Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5/22 - 5/28

Emma now enjoys talking on the phone! She gets a little confused when she can't actually see the person she is talking to (compared to facetime) but she loves to talk on the phone! Oh dear!!
"Oh dear" usually isn't a common phrase I say but Emma has started to say it a lot!!! ha ha ha ha
If she is trying to climb up on something and stumbles... oh dear comes out.
If she has to do something she really does not want to do... oh dear
If she is coloring and picked up the wrong color... oh dear

                                          Reading books and pretending she is an elephant.

LuLu and G dad are arriving this afternoon!! Em has been talking about them for the past 2 days! I think she is excited for the visit!

                                       Em picked out her clothes today. She is proud of her outfit!

Emma: Lulu and G dad are still here!!! I had soccer practice in the morning and they got to come watch me play!! We then ate a HUGE lunch at Mama Hamils. (if you have not been to Mama Hamils think good ole country cookin!!) After lunch and a small (ok, big) melt down it was nap time. After nap time Dad cooked us a good supper of salmon and veggies. I opted for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich option!

                                                        Mama Hamil's has a tractor!
                                                            Chatting with G dad!

Today G-dad and Lulu are going back home. I had so much fun with them!
Me and Dad went to church after G-dad/Lulu left and I decided I would walk down for children's moment during big church! I walked down with Dad and made faces the entire time at some of the adults in the crowd.

Memorial Day! I am on call so Brad and Em are hanging out. I got home and they were playing outside in the baby pool! We then went to eat at a new Mexican restaurant. It was pretty good food but Em had to go to time out twice while in the restaurant!  poor Em!
                                                           The wonder of a child.

Today I learned about piggy back rides!!! Mom let me ride on her back then when Dad got home he ran all over the house with me hanging on to his back!! After a few other circus maneuvers it was bed time.

Ohhh, I almost forgot! This summer I get to hang out with some big girls every day!! Today was the first day and I had a blast!!

 My social calendar is full! Today I had a play date with my school friend, Parker. We played at my house and had a good time!! When Mom got home I talked her into giving me a back scratch. In return I scratched her back! Poor Jack has a paw that is swollen as a watermelon!! I think dad will have to take him to the doctor tomorrow. I hope Jack's doctor does not give shots!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/15 - 5/21

If there were such a thing as a perfect day for a two year old I think today was it!!
Throwing pennies in the wish pond, merry-go-round rides x3, riding on the yellow school bus at the mall, eating ice cream and a trip to the park; all while spending time with Gaga and Cousin Syd!
                                            Who doesn't like running around with a dish towel??

                                            Gaga taught us how to run bases on the softball field!!
                                                              Gaga is fast!!!

I have made one observation this trip to Sydney's house. Mom, Aunt Lauren and Gaga drink brown coffee in the morning and in the evenings they drink red coffee. I'm not convinced this red coffee is the same as the brown coffee in the AM as I heard mom refer to this "red coffee" as wine. I was told multiple times this was Gaga's juice, so I just kept calling it "red coffee" but I think I am on to them!

We woke up this AM and hit the road after Gaga and Mom drank their coffee; their brown coffee that is.
When we arrived home we got some yogurt then went to watch Emily play in the state softball tournament! I decided I wanted to give Ms. Emily a pink band aid before the game. We saw Emily as she was about to go on the field and I got to hand her my band aid!!

                                                     Her own pink softball glove.

Today Emma had her first soccer "practice".
She is taking soccer tots and I have to admit I was chuckling to myself as I enrolled her but... this was fabulous!!!
After soccer we went to meet Brad at the dragon boat races at the Rez. We only stayed a few minutes due to sun tan lotion in the eye but we had a good time for the few minutes we were there prior to the sun tan lotion incident!!
After a good nap and play time we met out friends for dinner and Em had a blast with her friend Allison!

                                                   Em and Allison snacking after our meal.
                                                    The new and improved blanket coat.

