Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3/20 - 3/26

Today me and Emma played house! I think this was the first time I was included in Emma's imagination games! She would cook in her new play house and bring me the food out to eat. I ate eggs, mac and cheese and brownies. I guess that is her favorite meal??
I told Emma today that in a few days we would see Big Elmo and Big Abby trying to prep her for Sesame Street Live. I continued to tell her that Elmo.Abby will be as big as mom. I paid for my words because later in the afternoon Emma referred to me as "big momma"!

                            Emma loves to tote this bubble mower everywhere. This mower is not limited to grass!

Today i had my 2 year check up!! I weight 31lbs and am 34 inches tall! I prefer saying I am 2 feet 10 inches! Makes me sound taller.
This was not just a routine check up like mom made it out to be.. I had to get one shot. I didn't mind the shot but the nurse had the nerve to put a blue band aid on me?!?! Once I took the band aid off I was fine.
After visiting Dr. Stewart we went to the park for a little bit. Who knew all these people were at the park in the middle of the day!!
Tonight after Dad gets off work we are going to Baton Rouge so we can watch Sesame Street Live tomorrow!!!

                                           Loading up Elmo, Abby, and zoe for the ride to Baton Rouge.

                                                Hanging out at Dr. Stewart's office.

Sesame Street Live was wonderful!! I have never seen Emma so excited in her little life!! She squaled with delight as soon as Elmo and Abby made an appearance! Syd and Emma danced their little hearts out for the entire 90 min show!
In other news Emma has stopped calling Sydney, "Cissy". It is a little sad but I guess Em is through with nick names. It was cute while it lasted!
                                                            Elmo and Abby!!!!!

                                       Aunt Kat was invited to the pary!
                                                On our way to see Sesame Street Live with Elmo in tow!
                                                           Doing the Elmo Shuffle!

This morning GaGa made Mom's birthday breakfast! You see when it is your birthday GaGa will cook anything you want for one meal. Mom picked french toast, blueberry french toast and sausage biscuits!! Me and Syd liked the french toast the best!! I asked for birthday cake after the birthday breakfast but I was told "no". Sigh, I thought all birthday meals came with cake!!

Before leaving Syd's house we decided we better scream real loud to ensure nobody was going to fall asleep!

Today I opened by St. Patricks day gift from Baboo and Granddad! They gave me a pink cowboy hat and a little bunny that I have carried around all afternoon. This little bunny jumped on the trampoline, picked flowers and even walked up and down the stairs with me!
Tonight I practiced putting my crayons in a little plastic bag. This was almost as fun as watching Elmo and Abby... almost!

Mom is on call tonight so KK sent her this picture! I call this my wind blown look!!

During supper KK took this video so mom would be assured I was eating a good supper!!

Em had her school pictures a few weeks ago and her teacher said they should be really cute so I was really excited when we got a message that the pictures would be ready to view this morning at drop off. I told Brad to send me a copy of the pictures so we could pick which one to buy.. thinking they would all be fabulous!
Don't get me wrong any pic of Em is fabulous but I usually don't like the scared/intimidated look in the pictures!  Ha ha ha, poor Em I think she was overwhelmed at picture day!
 Heres to hoping the class picture turns out better!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

3/13 - 3/19

Mom is on call tonight and tomorrow so she asked KK to send a picture of me! I call this toddler attack!
I have been on spring break all week and I think I like this Spring Break thing!! I hear when I get older and start school that I will really like it because no school for the whole week of spring break! For now I kind of miss my preschool buddies and teachers.\

KK took Em to 5 guys for a lunch treat!! From the looks of things I think it was a hit!!

When I woke up mom and dad told me we were going to a parade!! I sort of remember a parade at La Techs homecoming weekend but it was kind of loud. We arrived and joined my friend Allison on the parade route. Either we were doing too much talking or the children's parade was uneventful because we missed the parade!! I hear there is a big " adult" parade this afternoon but I think it is during nap time. After the parade we ate lunch and me and Allison took turns standing up in our high chairs! We then had a ball playing on the bicycle rack outside!!

Well, the parade was kind of a bust! We were on the route yet missed it!! Ha Ha!  Alas, it was fun hanging out with friends.
We should have stayed for the bigger parade because Em refused to nap despite her busy morning.

Well, I am still opening birthday presents. Well, let me rephrase this. Mom and Dad are still putting presents together! This afternoon after my nap I woke up to a princess castle in the living room!! I decided it needed a little tweaking so I worked on it with Dad's screwdriver. 
When it was time for bed I put the princess to bed (face down) and hit the sack.

This picture says a lot!!
Em loves her cousin Jacob and that picture you see on the floor is what she has been carrying around since I got home. It is a picture of all of her Hindman cousins!
It was bath time and Em insist on taking her own shoes and socks off, thus she is taking off her socks and shoes. We are now at the point where she wants to take her pants off but it is tough to pull the pants down without the diaper getting in the way!

I am still carrying around the picture of all my cousins that live in Memphis!!  I attempted to take the picture with me in my bath but mom said it would ruin the picture so I placed it on my step stool while I bathed.

I love the pictuer below. Emma placed all of her gang (as well call it) in a chair so they could eat with her, she had the picture she has been carrying around for days and only then decided things were appropriate enough to eat! Ha!!


