Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2/20 to 2/26


Dad here:
Emma woke up very hungry this morning!  She ate two waffles, half of my bowl of oatmeal, and then some "O's and milk."  It was interesting watching her eat cereal, while Jack the cat circled underfoot. Jack likes to pester and beg for the leftover milk in a bowl of cereal.  It was pretty funny seeing Jack hop up on the table for the milk, and Emma saying, "No Jack...Jack down!"

Emma's Version:  Dada served me a great big breakfast this morning.  I was so hungry and I even got to eat some "O's and milk" in a cereal bowl.  It seems like I always drip some milk (and a few O's too) off my spoon into my lap.  I keep telling Dada "Uh, Oh!", but he ensures me that it is OK.  Jack was so funny at breakfast.  He kept talking and talking and saying meow.  Then he jump all the way from the floor to the table and tried to get my "O's and milk."  I had to shoo the cat away and finish my breakfast.  I was so hungy!

Em decided today would be the day to get out all of her old art work from school. She was very impressed with herself while looking at all the pictures she had painted or colored. She even decided she would make some finishing touches on some of her artwork. I guess an artist is never truly done!

Today my buddy Landon came and visited me! We decided we wanted to go to the zoo; so we went!  I have to brag for a second --I rode the merry go round without crying!! I was so proud of myself!
We walked around and looked at the animals but the end of the trip was my favorite and Landon's favorite as well. We rode the choo choo train!! It was a bright red train that had a loud horn and a nice conductor! We wanted to ride a second time but our parents vetoed that plan.
After a short nap and lunch we went to the park before Landon had to go back home. Hope to see you soon Landon!!
Waiting on the train to start moving!
                                                              Choo choooo!!!

                                                            Hello animals!
                                                               Park time!
Emma had a small party last night! She woke up wanting to eat and then was not quite ready for bed. Brad was the participant in the party last night. Let's hope these parties calm down!!
In other news, Em has decided to eat apples.. straight off the core. Note that fruit and veggies are not commonly agreed upon by Emma but we will take the apple!

Last night I had another party! This time I decided I had so much fun at my party the night before that I would let this one last until 2:30 in the morning!! I got to go on 2 car rides, read multiple books and even got to go look for the moon three times!!
I'm not sure if Mom was excited about my party but I had fun!

I am off this week!!!
Me, my mom and Em are going to Baton Rouge as soon as Emma gets out of school today to spend a few nights with the Wiley family!
When we arrived Syd and Em hugged and went straight to the trampoline! They jumped and jumped and we thought they would go to bed without a hitch.. we were wrong. After two car rides (one for each girl) they both slept the night away. 

                                               Em eating her first Gambino's treat!!
                                                          Waiting for Syd to get home!

Today was quite a day!! We started off buying shoes for me and Sissy. We then got to eat pizza for lunch followed by no nap!! After no nap time we went to the mall to ride the merry go round and eat ice cream!!! Mom even got to do a little shopping for her birthday that is coming up next month. While mom shopped me and Syd were able to ride around in these cool strollers that looked like fire engines!!
You would think that me and Syd would be tired tonight but I foresee another car ride in my future!
the nap time that never happened!

                                                  Safety first while walking to the mall.

 Showing off our dancing skills. 

Emma was correct in her prediction regarding the car ride. Yet, a funny thing happened. 1 hour into our car ride and Emma still wide awake  I decided to lay down the law. I told Emma we were going back to Sissy's house, Emma was going to go to bed in her crib without fussing. We got home and as soon as we pulled in the drive way Emma said, " go to sleep, no fuss" and she did just that! Went to sleep without one peep!
I guess I should have tried that approach long ago!

I sure was glad to see dada tonight after church!! I showed dad all my new shoes then we got all my stickers out and put them all over the floor!! I sure do love my dada!
I almost forgot, I got to pet the church cat, pretty, while we were at church. I tried to pick Pretty up but she ran away. I'll try again Sunday! Watch out Pretty!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

2/13 - 2/19

What a day! Emma was saying something all day today and KK could not understand it. She finally understood what she said and it sounds just like "I love Jesus"!! I asked Emma who taught her that she she said Ms. B, one of her favorite church nursery workers:)
Today is the day before Valentine's day and I am more nervous about the valentine's for Emma's classmates and teachers than I have ever been! I don't want her to have the worst looking ones of the bunch!!
Em received her first valentine today from KK! She made sure to tell me that KK gave her the balloon and note pad and that it was "HERS". Funny thing the DVD KK gave Emma is about sharing...

                                         A play break to look at Charlotte's birth announcement!

                   Playing with her balloons trying to avoid a bath.. She will be mad about this picture one day!

