Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today started off a little different yet ended with a bang! Dad stayed home today with me which was great. I took a nap and when I woke up Granna and Pops were here!!! We played and even went to the park. When we got home we played even more and read my favorite books over and over. I even pointed out the Chile Pepper in my 100 first words book.
Mom got home early so I knew something was up. Turns out today is moms graduation from residency!!  Sounds like a big deal to me. Next thing I knew Aunt Lauren and Uncle JW showed up. Unfortunately they did not bring Cousin Syd. I heard she got to spend the day with Baboo and Granddad.
While everyone went to graduation I got to stay home with Camille. She read me books and I even let her rock me to sleep.

Friday! Lauren brought Em some crayons and a pad of paper courtesy of Baboo and Grandad. Em loves it! She colored her first masterpiece today. It might be ready for a frame soon. After our coloring expedition we decided to go out for fine dining. So we loaded up and headed to Sonic:) Em walked all over their patio area and finally ate a few bites of her grilled cheese. When we got home she decided on fruit and avocado. Who likes fruit over Sonic?  After her bath we went outside to find the moon. (the tradition that started at the beach with Pops) She found the moon before I could find it and then Em hit the sack.

                                                         Walking around sonic.
                                                     The beginning of a master piece.

We are doing a little spring cleaning around the Norris house. After cleaning this AM and a looong nap by Em we went to the park and played.. and played... and played. After the park we came home and cooled off then at at Mama Hamils for supper. This was my first Mama Hamils experience and I have to say it won't be my last! Think chicken & dumplings, fried corn bread, cabbage, ribs, greens, mashed potatoes and I could go on and on. Em liked the corn bread and banana pudding. We got home and found out that G daddy completed his 50 state marathon challenge today in Montana! Impressive!!!
Brad got called into work tonight so he is about to go back to the hospital while me and Em have a quiet night..hopefully!

Emma: Church.. nap.. play.. Sonic.. park.. bath... bed. My kind of day! Mom has really worked on her fort building skills as you will see below in my picture. Dad was sleeping this afternoon since he worked all night and mom decided to build me a fort. This fort was big enough for me and Lewis the cat!
In other news I am still not a fan of my bath. I can't really tell you what changed; I used to love bath time. But tonight I decided I would bathe myself. Apparently Dad did not think I did such a great job because he scrubbed me down again.

I attempted to document out nightly marathon of book reading. I guess these pictures will work. Em finds a book from her stash that usually is piled up on the fire place. She will find the perfect book after much deliberation and then bring it to me or Brad, whoever is the reader of the night. Em decides this and there is no persuasion once you are picked. She then walks to you and sits down while you read the book. Repeat until she is ready for bed. This night we read 12 books! Once ready for bed she will point outside which means it is time to look for the moon in the sky. After a short moon hunt she is off to bed.


When did Em start eating sandwiches like a big girl?? We use to tear them up in little pieces and today she tore it out of my hand and starting chowing down. Note the chicken pot pie on the tray: Either my PB&J is THAT good or my pot pie is sub par.

Em LOVES LOVES LOVES Ms. Karen! She is happy to see her in the AM and she gives her a big wave by when she leaves in the afternoon. Today after I got off and Ms. Karen dropped Em off I had to go to the store. I knew this was a risk... but we had to go! So I loaded up a tired Em and to Kroger we went. It was without incident until we hit the bread aisle. She some how grabbed a loaf of bread and gave that poor loaf all she had! After that she was back content. I guess she had some built up frustration and that poor loaf was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Em: Before you take the breads side. That loaf was sticking out sooo far and was right at arm level. I had no choice BUT to grab that loaf and give it a few love taps. All love for sure, no aggression.

As you can tell by these last pictures it is getting more and more difficult to get a clear picture of Em!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Em:  Mom tried to make a tent for me tonight and I think she needs a few more lessons. (see picture below) The last tent dad made for me did not fall on my head! My new favorite thing to do is hide behind a wall or chair and stick my head out playing "peek a boo". Mom and dad get a kick out of this!!!
                                                                   Peek a boo!!
                                                                     My "tent"

Em changes her book rotation about every week and I am sad to say that I am ready for this book selection to pass! Her favorite right now is "Where's Elmo's Blanket"? Not a bad book but it has these flaps and Em has memorized where the blanket is hidden on each page. Peppa Pig is still number one along with her first 100 words book. Hopefully a new rotation will start soon!  Happy reading!

Emma: We had a day full of parties! Dad worked but mom and I loaded up this morning and drove to Memphis for Josie Kate's birthday party!!  She is 4 years old!! We played all day. Jacob showed me his spider man blanket and he even showed me how to flip cars in the air. Josie Kate also showed all of us how to be a ballerina. After we ate cake and played some more I needed a nap so mom and I headed South to Madison.
When we got out of the car I was whisked away to the neighbors house. You see our neighbors are expecting twins and today the found out what they were having. I will have a new boy and a new girl to play with in 22 weeks!!

