Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/23 - 1/29

When I got home Em was doing some heavy shopping!!! She took off down the hallway and into the living room on a mad shopping spree. I think this action would maker her shopping aunts, Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci, very proud!

Today pops surprised me again! He showed up after lunch to take me toWinnfield! We are going to Winnfield to celebrate Cissy's 2nd birthday!! Mom and Dad are staying back to watch a movie. I bet they will be so bored without me!!

Today was Cissy's (Sydney's) birthday party! We got to eat lunch then throw carrots at this flower pot!! We even got to pin the tail on the bunny then eat cake and ice cream. After that Cissy opened her presents. Guess what?? I even got to open a few!! Apparently I get a kick back from Cissy's birthday!!

We did throw carrots into flower pots but it was part of a game to stick with the theme of Syd's party: Peter Rabbit. I do think the adults had more fun with the carrot toss than the kiddos.

                          Me and Cissy really liked the meet tray... ok we really liked the cheese on the meat tray.
                Pops, Uncle JW and Dad playing carrot toss. Note that me and Syd are not playing. Only adults.
                                                               The birthday girl!!!
                                              Cissy and Em retrieving carrots from the flower pot.

Weekends in Winnfield alwasy wear the girls out! Big and little girls:)
After church Em and Syd gave Gaga a retirement gift: some stools for E/S to use while they visit GaGa and Pops. They even tried them out washing their hands again and again and agian.
Em was asleep before we were out of the Winnfield city limits and slept the entire way back home!
A good time was had by all!

Emma learned about second line tonight. On our way from supper to bathtime we had a little second line dance while waving our napkins in the air. Makes me want to go to NOLA soon!

In the bath we had a pretty informative conversation:
Me: Emma, what part of your day made you happy?
Emma: Dada
Me: What part of your day made you feel loved?
Emma: KK and Ms. Dessa (her teacher at school)
Me: Emma, what part of your day was the most fun?
Emma: Booty bop.. while demonstrating the booty bop in the tub.. hence water everywhere!

It snowed today!! Ms. KK couldn't get to my house due to traffic so she met Dad at the hospital before he went to work! After the Emma hand off  we went back to my house to play.
Dad asked me if I thought the snow was pretty, I politely replied, Dada pretty, momma pretty! I figured that was good for brownie points!!
                                   Sitting with dad in the eep (jeep) waiting on KK.

I decided to keep asking Emma these same questions at night and see what answers she gives me. They are quite entertaining, yet I have not quite figured out what the lotion made her sad today???

Me: Emma, what made you happy today?
Pip: Ms. Dessa (school teacher) and Ms. B(church nursery helper):)
Me: what made you happy today?
Pip: Emma's soap
Mw: What made you sad today?
Pip Losh.. that is what Emma calls lotion
Me: what was your favorite part of the day?
Pip: Aunt Lauren ( we did facetime aunt Lauren today, but this was after our conversation and Emma claiming Aunt L as the favorite part of her day)

After bath time Em finagled a banana out of Brad before bed.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/16 - 1/22

Do you know who came to visit?? GaGa!!! As soon as Ms. KK brought me home I noticed GaGa's jeep in our driveway and there she was in our house waiting on me. She fed me supper and bathed me and even let me brush my teeth again and again and again. She even let me stand on my step stool and play in the water in the sink.
I got to spend all day with GaGa today. Today was full of activities but not limited to: park visit, jumping on the trampoline, sitting in GaGa's car and pushing all the buttons, going to Kroger.. three times for cookies and blueberries and finally some pot pie for supper that GaGa made for me.

Today I had a play date with Georgia Anne. We went to the park and ran all over the entire park. I even brought my soccer ball and let GiGi play with it too.  Well, I shared most of the time.

Today I had to wear tights to church. You now, those stuffy, too tight, white tights that mom always puts me in for church. After I enduring the tights for the entire morning I was glad to get them off!
After a short nap we went to the park and I got to see the best thing ever: a bicycle!!
Bicycle has been my favorite word and picture to look at over the past few weeks and I got to see a real one  in person. The little girl that owned the bike even let me sit on it!! After I sat on the bike I got to chase her up and down the sidewalk!! What a day .. minus the tights!

                                       chasing my new friend down the side walk!  I liked her pink bike!!