Em is still revolting when it comes to going to the nursery!! So we skipped Sunday School today and we all went to "big church" again. Em was pretty good so I guess she does have a point about skipping out on the nursery!
After church Em went down(or so we thought) for her usual nap. I went for a short run and brad was working in the yard. I got out of the shower and heard a thud then a little girl crying then footsteps pounding the floor as she ran out of her room. Em escaped from her crib!!!! As far as I know she has never attempted to get out but today she made the great escape!!
After the not so nap time we attended the MS Braves baseball game. I was a tad hesitant to bring Em but she did great!

KK is back today!!! KK met me at my end of the year school party. AFter the party we resumed our usual routine. I hate to talk bad about Mom but while I was under her care I jumped on a caterpillar and jumped out of my crib! I was glad to see KK!

                                                Em and Mrs. Katherine.
                                                          Em and Mrs. 'Dessa.

Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what little girls are made of!
KK bought Em some diva sunglasses and Em loves them!!! She latches on to a certain object weekly and won't let go and these sunglasses are the item of the week!

One of my favorite things to do right now (besides snack) is play on mom and dad's bed!! I like to burrow in the pillows and pretend I am looking for something then I POP my head out of the pillows and we all laugh!

On a different note today was our(KK and I) last day with Will Will! We are buds for sure!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

5/8 - 5/14

Em had a play date today with KK and another little boy.
Apparently they were smitten with each other.
This young gentleman grabbed Emma's hand and walked her out to the car when it was time to go home!:)
When I got home I asked Emma if she had a boyfriend; she looked at my quite frankly and said, "well, yea".

I'm home with Em today and we took it easy!  We packed for our weekend trip to Memphis and just hung around the house today. It rained all day making this inside (and front porch) day possible!!

Today we loaded up and hit the road to go to Jacob's house in Memphis!
On the way there I called roll to make sure I knew exactly who would be there: Aunt 'Cole, Lulu, G-dad, Uncle Jason, Josie Kate, Jacob, Henry and Baby Charlotte.
We played so hard all day and even ate some good hamburgers that Uncle Jason grilled. Oh, I almost forgot: I like salmon!! Uncle Jason also grilled some salmon and I ate it up!!!
After supper me, mom and dad went back to the hotel for a good (sort of) nights sleep!

                                         Aunt Nicole showing pictures to all the cousins!
                                                    G dad reading with Em.
                        Em, Lulu and Josie Kate playing with the vanity. If you call it a table Emma will quickly correct you and tell you "it is a vanity", right Lulu??:)  Emma also learned about lipstick aka chap stick this weekend!! She smothered her lips, chin and teeth in chap stick!
              Playing with Josie Kate, I tried to catch Henry in the picture but he escaped down the slide!

One more day with my cousins!! I hated to leave in tears but I was so tired and I just could not contain my emotions!!
Before leaving I did manage to get a couple bites of G dads peanut butter pie!!
                                               In deep conversation with G dad!

After arriving home I heard mom tell dad she was going to try and potty train me this week, since Mom will be home all week with me! I complied with putting my big girl panties on but before I knew it I needed to go to the bathroom!!! I did not want to sit on the potty so I did the "need to go potty dance" until Mom could quickly get a diaper on me! I do think I'll be staying in diapers a little longer.

I'm home with Em for the week!
I got to pick her up from school today and she rushed to show me her artwork for the day. She then  re-introduced me to her teachers as "Dr. Lindsey Norris". ha ha ha ha ha. After school a quick trip to Sonic then a picnic and play time at the park.
                                                       At the park with mom!!
The Wiley shopping gene skipped into Emma's gene pool:) We went to wal mart and she just HAD to have these hello kitty flip flops! She is a speedy shopper, so I think she did get a touch of the Thurmon fast shopping gene as well.

I will give you two guesses as to what Brad and Em are waiting for???
                                            Waving hello to the visitor.. Who is it??

