Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/19 - 9/25

Emma: Whew, today is one for the books.
It all started off normal until mom came home early and picked me up. We went to the doctor and as soon as I saw the nurse I burst into tears because I knew what was coming up.  Three shots!! After shots Mom brought me back to Ms. Karen, thank goodness!  I showed Ms. Karen my band aids and all was right in the world.
Tonight I said my first sentence, "I did it". Mom and Dad were soo proud. I put my straw in dad's cup and it just came out. I thought it was very appropriate for the situation, I did it!!

By the way, I'm: 2 feet 8 inches tall and 26 lbs!!

                                       Hokey Pokey at the doctors office while waiting on the doc.

Friday!! We are both off again his weekend and we feel like we are going on a vacation!! Not much planned for the weekend.... sometimes this is the best thing!
Emma has been learning about the color red at her school and today she brought home a picture of a red firetruck. I was wondering what she was saying all day and finally say pointed to the firetruck and said "iremuck". Ah ha, firetruck!!!!

                                                    Are we glad it's friday Em??

This morning me and Dad went to get doughnuts while mom stayed home. Dad called this DDD time. He is quite funny sometimes, I guess Daddy, daughter, doughnut is a mouthful.
I'm glad I ate all 5 holes and half a fritter because next we did yard work! I pulled sticks all over that yard before nap time.
After nap time we ate an early supper then loaded up to go to a party!!! I LOVE parties because I LOVE to dance. This party was for Ms. Renee and Connie. You see they got married and we got to help celebrate.
                                                        daddy daughter doughnuts!!!!
 Dancing at the party!!

Yes, I know, our Sunday's are quite predictable. Church,, lunch.. Saints game.
Well, today was no different!
Except for one confusing moment. I like to play outside with chalk because I get to color all over the ground. I get confused when I come inside because I want to keep coloring on the ground yet I keep finding myself in timeout. Sign, life sure is confusing for a toddler.

                               Today was one of those shopping trips where a bag of chips had to be opened prior to checking out!  ha ha ha, this was bound to happen at some point. Emma was hungry!!!
practicing our dance moves before church. 

9/23/2012:  Emma: Monday is here and as you can tell by the picture I am excited for school! This afternoon it was raining so I couldn't play outside. Mom said I would melt if I played in the room. Good try Mom, We all know people do not melt in the rain. I'm sure they teach that in med school right??


9/24/2013:  When I got home Brad and Em were playing outside. Em has become pretty proficient about spotting E's. She will say Eeeeeeeee with all her might when she spots an "E".  She also can pick out a D and M. Go Em!!!!!

E for Emma!

9/25/2013: Emma: Today at school I am learning about the color Green. Last week was red, this week will be green. I even brought home a picture of a green frog I painted. At church tonight I really fine tuned my dancing skills!!  I danced so much that Ms. Ann put the CD in my bag to take home so I could dance all night long!!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9/12 - 9/18

Today Em and Ms. Karen played then Brad and I got home and Em decided she wanted to play in the water. Em has a love/hate relationship with water. She loves her bath and she loves to play in water outside yet she only wants her hands to get wet when playing outside. Thus, this at times can lead to small melt downs when water trickles on her leg or runs down her arm. Alas, she LOVES to play in water.... sort of.

This is Brad's first full weekend off since May!!!

Emma: This evening we went out our usual walk outside, I said my hello's to Mr. Buzz and then we came inside to eat. But instead of the usual routine we went to the Madison Central football game. People were really nice there! This one girl I saw let me eat a chip right out of her bag! This other little girl who couldn't of been over 20 months old loved to pat me on the head!! We watched the game in the bleachers for a little bit but I was ready to roam around. After I got loose I started dancing to the band! We left after we watched the dance line and band perform at halftime.

                           Watching the game. I even saw the moon at the game. I guess it follows me!

Today Emma slept in late... I mean real late... 9AM!!! We went to breakfast at Corner Bakery then off to the zoo. Em wasn't much on the animals but she did love to walk around. She even did the Hokey Pokey multiple times throughout the zoo adventure. One dance party outbreak had to be halted because Em did not feel her dance floor was even enough, after brushing some dirt out of the way she resumed her dancing.
After the zoo and splash pad we went home for a nap. Brad and I went to a couples shower and Ms. Emily came and watched Em. They seemed to hit it off; Em even gave Emily a hug before she left.

                                                         Em making sure her dance area is flat.
                                        Em likes the splash pad, just does not like to get soaking wet!

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast!

