Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Em and I are going to Baton Rouge tomorrow to celebrate Lauren's and JW's birthday and to go to the Antique Road Show. Long story short, my mom has a musket from the American Revolution and we won tickets to go to the American Road show so we are going!

Today Em wanted to wear her swim shoes so that is what she wore. Maybe she is becoming more fond of the water!

                                               Books are packed and we are ready to go!

Today Mom and I drove to Baton Rouge to celebrate Aunt Lauren and Uncle JW's birthday. Mom and Granna are also going to the Antique Road Show this weekend.
Listen to this: When I arrived at Sydney's house she gave me a big HUG!!  I really like Sydney... you know what, I think I love her!

Today was a busy day. Em played all day and Mom and I went to the Antique road show. This is not my usual cup of team but we had a great time!
Tickets to Antique road show: Free
Spending 5 hours, just me and mom: priceless
                   Granna and Pops getting an arm work out by tossing Syd and Em in the air.
                                                        Em got her own mailbox!!!!
Aunt Kat and Aunt Stacy reading to the girls.
                                                                     Let's attack mom!


After playing this morning we decided to drive back home. Me and Syd played sooo hard this weekend. I think I ran holes in my sandals from walking so much. I can't wait to set up my mailbox at my  house. I think I"ll put it by my kitchen!
I slept most of the way home and woke up in enough time for a snack then we were home. I went to bed before Dad got home but I heard him talking so I talked back to him until he came and got me!! I showed dad my mailbox then went back to bed.
                                          One more stroll with Pops before we went home.


Em was tired this AM! I walked into her room to see if she was awake and she was standing in her crib, arms crossed on the crib rail, head resting on her arms. Poor Pip was pooped!!

We played for a little bit this afternoon then Em hit the sack early!

Ms. Karen and I stayed at my house today. I really didnt' want to stay at my house so I tried to lead Ms. Karen out the door yet this trick did not seem to work. We did make a quick trip to the store then ended up back at my house.
When mom got home I we did the usual routine but I got to stay up later than usual! I played in my kitchen so long I think mom forgot about me! he he he

                                                      I love my toothbrush!!

Lindsey: I did not forget about Em, I was getting things ready for tomorrow and time slipped away from me. Alas, em was sounds asleep by 7:50.

Em played most of the evening with these little winnie the pooh figures. She would put them in the plastic box and take them out then alk to them, throw them around a bit and then put them back. Repeat about ten times! Quite entertaining to watch!
Em is starting preschool next week and her school supplies consist of wipes and a disposable camera. I was not aware they still make disposable cameras but apparently they do!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7/18 - 7/24

I got home today and started running around the house! Before supper Mom decided it was time to count my ribs and boy does that turn into a tickle fest!!! Mom says she needs to count my ribs everyday to make sure I don't lose one... I think this is just a ploy to tickle me but I am not sure. I'll have to ask my other cousins to confirm this theory.
On bath tub news: Tonight Dad taught me how to blow bubbles in the water! Apparently after I went to sleep last night some friends stopped by and talked to mom and dad about how I can start blowing bubbles in the tub to prepare for future swimming lessons. Whoo hooooo!!  I'm not sure who came over but maybe this blowing bubbles habit will take the place of time out!

Dad worked late tonight so Mom and I went to Sonic for supper. We split a grilled cheese wacky pack meal. I'm not a fan of french fries and mom loves them so I get the grilled cheese and milk and mom gets the fries. We tried to have a picnic in the living room yet I kept stepping on my sandwich so we had to move to the table.

I guess I also better mention that I pulled every single wipe out of my wipe holder! It was great fun until Jack the cat tried to eat them. Apparently cats and wipes are not compatible.

                                                                   I'm soo tired!
Em played hard today. I had to pull her hair back in a bow so the sweat that was running down her hair would stay out of her face!! A usual Saturday but a day full of laughs and play.
Em might have been served the worst supper in history of suppers tonight.
I planned on chicken and rice my mom cooked last time she was here but it didn't thaw as quick as I thought it would. No big deal, Em loves PB&J.  Opps, bread has mold.  Humm, there are tortillas.. PB&J sandwich on tortilla. Em ate it and didn't seem to care.

                                                 Dunking with blanket in other hand!

                                  Dunking a shoe lace, then her shoe, then her ring toy then her sippie cup. Nothing is safe!

                                                                       Pip plays hard!!!

We attempted to play in Em's pool that Aunt Lauren sent to us in the mail but Em was not quite sure about it. She was definitely not sure about the sprinkler when I turned it on. We decided playing in the water was a bust and went to the park.

                                                          Cheers to the park!

After telling Ms. Karen good bye I attacked mom as she was trying to snap my daily picture. (see below for my attack) I also refused to let mom take off my other sandal so I walked around with one shoe on and the other off.
I also refused a few other things today thus I had a visit with time out. After time out though Mom helped me find a new play house. Mom moved a chair away from the wall and we put some of my favorite toys (the empty oatmeal container, a cotton strap that used to help a blanket stay wrapped up and a box of band aids) behind the chair and  TA DA my new place house!


Em was fired up today. We played hard after work and prior to Brad going to work he made supper! Way to go Brad! Em loved his supper then proceeded to tote around the computer mouse and oatmeal container until it was bed/bath time.

Emma: I must be brief today because I am soo tired. I woke up early this morning and I am feeling it this evening. When mom got home she said it was a "chips and ice cream for supper kind of day". I did not get to eat this but she did share one chip with me and it was fabulous!
After my supper of beef stroganoff and carrots I took a bath, attempted to see the moon and hit the sack.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Em marched up and down the stairs in our back yard a couple dozen times today. She then heard our neighbor, Ted, drive up riding his motorcycle and she just had to go visit. Ted has dogs... lots of dogs.. and Em loves them!
After a visit with Ted we went back home to start the night time routine.
After Em's bath Ms. Allison came over to watch Em so Brad and I could go on a date! We finally decided to do this once a month and tonight is the first outing!

