Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/21 - 11/27

I was in a frisky mood today! When mom got home I showed off my new dance moves then we went outside to play. I found out how fun it is to play in piles of leaves!! I even helped rake a little. While we were playing outside Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Taylor invited us to come visit with their new twins! They were eating when we came in. Mom told me I was that little once.. yea right Mom!
After the visit I came inside and ate bushes and papples for supper. (Broccoli and apples)

I went to school, came home, played with Ms. Karen and then Pops showed up!! That's right, Pops was at my house!  Mom and Dad got home and guess who showed up at supper time?? Granna!!!  I gave Granna a round of applause when she walked in the door!!
Tonight we had pie night. Usually pie night  is the night before Thanksgiving, yet we will be with Dad's family so we had Pie night early. Pie night means you get to eat any dessert(Granna makes them ALL!!) of your choice  for supper... unless you are Emma. I had to eat some broccoli then I got to eat my cupcake!

                                                  I love pie night!  Cupcakes for me!

Today it was dreary and rainy. But boy did we play inside and on the front porch. Mom and Granna made a visit to the local laundry mat due to our washing machine spilling water all over the floor. We were all getting a little cabin fever so we went shopping then visited Christmas on Ice.

 Granna showed me up to put on powder. I decided everyone should get power on their face, including Pops and the cats. 
                            We then went to Christmas on Ice: Think outside ice rink, christmas lights and music! My second favorite letter is O... my favorite letter is E. I point out every E and O I see!! This can make for some long walks!
                                       At Christmas on Ice. Notice I am not on ice, I was not allowed.
We were then at the mall. Granna bought me two new pair of shoes!!  A pretty pink pair and a pair of slip-ons with Elmo on the front!!

G and P spent then night again! This morning me and Pop's made candy cane cookies! We then went to church and they had the audacity to put me in the nursery. After church we played a little more then said our good byes before my nap. After I woke up we went to church for Thanksgiving supper! That's where the real fun began! You see our sanctuary is getting new carpet so all that was showing was concrete on the floor. All the kids got to write on the concrete! I believe the kids who could spell were supposed to write and draw things about Jesus. I wrote a lot of E's. Well, me and God know they are E's, I doubt mom or dad could pick up on them.

                                        Helping Pop's make cookies.. ok, maybe I was supervising.


Em was tired today. She didn't nap much according to Ms. Karen. When I got home we played a little then attempted supper. Supper consisted of mandarin oranges. She wouldn't drink any milk so I broke out the medicine dropper. Em drank the entire sippie cup of milk via medicine dropper. Whatever works!!!

Tonight we had a plumber come out to our house to fix the issue with our washer. Em was very interested in what he was doing and insisted on sitting at the dining room table while the plumber fixed the problem. She then proceeded to carry my purse and papers from work around the house like she was going to work.

                                                           Going to work!
                                       Listening for the plumber who was walking on the roof.
                                 Sweet Maggie.. or Mag mag as Emma refers to her.. wrote Em this note.

Granna and Pops are having pie night in Louisiana so me, mom and dad had our own pie night: at mazzio's pizza! I was hesitant at first to eat the pizza, so I ate raisins and egg from the salad bar. After a few minutes of eyeing mom's pizza I decided to give it a try!
When I got home the real fun began. I pulled out my old play mat when I was tiny baby.
Tomorrow we are going to Memphis to see: Lulu, G-daddy, Aunt Nicole, Uncle Jason, Josie Kate, Jacob and Henry!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/14 - 11/20

Dad is feeling better today! While Mom got supper ready Dad let me color at the kitchen table. He clarified real quick I was not to color on the kitchen table. But I picked up real quick on that small point and avoided a time out!

Since it gets dark so early we rarely spend time outside after we get home from work. This afternoon it was not quite dark so we went outside. Em was still astonished to find the moon during the day and she then broke out in some dance moves that we have not seen before! See below for Em showing Brad her moves.
A few houses down there is a large balloon turkey in the front yard that lights up. Em always wants to go see this turkey but as soon as we get close she runs away! I agree, it is kind of scary.

                         I guess we will call this move "the bird". Even the cat is getting involved!

                                                         Dancing a jig in the street.

Not cold... Not raining.. Time to go to the park! As soon as we pulled up we noticed lady bugs were everywhere!!  I mean they were swarming the place. We moved parks quick. It was quite amazing to see, but kind of yuck! Who knew ladybugs liked to congregate and fellowship.

At the next park there was a soccer game going on and Em promptly said "socceeeerrrrr" as soon as she saw it! We didn't even know she knew what soccer was, apparently she does! All the other kids had soccer balls and Em wanted to play. Note to self: For Christmas, get Em a soccer ball!
                                                        Picking up sticks with dad.

Church.. Saints win= Sunday Funday!
Below is Pip's who dat dance after the Saints win!!

Today I brought home my thanksgiving masterpiece from school!!! I am still being a little picky with my eating but I do think peanut butter and jelly is a fine meal!
Me and Dad hung out tonight as mom was on call. Dad even let me play outside even thought it was dark outside!!

                                                  Mom's view when she got home... tuckered out!

                                                                 My masterpiece!!

Emma had a good evening playing; including brushing Brad's hair. We also honored cousin Syd by performing the cockroach dance. Consisting of lying on the ground, putting hands and feet in the air and waving them around. Always a favorite!
                                                      Brushing Brad's hair.


I'm getting the hang of this Thanksgiving thing!  I made another turkey at school today and this one had real feathers!!!
At church I got to eat fruit and cornbread!! Two of my favorite things. After we ate Dad dropped me off at the nursery and I cried. I couldn't help it, sometime a toddler just needs a good cry. Ms. Anne scooped me up and made it all better... with the help of my blanket of course.

