Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/22 - 8/28

Last night Mom showed me how to play with marbles and an old egg carton! What fun I had playing with those marbles until I put one in my mouth! This is not recommended for toddlers apparently!!
Alas, this afternoon I kept walking to the marbles, pointing to my mouth and trying to tell mom and dad that I remembered to NOT put marbles in my mouth. The plan worked because they let me play with them again.
Tonight bath time was a little more interesting than normal: Jack the cat started drinking my bath water!

                                                 Telling mom and dad about my day.

Emma hasp perfected the art of hello and goodbye. Karen told me today that Em waves good bye to everyone in her class before leaving! She is also the neighborhood greeter. Our afternoon walks consist of her waving to every person and car that passes by. If anyone stops to talk she will give them a speech!
Em's favorite thing to do right now is take stuff our of drawers, baskets etc and then put it back.

Tonight Aliza came and watched Em while me and Brad went out to eat. They played hard, read lots of books and even drew some pictures. I think em will sleep hard tonight!

                                                               Follow me mom!
                                                     Look what I found!!

We had some visitors today. Nicole and her son Landon came over from Ruston for a visit! We started out going to the Science Museum. I was told this was a good place to take toddlers.. maybe if they are napping. We did not stay long and ventured to the Children's Museum where we had a blast. Em took 1 tumble where she scrapped her knee but a cookie and a kiss made it all better!
                                                 Planting some carrots at the museum.
                                                   Em and Landon hugging good bye!
8/25/2013:                                 I LOVE these curls!!!!
After yesterday and then church today I was pooped. I took a 3 hour nap followed by a walk around the neighborhood. We then all loaded up and went to Sonic where I got my own drink again! I got to hold my own water and even got my own little red straw. I did spill a lot of water on me but it sure tasted good.

                                                  Snack time after a looong nap!

Today was a big day! I went to MDO in the AM and Dad got to drop me off! I gave him a high five and was off to my school for the morning. Ms. Karen picked me up but not before I waved good bye to everyone.
When Mom got home she told me that Dad got a new job today!! I think my dad is the best and apparently some job does too! The best part is he will be able to drop me off at school every morning! His job is in MRI. I am not quite sure what MRI means but I think it means Milk Runs In my belly!

Em's shoes are too small again. I am glad she tells us these things because I thought the shoes were fitting just fine. When Em got home she promptly went and picked out her swim shoes, brought them to Brad then pointed to her toes until we took the "too small" shoes off. We must do better!!
Em played outside for a while prior to supper and then devoured corn on the cob!  ha ha ha  Pretty funny to watch a little girl chow down on corn!

Today at school I painted a picture! I have never played with paint before but I think I am a fan! Mom and dad both got home real late tonight. I thought Ms. Karen was going to have to spend the night with me! How fun would that be?!!!!! Mom showed up though and I did not get to have a slumber party. After a quick bath and a look at the moon outside I was in the bed.

                      This is me and Dad before our nightly walk outside to look at the moon. My blanket is a MUST on this adventure.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/15 - 8/21

I have not mentioned until now but my buddy,Warner, moved away last week. I think I miss the little guy!!
Today Ms. Karen and I stayed at my house. I tell you what, I really like Ms. Karen!
Mom told me two very important things today: Lu Lu is coming tomorrow and I'll have my first day of preschool tomorrow!! What a day I have in store for myself.
Mom and I went on a walk around our neighborhood and I collected all sorts of treasures! I'm sure they are worth a fortune. I even learned a new word on our walk: airplane!

                                                          Showing mom the airplane.
                                                          Look at all my treasures!
                                                 Mom just could not keep up!

Emma: Do you know who showed up today at my house??  LULU!!!!  She told me she is staying all weekend!
Mom also told me we are having a throw back Friday picture because she forgot to take one in all the excitement!  Look at that little pip squeak down there!! This picture was taken exactly one year ago!!  I was barely knee high to a grasshopper!!!

