Friday, April 25, 2014

4/17 - 4/23

I am off today so me and Em can go to Winnfield so I can attend a meeting tomorrow in the 'field.
I decided we would get up and go to the park prior to our 3 hour car ride so Em would get some energy out. Well, the lawn mower folks also decided this would be a good time to mow the parks grass and it scared Em.. thus our park visit was cut short.
We made it to Winnfield and Gaga had some cookies waiting on Em to bake and decorate with sprinkles!!

This morning I woke up and Pops was waiting on me!! Mom and Gaga were out and about so me and Pops got to hang out all morning. When mom/Gaga returned Pops had already fed me lunch and had me down for a nap!! Way to go Pops!!
After nap time we went to Baboo and Granddad's house and then to their farm to see the new horse! Syd jumped on the horse automatically, I was a little more hesitant. I did pet the horse on the nose once!!

Today was a day of pure play!
Me and Syd hunted Easter eggs and Gaga and Pops church, we then dyed our own eggs and baked my cookies with Gaga!! After that we road the roller coaster, went down the slide, ate a lot of cookies and played some more!  I even got to visit with one of Mom's friends, Shay, who came to visit me!

                                        Me and Syd looking at our eggs after the hunt!!
                              Dying eggs, apparently you don't wear shirts when you dye eggs..

Up from the grave he arose!!!
Today is Easter!!! Syd and I had an Easter egg hunt at Baboo's house then we went to church! I got to sit in big church again and watch Pops sing in the Easter Cantata. It was so peaceful that I fell asleep!!!
After church we ate a lunch that was fit for a King and then loaded up to head back to Mississippi.

Well, if everyday has a theme today is time out day!
When Mom got home I think I was in time out until I went to bed!!
After my bath I decided to pipe down and I read myself some books before bedtime.

In other notes I am now refusing to sleep in pajamas. I like to sleep in t shirts and shorts now and I really do not like Mom or Dad to call them pajamas. I prefer to call my new sleep clothes just that...sleep clothes. I sure hope those footed pj's hit the road!!

                                                      In time out.... again

                                                          Some light reading!
Whew, last night was a doozie over here at the Norris house. Em is getting her 2 year molars in and apparently it hurts:(
The prior teeth that made an appearance I don't recall being this rough, but these molars are no joke. The trick that finally let Em get some rest was a sucker and a car ride... who knew!

I'm on call tonight but KK sent me this video of Em enjoying a good supper!

Em is 2 going on 10!!
Tonight at church everyone helped make bunk beds for people in the community. We ate hamburgers outside then everyone got to work. I assumed we would eat and skip out on the bunk beds but Em jumped right in staining the beds!! She had the best time!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4/10 - 4/16

Throw back Thursday!!!
Em feeding Brad her left overs... Some things never change. She still does this today!

In other news KK taught Emma our(me and Brad) "real" names.
Lindsey is "Dr. Lindsey Norris"
Brad is "Mr. Dada Norris"

What a surprise!! Gaga and Pops picked me up from school and we went to chick fil a for lunch. We then hopped in the car and drove to Sydney's house!! You see Aunt Lauren is hosting a race tomorrow and we are all going down to support her. I tell ya, that Aunt Lauren is the cats pajamas!

Today is race day and my duty was Sydney duty! I did not realize that Syd liked to wake up with the chickens at 5AM but it was a good time to spend some QT with just Syd and I! After the girls were up and dressed me and Baboo took them out to the race where they danced to music played by the DJ, ran around and snacked until they could not play anymore!
                                              A little light reading on the way home from the race.

Last day in Baton Rouge and we were spoiled by JW's pancakes. Emma calls JW ..."W"... and I think they have some special bond. She talks about W all the time at home and she will run to him before any of us. Maybe he won her over with his pancakes!!  The girls hunted eggs a few times, jumped on the trampoline then had a few melt downs before we hit the road.
                                                    More pancakes please!!
                                                     W reading books to Em and Syd.
Today was Em's Easter party at school. Thankfully I was able to sneak away from work to attend the party! It is so fun to watch all the kids in Em's class interact! They had a great time hunting eggs then ate until they could eat no more. I feel there will be a long nap in Emma's future this afternoon.

KK had a long day today. She stayed with me until Dad got home around 7:30!! Mom and Dad were so tired tonight they only picture they snapped of me was me sleeping in my cupcake pj's. I love these pj's and request them frequently. I have one problem with the cupcake PJ's.... they are fleece. I fear I won't be able to wear them much longer!!

Emma had a big day today! School then a trip to the zoo with KK and Wil Wil.
Tonight at supper she told me all about her day and how there was no one on the merry go round to let her ride it. She seemed very disappointed!  Next time Em, next time!
Our next conversation started by Em asking me where Dada's jeep was and why it was not in the garage.
I told her it was at work with Dad. I then asked Em what was Dad at work and she responded quite quickly, "well, why not?"

Emma and William, best  buds!

Currently Em is in bed and going through her usual crib conversation. She starts her bed time conversation talking to Elmo and Abby about her day. She then moves to singing songs, Ole McDonald was tonights choice, followed by some light counting then off to sleep.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/3 - 4/9

Well, me and Gaga had a day for the books!! Mom always says she can tell how hard I played for the day by how much my hair has curled up. Well, today I think even my eyebrows were curled!!!
Our day started with a leisurely breakfast followed by a visit to the park where I demonstrated to Gaga how high I could climb! ( I think I made her a tad nervous)
After park time we ate lunch (chickfila!!!) and took a short nap! After nap time we wen to Lowe's and I helped pick out some flowers. After picking out flowers me and Gaga made cookies and I even got to put sprinkles on them!!! ( I think I ate more sprinkles than I put on the cookies)
After cookie time we planted our plants!!
When mom got home I showed her all of our hard work!
   At first I thought I should object to this picture. I don't look happy at all.... but this picture does a good job of representing all my curls from a hard day of playing!!!