                                                                  my turkey!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/7 - 11/13

Ms. Karen took Em to a Vet's day assembly at her niece's school today! What a great idea! She said Em was waving her flag and clapping with the crowd!

                                                               Emma's first selfie pic.

Mom is on call tonight and I thought I convinced them to order pizza for supper! No such luck, ended up with breakfast for supper, but this did continue to foster my love for eggs!! Did you know that I can eat 4 scrambled eggs at one sitting??
I then found the jack pot of toys! Boxes and boxes of stove top stuffing! I stacked them up, knocked them down then did it all over again. Granna and Pops even saw me play with the boxes of stuffing on facetime.
Me and Dad then played a new game called "catch". It is quite simple and the name describes exactly what we did: we threw a ball back and forth and caught it!


Emma: mom worked this AM then we all went out to breakfast at Corner Bakery. I ordered my cupcake and mom and dad ordered their meal. I got a tad excited and threw my spoon and part of my cupcake. I then found out that Corner Bakery has time out!!! I was forced to sit in this small booth by myself while I thought about what I did. I looked around and I received a  lot of encouraging looks from other kids. Apparently I"m not the only one that has ever been placed in time out while at Corner Bakery.

Of note, emma calls muffins cupcakes. Thus em eats cupcakes almost every morning.

Mom thinks I don't know what real cupcakes are... I do. I just make her happy by pretending to eat cupcakes in the morning while I know they are really muffins!

                                               Em loves to play in Ms. Becky's yard!
                                                   Deep thoughts under the tree by Pip.

Today I discovered my shirt had pockets!!! I was able to carry around some balls in my pockets while I carried around my sticks and rocks in my hands! What a find!!!
I also found out today that the moon can come out during the day!!  WHAT?!?!?  I was so shocked to see it out during the day!!

I believe Em has found her love for football. Besides staying up way to late last night watching the Saints, her new word is football!!  Way to go Em!!!
Alas, with all this we forgot again to take a pic, thus it will be throw back Monday!
                A year ago today Em was supporting the Saints and she still is showing her support!

Em still loves football. Tonight she kept saying "football" so we watched Buffalo vs Toledo for a few min before bedtime and she laughed the entire time! She has also started "reading" her own books to herself. Very funny to watch but I am soo glad she has a love for books!

I have been looking forward to this day all week. We had breakfast for supper at church!!! Mrs. Jen held me while Mom fixed my plate then I tore into my pancakes. Mom thought I did not notice about the lack of syrup on my pancakes. I did notice, yet I decided not to throw a fit while at church. Supper was followed by nursery dance time then home to start the nightly routine.
You might be wondering where Dad is during all of this?? In the bed with strep. throat:(  I hope he feels better soon. I don't mind looking for the moon with Mom, but Dad is my usual moon hunting buddy. Get well soon Dad!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10/31 - 11/6

According to mom and dad all Halloween festivities were kind of put on hold this year due to the weather but I had a great time! We danced in the living room, I got to eat a piece of candy and I wore my lady bug costume around the house sans the head piece. I really don't like things on my head except for my hair of course.

                                               Not liking the head piece mom tried to put on my head.

                                                          Telling Dad about my day!

Guess what?? Aunt Nicole and Josie Kate came to visit today!! We played outside and I was shy at first but warmed up! Josie Kate can really run fast and likes to kick the ball like I do.  After that we played with chalk and bubbles until we were hungry and tired.
                           Josie Kate started running the minute she stepped out of the car. This is the only pic I could get with Em and JK in it! Note Josie Kate's legs by the tree!!
                                                       A little stroll before or visitors arrived.

It is always good to have visitors in the house! Nicole and Josie Kate got to play with us all morning then we ate lunch at one of Em's favorite restaurants. Well, we call it her fav. restaurant yet she rarely eats the food. She likes the atmosphere. Think outside deck, live music, football games on every TV: lots of excitement.
Em and Josie Kate were both exhausted after lunch. Em had a long nap and I bet JK slept the whole way back to Memphis!

Today is day light saving time! Apparently we got an extra hour of sleep last night. Who needs that????  I woke up a little early so we all went to early church. This worked out well because the Saints have a noon game!! Who dat?!?!? I napped through most of the game but Dad told me I didn't miss much anyway.

                                                    A little dancing before church.

Today was a day of first: our first temper tantrum and our first accident on the floor!!
Ms. Karen dropped Em off and Em wanted to stay outside and play yet it was already dark. After we came inside Em threw a wonderful, long,exhausting fit!! After she calmed down we ate then got ready for bath. On Em's journey to bath time she felt the urge to pee and relieved herself in the hallway! I guess we learned out lesson about pre bath time parades!

                                                                A picnic for supper!!
Last night I woke up around 1AM with a hankering to read some books. I guess mom had the same thoughts because after I voiced my opinion loudly Mom came in and read books to me. Nine in all! After some milk and books and one quick look at the moon I was ready for bed again. That story brings me to tonight. After supper Dad put on my dance music from church and we had a dance party for 30 minutes. I think they were trying to wear me out and I think it worked! To calm down we played with stickers by putting them all over mom. Look at my hair in that picture???  Ms. Karen would never let me look like that even after dancing all day!

Ms. Karen picked me up from school and had a surprise. No more eating mom's cooking for lunch: we were going to chick fil a!!!!! Whew, I was surely ready for a change of pace. It's Wed so we went to church tonight where I got to eat mac and cheese! What a grand day of eating. I went to the nursery but not much dancing was performed, I danced my heart out last night and needed a break.

                                                         Ms. Karen!!!!!! We love u!