Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/12 - 12/18

Em had to go to the doctor today.
Karen called me today and said Em's cough sounds horrible and she isn't feeling good.
Thankfully it is not the flu, just some other virus that is making her miserable :( The sucker from the doctor surely seemed to perk her up for a few minutes!

I still don't feel well:( My nose is all stopped up with these slimy things that dad calls boogers. Every time he wipes my nose he says, "bye bye boogers". I wish they would listen and go away.

Ga Ga is here!! For those of you that don't know GaGa, that is my name for Granna. GaGa came to visit so mom and dad could go to a Christmas party tonight. I've been sick so they didn't want me going to the nursery during the party.
We read the new books she brought to me, played inside and outside and I even danced a little!
I still enjoy playing with my suckers. I prefer not to eat them not, just unwrap them and look at all the pretty colors.

                                                   Emma decided she liked her swing again!
                                                       Did I mention we like suckers??
This morning we played hooky from church. To reprimand mom and dad for their decision I started raking the yard, then me and Ga Ga snuck off to let mom and dad finish the work.
Tonight I got to wear my PJ's to church!! We had a birthday party for Jesus! I got to eat pancakes for supper, played some games then we all got a cupcake!!

    Ga Ga let me drive her car.. Well, ok, I got to sit in the front seat. 

                                                   Reese and I playing with the balloon!

                                                  Pastor Bruce singing some carols!
Tonight I think we had our first real conversation with Emma. We talk a lot but it's hard to get a toddler to sit and have a conversation.
During supper I asked Emma how her day was. She reponsed, " I went down slide, Weeeeeeeee".
Candy cane cookies followed supper which was then followed by Emma getting a foot rub from Dad. What!?!?  Emma gets nightly foot rubs?? Brad is wrapped so tight around her little fingers:)

                                                               Foot rub!

The picture below represents the following conversation:
Mom: Emma, are you eating a snack right before supper?
Emma: Nooooo (in a sweet, high pitched voice)

Today was my Christmas party at school! Ms. KK met me there bc mom and dad had to work. Thank goodness KK was there because Mom forgot about a gift for my teachers!! I guess I'll give mom a break, she was on call mon/tue night. KK put together some gifts and met me at school. I then got to eat a cupcake so all was good!
The night ended by opening a pre Christmas gift from Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci! My favorite gift was the pink Paris bow and the reindeer that lights up!

                                                              Pre Christmas gift!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12/5 - 12/11

Em finally calls Ms. Karen by a name..... KK!

Tonight we attempted to eat out at Mazzios.....we were semi-successful. Em enjoyed drinking juice from a cup and putting lotion on her legs. Not sure where she gets this stuff from but Em grabbed her lotion from her bag and promptly started applying it to her legs.

                                                                     Lotion time!
                   Em also took all of her wipes out of her diaper bag. She then started to scrub the floor.. Win!!

Today I agreed to go visit Santa. No where in this clause (no pun intended) did I state I would sit on this guys lap. I guess mom and dad think this goes with the territory. I saw the big guy and waved and thought my duty was done. No sirreee! Mom brought me to Mr. Clause and I tried to climb up mom like a cat!! Eventually Mom sat on the chair with me and Santa left! Whew
After my Mr. Claus experience we attended a birthday party where I got to jump on a trampoline and eat cake, now that is my kind of fun!!

Brrrr, it is cold!! We were all tired of staying inside so we bundled up and played on the front porch. Em played in the sand and we reminisced about our past beach trips.

Emma: Today I wore my skinny jeans to school and by nap time I was ready to have them gone!! Thankfully KK  realized I was uncomfortable and let me wear my PJ's the rest of the day!!!
Dad decided to be funny in the bath and he pulled my hair up into a cone type arrangement. Mom called me Cindy Lou Who... not sure who that is but she needs to work on her hair style!

On Em's way to bed she decided she needed to take her purse, phone and keys. A lady with a purpose!

Tonight's activities consisted of full contact sports. Apparently while I"m gone Em and Brad play baby racquetball. They shut all the door in the hallway, each participant (Brad and Em) get a ball and they throw them off the walls or each other and laugh and squeal the whole time! Em does most of the squealing I might add.

On another note Em referred to herself as Emma today! She would point to her chest and say Emmmmmma. Much emphasis on the "Em" part. Go Em!

                               Thanks to Aunt Lauren, Uncle JW and Syd for Em's sticky snowflakes!!

                                                                Baby dodgeball?


Emma: After refusing to eat much supper except for a piece of cheese and a banana I decided to play more dodge ball with dad!
Dad even taught me how to "surf" on the big pink ball!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

11/28 - 12/4

We woke up this AM and drove to Memphis to see Brad's family. We ate a FABULOUS lunch and then enjoyed each others company. Initially Em was hesitant around her 3 cousins, but it didn't take her long to play with everyone.
After lunch and a nap we all went to zoo lights at the Memphis Zoo. It was spectacular!! Lights everywhere! We rode a train, saw ice skaters and had a good time letting the kids run around.
                                                     Em and Henry contemplating the day.
                                                             Em loved Jacob!!
                                                           and Jacob loved Emma!

I am trying to hard to keep up with my cousins! We have played so hard! Mom told me I am eating a lot better when I am in Memphis. I guess Aunt Nicole just knows how to cook!!!
Today we played alllllll day!! My favorite thing to do is jump on their trampoline!
Jacob has even helped me fix a snack and he brings me my water when I'm thirst!

                                                   All the cousins trying to wake up.

Today we are leaving Memphis. Before we left we all went to "my big backyard". This place was amazing!!! Play houses, music houses, bird houses, swings. You name it, they had it! I slept the entire trip back to Madison without my blanket or thumb!!
When we got home mom and dad put me to work raking leaves. I got pretty good with taking leaves out of bags and spreading them everywhere!
                                                Inside one of the play houses at "my big backyard."
                                                     Inside the music house...
   I failed to mention that G dad and Lulu brought Dad one of his toys from when he was a kid! (Was dad ever a kid??) Alas, Dad had a great time showing me how to make stuff out of his constructs. He even made me a car and a train.

Well, mom and dad have fallen off their rocker!
Today started like every other Sunday.. church, lunch. nap. Yet when I woke up from my nap there was a real tree in our living room. I questioned Dad about it and he confessed that he intentionally put the tree in our house! Mom and Dad continued to explain what this was all about---I'm still a little skeptical of this whole tree business but I did find baby Jesus in a manager.
 Did I mention there are two trees on our front porch as well??

Em was skeptical of the tree until she figured out how to turn the lights on and off with one switch!!

                                                  Hummmm, not sure about this...
lights on...

Today I continued my love for the Christmas lights then mom taught me about the nativity scene. I picked out baby Jesus real quick in the kept calling it a manager. She then showed me the wise men!! They look like fun!!  I was dancing around with one of the wise men then decided to name him Mr. Buzz, after our neighbor!!

Mr. Buzz would be honored!! Em likes to walk down to his house in the evening and look at all his Christmas lights.

                                                            Baby Jesus in the "crib"
                                                 Admiring the lights.
                                                    The wise man dance.. AKA.. Mr. Buzz dance.

Today Em made her first Christmas craft at school. A string of lights made out of her fingerprints. In honor of her handy work, brad decided to hang up lights on the house. Our first attempt at real outside Christmas decor. We are not the Grizwalds, but at least our house is in the Christmas spirit.