Tonight Em was in a cuddling mood. She let me read books to her while she snuggled with me on the couch. This was short lived but I loved every second of it!

Me and Dad ate breakfast together while Mom worked. When she got home Dad taught me how to hunt Easter eggs!!  My first thought is why haven't we been doing this fun activity earlier?? Dad taught me how to hide my eyes while he hid the eggs. I figured out pretty quick that there are ways to look around my fingers! After I got proficient at egg hunting I hid the eggs for dad!! If you ask me I hid them pretty hard!!!
Tonight we ate at the Methodist Children's Home and I got to meet all sorts of big girls!! I had a blast singing, dancing and playing with them!! On top of that we got to eat lasagna my new favorite meal!! One girl at the end of the meal gave me some beads to take home with me!!

Well, today I decided to let Em trying on big girl panties thinking this might spur her interest in the Elmo potty we bought months ago. Wrong!!   ha ha ha, she LOVED the new panties so much she put two pair on yet still does not want to have anything to do with the potty. Oh well, glad we bought that new pack of diapers! Maybe next month!!
                                                         Put on two pair, dada.
                                 In big girl panties.. no pants.. "hiding" her eyes waiting to hunt Easter eggs.
This morning I decided I needed to go shopping so I did what every 2 year old would do. Grab their bubble lawn mower, wave good bye to dada and tell him I'm going to Wal Mart then take off running down the road!  Dad even let me run down the road a little bit to give me the feeling of going off on my own, yet he caught up pretty quick!!
                                          Taking apart all of the eggs and putting them back in the basket.
                                                              Bye Bye Dada!

Well tonight is apparently a big basketball game! I hear it's the womens college championship game!! Mom gave me a bath early and we settled in to watch it! I don't think she believed I would want to watch the game but I snuggled up and watched most of the first half. I guessed Notre Dame would win but I think I am going to be wrong!

Whew, what a day!! Tonight at church Em pulled a fast one. She has this friend at church who is a few years older and tonight she realized that this friend was NOT going to the nursery and we had melt down city!!! After trying to coax her into the nursery I figured out she knew how to open the door and run out after me. After a few minutes of hunting her friend down she was fine! Who knew deep friendships were formed this early??:)

                                     Wearing our mardi gras beats at church! Thanks Aunt Staci!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/27 - 4/2

Today me and mom went to the store to buy more toothpaste for me!! I love to carry my toothbrush and toothpaste around. I am still not a huge fan of brushing my teeth thought.
When we arrived at the toothpaste ailse I saw a toothbrush that had Abby AND Elmo on it!! I just had to have it and mom finally gave in! I then picked out some toothpaste with a pink pony on it! Made my think of my granddad when I bought it!
I knew mom was nervous when it was time to pay because she thought I would not want to give up my new toothpaste/toothbrush to pay for it. I surely surprised her! I put it right on the conveyer belt so we could check out!


I'm on call this weekend  and expecting to be busy so me and Em savored our time together on Friday! She still loves to "cook" for me in her house. Her specilties are still eggs, mac and cheese and she added cupcakes to her menu. I can't complain!!
                                           What would you like to eat, Mom?

                                                           Love those curls!!!

Brad is with Em today while I'm on call and I guess I have to accept the fact that he is the "fun" parent!
I called them and they were eating pizza together. The next call they were at the park! They did go to the store but Brad let Em pick out a few of her own purchases: A big bird juice box holder and a Dora cup. (I didn't know she knew who Dora was??)
                        I missed the picture, but Em was kissing Brad through the tunnel at the park

On other topics: Most people, at least in my fam know how much I love a back scratch and head scratch. Poor Brad is usually the one that gets stuck with this task. It seems the back/head scratch gene was passed onto Emma. Poor Brad, pulling double duty now!


At breakfast Emma sits in her chair and usually waits paitently for her waffle or whatever breakfast she will be eating. Brad has been telling me about how she squeals as soon as she hears the waffle pops out of the toaster. See the video below for this reaction! Quite hilarous!!


Today me and Em went on a treasure hunt for acorns that was interrupted by Louis(the cat) catching a lizard and tearing that poor thing to pieces!! I hate to sound brutal but I was trying to stop Louis from this horible act yet I could not catch him. Emma did not seemed phased by this episode, yet I'm sure on the inside was laughing at mom trying to chase the cat.
I guess I thougth Em would be traumatized by this act, apperas she was not phased at all!

                                                            counting acorns!

Emma: Mom got home and we played outside until the sun went down!! I mowed our front yard as well as ms. Becky's yard with my bubble mower! I then walked over and said hi to my new friends that live next door. Mom told me they are 6 months old!! Barely knee high to a grasshopper!!
Before bed I decided to get my whole crew together to play with my princess castle. I think Elmo got bored but Abby and Zoe loved it!

Today we received Emma's class picture from school! She was so proud when she named all of her friends and teachers.

Gaga is coming tonight to watch Em tomorrow! I think she has big plans for them; I just hope Em can stay out of time out! It seems time outs are more frequent now a days!

Right now Em still loves Abby, Zoe, Elmo and anything Sesame Street. She loves to ask, "Why not?" when I ask her a question starting with "why". (are we too young for this??)  She is finally getting away from the word "no" but it still does come out every now and then. This week her favorite food is pot pie which she devours. She still loves her KK, but has started to call her Karen every not and then which makes me and KK a little sad! ;) She has also found a new love for back scratches and head scratches!