Mom is on call today so today was daddy/daughter day! This is always a fun day! Dad built me a fort, taught me how to fake sleep and snore while "sleeping" and ended the day with a long jump on the trampoline. I did experience a first today: my first goose egg. I  pulled my easel and it fell on top of me! I cried but I perked up after I explained what happened to Elmo and Abbie.

                                                      Dad took a picture of my "writing".
It is cold today! I failed to mention over the weekend we went shoe shopping. Em picked out some pink crocs and just had to have them! This picture is Em taking her pink shoes to her closet.
On another note Em's goose egg is almost gone!

Em showing off her shades. 

Everyone got home late tonight which means KK had a very late evening with Emma. This pictures sums up how we all felt when we got home.. nigthy night!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/9 - 1/15

 Today I gained a new cousin!!! Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jason have a new baby named Charlotte! I can't wait to meet her.
In other notes it was finally warm enough to play outside today!!!  I walked all over our neighborhood this evening. I guess all the neighbors had the same idea because I got to say hello to everyone!

                                                Why get in the car when you can push the car!
Todays exchange of play mates AKA mom gets home and Ms. KK leaves was a bit odd!
KK loaded me up in her car and we met mom at a hotel in Jackson!! I thought it was quite funny, then mom put me in her car and we attempted to go home but there was soo much traffic; a banana truck had turned over and spilled all its bananas!. I then figured it out.. there was so much traffic mom could not get home so she asked KK to bring me to her! KK left, me and mom sat in traffic and I got to eat snacks. I call that a win!

                                              Just hanging out waiting on traffic to start moving.
Today was a busy day on Emma's social calendar. First we celebrate Reese's birthday party at a tumble/cheer gym. What a great idea! All the kids ran around and played and had a great time. After the party we ran home at lunch, had a quick nap then meet Georgia Ann at the Children's Museum. I thought Em would have gone to bed without a peep, yet I think the day had her all hyped up. A car ride had to be implemented to get this little girl to calm down and go to bed.

                                           Mary Kinley and Em enjoying a cool beverage.

                                                   Em was supposed to tell Reese good bye and happy birthday; this turned into a quick wave and walking off. We have some room to improve on our greetings and good byes:)
                                                       Dance party with GG at the museum.
                                                   Hummm, this looks like trouble.

After church we had a day of outside play time! I got to jump on the trampoline, chase the cats around the yard and play soccer with mom and dad.

With Brad working later I am now in charge of bath time. This is a huge deal because Brad always makes bath time so much fun. I feel I am more of the get in.. get clean.. get out kind of bather. Alas, tonight I learned one of their tricks. Apparently Emma has been filling a cup of water and placing it on the toilet during bath time. Then Jack the cat comes and drinks from this cup. This site is quite funny and causes Emma to laugh.. laugh.. and laugh some more. My bath times still are not quite as fun but at least I learned about Jack and Emma's water date.
                                                        Preparing Jack's water cup.
                                                             Jack is thirsty!
Tonight I caved and decided I would eat something besides cheese, yogurt and little green peas. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich (that counts as something different right??)
Mom then gave me a pear which I was kind of scare of at first but then I ate the whole pair in a couple big chomps. After supper I had a small melt down, followed by a bath and a very early bed time.

Emma's small melt down went something like this:
Standing yelling at the top of her lungs because..... (If I knew why I might do something about it).. who knows why.
Followed by her carefully throwing herself on the floor and completing said melt down. How do you carefully throw yourself on the floor you might ask?
     1. carefully sit on your knees
     2. Then placed your behind on the floor
     3.Then slowly lie on your back and move your feet in front of you
     4. Last, slowly place your head on the floor
     5. Begin kicking and screaming to complete a full melt down
After a slow fall to the ground the melt down ended with a few good kicks, yells then rolling over to find her blanket and thumb. Good night Em!

Mom fail!  Tonight me and Em had our first cereal supper. I was tired, Em was tired and we were ready to eat; Thus we ate cereal for supper. We ate O's and milk if you ask Emma what we ate. After eating our O's we made a quick trip to Wed. night church then home for bed!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/2 - 1/8

I really love my new dress up skirt! It looks just like Abbie's skirt. Abbie is my new Sesame Street friend that Santa brought me for Christmas! Today I ate in my skirt, I played in my skirt;  I even danced in my skirt. Dad wouldn't let me take a bath in my skirt though.

