha

When Dad got home I tuned up my bowling skills!! I even bowled a strike!!!

Movie day for Emma today!!
Brad and I were discussing Em's summer activities and Emma has watched more movies this summer than we have seen in the pat 2.5 years!!  Ha ha ha

Today I received a package in the mail from Aunt Staci and Aunt Kat!!!! They know just what I like!! They gave me some clothes and an elephant (mom calls it a dinosaur) purse!! I opened the purse and there was money in it!!! As soon as I saw the money I told mom I would, "be right back" because I was going to the store shopping!
When Dad got home Dad added another dollar to my purse!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/5 - 6/11

Emma must be going through an independent stage! Whew, I am glad for independence but how much is too much:) I think my mom and dad are laughing to themselves right now and thinking PAYBACK!!

I had to do a little work when I got home on the computer so Em grabbed her computer and sat beside me and "worked". Her work is much more fun than mine!
                                         Demonstrating that she can take her bow out... no help mom!

Today KK and Co went to the zoo!! I saw a giraffe and a bear!! When we got home we played all day! Mom got home and looked a little pale! I don't think she felt very good. Mom let me get in her bed with her and watch TV and play with band aids!! I even got to eat in her bed!! When Dad got home I was ushered out of the room and Mom went to bed. Feel better mom!!

It's Dad here; doing a little guest blogging. Lindsey is on call; working some LONG hours this weekend. It's a daddy/daughter weeked, and  Emma has a busy day today.  We started the day off with a trip to "soccer."  I think that it is hilarious that there is not a soccer ball in any of these pictures.  It was more structured gym time, and Emma loved it.  She loves doing all the drills that the bigger kids were doing.  After soccer, we went to a birthday party out in the country.  Emma loved the birthday cake and homemade ice cream.  We were brave enough to go down the big inflatable slide, but we did get in the purple pool and slide down the built in plastic slide.
Kicking the Cones!

Stacking the Circles!

Water Break!

Swim Time!

Another little blog from Dad: Emma was so tired from the day before, that we slept in and got donuts.  She picked out a pink one!  After a sugary breakfast and some coffee for Dad, we got dressed in our church clothes in time to make it to late service.  
Pink Donuts!

Church Clothes!

Dad got home early today and we watched it rain from the front porch. I'm so glad I got to jump a little bit before the rain started.  I pulled my yellow chair out on the porch and listened to it thunder and watched it rain so hard! When Mom got home we decided to go look at cars. Dad's car was born in 1999! That seems like back in the dark ages!! It is time for Dad to get a new car!
She has the bunny hop down pat!

This afternoon Em was in an organizing mood. Every time I looked up she was putting her blocks all in a row or stacking up her books in a neat pile or even picking up her crayons!  Let's hope this trend continues.

                                     Emma on the move organizing. No time to sit still today Mom!
Whew!  KK had a long day! Mom and Dad both got home late today. As soon as they got home we took a bath only read one book(thats right, only 1 book!! come on Mom and Dad) and I was put to bed promptly!
I do have to tell about the diaper shortage we had the past two days. I almost ran out of diapers yesterday but me and Mom ran to the store and picked up more. Well, it apperas Mom left for work today with said diapers in her car!! Dad scrounged up a couple more for me to wear today in hopes that Mom's diaper supply she was hoarding in her car would be here this afternoon. The diapers (and Mom) did arrive but Mom picked up size 5 diapers at the store (i wear size 4, I think Mom was tired) and they were so big I peed down my leg!! Ahhh, back to the drawing board in the morning. Hopefully we can get this diaper thing figured out!

Is she giving a thumbs up?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

5/29 - 6/4

This morning I woke up and decided I wanted ice cream for breakfast. Mom quickly turned that request down but let me know we could have cake for breakfast?!?!  I guess cake is generally better accepted than ice cream for breakfast. Turns out it is coffee cake! I don't even like coffee but I like coffee's cake!
After breakfast KK came and took me and my new friends to the museum!! I saw alligators, fish and even a big frog.

                                                         Coffee cake!

The picture below needs a small explanation. Right now Em has a fear of giraffes in her room. We noticed every night she would throw her elephants out of her crib to the floor. We finally asked her why she threw the elephants out and she said to she did it to "keep the giraffes away". Now every night I look to see how far she has thrown them and tonight was a record!! Those elephants were flying!(the horse on the ground was not involved and no animals were hurt in this activity:)

KK is awesome! That should be the new title of my blog. Alas, today KK planned a movie and popcorn treat for all the kids. I was thinking to myself, "Emma, sit down and watch a movie??  Not gonna happen". But in true Emma fashion she followed the lead of her friends and stayed still most of the time.
When I got home from work we went to the park which was halted due to a massive melt down over something??? Not sure what...
                                                             Movie time!

                                                          Park time!

I woke up and I was told some exciting news: Gaga and Pops are coming to town today!!! I was told they would be here for supper and they were!! Gaga brought lots of cake and fruit and pops/gaga came ready to play!! I had a late bed time and hit the sack hard! I didn't even throw my elephants out of the crib. I did note that mom and Gaga were drinking more red coffee before I went to bed. That stuff must be pretty good, I'm assuming almost as good as juice!

                                                       Pops = official sucker ... holder:)
                        Emma would play then run back to Pops for a short break with the sucker.
                                          Cooking for everyone. It sure is a tough job to be 2!

Church day! Gaga and Pops went to church with us today. I showed them how good I am in big church. There was one mishap where Mom threatened to take me to the nursery. I straitened up and got to stay the rest of the service. After church and lunch we came back home and played hard! I showed everyone by T ball skills, mowed the yard with my bubble mower and even made eggs in my play house for everyone to eat.

Tonight Brad and Em played until the could play no more!
This playing was extensive and not limited to wheel barrow racing, horse back rides and running up and down the hallway until they both fell down in a stupor!

 Em brushing my hair.

                                                        Poor Maggie even got dog piled today!
 The fun even continued after bath time!  A horse ride in my sleep clothes!
                                                          Strong little girl!!

Today can be summed up in one word: FUN!
The day started with a movie at a real movie theater!!! I sat still the entire time! After movie time I got to get a small icee followed by a nap. The next best part of the day was when the ice cream man came into my neighborhood!! Can you believe that this man drives around selling ice cream??  I hope he comes back soon!

                                                         At the movies.. the camera is bright!

Mom got home late tonight so me and KK decided to send her a video to keep her going at work!

This afternoon we all went to the park to play and eat lunch. I ran around so much my curls were drenched in sweat!