Em: Sunday, Sunday!  I have learned this means two things: church and Saints football.
After church I napped and then woke up expecting a game to be on TV, yet apparently the rain kept the game delayed. We all went outside and played with bubbles for a looong time. After playing it was already time for supper and bath.
The Saints game ended at my usual bath time but the Saints won so mom and dad were a tad excited. They had a little parade on the front porch to celebrate and then tried to put me in the crib to go to sleep. Poor planing on their part, I could not settle down after such excitement so I got to stay up later than usual as the excitement wore off of me.

A few of Em's favorite things:
Shaking her head to answer "yes" or "no"
eating boiled eggs
looking for the moon and airplanes
playing with Lewis and Jack the cat
fig newtons
playing outside
collecting rocks
books: Little people valentine's day book, Peppa the Pig (yes, it is still a favorite) and "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus"
waving hello and goodbye
bows in her hair
going up and down stairs.. again... and again... and again

                                                    Reading our Valentine's Day book.
Ms. Karen dropped Em off and Brad and Em were playing in the backyard when I got home. Today Em blew bubbles on her own! It was quite an accomplishment if you ask me!

Emma: Tonight we had breakfast for supper at church! I then played in the nursery and then we came home. Dad gave me a quick bath followed by bedtime. I was so tired I even got to brush my teeth while we were looking for the moon outside. I guess I learned how to multitask tonight!
I hear tomorrow I have to pay a visit to Dr. Stewart.. lets hope shots are not involved!

                                 Most of the pictures of Em smiling like this are courtesy of Ms. Karen!
                                                             Real men fix little girls hair!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/5 - 9/11

Emma has two favorite things right now (besides Ms. Karen and her blanket): hard boiled eggs and toothpaste. Em will eat 3 hard boiled eggs if we could keep them in stock! She also loves to walk around with a tube of toothpaste and will waltz back to our bathroom and reach on top of the cabinet and grab the toothpaste. Yes, she can reach cabinets now!

                                          Poor Em, can someone get this little girl more eggs??

Friday!!! Today Karen sent me a picture of Em and I could not believe how old she looked!! Tonight we ate out for dinner and Em was sitting clapping to music drinking water from a real cup and straw and I thought, we do not have a baby anymore! It seems with each stage of Emma's development I think it can't possibly get any better.... but it always does!

                                                            Cheering for the band!
                                                                    Strike a pose Em!

Today was top notch in the eyes of a baby!! Mom told me today I am 1 1/2 years old! We started the day with a visit to the park then to the store. We came home and mom tried to get me to take a nap yet I just did not want a nap. We went outside and I ran up and down a hill in Ms. Becky's(our neighbor) yard. She saw me in her yard and brought me some cookies! After playing in the yard mom started to water some plants and I got to play in the sprinkler in my regular clothes!!!! We then carried our water duties to the back yard and I had enough. Mom said I had a melt down, I call it letting it be known that I am uncomfortable in a wet diaper. After wet diaper change mom tried again for a nap but I would have nothing to do with it.
Soo back up and we played inside until Dad got home from work.
Did I mention that I got to eat cake after supper to celebrate my 1.5 year birthday??

                                                To slide or not to slide... that is the question.
                                                              Eating cookies

Emma: Today I went to morning church early. I knew something was up when mom hurried home, put on a different t shirt and promptly changed me into my Saints dress.  It MUST be game day!!!  I napped for the first half but woke up to see a great ending!  The Saints beat those dirty birds from Atlanta! As soon as the game was over me and mom took a victory lab around the front lap then were back at church.
Tonight at church I showed off my dance moves in the nursery!

Another picture of Em before MDO. I'm not sure how long the bow lasted but it tames the curls nicely!

On a WONDERFUL note, Brad started his new job today!!!  He will be home in the evenings and on the weekends!!! Me and Em are beyond excited. Brad has always done what is best for our family at times sacrificing his career for mine.  Your a great man Brad Norris and we love you!

Emma: Ms. Karen always sneaks these bows in my hair! Mom is not near as sneaky I always catch her as soon as the bow is in!

Today my nose is running. I don't feel bad but this nose sure is running away. When mom got home I ate an early supper, I was starving. I had my favorite supper: avocado, veggies and boiled egg! I know it sounds too delicious to be true but that is what I ate. Don't fret, Mom ate the lasagna that I passed up.
After supper it started to rain so we went on the front porch to watch it rain. I wanted to walk in the rain yet mom would not let me, so I might have thrown a temper tantrum... I really don't remember the event.

                                                        Pointing at the rain.