In other topics, Last night I kept waking up and going back to sleep. Mom and Dad finally asked me why I kept waking up and I promptly told them, "Emma, eat". After two bananas, a yogurt stick and pears I was back to bed to sleep the whole night. Who puts Emma to bed with a hungry belly??

                                                 Cutting a rug to the Wheels on the Bus!

Tonight we decided to eat at Chili's. Em was not impressed with the place until we ordered her juice to drink. After her juice cup you would have thought we had given her all the toys in the world! She was one happy camper.

Brad's  blogging this weekend.  I am taking over the blog duties as Lindsey is on-call all weekend.

Emma here:  This morning, Dada and I got in mom's car and drove to Memphis.  We got to spend the day with my cousins Jacob, Josie Kate, and Henry.  Once we finally got to their house, I was a little shy for about half an hour.  I finally decided that these cousins were ok and we had a lot of fun playing.  I even got to go outside and go down their big slide (with Dada holding my hands.)  Henry is such a dare-devil!  He climbs the big ladder into the tree house and goes down the slide all by himself!
After all of the playing, we even got to eat at Mellow Mushroom!  I love a good pizza!

Today, Dada got me dressed for church,  and wanted to take my picture for Mama.  I ran around the house and hid a little bit, but he finally found me.  I have got to find some better hiding spots!  

Today Dad started working his new hours at work. He gets to stay home with me in the morning, then KK comes so Dad can go to work. Mom gets home and then dad gets home around 7 before I have to go to bed.
Tonight me and Mom ate supper together and I really cheesed it up! After supper we started watching the football game and I even put my hand over my heart while the national anthem was played.

                                      OK, so hand is over belly for national anthem, but we tried!

Tonight Em decided she would pick out the books to read before bed. Do you think she picked out enough?  Poor Brad!!

                                              Em telling Dad goo d bye as he leaves for work.


Em has a few new favorite things right now:
-Talking about our cats, Jack and Louis.
-Turning forward flips on the ground
-jumping on the trampoline.. and "booty bopping"
-wearing mom's shoes

Brad also says that most morning she wakes up talking about either juice, ipad or cheese. neither does she get a lot!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12/26 - 1/1

Em has a love for sunglasses! Tonight she shared her sunnies and we all paused for a pic.

In other notes, Em has a new phrase... The phrase is, " I know what".
This phrase can be followed by anything she wants.
If she wants to jump on the trampoline = I know what, jump!
If she wants cheese = I know what, cheese!

KK came over this morning then Pops surprised me! He loaded me up to go to Winnfield.  Apparently I don't sleep well when I travel at night so Ga Ga and Pops thought it would be a good idea for me to come before mom and dad got off work. I think they were right!!
KK took these pics of us before I left!

Today we celebrated  Christmas in Winnfield! Em is really into opening gifts, doesn't care much for what is in them but I am sure she will when we unload them at home and she sees all her new toys! Em has started calling Sydney, Sissy. It's quite cute to hear!

                                                      Em and Sissy eating supper.
                                                   Hummm, carrot cake!
                                                  All these gifts and Em plays with napkins!
                                                The largest sparkler display on the block!
Today was our last day in Winnfield. We went to church then got packed up to head home. Before that me and Syd took one last ride on the gift Gaga and pops gave us: a roller coaster. I tried to get pops to ride it but he said he was too big.

Today Em found the M & M's and decided to line them up on the couch. I didn't know what she was talking about when she was screaming "EEEEE" until I relaized she had the M&M's lined up side ways. Thus they look like E's!

We spent New Years with my friend Georgia Ann. She also responds to the name GG, so I call her GG because it is easier to get out. We had a good time playing, eating pizza and watching fireworks until I decided the fireworks were too loud for me!

                                             GG and Em watching the helicopter fly.

Today we went to the store to buy cabbage and black eye peas. Poor, peas! Someone socked them in the eye! I didn't partake of the cabbage and peas but I hear they will give us good luck and money. I stuck with the mac and cheese, it gives me a full tummy! After lunch I played dress up in my new skirt and we went to the park to play.

                                                         No more baby swings!