                                                Jacob show me how to flip a car in the air!

Today is father's day! Dad worked all day but me and mom were very busy preparing a meal for him. I was also very busy trying to sign his card. Tough work trying to write my name when I don't even know how to spell it much less how to write.
In the afternoon I learned how to write with chalk as well as how to eat it! My lips were covered in purple chalk by the end of that little adventure.
Speaking of Dads: When it comes to dads I think I hit the jack pot!

                                                        Reading Dad's card to him!
Em is usually happy but today she was very very happy as noted below while eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Happy girl!!

Of note, Em is now despising her bath time. She used to LOVE bath time but now she does not want to sit in the tub much less get a bath.

Let me get straight to the story of the day. I returned home this afternoon with a baby Einstein musical player in hand. Mom initially didn't notice anything was odd because I do have a Einstein player, yet mine stayed at home all day. She soon noticed that I now have TWO musical players and she made the assumption that I took it from Baby Warner. She has good reason to believe I took this player without asking due to the red boat incident from Granna and Pops as well as the missing toy from Sydney's house that ended up at my house.
Yet, let me clear the air. I asked Warner if I could take it home, he replied yes, and I intend to return it tomorrow. No harm, no foul. I'll enjoy my two musical players tonight and return it tomorrow.

This afternoon we did our usual ritual of going to get the mail together. This time Em brought her book of the day with her. I was wondering why but just went with the plan of carrying the book to get the mail. On our way to the mailbox and on our way back from the mailbox Em stopped and requested we read her book. I guess it is a fairly long walk for a little girl and maybe she needed a rest!

                             Carrying her book and waving to the neighbor as we walk to the mailbox
                                                    Rest time while reading our book.

Friday, June 14, 2013

6/6 - 6/12

It's dad's turn at the blog.  We haven't had any bath time pictures lately, but don't worry; Emma still loves to splash and play in the water.  Sometimes she stands up and asks me to turn on the water by patting on the frog-faucet.

Our little girl was so excited at bath time that she had to give daddy a high-five!

Em is getting tall! We made a quick trip to Kroger this afternoon after we got home and I noticed her loooong her legs are getting!
After Em's bath she was persistent that I take a sniff from her blanket and play with her shampoo bottle. S
She then read a book with Brad and consistently pointed out the moon. We have not seen the moon the past couple of evenings so I guess she is pointing to it in her book. We capped the day off by a little facetime with Granna and Pops.

This morning mom and dad worked so I got to meet a new friend. Mallory is her name and we played and read books all morning. When she left I took a good nap (so did mom) and we then went to the park and then ofcourse to Sonic.
Later that afternoon we went to a crawfish boil. There were a lot of people there and I tried to point to everyones nose. Mom is always asking me, "where is my nose, Emma"? so I figured all these people were wondering the same thing. I thought it would be nice to help them out.

Em: Today mom and dad decided to go on a little trip to Lowes right before my nap. Thank goodness there was a spare blanket on hand or I likely would not have made it!
Dad is remodeling the bathroom so we had to go look at faucets and knobs. It really was not fun at all, but I am glad my blanket made the trip!

The picture below does not look like anything special. I could not catch the action I was trying to get in a picture thus I got the aftermath. I told Em to bring her shoes to her room and she promptly picked them up and carried her shoes into her room. That's the reason for the picture with her shoes next to her. It is amazing how much she understands!!

Em had another good day today! I picked her up this afternoon and she was smiling from ear to ear as Ms. Karen held her!! We got home and Em went to check the mail. She will usually hold my hand as she walks up the sidewalk, but this time she took off!
Next time I'll learn to take one piece of mail out of the mail box at a time. Pip was sorely disappointed when she went back to the mail box after she dropped her mail off inside to realize no more mail had been delivered.

Today I got ahead of myself. I went to do one of my daily chores which is checking the mail. I got so excited that on the way back to the house I fell down and my mail went EVERYWHERE! I was so distraught I had to go inside and get my blanket! I better slow down next time I go get the mail!

                            Prior to the fall, but by the look on my face you can tell I am going just a little too fast!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5/30 - 6/5

Em and Syd are now on the same eating schedule... all the time. We have consumed gallons of puffs this trip. This morning they enjoyed eating grits on the floor followed by a trip to the zoo. The little zoo that could in gulf shores is worth a visit. That is really the name of their zoo. After the zoo we went to the beach, followed by the pool. Looking back this was a day jam packed of activity. I know I slept well that night.

                                                               Syd and I at the zoo.
                                         Just lounging and eating puffs while looking at some animals.
                                          Guess where Granna brought me?? In the reptile house!!

                                                               I heart watermelon!
                                                       Me and my buddy eating grits.