Brad, Lulu and em played most of the day! They went on one loong walk outside and Em showed Lulu all the treasures that this neighborhood has: rocks, pine straw and more rocks! For supper we all went to Burgers N' Blues. Emma loves music and even put some money in the tip bucket. The hard part was making her leave the stage and help her understand you can't take all the money out once you put it in the bucket!

This morning i got to play more with Lulu before she went back home! Did you know that me and Lulu have the same kind of hair??   We do!! We both have curly hair!! After Lulu hit the road me and dad went to church then came home for a nap! When I woke up Mom was home yet she was napping, so I promptly woke her up and told her it was not night time. I think she was thankful for being woke up?!?!

We had a great weekend with Lulu!!! Em and Lulu played all weekend!  I don't know who had more fun: Em or lulu!!! At the end of today Em was pooped!!
Today was the second day to be dropped off at school and Em went in her classroom like a champ! She waved good bye to Ms. Karen and walked right into her room!

Dad was off in the morning so he took me to the park!! I will not confirm or deny but I might have grabbed my blanket out of my diaper bag and taken off in a mad sprint!!  After our park adventure, Dad brought me to Sonic!! I finally got to see what Sonic was all about!! They have good water!!!!

Em had another good day at MDO! She waved good bye to Ms. Karen and when it was time to go she waved good bye to everyone in her class. I think she has the "hello" and "good bye" thing down! Pip was too tired to eat supper, she just wanted to suck her thumb and sniff her blanket!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/8 - 8/14

Ms. Karen and I arrived home and mom was already home. We actually woke mom up! She was asleep on the couch and it was NOT even dark outside!! After I woke mom up we decided to make grilled cheese and little round peas for supper. I love those little round peas, if they happen to fall from my hand ( mom thinks I do this on purpose) they roll everywhere!! If I'm lucky Jack the cat will be around and he will start to chase the pea!

 Dad tickling my feet!


Dad got home first today and he told me it was raining cats and dogs. So we went outside to see this site: No dad, it was just raining, really hard. We watched it ran then mom came home. We all decided to go out to eat tonight! Guess what?? They let me sit on the bench and not in a high chair!!  I was so proud!!!

                                                        Watching the rain
                                    Me and Mom. I am so proud to not be in a high chair!

Lauren and Sydney arrived this AM.  After a quick lunch we were off to the Children's Museum! Georgia Ann and her mom met us there! Em refused to nap in the AM and fell asleep on the ride to the museum. She slept a little longer in the car before we joined Syd and company in the museum.
I think the dance room at the museum was the biggest hit!
After museum we came home and made the brave decision to go out to eat! With minimal outburst we survived supper and were home for good night sleep. Syd even slept pretty good! Way to go Syd!

                                                           I love to dance!!!!
                                 Me and Syd dancing, I think Georgia Ann is doing the worm in the background.
                                                   crawling through the mole maze.

Me and Cousin Syd got along really well until the little tykes jeep came into the scene. You see, I wanted to get in the jeep and Syd wanted to get in the jeep. A lot of tears and melt downs occurred because of this car but then mom told me it ran out of gas and she parked it in another room.
We went to the park this AM and came home. Aunt Lauren and mom thought we would be tired but we played and played.
Before Syd left to go back to Baton Rouge I gave her a kiss and she gave me a hug!
Next thing I know we are going to a lake house to eat supper with the youth from our church! It was raining and I had the BEST time playing in the water!!

                                                          Playing in the water!


Well, mom and dad must have gotten another wild hair! Mom got home around 4 and we loaded up to go to some new park and science museum in Jackson. When we arrived the nice man told us that the park closes at 5 but he told us about a pond with a playground just around the corner. We went and dad taught me how to throw rocks in the water and how to do the bear crawl!!!
Sadly, time out followed me to the park. Apparently it is also frowned upon to eat rocks and to lick rocks. So I had to go stand by the big tree and think about what I did, I decided to stop eating rocks and continue to throw them in the water.

                                                            Throwing rocks into the pond.
 Bear crawl!!!!!!