Well, I guess today is a holiday!! I woke up and Dad let me walk down the hall which is unusual.. usually he carries me. I saw a pile of new books and a stuffed animal in the living room and I knew something was up!
They explained it was Valentine's day and you are supposed to show love to everyone today.
I panicked for a bit because I did not have any Valentine's to give my teachers, classmates or even KK!!
Mom reassured me that I have something to give all of them, whew!

Saturday means mom and dad are home all day!
I could tell mom had something up her sleeve as soon as I woke up; I should have known we would be raking the back yard today! I did note my little rake was out ready for use as well.
We raked all morning (ok, I probably did more playing than raking) and then I was rewarded for all my hard work with a visit to the park!!
We finished the day eating Mexican food and we were all pooped by night time!
                                             Taking a break from raking to draw a picture of blue dots.

Em requested a pony tail for her hair style this morning. ( She is my daughter indeed) We opted for pig tails!

Dad here:

Today, Emma's "school" had a teacher work day and that meant that Emma and Dad had a little more time in the morning before I go to work.  This morning, Emma and I had our normal breakfast routine followed by a quick trip to Kroger.  We then played and snacked outside for the rest of the morning.  Emma loves being outside when it's not too cold.

Emma's Version:

Today, Dada scooped me up and put me in the Jeep.  I love to ride in the Jeep and kick my feet to the beat of the music.  We pulled up to Kroger, and then Dada told me the rules.  I didn't have to ride in the shopping cart if I would just hold his hand while we were in the parking lot.  He insisted that it was very important to hold his hand because there were cars all around us.  I agreed to his terms and held his hand the entire time we were inside Kroger, just for good measure.  Dada let me pick out a pint size milk carton full of goldfish crackers and even let me get some graham crackers too!  I could barely reach the counter, but I gave the cashier my goldfish when Dada told me to.  I was nervous, but the nice lady gave them back to me after all.
For the rest of the morning, we got to play outside, jump on the trampoline, snack on some goldfish picnic style, and sing Ring Around the Rosie!  I was getting tired of it being cold outside. Apparently, flowers don't like the cold either.  As soon as the cold weather left, I found a pretty little yellow flower that popped up the back yard!

Today KK took me and Wil Wil to one of my favorite places: The Children's Museum!!! My favorite thing to do at the museum is dance in the party room but today I found a new love for the car!

It's fun watching Emma grown in height as well as knowledge! I have also learned that growing in her emotions comes with some growing pains! As of now the topics of candy, cheese and naps will most likely end in a melt down. It's tough to be almost 2!
I think I finally accepted that Em has lost her little baby look! This picture below made me realize it!

As always, Jack and Emma like to share a cool beverage while bathing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2/6 - 2/12

Today Emma had a lesson on sharing. "Mine" has become a favorite word of Emma and we are trying to change this word to "everybody".. or should we be saying "everyone". Oh well, I just want her to stop saying Mine whenever she sees something she wants.
Today we practiced sharing as Emma handed out books to all her stuffed animals and the cats. The cats were not impressed!
We are also still trying to embrace babies. Em is still not fond of KK holding the new baby and William's house. Tonight she cleaned her babies ears, kind of harshly, but at least she held the baby.
                                                             Books for everybody!!
Come here Jack, please take your book!

                                                          Being nice to the baby.....

Today I realized Jack the cat is famous!!! I found a picture of him in one of my books. I tried so hard to show him that he made it in a book, yet he was NOT interested.
I decided to leave Jack alone, let him soak up his new found famous status and play outside with Mom.
After playing outside Mom let me help with supper! I got to scoop out my peas and put them on my plate. I soon realized that I could put one serving on my plate and one in my mouth before Mom caught on! He He

Look Jack, you are famous!!
I finally decided I like to wear hats!!!!

Today we loaded up and went to Memphis to see my cousins!!  I gained a new cousin because Aunt Nicole just had another baby; baby Charlotte. Baby Charlotte liked to eat and sleep. I don't think she is quite ready to play with us yet.
I did LOVE playing with Jacob, Josie Kate and Henry!! Lulu also surprised me and was at Jacob's house!
After supper me, Mom, and Dad went to a hotel! I've never stayed in a hotel and boy was I excited. I tried to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed but my fake snoring was not tricking them so I was loaded up for a car ride in the hopes I would calm down!

                                                         Reading to baby Charlotte.
                                                  Jacob introduced me to his new sister.
                          Mom said I could only touch Charlotte's foot, so I decided not to test my boundaries.

Looking up to Jacob. 

I enjoyed my night in the hotel! I was not a fan of my night light but I guess you have to make due with what you have! Dad transformed the microwave into my nightlight. Way to go Dad! After breakfast (in which I had to be totted out of due to screaming) we went back to Jacob's house to play. After lunch we hit the road but not before taking a cousin picture!!
I almost forgot, Josie Kate let me sit on her big girl bike. Mom tried to put me on this red tricycle, but I sniffed out this pretty pink bike in a jiffy!!