                                                           The garbage truck!!
Em loves to wait for it on Tuesday mornings. The truck driver honks at Em and all the  men on the back wave real big!! Truth be known I wanted to be a garbage man until about the 6th grade!

I was in a good mood this AM! Word on the street is Gaga will pick me up from school with Mom and we will go visit Sydney for a couple of days!!!

I got to Syd's house before Syd got home from school. Me and Gaga went to pick out cupcakes then went to Sydney's house to play. I jumped on her trampoline and I jumped on a caterpillar!!!  It hurt so bad but I was brave. Mom put some lotion on it and gave me some medicine and I felt all better.

Em showing off her wound on her foot.
Em telling how she "stepped on a caterpillar"

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5/1 - 5/7

Have I mentioned my love for going to Wal mart?? I love going there!! So many things to grab for as I go down the aisle, so many colorful things to look at.. I just love going to that place.
Today KK took me for a few items then she let me eat a subway pizza for lunch! Do you know I ate the entire thing??

                                                                   "Emma do it"
Mom is home with me today!! She picked me up from school and I had to remind her to get my school bag before we left school!!
After school we went to Sonic and then had a picnic at the park. After playing we both took a nap!
After nap time we went to find a picture frame for my class picture then we went to another park!!!
My kind of day!!

Apparently we had so much fun today Mom forgot to take a daily picture!

Spring fest is today at our church!!
Think live music, arts and crafts, food, face painting, balloon animals, train rides etc
Em had a ball!!
After a long nap we went to Georgia Ann's house for supper.
There were 3 two-year-olds and they had a blast!! There were enough squeals and laughs to last a long time!

                                               Em and Allison looking at each others face paint!
                                                    Bubbles = a 2 year olds dream!!

I was allowed to go to big church again today! Mom and Dad kind of pulled a fast one on me though. They told me after church I would go to Sunday school...turns out Sunday school is code name for NURSERY!!
After nursery time we loaded up and went to eat lunch at the Kountry Kitchen!!  I got to see KK and I gave her the biggest hug!! I was not going to let go but then I saw all the good food and decided I better get to eatin'!
After mac & cheese and fried catfish Dad got me a piece of chocolate cake that I demolished!!

                         Playing in the pool for the first time this year! Summer is on its way!

                                 A neighborhood gathering!  Playing with Madison and Jacob.

Whew, we had a long night last night.
I think Em is becoming afraid of the dark. After getting up and down a few times I decided we (me and Em) would camp out on the couch. She fell right asleep on my chest and stayed that way until morning!
After work we went to wal mart and Em got to pick out a night light. She picked out a pink lava lamp night light. Ha!
Right before bed Emma put all her "gang" to bed. This gang includes Elmo x2, Abby x3, Nemo and Zoe. She put them to bed, then put on my shoes and said, "see you later, I love you, I'm going to work"!

              Of course when we walked by the bicycles we had to look at them.

Aunt Staci and Aunt Kat, I think somehow Em inherited your shopping gene!! She looked at more hand bags in wal mart than I have looked at my entire life! I'm sending Emma with you two when it is time for clothes shopping!:)

Well, the night light I picked out was toooo bright!! So I hate to say the night light did not help me sleep better and on top of that I had a nasty cough. I only had to go on one car ride last night, so I call that progress!!
When Mom got home she said we were going to the park. Something about me running out my energy so I will sleep good tonight!

Well, the park thing did not work great, but I only woke up once, yet I was pretty feisty when I woke up!! I wanted to run around the house so Mom loaded me up pretty quick in the car for a night time ride!  I'm thinking the afternoon park trip did not help but I hope we keep doing it anyway - it was fun!!

If Emma does not like something I am saying she will promptly tell me, "No momma, do not say...whatever I just told her to say.  Usually this comment ends up in a time out, but today in the car the comment was kind of comical.

Today Em sneezed and I said, "bless you baby". Em promptly responds, "No, Momma, no bless you baby". :)