Apparently I was a little too excited about Em starting school because I had her first week schedule all backwards. Thanks to some friends at church it is all straight! Tonight was parent orientation and parent meet the teacher. I must say I have more anxiety about this then I did my medicine boards I just took!!! Alas, I think Em is going to love it once she gets in the swing of things!

                                                A tired little Pip brushing her teeth before bed. Em was so tired we couldn't even go look for the moon!!

This is what I saw when I came home tonight! A happy Pip taking a bath!

Em meet her teacher today. Brad took her and said she was shy at first but warmed up at the end and waved good bye to everyone when it was time to go home.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

8/1 -8/7


 Appears me and mom got a little excited about preschool starting. Mom mentioned yesterday that it starts next week... well, it really starts in 2 weeks! he he he

Mom and Dad picked me up from Warner's house today and they had a surprise for me! At first I thought the surprise was a Sonic trip and I was a little disappointment but then we went to the park to eat supper and play!!!  I played so hard my curls were stuck to my head!

Dad was off today so it was a daddy/daughter kind of day! We went to the park and played all morning then came home and took a looong nap.
Mom got home a little early and we went to the store followed by my introduction to chocolate animal crackers!!  How did I live without these things??

                                                     This bridge is my favorite part of the park!!
                              Sporting my new sunnies, look at mom cheesing it up in the background!
                                        chocolate animal crackers make me smile!!!


I decided to wake up early this AM. I mean real early, thus mom and I were at the park by 7am. You see Dad worked today so it is another girls day.
We stayed at the park for 2 hours! Came home and took a short nap. (I secretly think Mom wanted me to take a longer nap... by the looks of things it appeared Mom needed a longer nap)
After nap and lunch where I ate a boiled egg (for some reason I thought it was real funny to eat an egg) we went book shopping! I picked out a book called Grump Cats (no reference to Louis and Jack) and Mom bought a bedtime story book for me.
After that we went home, played a little then went to another park! I get the feeling that mom is trying to tire me out!

                               After the 2nd park trip I wanted my clothes off and swim shoes on, ta da!
                                                                       Who me??

Church followed by a looong nap for Em and me. Brad was working again today until early afternoon.
When Brad got home we went to the park and meet Em's friend, Georgia Ann. They will be best buds, but for now I'm happy with them to just acknowledge each other!
After the park we got home and Em proceeded to groom Louis the cat.

                                                                  Brushing Louis.
                                                       Dancing before church.
                                                                 Park time!


Well, I stayed up late last night. Real late... like require a car ride to go to bed late. But.. I popped out of bed at 6AM this morning!
When I got home this afternoon mom took me on a run! We have not been on a run together since that fateful day when I was 8 months old. But today I survived 3 miles. Mom sure looked hot so I tried to hand her my animal crackers but she had a hard time grabbing my animal crackers while running. Oh well, better luck next time Mom.
When Dad got home he made a wagon out of my push toy and pushed me all around the house. Then he took me on a walk at night! We got to chat with our neighbor, Ms. Becky, then it started raining so I was ushered back inside.

Emma: Today was another day for the books!!
I knew something was up because mom and dad picked me up early!
We went home and I was told we were going to watch a wedding... on skype! I didn't even have to wear a dress or diaper cover!!
This wedding was for, Ms. Renee and Connie, some friends from church. They got married in NYC but we all got to watch thanks to skype. We watched the wedding and then ate, drank and ate some more! Did you know that Mr. Shane even stole some kisses from me? He he he
Tonight Mom told me that I should love everyone, does this mean I have to love Jack the cat even when he wakes me up at night??  I guess so.

                                           Me and Dad about to leave the party. Forgive us for not taking more pictures, but mom forgot to take them.

Today is my first call for nephrology and in honor of that Em decided to hold my pager for me! Thanks Emma!
This morning Em found a little purse and loaded it up with all her most important possessions: a stain stick remover, a toy dog and a plastic fish.

                                                         Doesn't Louis look thrilled??