Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/24 - 10/30

Today I learned two new words: boots and Maggie. Mom wore these big shoes to work today and she told me they were boots!  The B is hard to say, so it kind of sounds like "oots" but you get what I'm trying to say! Maggie is a friend of Ms. Karen and me.
When mom got home she informed me she bought me new shoes! I wanted to put them on as soon as I saw them then we went outside and picked up sticks. I even picked up sticks in Ms. Becky's yard!!  I bet she was happy.

                                                         new shoes!!
                                                     working hard in Ms. Becky's yard

Emma: After school Pops came to my house! He was picking me up early so I would not miss Sydney's pumpkin party in Baton Rouge. I am told mom and dad will drive down after work.
Tonight I got my first busted lip. I was trying to climb up the slide and my hands and I slipped and  fell smack down on my face. Syd colored a plate that looked like a spooky pumpkin but after my fall I was not up for arts and crafts.

If each day has a theme today's theme should be dance!!! We all went to Oak Alley Plantation for their festival they have. The girls loooved dancing to the signers and performers on stage. We did a little shopping but mainly enjoyed being outside and watching Em and  Syd dance!
When we got home the dance party continued and we were all involved. We decided to put their Halloween costumes on and boy did that get the party started.
Aunt Kat and Aunt Staci dancing with me.. look at Uncle JW trying to act like he doesn't dance.. we all know he does!
                                                          Dancing at oak alley.
                                                          Pops and Syd cutting a rug!
                                               The lady bug and duck picking out the next song.
                                          The night ended with a short horse ride before bed.
This morning we all get dressed and took family pictures. Em and Syd's favorite part was playing in the rocks. Good thing we were going for more candid photos than formal shots! After pictures we had a quick lunch and Em slept most of the ride home.

                                                                   Cousin Love!
                          I just had to sneak this pic in!! Look at the candy corn and elephant!!
Today started off kind of odd. Mom was supposed to take me to school but she looked quite green! Dad dropped me off a little early and Ms. Karen picked me up. We played most of the day, but I think mom still feels quite pitiful. Thus I won't give her a hard time for not taking a picture again today. Throw back Monday!! Look at that cute little tot!

Mom still feels bad. She told me she has been in bed because she has a virus. I hope this virus leaves our house pretty soon because I'm ready to play with mom again. On a good note Dad took me to sonic for supper! He taught me how to dip chicken tenders in honey mustard sauce! Where has this been all my life???
                                                             The dip...
                                                                 the approval!
Emma: I have to confess, I was confused last night. Mom told me that we would be having a Halloween party at school today but I guess I was confused on the starting time. I woke up at 1AM ready to party, dad was my party date and we stayed up for a couple hours reading books, going on car rides and rocking on the front porch. When Mom woke me up this AM she informed me the party had not even begun!!!!
Needless to say when it was time for the school party I was quite pooped!! I did my best but during the class picture I burst into tears. Parties can be rough!

                                                           Making an owl at the party.

                                                            All smiles after a nap!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/17 - 10/23

Ms. Karen gave Em some socks today that Emma LOVED! I did not think she would want to wear them, but as soon as Ms. Karen left Em brought them to me for me to put on her feet.
This other picture an example of a little girl who is not impressed with her mamma!

Pops showed up last night and spent the night!!  He let me play hooky from school and we went to the park and then went shopping for coloring books!! Pops even made sure we got one for Sydney. What fun!!!  In the afternoon we all loaded up and went to Winnfield. I hear we are going to watch a football game tomorrow.

                                               Lunch with Pops... we had my favorite: Sonic!!!
                                       I even found an E on Pop's truck.

Today is LaTech's homecoming. The day was full of activities including breakfast with Champ the mascot, balloon aniamls, homecoming parade and then tailgating! Em and Syd rode home with Granna and Pops while we (me, Brad, Lauren and JW) stayed for the game. Tonight we celebrate Brad's B day with his choice of meal: Steak, shrimp, twice baked potatoes and chocolate pie!

                                                     On our way to breakfast with Champ.
                                                             Em finding her love for cheetos.
                                                                 Watching the Band!!
What a day we had yesterday!! We all slept well (even Syd!) last night then got up for church. We went to the nursery but then we got to visit the church service during children's sermon! I did not participate much as I was too tired. I just set in Ms. Davis' lap and watched. Syd sat down with all the other kids and paid attention quite nicely.
                                     Em and Syd LOOOVE  homemade cinnamon rolls!!

                                                       A 3 hour nap on the ride home!

Dad does not feel well today:(  I went to school and when I got back I saw dad drag himself to go take a nap. When mom got home we went outside and played with bubbles. I even showed off my dance moves in the front yard!

                                                              Dance Em Dance!

10/22/2013:  Emma: I have really found my love of coloring. Today Ms. Karen and I started on my homework from school! We started coloring my turkey feather to bring back to school by the end of the month.  When Mom and Dad got home I started to color and they noticed that I was coloring in the lines... ......kind of! I was so proud that I colored the horses legs blue that I started clapping for myself!

10/23/2013:    Brrrrrrr!  It's getting cold. Well, I think anything below 80 degrees is cold, but I do think most would agree it is becoming chilly! Brad had to work a little late and I was supposed to be attending a meeting tonight but it was canceled so we played hooky from church. We played with bubbles in the yard (while Em popped them with sticks), watched airplanes fly in the sky and chased the cats outside. What a laid back evening! Em still enjoys yelling "Alright" so we are trying to continue and promote this word over the dreaded N-O word. 

Little cookie monster!!