                                           Josie Kate, Charlotte, Jacob, Henry and Emma


Today is another cold day but Em has warmed up nicely to baby Harper! I guess spending the weekend with Charlotte helped Emma accept babies!
When I got home KK told me Emma had a new friend from school named Catherine. Apparently Catherine is just as happy to see KK as Emma is when  KK arrives to pick Em up! They both emphatically state KK's  name when she arrives!!
I asked Emma what her and Catherine did today at school, Emma promptly replied "we eat cake"! ha ha ha.
Em has enjoyed playing with the white jeep that her g dad gave her! She likes to point in the jeep where everybody is supposed to sit. Apparently Emma is the driver, Brad in the passenger seat and Mom is always in the back seat! Ha!
                                                              A "selfie".

At some point last night Emma woke up and threw up in her bed. She did not notify us of this event until I walked in her room to check on her this morning! Poor Em!!! After a good bath and sheet change Emma appeared to feel fine.
I was certain she felt fine when tonight she was dancing around the house in her apron, chef's hat and oven mitt!
Tonights questioning in the bathtub was funny.
Me: Emma, What made you happy today?  Emma: Ms. Desa
Me: Emma, what made you feel loved? Emma: Ms. Desa
Me: Emma, did anything make you feel sad? Emma: ten ten
Me: ten ten?
Emma: not nine

Today was a good day overall. This evening KK dropped me off at church and we met Mom for supper.
While Mom was getting my supper plate I grabbed a cookie and starting eating it before she knew what happened!! After supper to the nursery to play then home for bath.
Before bath I showed Mom my new artwork! Do you know they make markers that allow me to write on windows without going to time out!!!???? What a deal!
                          Snacking on cheese because I only ate a cookie and 1 grape for supper.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1/30 - 2/5

Today was a big day for Em! She got a potty book for Syd's birthday and it has been the book of the week. This afternoon I asked her if she wanted to get a potty and she said yes. We even decided we would get an Elmo potty. We arrived at Wal Mart and low and behold there were two potty chairs that caught Em's eye: Elmo chair and an Abbie chair! Ahhh, i feel like this was Em's biggest decision thus far in her life! ha ha. Watching her go back and forth between the Elmo and Abbie chair was quite entertaining. After 15 minutes Emma decided on the Elmo chair.
Once we got home she promptly sat on the chair and pooped. Yet her pants and diaper were still on. I guess I didn't explain to well exactly what this potty is for!  ha ha, oh well, we will see how this new adventure goes!

                                                               Proud girl!

                                                 Why Emma, what did you put in the potty?
                                                Sorry Emma, this is not a new bow holder!
Today Mom took me to watch Ms. Emily play basketball! She plays for a high school team and boy can she shoot!! I also got the bonus of watching the dance team practice and saw Ms. Anne Carrie and Laura practicing with the dance team!
When I got home I decided to practice my shot! Maybe one day I can shoot like Ms. Emily!!

Watching the game. 


Today we went to the park... TWICE!!!!!
It finally warmed up and we all felt like getting out of the house! I think I am growing so I have been very hungry and tired lately. When I'm tired I like to have my blanket with me at all times; so at the park you might notice me playing soccer while toting my trusty blanket.

                                      Everyone should carry a blanket and a piece of mail to play soccer!
Apparently tonight is a big football game. So big Dad calls it the super bowl!!
Some friends of mom/dad came over and they have two kids as well! Neely is 5 and I stuck to her like glue!! She read me books, let me play with her and even through the ball back and forth with me. I sure hope we see Neely soon!!!
                                                             The kids table...
                                                        Me and Neely playing.
                                                Jumping with my apron and chef's hat on!
Today was a tough day in the life of a toddler. Wil Wil's mom had a new baby.. KK takes care of William some afternoons.... today was the first day Emma saw KK hold the new baby.... crocodile tears and lip quivering began as soon as KK picked up the baby.

Tonight we practiced holding a baby doll so Em would not have quite the horrible reaction to KK holding the baby. We will see if this helps!!

Tonight I was supposed to watch a Soccer game. I was sooo excited to go watch this game but then Mr. rain decided to rain on my parade.. literally.
While we were sitting in the car waiting to see if the rain would pass I decided to pretend I was asleep then erupt into laughter when mom asked me if I was indeed sleeping. We did this over and over and over again until mom made the executive decision that the rain would not pass and we had to go home.
                                               "asleep" while eating some O's.

Brrr, it's cold again!! Wednesday's are one of my favorite days because Wednesdays are the day that KK post her weekly picture of her and Emma. I look forward to this picture weekly and today was one of my all time favorites!!!