We are still here at the beach yet I think out time here is coming to an end. Granna is washing clothes and Pops is starting to pack up the sunscreen.
We went souvenir shopping today. Pops told me I could have anything in the store so I picked a lady bug and a jet ski!!! A toy jet ski that is.
When we got back we also took MORE pictures on the beach. I decided to just enjoy the pictures since we seem to take them all the time.

The ride back was quite uneventful! Em played with her new boat for most of the ride.
After we made it back to Madison Emma decided to go on a treasure hunt in our front yard. She found a yellow piece of rope and a roly poly.

                                                     We are serious about our treasures!

We went to church which was cut short when I was told Em was being fussy in the nursery. We brought her home and that pesky right molar is about to come through. The day consisted of alternating tylenol and ibuprofen, only wearing a diaper and holding not 1 but 2 blankets all day!

                                                Puffs and two blankets make any day better!

Today was my first day with Ms. Karen!! Ms. Karen picked me up and we went to my friends house. Warner is his name and boy has he grown since I saw him last.
I boycotted my usual nap due to two reasons: teething and a new place to look around. Mom calls it having the "nosey posey", I call it being intrigued.
I was so tired when I got home I went right to sleep!

PS: in this picture it looks like I am sleeping standing up.. I don't sleep standing up... Mom just could not get the picture rotated properly. I'll give her a break!

Day 2 with Ms. Karen is in the books.  Another good day was had by all!
I decided today would be the day I decide to walk.. I mean really walk!  Walk up and down the hall, walk to mom, walk to dad and then call it a day!

 This is a picture of me trying to show my dad the moon. You see, last week at the beach Pops would take me and Cousin Syd outside and we would all look in the sky and try to find the moon!  We usually could spot it right off the bat!

Emma is a little sponge! She soaks up everything around her and it's amazing how much she understands. We read her books over.. and over.. and over again and she will point to most the pictures we call out to her. As much as we read "Peppa Pig", or "I am Bunny" or "click, clack, moo" it is quite amazing how much she learns.
Her new thing is to point to our nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, feet and eye brow.

We tried to find the moon tonight but the clouds were covering it. Em looked and looked but no luck tonight.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/23 - 5/29

 Em is not feeling well today. We decided to bring her to the doctor this afternoon. Negative strep. swab, negative flu swab thus this is either teeth or a virus so we will just wait it out and alternate tylenol and ibuprofen:(
Not many spry pictures today. Em just wants to be held and rocked. Granna is just the one Em wants to rock her.
On a positive note LuLu and G daddy came in town tonight for Brad's graduation!!!

                                                          Waiting on the doctor.
                                                        Some TLC from Granna.

Emma: Today is a big day! My daddy is graduating! Way to go Dad! I planned on going yet I still don't feel to sporty so Granna stayed home with me while LuLu, G daddy, Uncle JW, Aunt Lauren, Pops and Mom went to dad's graduation!
When they came home I tried to be brave but I just couldn't help but cry a little because I felt so bad. I surely hope these teeth move on in quick and stop dillydallying around.
I was hoping to try Granna's crawfish fettuccine and Lulu's chocolate cake but I wasn't up to eating. I hope they leave some left overs!!!

Everyone left this afternoon and I hear Mom has to work one more night on Saturday then we are heading to the beach!!!  I hear the beach is full of sand and I do looove to eat sand. It will be an all you can eat buffet!

Pip felt better this morning then started feeling bad again:( She did eat a little today and continues to drink lots of milk and water. I think we have teething compounded with a virus based on her spit up this morning.
Alas, she did get some play time in this morning as well as a snack with daddy before she started getting puny.

Emma: I feel great this morning!!!  I ate a good breakfast then dad put me in a short outfit and told me we were heading out to the beach since I felt better!!! I hear Cousin Syd is already there!!!!

Before you look at these next picture (the group picture in particular) let me explain myself. I thought I was going to the beach to play and then I had to take all these pictures. Thus I had a bad attitude about pictures. I didn't let this little incident ruin my trip though!!

                                       Discussing our plans for the night as we overlook the pool.

I was so excited to be at the beach that I did not want to sleep.. literally.  My night consisted of 3 car rides and ended up with my playing until 5AM. Syd got up as I was going to sleep. I don't think the adults got much rest that night. Alas, I woke up around 8 and went to the beach!!!  I played in the sand and even put my toes in the water with the help of Pops.
Mom and Dad slept in. I think I am to blame for them sleeping in. Apparently they need more than 2 hours sleep at night.

                                              The best part about the house.. the stairs!!!!


Another beach day! Lots of pictures so I'll let them do the talking!

Today we did not go to the beach, we visited some cousins in Shalimar, FL! I met cousin Lucy. She is only a few months older than I am! We went to a house that was near a lake and got to play all afternoon.

                                  My pops used to play on this swing when he was a little kid like me!  I think mom called this an antique.
                                                Hi Luck!  So good to meet you!
                                                                Hop on Pop!!