Attacking bubbles with sticks.. or "icks" as Em says. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/10 - 10/16

Another day with just me and mom. We went to the park early and I got to play on the big kid stuff: you know, the stuff labeled for 5 years old and up! After park time we went to get a cookie and boy did we eat some cookies!! My favorite was the sugar cookie but I like to eat the M & M's out of mom's cookie.
I'm sad to admit I had to sit in time out in the park. Apparently yelling "no" to mom is still frowned upon.

                                            Em loves "E's". She found one at the park! Eeeeeee

I went to school this morning and mom picked me up. Today instead of driving back and forth over the bridge to watch me play outside she actually parked in the parking lot and watched me!!!! How humiliating!  Thank goodness for the big hedge that got in her way or I think she would have stayed the entire time we were outside. After school I took a long nap because I knew we would be going to a football game tonight at Madison Central to watch some friends from church dance and play in the band.
                                                   Taking a break from playing to dance!
                                               Me and Louis are pals.... most of the time.

Today was a big day! Pumpkin patch visit followed by a fair visit to watch the talent competition. Em did have a few times outs but I do think the time outs are working. There are fewer No's and more listening. So we will see how long this last!
At the patch Em picked up the finest weed she could fine. Not that interested in pumpkins, but that weed made her happy happy happy!
PS: Ms. Karen, You might have your hands full next week!!

After a long nap in a diaper ( i do believe a nap in a diaper = a longer nap for Em) we watched the Saints play. Em was happy at this point in the game, I guess we were still winning...

Ms. Karen came back today!!!!! At first I tried to not act excited so Mom would not think I was happy for her to go to work. But I couldn't hide it any longer. As soon as Mom left I gave Ms. Karen kisses and it was like the good ole days again!!

                                      This picture has all of my favorite things:  chalk, sticks and a ball.

I decided today would be love on dad day! Don't get my wrong I love Dad every day but today I gave him extra kisses, hugs and I even tackled him a couple of times.

Em walking to the car to load up for school... carrying her own bag.... Emma= big girl!

In other notes, Emma loves the Wednesday night church meal!! The spaghetti was the best!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/3 - 10/9

Mom didn't have to go into work as early so she got me out of bed! We ate waffles together then Ms. Karen showed up!! This afternoon we went on a walk and I got to visit with Mr. Buzz, our neighbor ( I always give kisses to Mr. Buzz). After our walk I was scooped up and we went out to eat with some of Mom's coworkers. Do you know how good I was??  I even read books while everyone ate. After an hour or so I had enough so we came home and to bed I went. But not before a little face time with Granna and Pops!!
Ohhh, I almost forgot about the post card I received from Aunt Stacy.. it was from Hawaii!!!!! I carried it around the neighborhood on our afternoon walk.

                                              Soooo tired, but enjoying my night out.
                                                             card from Aunt Stacy!
                                                  Dad bought a pumpkin for me!!

Today I planned to get off a little early so I could pick Em up from school around noon and then I am off for a week!!!!! I was so excited all day about picking her up!! I walked to her room and Em noticed me and said "mamma!!". She then told her teacher Ms. McDaniels and Ms. Maudessa that I was her mamma. Em promptly showed me her bag, waved good bye to all her friends, blew her teachers a kiss and walked out of the room!!  It was priceless!!
After a short nap we went to the park and Em is OVER her fear of slides! She climbed up the slide and back down the slide the entire time. After park time we visited Sonic, Em got a water, and we went home.
                                                           Coloring like a big girl!

This morning I was not feeling doughnuts so we ate eggs and toast for breakfast. I then learned we were going to the fair!! We went to the petting zoo where I fed a baby goat some carrots. If I had known what was coming up after the petting zoo I would have stayed there longer! We then rode the merry go round. I tried to be brave but it was tooooo much. I cried the whole time while Dad held me. After the ride we got a cookie that was the size of my head so I felt better about the situation. We watched a circus for a few minutes then I was ready for a nap.

                                I am not a happy camper in this picture. Pardon the tears but this was no fun

                                                        Rough housing on the couch!

Emma: This morning I woke up and Dad was already dressed. I knew this could only mean 1 thing: doughnuts!!! We loaded up and went to get doughnuts. I picked out a chocolate covered one with sprinkles. We went to church early due to the noon Saints game and then I took a nap.

                        Me and Dad watching football. Note the stickers I put on Dad's shirt! He loved them.

Emma: This morning I woke up feeling good but the day took a wrong turn. I started feeling horrible:( Mom said I was running fever. I was trying to stay still and not run around so the fever would stop running, yet it did not seem to help. Even after lying on the couch all afternoon with mom my fever was still running. On a good note: Ms. Karen face timed me today!! I perked up a little after seeing her!
  I love cupcakes! I even try to say cupcake but it comes out ca ca. Mom made me cupcakes this morning!

Mom found out today she passed her medicine boards!! We colored in her review books to celebrate!
 Not feeling good Mom. 

Em still feels pretty pitiful today.  She was wanting to go on a walk in her stroller so we did go on a walk but that is about it. This afternoon we had some trees cut down in our yard due to them being dead!  This sparked Emma's interest and she was starting to feel better but I decided she needed to stay inside while limbs were falling out of the sky. They got done around 5PM and we finally went outside! Em is feeling better!

                                             When we feel better we perch on the couch like this...

Whew, I feel better today! Mom is still off so she brought me to school. I should have known she would be up to something after the drop off. Listen to this: We have outside time around 10:30 and mom drove back and forth over the bridge by our school so she could see me play. How embarrassing!!!  I hope my friends did not notice her antics.

           I have grown fond of my umbrella stroller while I was sick. I prefer to sit in it inside! I hope this is a hint for mom and dad to buy me a chair my size.
 I love to dance!!
                                                   Worn out after church. Nite nite folks.