As I type the date 9/11 I remember. I remember the lives lost, the sense of togetherness we as a country felt and the fact that we as a country mourned for people we never met. May we never forget this tragedy and always remember how we came together as a country: the Kens and Barbies, the nerds and jocks, the right and left, the black and white; we all came together. It was a horrible day, but that day brought out the best in people.

Em was astonished that she saw the moon after church! Thus no great face picture but some good ones of Pip in her element.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

8/29 - 9/4

Today Ms. Karen took me to the zoo! We walked around the looked at the animals and Ms. Karen told me her favorite animal was the leopard! After walking and chatting it up with the animals I got to play in the splash pad. Dad packed my swim shoes so I could play in the splash pad but I did not want to get wet. A girl has to protect her curls!
Well, I guess this day was busy for everyone because we almost forgot my daily picture. Dad had to sneak in and snap this beauty of a pic while I was catching some Zzzz's.

What kind of sleep atire is this you must be asking yourself? I was sleeping in footed PJ's yet I would wake up soo hot so Dad had the brilliant idea of letting me sleep in onesies!!  Hooray! This one is from Aunt Stacy. You see Aunt S travels all over the world and sends me stuff from where ever she goes. I am sporting a Kentucky Derby onesie currently!

Brad is working a rather hefty weekend schedule this weekend. Em and I are driving to Winnfield to spend a long weekend.
When we arrived Syd was already there and Pops loaded them up and went for a quick stroll before the bedtime routine was in full swing.

8/31/2013:  Emma:     Today was a busy day indeed and I did not even take a nap! This was my own doing I must confess. Mom put me in my pack and play, yet I started to look out the window and throw my animals around so I was rescued!  I ate lunch at David's Pro-burger and they can make a mean grilled cheese!!! I even got my own cup of water with a straw. Who knew Sonic wasn't the only placed that served water in a cup! I feel like Mom has been hiding this from me. After lunch we went swimming at  Aunt Stacy's followed by supper at Baboo's house. Baboo is Syd's grandmother but I claim her as well.
                                             Looking for the moon before bed.
Syd and I plotting out next move!! 

I feel like I must speak up for Granna. 
Granna has been busy cooking for a wedding that is taking place tonight. I have not figured weddings out yet but it seems to involved a lot of food and flowers. Sounds like something I might like one day. Alas that is why Granna is not in many pictures. Yet, Granna is not a huge fan of pictures so I don't think she was sad about not being in pictures. This now will end deep thoughts by Pip.

Today we all went to church. Me and Syd were a little sheepish about the nursery but we went in like big girls, but did request our pacifier and blanket pretty quick!
After nursery time we ate lunch at church and I have to admit pushed Aunt Fran. I did not mean to, it just happened. I apologized for my actions and we were back on speaking terms after lunch. Mom said I hit her.. No way Mom! It was a push.

After a short nap I helped Pops clean out the pool then me and Syd jumped on G and P's bed!! Apparently this is a big No No at my house but Mom let me do it here!!

                                                          Just us girls eating lunch.
                                                 Two little cousins jumping on the bed....
                                               Did I mention how hot I got in Winnfield??

                                             Did I mention how tired I get in Winnfield??

Today is our last day in Winnfield but me and Syd made the most if it. We went outside and Syd wanted to swing but I wanted to pick up leaves. So thankfully, O, the cat jumped in the swing and kept Syd company. We then came back inside and let my curls dry then played some more. By this time it was lunch time and then I was whisked away in the car to my daddy! Dad here I come!

When mom got home she told me it was nap time. I then noticed she was a green color and she said she ate poisoned food. I can't for the life of me think why mom would eat poisoned food but I guess she knows what she is doing. Mom called Dad to come home early to help play with me. We got to go on a walk right before bed, something I never get to do! Dad then explained to me that mom did not intentional eat poisoned food and it all made sense!
Alas, with all this food talk not much time was had for pictures, so today is throw back tuesday. Look at that little tyke!!!

Today was a fast and furious day! I went to MDO this AM then Ms. Karen picked me up for more play time all afternoon. Dad picked me up early and next thing I know we are on our way to church. I played in the nursery and even ate a chicken nugget! I usually don't eat just plain meat, I like it mixed in a good casserole or at least with some rice. But not tonight... I ate that nugget like a champion!
After church I was a little mischievous which landed me in timeout after my bath. I laughed during time out and I don't think Dad was amused.

                                            This is where my mischievous streak started after church... I refused to sit in my car seat. By the look in my eye mom and dad should have known bath time would be hectic!