We sure have been enjoying this weather!! We spend most of the evening outside when I get home from work. Today I think Emma suffered her first loss. While Em was jumping on the trampoline I was kicking her big pink ball in the air, not knowing it would land in the rose bush and pop!!  Quite a sight to see!
Emma looked concerned for a second then said, "bye bye pink ball" and kept jumping.
                 Em loves her bike.. Her favorite thing to do right now is take the tassels on and off!
                                                             bye bye pink ball!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

3/6 - 3/12

DISCLAIMER: it was brought to my attenion that my spelling is not the best:) I agree, it is down right awful. My grammer is right up there with my spelling.. it's pitiful.
I recoginze it yet at this point in time I am not going to do anything about it. Feel free to alert me to incorrect spelling or grammer.

Emma is ready for her birthday party!! She now says, "Happy Birthday Week to Emma"! Ha ha! Wonder where that comes from? Brad calls Oct. his birthday month!:)

I went to school today in my birthday outfit!! Mom sent cupcakes to school and we got to eat them during snack time!!
The best part of the day was when gaga and pops picked me up from school. I squealed with delight!
We then went to chick-fil-a for lunch followed by a short nap then a visit to the park!!
Before I knew it Cousin Syd was at my house! I feel a night time party coming on tonight!!


A party was had by all last night. Some were happy to be a part of the party: Syd and Em; Others were not so happy to be part of the party: Me, Brad, Lauren and JW!
Today is Emma's birthday party! The theme is Emma's favorite things and her cake was just precious!! Shout out to Mandi Burgess!
All of our family came and celebrated and the bounce house was a huge hit!!
We capped the night off with crawfish and fried catfish. Tonight I think all will sleep well!

                                                      Happy Birthday Emma!!

                            Em, Syd, Henry and Josie Kate eating at the kids table.

                          Baby Charlotte enjoying the party while be loved on by Lulu and G daddy!

                                                 Henry and Em jumping!!!

Both girls slept better last night!
Tonight after we put Emma to bed she did her usual routine: talk to Elmo, Abbie, Nemo and tonight the new addition to the gang, Zoe. She then started to sin happy birthday to the gang individually then blurted out, "I love cupcakes!!!

         Em and Aunt Staci! Aunt Staci stocked us up with some good Mardi Gras "throws" from Iris!

      After church there is always an attempt to flee! Em usually flees to this picnic table.

                                     A good healthy lunch of pizza and ice cream with Cousin Syd.

Emma: I guess me and mom were on a birthday roll today because mom told me Baboo's birthday so we sent her a birthday message. I think we were a few days early but I do like to celebrate birthday weeks so I hope this message kicked off Baboo's birthday week!!

Emma is still opening gifts from her birthday!! Today we opened her first cabbage patch doll! I don't think these things have changed much since I had one! She liked to feed the doll but we are still working on how to be gentle with the baby doll AKA don't drag the doll around by her hair.

Today was another pretty day! We played outside today and Em finally got to ride her bike again. I attempted to take a pictures but it is tougher than you would think to push and steer a tricycle while trying to take a picture!
We finished the day with Emma checking on her new play house and checking the mail followed by puzzles then bed.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

2/27 - 3/5

Emma has latched on to the phrase "Emma do it" and she is not letting go! Today she wanted to zip herself up in the trampoline. Safety first!!!
I have been off with Em all week and I have to say I think we wear each other out!

Emma:Today I went to the dentist. Mom had me very exicted about this visit and we even practiced how wide I was going to open my mouth. As soon as my name was called to go "to the back" of the office I knew this would not be fun!! They scrubbed my teeth, scrapped my teeth and even flossed between my teeth! I did call for my blanket one time and Mom had it ready for me. After it was over Dr. Beavers let me pick out a toy, and from then on I knew this would turn out to be an alright kind of place.
After the dentist I got to pick out my own cupcake and then some cupcakes for dad and his two coworkers.
We dropped off the cupcakes at dad's office and I got to meet two nice ladies he works with. In the car on the way home I politely said, "Good bye dada and dada's girls". Mom thought this was hilarous?!?!!

Emma has a new hobby. Moving her step stool to every light switch and turning lights on and off. On a good note she usually leaes them off!

Emma loves yogurt!!! But I do think I have confused her on the different types of yogurt!
On our trip to Baton Rouge last week we ate frozen yogurt which Emma refers to as ice cream, and she loves it. But now she thinks the greek yogurt is ice cream  as well! Oh well, Maybe she will think I'm a cool mom letting her eat "ice cream" for breakfast!

Our bedtime ritual is usually stuck in stone. Bath, lotion, jammies, brush teeth, read books, look for the moon, tell everything goodnight including but not limited to the wreath, mississippi, cats, sandbox, Abbie, Elmo, Nemo, the E on the wall etc!
Tonight Brad captured us reading books!

Apparently today is national pancake day but it is also Shrove Tuesday at my church! I was told this was the day before Lent, a time to reflect. Now, I like reflections in the mirror so I guess I can live with this Lent thing.
Alas, I got to eat pancakes, play with baloons and even get some beads to wear around my neck!!
I did have a small meltdown when I got home because Mom wouldn't let me take my baloon into the bathtub with me.

boy, it sure is tough trying to keep up with the lights in this house!! As soon as I get them all off mom and dad turn them back on!! I must add toting this step stool is quite the work out!!!
I hear Friday is my birthday!!! All of my cousins are coming in town to help me celebrate!! We sure do have a fun time together and I can't wait for my Hindman cousins to meet Cousin Syd. They will think each other is the cats pajamas!!!