                 Looks like the camera focused on the chair.. but in the background you can see Em and Brad.

                                            Emma attacking for a bite of my blueberry muffin!

I woke up this AM and dad told me that Granna and Pops are coming to visit this weekend!!
Mom let me wear my lady bug dress today which already made the day great!!
I couldn't quite stay up until G and Parrived but I'll see them first thing in the morning!
On another note, I finally saw the moon tonight... It came out of hiding!

                                                            Big girls eat at the table.

G and P are here today! We did a lot of walking outside followed by some home cooked meals from Granna then a visit to the park before supper!
                                                          Lunch at Papitos!
                                           Playing with my baloon the nice man gave me at Papitos!
                                                          I love fried chicken!

                                              I was showing all the different toys to Granna and Pops.

Granna and Pops left and Em took a looong nap. Prior to her nap Em had her first visit with the time out corner! Em usually listens pretty good and will mind (for the most part after a few reminders) Today was the day full of "no no no no no" and not listening at all. Thus, I implemented time out in the Norris household. Is she too young??  I have no clue but Em sat in the designated spot for 1 minute while I stood near and we discussed why you do not tell your Momma "no". The "No's" toned down after this little time out so I'm calling it a victory.
                                                   Em's favorite time of the night... Book time!

                                                                     Nap time!
Em did not have to visit time out today but she was close! Pip knows not to stand up in the tub but tonight she was sooo torn between wanting to stand up and wanting to keep sitting down. Finally, she gave in and stood up then immediately reached her arms up because she knew play time was over as soon as she stood up.
Em finally got over her fear of her sandals and wore them today! She also rediscovered her love for her sunglasses!


Today I danced all day. Ms. Karen even sent mom a video of me dancing!!
Dad picked me up early and Mom was home when I got home. We all played together in the afternoon then I  had my first pony ride... with dad being the pony.
I also did not have to go to timeout again today!!!

                                                    Coloring my newest masterpiece!
                                         Dad and I looking at the moon before I go to bed.
                                                        Dad and I walking around the yard... Did I mention we found a walking stick!  A walking stick!!!  I thought it was really funny.


Brad prepared meat loaf for us to eat tonight and Em loves it!!  Em then proceeded to feed herself yogurt using two spoons, this resulted in a pretty good scrub down post supper.
Em had another meeting with time out tonight for pulling my hair over and over and over again.
Today I discussed this time out with a pediatrician and he said it was not too early to start time out so I"m sticking with it!

I'll just state my small piece of mind on this new time out business! I' am NOT a fan but I don't think I have much say so in this situation. Mom told me tonight that as a young tyke she always had to have the last word  and that this habit got her into a lot of trouble. Hopefully I'll steer clear of this habit!
Word on the street is that Cousin Syd's family has also started time out, we must discuss this and plan an intervention!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Mom and dad were off today, apparently today is Independence Day.
Mom bought a water pool of some sort yesterday but apparently it had a hole in it when dad attempted to blow it up so we returned it and went to the park that has my favorite water spouts!
After the park we ate hamburgers followed by a nap and then we all went to Mary Kinley's house for supper.
After supper I was supposed to watch a firework show at 9PM, but I just could not make it. Independence day wore me out!

                                                          Dad and I are plotting our attack.
                                                                     Pure Joy!

So the water pool we returned.. wanting to exchange it.. did not go as planned. When I returned it the lady behind the desk ask why we did not just apply the provided patch to patch up the air leak we found. I told her because it was brand new and I did not think I should patch up a new pool Alas, she did not want to give me a refund, only an exchange. Instead of risking it on another pool we opted for a kitchen set!
Score! Em loves it! She does prefer to play in her diaper. I don't blame her, it gets hot in the kitchen!

No one informed me that we would be going to Granna and Pops house today. To make it even better Mom told me Pops will let me check his mail! To top that, I hear that Cousin Syd will be there!

Today was just toooo much to talk about so I'll just have to tell my story with pictures.

                                                  I first assisted making drinks for everyone.
                                               I then reviewed Granna's recipes for the weekend.
                                                           Me and Syd plotting our next move.

                                   Notice Syd taking my goldfish with a big ole chip in her left hand.
                                       To top the night off G and P let me jump on their bed!!!!!

 We woke up this morning and Pops saved me from my pack and play.  Granna made waffles with strawberries, blueberries and apple topping! After breakfast me and Pops went outside to try and find the moon, no such luck. We came back inside and ate another breakfast. A few minute later Cousin Syd came over and we ate ANOTHER breakfast! After that we went to church followed by lunch at church then we hit the road back to Madison.

                                                      Breakfast with pops and syd.

                                                           What a weekend!

Em has started to eat off of plates. Maybe we are waaaay behind the times but usually I just put her meals directly onto her highchair tray. Apparently, Em is ready for the plates or bowl or whatever will hold her food.
After supper (on a plate) Em showed off more of her basketball skills. We have moved on to putting anything in the goal, not limited to the remote control, her blanket and her plastic cupcake from her kitchen set.

Em has gone from despising brushing her teeth to wanting to brush her teeth nonstop!  Aunt Lauren will be so proud!


Today Em decided she did not want to sit in the high chair for supper. Well, ok, she decided she did not want to eat the supper I provided. Due to this series of events we ended up eating a snack supper on the living room floor.

If I were a sensitive person I might take offense to em passing up my chicken spaghetti tonight as well as my meatballs for graham crackers, banana and veggie puffs. She then proceeded to try and eat cat food.
 Is my cooking really that bad?:)